Googles Dragong Fly Search Engine: Coon’n For China

Coonn Google

Here we go again..I have been Paul Rever’n in it for the past 4 yours about Google Coon’n for China..Here it is full bloom. Google is lying about rolling out their communist search engine in 9 months. In reality its three months away for them to start attacking our freedom of press and speech on Google.

Ben Gomes, one of the Nazi Coons says the project Dragon Fly is nearing completion.

Here’s trouble spot in the early release due to President Trump revealing how untrust worthy the paper Dragon China is, it might delayed to 6 to months. The Search App will indeed block uses and ignore search terms such as human rights, noble prize or anything dealing with humanity and freedom..You know how ass hat communist country like.

This same search engine China uses goes in and actually hacks folks computers betwixt snitch them out to the Government.

On thursday Mike Pence urges Google to stop playing the game of stupid. Google is turning over their intellectual property to compromise Chinese customers, at the same time this will compromise us as well.

On top of that 1,400 google users and human rights folks are criticizing google actions and Dragon Fly. In addition alot of people flat out refuse to even work at Google.

Here’s how we can fight back.

Delete Googles Search engine from your phones and computers..I get rid of Google chrome all together…Also boy cott google by any means necessary


Transform Mission: Havoc

Havoc cover_done_Completed_edited-1

I got the feeling of completion, when I got Havoc combined. Now this is a the perfect homage to Menasor hands down. In this review I am going to get down to the facts and highlight certain things you need to know for combine mode.

The instructions are clear to certain extent for combine mode. From messing with Havoc I found out some steps the instruction booklet needed to highlight. Let’s start with the feet.

TFM_PowerTrain 047
Important! This gray piece here is button.

When you disassemble the leg of havoc from the foot press this button and you’ll be able to pull the tab out. Here’s a better picture below.

TFM_PowerTrain 048

For the sake of writing betwixt not boring you to death I will speed this up a bit. Next pictures are step by step. Just read the caption on the picture please.

TFM_PowerTrain 050
There’s nook for the grey hook to fit in. Make sure you have it lined up before you snap the second grey peg into the foot.
TFM_PowerTrain 051
Better side view before you snap it into place.
TFM_PowerTrain 053
Hitting two birds with one stone: It will take little effort to snap the leg into the foot. When you do you’ll hear a nice click. Notice the untabbed  grey with two peg holes. Option 1: You can leave them open to take advantage of the foot rocker forward for pose. You’re gonna get about two clicks. When you close them you will not get anything.

Moving on the chest plate

TFM_PowerTrain 059
Have everything lined up like this. 1st step I peg the chest in first. The holes will be on Power Train. The small black tabs plug into lower shoulder on power train. Look at the next picture.
TFM_PowerTrain 061
See that grey indention there? That’s where the black pegs on the chest plate plug into. They’ll look flushed once pegged in right.


TFM_PowerTrain 068
When using the rear of the truck to fill out the back. Notice the arrow, there on both sides, these slide into the combine slots, to look in the arms securely in combine mode. So you don’t have to worry about arms slipping out during play time.
TFM_PowerTrain 065
This grey piece right here is for Revolt in combine mode. Tfm thought it would be wise to add more support on the stumpy grey pieces on revolt that connects to the arm of Havoc. That ratchet for Havocs right arm is stubborn.
TFM_PowerTrain 064
Before: When I was messing with this. I often placed my hand on these grey piece to prevent them from snapping off.
TFM_PowerTrain 067
After:This is how it looks with it installed properly. However, the ratchet on my copy still requires me to support it. But the ratchet is loosening up. I am no engineer, but TFM believes this will help.

Let’s getting on with the review of Havoc. I took pictures of the screaming face and ‘contemplating to kill you face’ too. When it comes to Havoc doing dynamic poses like my TF Poseidon, eh well it’s not that good. Havoc has it where it counts in stability and average pose ability. To be crystal clear, he engineered to hold action poses with out tilting over. Look at the pictures below.

Here’s some pictures of him with stoic killer face.

I have taken dozens of pictures of him they’re for the gallery. However He can hold his sword behind his head with both hands, not all combiners can do that. Is he the combiner to beat, as far as homage to menasor. That’s to be decided till we see what other companies I don’t trust with making combiners, except Dx9. The only strike against Havoc is limited posing. Everything is rock solid for a figure as heavy as he is. I only recommend Havoc for play time collectors. Working with Havoc, you do have to work out the plastic on this big boy period. If you’re not going to do that do waste your money on him. All five members to make Havoc you have to play with. I will give Havoc a solid 10/ 10 because of this key thing…Engineering and QC. Havoc makes up for the Quality control and engineering. As top heavy he his, how the legs and feet are designed he’s not going to fall down period. Since I am on this subject. He does have a slight ‘smooth’ Criminal forward lean. Solution one notch the legs back and one notch the knees and the problem is solved. He looks like he holds a natural human stance. This unique quality about Havoc is the reason why he gets 10/10. Thanks for reading.


Scrotum Face Soros, Funds Google to Control the net to censor InfoWars.

I don’t speak sign language Schmidt. But this is finger gesture even someone as dumb as you can over stand.

Georger Soros aka Mr. Scrotum, Open Society institute and Ford Foundation are lobbying hard to keep control of the internet so they can censor infowars. What this means to you? This is a beta test, if this works on Alex Jones’s juggernaut infowars it can work on all ‘truthful’ news outlets. Don’t be a damn fool and let this soft handed, child pornography watching, pussy cyst dictate what you can and get read on the net. The root of all this goes back the election, when InfoWars, BeritBart, Stone Cold Truth and many other ‘real’ news covered real news betwixt put Trump in the white house. And now the evil soft handed paper pushes of the left are still twat hurt over it, now their attempting censor truthful news.

In 2015 the whoreson Obama  FCC did some successful under handed voting so the government has more control of the net. It was sold the U.S. under a false pretense of net neutrality. Which Neutrality doesn’t exist. For those dumb enough to believe it, heres what happened. They handed over the infrastructure to have big government to over see everything that transpires over the net.

InfoWars warned google and large companies like them, that would regulate other broad bands of communication harshly. What google and facadebook get out of this you ask? They don’t get the rules pinned on them, they can do anything they want and get away with it.

In 2015 Google and Facebook had many behind doors meeting with whoreson Obama along with fake net pimps of silicon valley, they would be the gate keepers of information. Therefore this sets the ground for this ass clown to play judge, jury and executioner on the honest content conservative digital news provide as fakenews.

Here’s a list of the pussy left groups Google funds.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

– In 2011, EFF received $1 million from Google in a settlement over the Google Buzz class action lawsuit.

– The Ford Foundation contributed $500,000 to the non-profit between 2013 and 2016 according to the Foundation’s grants page.

– George Soros’ Open Society Institute lists another $620,000 in grants since 2008 according to OSI’s grants page.  

Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)

– Since 2011, Google has given more than $4.75 million to the non-profit according to its tax filings.

– The connection between CDT and Google goes beyond the financial. From 2009 to 2016, the Ford Foundation has contributed $950,000 to CDT according to Ford’s grants database.

– Since 2008, Soros’ Open Society Institute has contributed $900,000 to CDT according to OSI’s grants page.

New America Foundation

– According to New America Foundation disclosures, Google was the largest corporate contributor to the organization in 2016, contributing more than $1 million. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt also contributed more than $1 million to the organization through his family foundation and served as the Chairman of the New America Foundation board until 2016.

– Google’s and Eric Schmidt’s contributions to the New America Foundation from 2012 through 2016 total between $4.75 million and $7 million according to the non-profits current and archived “funding” pages.

– Through Soros’ numerous foundations including the Open Society Institute, Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation and others, the New America Foundation has received between $3 million to $6 million in funding from 2012 to 2016 according to New America’s current and archived “funding” web pages.

Fight for the Future InfoWars reported that George Soros owned company aka a media mockery democracy fund. And here is list of members close to google financial connection.

Barbara van Schewick: Listed as the Clerk/Secretary of the FFTF board, van Schewick also serves as a Professor of Law and Director of the Stanford Center for Internet

Marvin Ammori: Listed as president of the FFTF Education Fund 501(c)3 board, Ammori is the founder of the Ammori Group, a law firm and public policy firm based in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley, that lists Google as “the largest and most established client we counsel.”

Yochai Benkler: Benkler serves as FFTF’s Board Secretary

Even the traitor ass ACLU is whoring themselves out for ole Mr. Scrotum aka George Soros. They received a total of seven million in grants

-2011-2016 from the ford foundation a total of 11.4 million to the ACLU.


Under this dumb ass Orwellian guise of free internet freedom. They’re attempting to take away your internet freedom and liberty from you, so they can dummy you down and proceed with taking more freedom from the people.

I am the resistance against these false nerds and pussy ass soft handed paper pushes. Contact your Governor, statesman and show them this and push for the anti-trust bill against google.



Google, Facebook subject to Anti-Trust Law.


Let’s start with Schmidt and his monoply aka google. Ya see Schmidt was suppose to be punk ass Hillary Clintons outside chief advisor, Running a Campaign to charm up to Trump, to stop the investigation on Anti-Trust they rightfully earned. In addition Schmidt the smut wants to install a mole on the FCC board to cover his pudgy faced ass. The moles name is Ben Moncrief, lobbyist for C  Spire Wireless and backed by Google.

Remember when Whoreson Obama introduced Net Neutrailty laws? That’s nothing but a sugar coated lie. What Whoreson imposed was a direct assault on free speech, led by old snow flake David Brock founder of Media Matters. And they Continue to go after conservatives free speech.

What’s being done here is reaction to the leftist, paper barons of failing silicon valley that they’ve lost and they have a hard time dealing with reality. However what Schmidt, facebook and other left mockery tech gurus have locked social media and tilting public discourse. What these ass hats are using is tech bots, trolls, troll bots, throttling, shadow bans, Social Justice Jack ass puppets like snopes, to destory truth news like infowars and many others. Now the pussy left is using this to make a totalitarian state. This method was used by Hitler and Stalin, that made everyone voiceless betwixt dumb to be spoon food bullshit. Also this is really aimed at Trump, a silent coup to mess up Trumps Presidency. The trolls that you see on twitter and facebook on Alex Jones to Roger Stones twitter, is a sure sign of paid trolls. The other reason why is this, they have lost billions on Hillary’s failed attempt to become President. And they really think truth people like myself is going let them get away with this, HA! They have another thing coming. I want to have is a full investigation on Schmidt and Zuckerberg. Also Hard time should be given to the left tech giants and their precious google and Facebook gets broken up and the lose billions of dollars faster than a whore pulling off her panties for a John.

You have to overstand the stakes of this. This is crucial fight for freedom of speech and Trumps Presidency. As long as you and I keep speaking the truth on satans henchmen they can’t pull this off. You can get involved by doing what I am doing and flooding Sessions email to start the Anti-Trust investigation on facecrook and Google. Google and Facebook owners see you as dumb, Schmidt and the derp-derp silicon pussies think they’re the internet and you are nothing to them. Furthermore they ride on you, instead ride on them 24/7.