Michael P. Oman Reagan Wants White Genocide

Fucktard of the week_Professor

Just when I was going to call it a day for being on the cpu, then I see and read this bigot shit what Michael ( Pussy) Oman Reagen says about European Descent people.

According to this, eh so called Anthropologist of Memorial University of NewFoundLand, he strongly believes the World would be a better place if Conservative European Descents stop breeding. And he himself is European Descent, a disgrace to European Descents and self loathing sell out ball licking fuck tard too.

Now this lil he bitch goes on his twitter , like all the pussy hurt liberals do to have a dominate voice in a argument they can never win. He says, “White genocide and why it’s a good plan,”

And this

“Instead of politics, the Liberal Media Elite should orchestrate deep social ad campaigns to convince people to never reproduce.

And this too

“They can leave the politics to the leftists, who will ensure everyone has healthcare, free education, right to food and housing, etc,” remarked Oman-Reagan, before later tweeting that America was a “racist nation” with a constitution that primarily benefited “white supremacists”.

First wave onslaught right about now!

This is the typical behavior the left. They can’t win any argument with their big dummy brain washed ideology the globalist filled their brains with. To address this free shit, like always Michael the pussy has no idea where that money is going to come from.

To you Mike

Mike you’re wrong, absolutely wrong.  1. First off where the hell does it say in the Constitution or the bill of rights that the government should be responsible for health care? It doesn’t cum brain. That creates bigger government on the receiving in people get taxed and loss of freedom will soon follow. Free Education…Wrong again carbon base wastage. That means the more indoctrination, kids not getting the proper education needed to have in the world. In addition look at derp-derp common core, look at all these idiot University teaching unnecessary courses like social justice wanker, and other classes not even cohesive with a students Major! So when the brain washed get out school they find out the hard way the won’t get a job because of two things.

  1. Some student who went to a trade school got the classes and experience.
  2. No employer is going to higher anyone with Social Justice anything on the Background idiot.

America is not a racist nation and there’s no sign of it in the damn Constitution. Your racism is you liberal, racism is the Democratic Party, Liberals and the entire Regressive left. White Supremacy you keep flapping your ashy thin lips about, news flash dildo neck, that is all Democrat right there.

Then you go on to say free speech and first amendment benefited the white male?! Pull your head out of the Marxist ass crack. The first and second Amendments is one the key corner stones that makes this country bad ass! Freedom of press empowers the natural born right to debate and destroy your mouth full of shit you’re blabbing about. Second amendment the right to  bear arms. If you don’t know dumb ass, it’s a law that protects your God given right to defend yourself against ass neck domestic or foreign dumb ass.


Done roasting this ass clown here’s his twitter link . Since this sell out Nazi Coon Fucktard wants to be famous. Go after him and the school.

And Mike Congrats for making Fucktard of the week.