Nazi Coon(S) of the Week! David Hogg, Emma Gomez and Crisis actors.

Nazi Coon Logo_Gomez and Hogg

Ohhh man,just when you thought these talentless actors prove to you that they can stoop to a new low to Nazi Coon, it means the left and hollywood is getting desperate. Todays Nazi Coon of the week are two illegal abortions that survived, I am speaking about David Hogg and bald headed BB 1100 Emma Watson ( Battle Bot, ungratfule immigrant edition.)

It won’t be right to start with Democrat Skynet female Nazi Coon battle bot Emma first. This bald headed coon works up the nerve to call out my elected President on Control. This ole bitch ass skynet terminator is nothing more than broke ass actress, doing the bidding for the Nazi Coon left to take guns away from the people.

So called Parkland Survivor, says she wants the President to come down to Florida and tell her to her face that nothing is going to be done about it. In addition she adds in how much money did the NRA give Trump towards his campaign.

Typical big talk for a Goddam Crisis actress. Furthermore Ole Coon Gonzalez like many other libtards get shit twisted betwixt a forgetful memory. Also the shooting in Parkland is nothing more than a false flag set up by the democrats and deep state to go for a gun grab.  Here’s the punchline that Emma is fucking crisis actress, thanks Reddit!


First picture on the left side, the goofy looking bitch with the glasses when she had hair. It says child actress!

these are many pictures of many Nazi Coons, Coon’n for capital here. Now lets’ move on to David Hogg.

Now David Hogg is at many places at the same time and I doubt this ole Coon name is Hogg. What makes Parkland Florida shooting reek of deep state poon tang is this reader. David Hoggs Dad is in the FBI and Hogg is low broke ass Coon actors with a track record of Coon’n. Here’s some other things I found on this cat face Coon for capital.

Go back read the top of the picture again! Read again let it sink in.
Smoking, aide was fired exposing the ole Coons.
This shit right here needs a drum role..This muthafucking Nazi Coon ass, cat face, punch bucket basket needs a fucking oscar.

News flash reader! If you trying to you tube what I am talking about You tube purged all the videos exposing the couple for Nazi Coon’n. Even twitter has blocked or banned folk for going after the Nazi Coon couple. And Faggot ass douche Nozzle Zuckerberg aka fakebook had to get in on the Coon’n too for censoring folk.

In closing,

To you David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez you two deserve every bit cyber attack, every bit of a beat down and the entire clip of semi automatic rifle to the face for the profound Coon’n you did. Innocent kids get killed because of you Coon for capital, communism and the blood is on your hands, not the president and sure as hell not the NRA. Little education for you Nazi Coons Emma and Hogg…The gig is up, you have been exposed. Where are you gonna hide Nazi Coons? That little hooker score money you got, was it really worth it bear false witness? Was it really worth it to call out President Trump, when you know President Trump knows you two Ass clowns are fake. Do you really think Trump is gonna let you Coon asses slide? You got no where to hide, Social media is not gonna protect you. FBI ya say, ummm no. Those are just the higher up Coons for the deep state. The real FBI on the field the patriots will drop bombs on your location to the CIA. With that being said Coons, what’cha gonna do when the patriot CIA come call’n, come knocking on the door? Better yet some pissed off mom lost her kid catch asses slip’n and she unloads a double barrel to her face for pay back for her boy she can’t hug no more…Let what I said sink in Hogg and Gonzalez, any body can get touched don’t think you got protection. The deadly Consequences for your actions are coming and many crisis actors like yourselves…To the reader good night. To Gonzalez and Hogg eat pile of Rhino shit, fuck you and good night, goddam Nazi Coons.



Nazi Coon Stephen Paddock. The truth about the Las Vegas, new Coon for Islam.

Islam nigger Paddok

Hot damn, the deep state along with the goat fuckers of Isis know how to recruit don’t they? Today’s Nazi Coon of the week is the pathetic drunkard Stephen Paddock ( the drunken Gambler.)

Islamic State Isis  is claiming credit for their new puss bag, brain wash cum droplet, Stephen Paddock. This fucker or possible ally killed 58 people and injured over 518 people. The news Agency Amaq sent an encrypted message, claiming responsibility for the terrorist act in Vegas. And this very translation was sent directly to news week. This is the same News Week I am citing this article, within this very article new week is doing the presstitute way of Coon’n for islam and the deepstate.

The attacker converted to Islam, months ago even Amaq went as far to expose Stephen being a Nazi Coon, appeasing to Abu Bakr AlBahdadi before the assault happened.

The next part FBI Coons for Islam.

FBI says there’s no connection to this. Strike one the deep state Coon’n for islam. In addition a high rank U.S. official is forbidden to even elaborate on there’s a direct link to Islam. News Week is trying to get creditability for flip flopping. To be specific Alex Jones mentioned that all the terrorist attacks in the west are being carried out by isis. but you got the presstitute media and deep state covering for the faggot islamic extremist.

To put the presstitutes on blast it was MSM contradicted themselves that and attempts shit on Alex Jones. In reality Alex Jones, sources gave him the cold hard truth that Stephen Paddock is a dead whore for Islam.

ZuckerPoon to Spend Billions on Video Content. Another way to bury conservative and Libertarian New.

Nazi Coon Logo_Zuckerberg

Zucker Poon earned another title today,’Communist Bitch Ass Nigger’, and here’s why I use the N word with the hard er for this downs syndrome face puss sack.  Just in the communist bastard will spend a billion dollar this facial year on video content on his communist platform facebook.

Ummm pretty goddamn stupid to me, when people on fakebook use videos all day every day on it. However Zuckerbitch says his video content will be the game changer…Yeah right, here’s what ole communist minded skull cap hair really means.

He’s going to manipulate algorithms through his retarded video break through. Which will bury conservative and libertarian video feeds. This is the same shit ole Poon lips did in the 2016 election.

Mark the bitch ass will do anything to appease his Chinese whore wife and the communist Chinese to push censorship on the net. In addition, censor anything anti establishment, to anti- duck nose islam. Facebook is positioning itself ‘once’ again to be to relevant and irrelevant at the same time, by monopolizing the competition. For the sole purpose of brain washing people into the piss poor globalist agenda.

Here’s how you can fight back people. 1. Whistle Blow. File Law suits against these companies like face book ( Like I did.) Facebook and twitter will help the enemy like islam to murder you. 2. celebrate free speech, delete you facebook account and go to Gab ad free social media. 3rd disrupt facebooks globalist brain washing Bullshit, troll them and their cohorts and don’t stop. I deleted my books facebook page. All I do is tell the truth about Zuckerfuck and go after the left. And be loud whistle blower on facebook. Give them hell people.

Nazi Coon: Betsy Hodges

Nazi Coon_Betsy Hodges

Here’s what this ole Nazi Coon has done to appease the foreign invaders. She got elected to protect the people in Minneapolis. Now she’s betrayed her own countrymen to Coon for the foreign invaders for money and democratic voters, from the foreign invader strong holds in Minneapolis.

Here’s what this ole Nazi Coon said during the recent developments of the Noor killing European Descent woman for no damn reason.

“To the Somali community: I want you to know that you are a valued and appreciated part of Minneapolis. I stand with you and support you. The strength and beauty of the Somali and East African communities are a vital part of what makes Minneapolis so strong and beautiful. I am grateful to be your neighbor.

We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person. That will not be tolerated in Minneapolis. If you are experiencing discrimination, you can file a complain.

This bitch goes as far as make a complaint hot line for her precious foreign invaders.

This is typical Coon style Democratic tactics to make the evil folk be the victims when the real victims are in the sharia swamp she’s still making in Minneapolis. In addition she’s so called silienced the residents in Minneapolis with political correctness. Now I hope for the sake of good that the people of Minneapolis wake the fuck up and challenge the Nazi Coon Mayor and have her removed and have her in court for being a terrorist.

Margo Kaplan: Appeasing Pedophiles. Secretly making way for Sharia Law?


Tonight it’s all about stop this leftist doe face moron before she gets started for paving the way for pedophiles. Margo wrote this article in the NY times saying pedophilia is a disorder not a crime. Before I rip this woman a new hole for her to pee out of. Here’s what she said in the New York Times.

She says that there’s a one percent chance a male may be attracted to a child while going through puberty. These people are living with prepubescent urges for kids. In addition this constitutes as mental illness and there fore not a crime, says Margo the Nazi Coon for the LGBT / Sharia Law.

Also in here articl in the NY TIMES, Men who are pedophiles are likely to be left handed. Also it touches on Pedophilia show signs of neurological disorders in the brain. And lastly. Some time in the child development the disorder has been nurtured as result the pedophilia tendencies increased.

Rutgers Law Professor Margo has been getting positive responses from nurses to prosecuters that have pedophilia. Of course she’ll get praised for that because the pedophiles want to have no punishment when they get their hands on your kids.

In a direct question asked how many chesters are in the population? In her questionable statement she says this.

We’re not entirely sure, but the estimates are around one-percent of the male population, and those in the female population are assumed to be much smaller. As far as the number of people with pedophilia who do sex offend and who do not, there are a lot of assumptions but very little data, because we have very little treatment, very little information.

This is what I don’t buy neither does the Psychology community either. From my past years in school, I learned that pedophilia is a disorder betwixt behavior that is nurtured either positive of or negative, the pedophile mentality saturates and becomes status quo behavior over time. And Margo is absolutely wrong about the numbers of pedophiles too.

In reality Pedophilia is Common among Gays, Child molestation and pedophilia is very common place in the gay community according to ‘correct’ study. Steve Baldwin states, Homosexuality is sexual deviancy that has bag full of disorders attached with it. In addition Homosexuality has a dark secret that now everyone should know that it can destroy western civilization as we know it! The prime target the nuclear family, targeting the children.

Margo want to go easy on the precious pedophiles. By treating pedophiles before they offend. Then Margo says sex offender and pedophiles are different. To clarify Sex offenders choose to offend. Pedophiles don’t choose to.

In reality Margo is wrong!

Gays promote sex with kids, because the ‘mainstream fag culture solely promotes sex with kids. In Journal named ‘Homosexuality’ often okays men to have sex with male minors. In 1995 the gay community proudly say out loud that children are naturally sexual and deserve to express their sexual expression. And to avoid being called Pedophiles, we must proclaim sex with children is good and including children sexuality we must do it for the children.

With that being said betwixt refutes Margo’s twisted view reality. Furthermore this back up my past blog Nature vs Human deviancy.  1 out of every 3 gay men have been molested by pedophiles and a vast majority are pedophiles themselves.

The question you might be asking, does Margo Support LGBT, Since I am showing you the darkness of LGBT-WTF community.  And the answer is yes, Margo is Nazi Coon’n for the LGBT-WTF.

Rutgers address LGBT-WTF, failure to generates a mild injustice to the LGBTQ community, their family, friends experience on day to day basis, says Margo Kaplan. Also Margo stands with LGBT is the cunning edge for law for the faggot community, to promote their civil rights. What I am about to paste on here is the proof in the pudding on she really advocating for LGBT-WTF, LGBTQ,RSTUV-STFU.

The opportunity to build exceptional lawyering skills while also
working on behalf of the LGBT community is a significant attraction for
Rutgers–Camden law students, perhaps most significantly for those engaged in
the hybrid writing clinic Advanced Legal Writing: Community-Based Practice.

And Margos Partner in trying to make this happen is Jason Cohen of the Rutgers Staff.

Margo Kaplan is nothing more than two faced snake Nazi Coon’n for the LGBT- I have exposed her for you, and for you go after her career.

Margo Kaplan

Like I said before she’s a whore for the LGBT community, saying Pedophilia is okay so the Gays, pedophiles and gay pedophiles to molest your children without consequences. Is she doing this for Sharia Law, I am guessing she is, the damnable evidence in the Koran states that having sex with a child is okay. After all the Muhammad did have 9 year old wife and muslims are known to marry girls and have sex with them too.So this actually connects, should I say she and people like the leftist professors in these lower places of learning are working hard to change laws to appease the pedophiles for monetary gain. Furthermore Margo is tool for the establishment to push the agenda to dummy down the population and destroy western civilization, by teaming up with the faggots and the muslims, the target kids and the traditional families. Don’t let this bitch win, continue to ride on her all day everyday. While you’re at it expose these professors and splash their information all over the web, they need to taken out career wise.


House Resolution 257, Senate Resolution 118 makes free speech a criminal act! Thanks to traitor Nazi Coon of the Week Marco Rubio

Nazi Coon Logo_Marco Rubio

Under the cover of night again the traitor swamp monsters strikes! I just found out that the traitorous Senate passed a bill Marco Rubio secretly pushed under the cover of night called ‘House Resolution 257, Senate Resolution. This will make Freedom of Speech a hate crime period. To be specifical Marco Rubio is licking ass crack of filthy muslims in this country who are protected class. If this bill passes that means muslims get their ass neck Sharia Law into America that is ‘no country for islam.’

Thanks to Freedom Daily-Video, Prissy Holly made I think last night. Marco Rubio has been Coon’n for muslims of the Muslim Brotherhood and Cair for a long time. Like I said before this the Muslim ‘beta male’ Brotherhood to secretly shimmy in Sharia Laws that chip away at the Constitution that protects our God given rights as human beings. For the dumb ass trendies and fuck bubble democrats along with establishment that want this country to fall for their globalist masters. There’s no fucking need for this law with the harsh hate crime laws we already have. But this House Resolution 257, Senate Resolution, will only protect ungrateful uneducated muslims and will completely exclude Christians. Rubio is not the only Coon that pushed for this bill Kamala D Harris, traitorous democratic wench pushed for it too. Which brings to supply the names I have found betwixt provided for you so you can bring this to President Trumps attention.

On that previous Link you can write or call the President himself and let him know what Marco Nazi Coon did and hold President Trumps feet to fire on having Marco Rubio on the fire for being a full blown terrorist himself. I already tweeted the President, emailed him and last I will call him, my way of putting his feet on the coals to have this Senate 118 bullshit dead on arrival.

I for one is pissed off and will knock any Nazi Coon back to where they came from for Coon’n for so goddamn Jihadist. I am game what about you? Are you going to do something or be more evil and do nothing?


Ventilating Nazi Coon: Reality Leigh

Nazi Coon_Reality

When President Trump said he will drain the swamp. He didn’t say anything about his tactics on catching swamp goblins and hob goblins. This time President Trump caught the rotten Meat Head of the swamp, Reality Leigh.

Right now her soft ass is being processed into the system for leaking sensitive national security information. Before I get into that let us take a look at Leigh and what this Hob Goblin cry baby stands for.

Reality Leigh supports: Climate change lunacy, Black Lives Matter radical bullshit movement. Also she tweeted some fucktarded request to Kenya ‘stfu’ West to make a T shirt that says, ‘Being White is Terrorism’. I know right off the bat you want to beam this rotten meat head on the skull with thirty five pound weight.

Also she tweeted the Iranian Foreign Minister saying, that not all of us are for war with Iran we stand with you despite of out Orange faced commander in Chief. This makes Reality a straight up Nazi Coon. Specifically the second definition Nazi Coon. Second definition of the Nazi Coon: Nazi Coon is one that will sell out their own country men for the foreign invader for monetary gain. On top of that Reality has earned a side badge of ‘Social Justice Wanker too.

How this Nazi Coon got caught:

Her website leaked contacted NSA worker to be sure that her story was honest. The Security team was stunned on how much information Edward snowden have, but it was not organized well, but the information they found was ‘need to know only’ Which this Nazi Coon had in on her website and computer.

The people say Trump made a bad move for picking a fight with the Deep State. President Trump didn’t say he was going to fight them, he meant he was going to destroy them not fight them! This is how stupid Deep State and having someone like a Nazi Coon and part time Social Justice Wanker, like Reality is proof of their stupidity.

Reality skills and experience reads like a typical awful Marvel Comic book. To clarify she’s a complete joke and she shouldn’t have been hired to handle sensitive National Security. She faces ten year in prison for doing what she has done. Honestly I think the sentence should be thirty five to life and here’s why. When you’re in the business of protecting millions of citizens in a Country. In addition safe guarding critical information that life and death for the men and women serving in God forsaken middle east. And you Nazi Coon like Reality, you should be serving a long prison sentence or put to death for such treachery.

In closing the Senator of Utah Agrees with me that Reality should be in cuffs and serve hard time.

Far Cry 5 Promises to be Nazi Coon’n for Monetary Gain.

Nazi Coon_Ubisoft

As you know Ubisoft is known for its ‘make you think’, betwixt controversial games. Due to recent events such as, now it’s cool to dump on Christians, European Descents and America because the Republic got restored. Now Ubisoft wants to jump on the Nazi Coon plantation.

Why Ubisoft is now the new member of the Nazi Coon Party?

Ubisoft fits one definition of Nazi Coon. 1. Nazi Coon’n for monetary gain, at the expense of berating your fellow Countrymen for more spot light.

Also Ubisoft just downgraded to social justice wanker at the same time. Before go off on them here’s how these racist Nazi Coons make fun of Christians betwixt paint them in a false narrative.

The game is set in Montana and the enemies are European Descent American who are Christians. Pretty much it goes down hill to stereotypes from here, the game is packed with politics, attacking Christianity and showing European Descents as low brow rednecks.


Picture break down:

This is how racist the leftist video game defilers are at Ubisoft. Here you got Jim Jones the second acting like YSHWY. The American Flag, Jar Jugs, guns, the bible and some ass burger with sinner sprayed on his back.

Ubisoft claims to be ‘edgy’ according to my research along with looking at the picture. It’s obvious that Dummy Ub-racist soft is saying Christianity is some sort of cult.  The characters in the game is stereotypical take heed to the perversion of Judah Christianity. What that means reader, Ubi-racist is pussy footing in the room, to call the characters the KKK. Or one can debate that these characters are some sort of a Dixie Mob that lives in Rural America.

This game is really going to be about ‘killing European God Fearing Americans!’ What ticks me off they got the green light to develop this game. Which brings me to the left. Majority of the left are false computer nerds that don’t clock out of fantasy land like there wankerwood counter parts. From my perspective, I do believe they may have got some George Soros money funneled to them by silicon valley to make this Nazi Coon shit in the first place.

Second what ticks me off the message it puts out. The population has been dummy-ied   down so much that lame brains will actually believe all European Descents that worship God are like this. Furthermore they make it cool to hate European Descents because it’s the thing do says the regressive left, that’s twat hurt because their losing all their influence.

I am stating fact here, this game is not edgy nor controversial, it’s just another Social Justice Wanker, Ubisoft pushing left propaganda in video games. On that note, if the games comes out that will be the norm hate on European Descents.

Since Ubi-racist can’t make an edgy game I got one. How about a German girl fights off a Migrant from raping her. She gets jail time, when she gets out she finds out migrant gangs are running all over the place. Now she picks up arms, gets with her American Friend and they take it upon themselves to bring justice to the migrants, since the police will not do a thing.

Or how about a young African Descent male in Minnesota running for Congressman. He vows to get rid of Somolian refugees tied to terrorism and those who favor sharia law over the constitution. He’s projected to win by land slide and suddenly he get killed on the eve of the election. The prime suspect is democrat, Cair and a Somolian gang. Law enforcement hands are tied because of Whoreson Obama policy for Migrants, so the murder gets written off. So now the brother is forced to take matters into his hands with help from a recently fired DHS member that has data on the would be killer of his brother.

See this is controversy reader at the same time showing the world the truth about the left Nazi Coon’n to the foreign ivaders. If this game I made up came out, I am sure I would be called islamaphobe, racist you name it. But when people play the game and follow the story, people will investigate and find the truth. Ya know realism is better than fiction.

So boycott Ubisoft they’re just a bunch of Nazi Coons Coon’n for the left.

Zucker-Snatch wants Open Borders

Nazi Coon Logo_Zuckerberg

Facebooks CEO, Anti Free speech, Downs Syndrome face Zuckerberg wants open borders. In his peanut size brain Feels President Trumps deporting Illegals is not securing the safety of the American People.

The Judiciary Committee is in the midst of going over bills that will increase the progress of sending parasite, criminal, welfare leeching illegals back to where they came from. Then ole Nazi Coon ass Zuckerberg doesn’t like that. His pussy left orginization called Pro Amnesty says enforcement measures should be scaled back.

The thing is Zuckerberg doesn’t know that Congress will not waste tax payer on making a new bill to scale back the needed procedure to get the illegals out of this country. This has already happened when dumb ass liberal left like FuckTard Zuckerberg favoring a bill that support amnesty to carbon based wastage that come to this country illegally. However all the bills have been shut down due to public ‘rightful’ back lash.

Shulte says President Trump should increase a number of quest workers into the country. And get this so every year green cards h-1b, h-2a and h2b should displace Americans in favor for cheaper labor. In addition they want Congress to pass smart immigration reform, also make path way for illegals to become citizens.

Yeah people this is what I mean by NAZI COON! Zuckerberg and his cohorts to people that share his shit stain ideas is Nazi Coon too. Last paragraph, Congress should pass smarter immigration reform has been done and look what happened. Out of control illegal immigrants, MS-13 and terrorist coming into the country. Before I get into the roast. For those who don’t know what a Nazi Coon is here’s the definition.

Nazi Coon:

  1. A person who will sell out his own Countrymen for monetary gain. 2. A Coon Nazi will ignore the law to appease a foreign invader (aka illegal or muslim). In return get acceptance from that foreigner and his ilk family. In addition gain a spot light on the presstitute media to talk down on his own Countrymen and disrespect the country for more money and air time. 3. Last but not least this ole Nazi Coon will give a foreign invaders oppression a pass, for votes, favors or monetary gain. In addition allow the foreign invader to ignore the laws of the land betwixt oppressing the natives of the Country there in with foreigners bullshit ways, laws and refusal to integrate. Zuckerberg, Soros, Democratic Party and Liberals, aka democratic light fit the description of Nazi Coon.

This is what Zuckerberg is saying. He doesn’t care about the safety of the American People. But he cares about that nice big wall that protects his whore wife at his home. Zuckerberg doesn’t want prosperity for middle class either that’s why he wants open borders, just like the globalist so he can be on top living good and the rest of the country goes down the drain.

To Zuckerberg:

You down syndrome faced Nazi Coon, who da fuck you think you are anyway. You’re not a gift to the world, you’re parasite to the world that needs your social platform  taken away from you and your money. Zuckerberg you’re Nazi Coon that’s pussy hurt because you lost your satan troll Hillary in the election. And now you’re scrambling like all the tic tac dick democrats to get your voter base back by getting illegals to vote at the same time destroy America. You’re a loser globalist Zucker-Twat and a dumb sack of cum too. If the world goes globalism aka poor as hell and 7.3 billion dead, just where do you think you’re going to spend your money turd brain?!? You’re sell out coon zucker berg you interfered in the French Election by Destroying 30,000 French face book accounts .

You’re coon ass for attacking Free speech To appease your globalist Pimps. And you think you’re gonna run for President with out getting checked fuck pudding? The answer will be no! We the people got our country back and we’re not going away…But you and facebook will go away soon when the anti-trust is put into action. In closing Zuckerberg you’re the poster child , don’t drink during a pregnancy, and poster child for Nazi Coon, you really live up to that. Me and many other truthers are going to ride on Nazi Coon scum like you all day every day fuck boy.