Cloud 9: Quake Blast Review

Quake blast_Lightning background

Late to the prom with this review. But I finally got my hands on this figure. By before I get on with the review let me get this comparison of Fans Toy Quake Wave to Cloud 9 Quake Blast.

There’s none. Quake Blast looks better, QC is better and he’s more imposing than Fans Toy Quake Wave. This is why I will be getting rid of my Fans Toy Quake Wave. Now that’s out of the way lets get on to the review.


Well made figure that’s designed to posed and play with all the time. In addition C9 made the feet bigger also added some ankle rockers too.

Cloud 9 Quake Blast and other stuff 008
Full leg extension fwd.
Cloud 9 Quake Blast and other stuff 009
Limited motion back.

Quality Control

Solid QC, well placed die cast and sturdy ratchets in Quake Blast. From handling both Cloud 9 kicks Fans Toy ass on this figure.


Love the metallic dark purple on the body. It enhances the detail in the figure allowing his imposing presence to felt. Also Cloud 9 will have additional colors for this mold coming out soon or may be already out on the market. Be sure to ask Dr. Killinger about it at on his website.


I am giving Quake Blast a 10/ 10 score. He lives up to the hype and he’s built to last. I didn’t want to the good and bad on this review of QB because it’s not necessary. He has good written all over him. If you have not got your homage to shock wave yet. And you’re a big fan of shock wave, go with Quake Blast you’ll be wow’d on how awesome he feels and looks.

Cloud 9 Quake Blast and other stuff 026

If I got you sold on getting Quake Blast stop by GciToys and pick one up. Dr. Killinger has the best prices. Thanks for reading, I kept this review short and to the point.


MasterMind Creations Dicamus: Review


Good evening and welcome to a review another MMC ‘master’ piece Dicamus. For a robust, imposing figure he’s very articulate and grade action figure posing beast. If Master Chief was a transformer he would be this guy.

Let’s get into the review shall we?


This is actually going to be unique classification of bad in regards to Dicamus. If you’re one of the typical collectors that transform a figure one time and throw it on the shelf. Then you’re not going to like Dicamus. The mighty plastic MMC is known for is all over this figure, and it will take playing with him and transforming him many times to break the plastic in. So nothing really bad on Dicamus the figure. But it will be a bad purchase for typical shelf hoarder.


Lots of good about Dicamus. First I will acknowledge the engineering on this thick buster. Like I said before,he’s like robotic Athlete on how articulated he is.

MMC_Roadbuster_Completed 010


I am still astounded on how he can pull of dramatic poses and look real in walking pose too.

MMC_Roadbuster_Completed 003

Is double jointed hinge elbow and knees is big help making him look life like in all the poses I put him in. Furthermore he’s a photogenic beast.

Paint app

Simple, green, orange and brown. Nothing flash in pants just hard basic primary colors. After all old soldiers don’t need all that flash in the first place. One thing I will tell you the chest plate on Dicamus has cool shinny gloss though. The gloss is not intrusive it’s just right for the camera I have to give him a pop when take pictures of him.

I forgot to mention he does come with an extra head. The extra head I put him because the head that he had, looked too much like Carmine on the gears of war. So I replaced and put this one you see here on the photos to be his stand alone head.

Stop motion file_JagervsSeascons_RoadBuster 097

Recommend him?

If you’re the collector that has QC as the number one this is the figure for you hands down. Dicamus is built to last and pose. If my brief review has won you over then go right ahead and pick him at GCIToys immediately. GCIToys has the best prices around. Thanks for reading.




TFC: King Poseidon Update


Good evening here’s a brief update on King Poseidon. For those who own Iron shell, do you remember the alternative ball joint head he comes with? In addition have you seen the King Poseidon neck replacement video? I watched it I found a safer way to install the neck replacement. It’s similar to fella doing on the video link. But I took a short route, instead of cutting the metal replacement rod he comes with.

  1. You have to take the back piece apart, just like the video.
  2.  Unfortunately you do have to cut off the green plastic that’s attached to the current neck piece.
  3. Pray, cuss, and use strength to pull the old pin out.

I used a needle nose pliers and the pull shimmy technique. Trust me it was a BITCH pulling that damn pin out and avoiding stressing the plastic.

Once that done my friend get some grease. If you have the grease that came with GTs Gravity builder and you still have it use it. You will need to grease the metal pin done. Also lube up the slots you suppose to slide the pin. For the hard to reach slots, I recommend using a very thin but long paint brush or something to grease the insides down.

Once you got everything lubed up then put the new neck on and slide the metal pin in. It took me about and hour and forty five minutes to get the damn thing in Last but not least you do have to take King Ps head off and re attach it to the new neck joint. Now King P has an adjustable neck.

With neck stretched forward look

King p new head 001
This is how he looks with neck forward.

As you can see having the neck extended Forward eliminates the empty space when it was sitting back. I don’t and never had a problem with his ole head positioned on his body. It does allow him to have dramatic left and right movement on his head now.

Head adjusted to previous position.

King p new head 009
This gives him more dramatic movement.

He can a serious ‘HO-ZONE LAYER ABOVE looking up. And menacing looking downward tilt. More so, you’re able to tilt his head for a curious or confused King P head pose.

I stuck with the head back because of the dramatic look down won my black heart. However I will take advantage of the option I have with the extended neck forward. This is just an update nothing special. Here are some photos I took below.

King p new head 014

King p new head 015
Ho ZONE Layer above!

King p new head 016

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in picking up King Poseidon. Stop By GCI Toys and get the set. Dr. Killinger has the best prices and he can meet all your third party needs.


Fans Hobby: Arch Enemy Review.


Looks like Fans Hobby came out swinging with top notch QC for Archenemy. When I got him out of the box the first words out of my mouth was ‘massive’ He’s a MP plus sizer reader. Meaning you will not be disappointed if you’re stickler like me for solid QC, detail and appearance.

Good and Bad


The only bad thing about Archenemy he cannot do action figure poses. due to how his robust build he’s slightly above average in the pose down department. To be clear he can hold poses, but he’s not the one for action poses. Perhaps later down the line I will do pictures of him beating up autobots. Maybe doing a sfx gallery of him laying the smack down on Prime, Jazz and Blaster perhaps that can be his it factor?

Archenemy (2)
He does look odd running…I don’t think he’s the running type.


Lot’s of good about Archenemy, rock solid diecast, ratchets and tough plastic to top it off. I love the cool color coordination on his body in vehicle mode and bot mode also. And the tires are rubber, Fans Hobby added that in for a touch of realism.

For the rest of the review I will start with what you need to know about transformation.

Press and collapse legs to transform Archenemy into his diesel truck

Archenemy (10)
Click zoom to see the button: This is what you have to press and collapse legs to transform.
Archenemy (11)
Here’s a better picture of what I am talking about.

In alt mode Archenemy is a beast in vehicle mode. Sleek black paint job. In natural light it gives off a nice gloss reflection, again hats off to Fans Hobby for the nice paint job on this figure.

Bot Mode

Bot mode I gave Archenemy a nick name ‘shoulders’. Hey they’re exaggerated I figured I should be the first to tease on it a bit. The shoulders doesn’t have clearance issues. Due to the transformation you can manipulate them to have full range of 360 movement.

Archenemy (15)
90 degree bend
Archenemy (16)
90 degree at the knees
Archenemy (17)
For extra credit you get a slight ab scrunch

As for the head articulation full three sixty movement. Also he can look up and down. That’s pretty much standard for third party mp size figures these days, that’s why I didn’t take any pictures of it.


You can only store his beautiful red sword on his shoulders.

Archenemy (19)
Also you can close these ports if your heart desires. They are on the right and left shoulders
Archenemy (20)
Here’s what it looks like stored on his back.

His truck back ‘pack’ does not hinder his ability to hold a solid pose at all. His weight takes care of all of that. Also I forgot to mention that his knees are double jointed. Specifically you can bend his leg at two places ( shown in picture above.).

Archenemy has really grown on me while I was shooting him.

I decided to make him the stand in leader of the Decepticons till FT Sovereign arrives.

Archenemy more 015
Enter a caption

I don’t know I know kinda like this duo myself.

Do I Recommend him?

It depends on taste, hope that you’re not  a snooty G1 stickler. As already know about my taste. It’s the QC, detail and appearance. Having him in hand sealed the deal on my decision to keep this heavy figure in my collection. Hey I rolled the dice and seven what can I say. In addition I like to thank Dr. Killinger of GCIToys for shipping this fast to me. Furthermore it looks like FansToy has some competition. I don’t recommend him for G1 sticklers and shelf collectors. If you’re the collector that displays and plays, you can’t go wrong with Archenemy. Now if my review on him won you over stop by GciToys and pick Archenemy up for a reasonable price. Dr. Killinger will meet your third party needs.

Thanks for reading.


Transform Mission: Revolt


He arrived on Friday and he’s so far the best well engineered figure out of the team so far.

For this review I will be going against the grain. I always do that, anyway I will go to combine mode, vehicle and then robot mode for this review. After that I will get into the color app, articulation and QC after. Why you ask? Read the very first sentence and then you’ll question will be answered. In addition I  found out an easier way to transform Revolt

Combine Mode Arm.

First time I did it, my mind was like, ‘Yeah fucking right’, it’s going to look this in the instruction booklet. But I was so wrong once I got everything put together.

It looks a little clunky but hey the plastic just got a work out on being maneuvered around by ‘yours truly’. The connector peg you see in place on the second bubble. It’s more like a connector ‘bone’, that connector bone is thick and I am not fucking with that till Power Train pops up next month.

Good and Bad about  the arm.

Nothing bad that I can’t forgive, with that being said the connector bone will be a pain in the testicle to pull down for combine mode. Once its worked out the new plastic tolerance issue will be a thing of the past.

Good, lots of detail and a lot of thought went into the engineering. Furthermore there are additional connector pieces on Revolts body to have a secure snug fit for the combine mode to come.

Car Mode

About damn time I have a homage to drag strip with six tires. Going to mention the little things TFM did to make Revolt stand out. Photo two and photo four. In photo twp the added detail behind the motor is awesome! TFM didn’t have to do it but they did it anyway. On photo four a closer look at the gold pistons, I think. Now TFM could’ve gone assbro and left it a dull gray but no, that’s not them. The gold gives the car mode a little flair to its appearance.

As far G1 accuracy I don’t give a damn about, but I have to say this is a big improvement betwixt teaching assbro a lesson in the paint coordination department. The red and white stripes applied in the right places is  a nice color break up. Also the stripes on the rear spoilers placed in the center is spot on.

The size of the car is longer than same MPs in vehicle mode. I can live with that, after all gotta have room for the six wheels. Before I forget the wheels are rubber, another E for effort from TFM.

Bot Mode

I am going to do show you an easier transformation. The instructions are straight forward but they do not go into detail on certain areas on the transformation to bot mode. FYI I will be commenting the captions for this part of the review.

TFM_Revolt (11)
Step 5: This should be step one. The instruction says go a head and untab the yellow tabs first. To me this was a mistake, You should plug in the chest plates first. Next,  then you’ll see the tabs you have to untab.
TFM_Revolt (13)
Here’s what you want to do first.

When you get the arms, that are on a ball peg, keep in mind this set up when you transform Revolt back into vehicle or combine mode. Because this is how you have to have this stuff lined up.

TFM_Revolt (18)
Before even bring the head down you want to have the front end of the formula car, hanging back like this. This way you have absolute clearance to bring the head down.
TFM_Revolt (20)
Part two: manipulate the gray hinge like so. You want to have it resting on back on some plastic.
TFM_Revolt (19)
See the holes and the pegs? This will keep things from flopping around when you play with Revolt. However you may need to fidget with it, but it will not take all day to figure out.
TFM_Revolt (21)
Please don’t you tube reviewer,’ caveman hand’ on this thin plastic. Just get your thumb finger nail to untab to get clearance to swing the wheel into the empty space below the lower leg. The tire will become his heel.
TFM_Revolt (22)
Done. Look at him and let this sink in for about two minutes. He transforms into a race car and into this?

Now let us take a look at some detail.

Color app

Following the uniform color scheme like the previous members I own. The meticulous paint detail is premium. Gives the appearance that you spent more than 95 bucks to get him. Fantastic job on the face, eyes and helmet very crisp. And the blue does not take away the facial design on Revolt


Very sturdy, the plastic on him is tad flexible, because of the intuitive transformation. But the quality on Revolt I will say a tad stronger than disorders. Revolt is very sturdy, comparing him to Carnage and Disorder, let say Disorder and Revolt are about the same when it comes to hardiness.


Whew…Just take a look.

I know this is a short gallery of his poses. I wanted to take more pictures of him doing some down right cra-cra shit. But my batteries are re charging betwixt I can easily get over 80 plus poses with Revolt alone. He does look a candidate to be on the next box for a madden 2018.

Before  I forget let’s touch on the hands and the gun shall we?

TFM_Revolt (31)
As far as the gun is concerned. The hands have notches in them for you to tab the gun into his hand. So don’t even think about caveman plugging the gun in his grip. FYI the hands are going to be tough to open all the way, don’t worry about it. Don’t force it please don’t force the hands open. Over time during transformation the hands will open all the way soon enough. Also you can display the gun like this.
TFM_Revolt (32)
Or swing the grip out to get machine gun look if you want.

Rating: 10/ 10

Well engineered, clever design, intuitive transformation and Revolt exceeded what I expected him be. Plus I am definitely looking fwd to power train now.

I don’t recommend him for collectors who buy one figure from a combiner set and use one figure for a stand alone. Also I don’t recommend him for shelf collectors who transform a figure  once and throw the figure on a crowded shelf.

I do highly recommend him for collectors who will play with their figures. Recommend him for Collectors who are detail and QC sticklers, you will not be disappointed in getting him. After you get him, I am telling you now you want to go all in for the team.

You can pick Revolt, Carnage and Disorder right now! Just go to GCI TOYS! Dr. Killinger has the best prices also you can pre order Power train. Thanks for reading.


Transform Mission_Disorder Review

Transforme mission disorder completed

Good afternoon, I was hoping to get this review done when I got Disorder in last weekend. But Dr.Killinger is fast with the shipping, like I said Disorder was on my door step in two days. Okay let’s get to the review.

Good and Bad

Bad: Nothing I found bad about Disorder at all.


Lots and lots of goodness about this grumpy faced figure. From messing around with him he’s well articulated, sturdy and more fun to transform than Carnage. The detail on disorder is outstanding.


Straight forward and less fidgety than Carnage. ‘But’ the transformation is unique betwixt fun, once you get the hang of it. Let’s start with the combine mode Shin Guard.

TM_Disorder2 001
Guess: Will not surprise me the gray piece will be apart of the combine mode.

TM_Disorder2 003


I love the creative liberty of the gun smoke gray betwixt black appearance. In addition the rest of the colors on his body is kept to a minimum, making sure no color clashes with the other. Uniform paint apps is way better than crayola bomb majority of collectors want on their figures. If you’re one of those must have a ton of colors on a figure, this is not the set for you.


No limited posing on Disorder, poses better than Carnage.

He does look like he’s wearing a cape adding to his grumpy face, he looks like mad Pimp to me lol.

TM_Disorder2 012

Now look at the detail on Disorder.

Disorder_1 (10)

Disorder_1 (11)

I give Disorder a solid 10/10 definitely improvements have been made in regards to Transform Mission. Each figure thus far is getting better. However like I said on the Carnage review Power Train will either make this set great or it will bomb.

I only recommend this Disorder and the rest of the team to come to Collectors who play with figures. This is not the set for shelf collectors. If you’re interested in picking both Disorder and Carnage up, stop by Gci Toys to get both of them. The good Dr. has the best prices. Thanks for reading.

Transform Missions_Carnage Review

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (25)

Good evening Everyone,

Let me get this out of the way. Transform Missions’ homage to Menasor was not on my list to collect for this key reason. Ya see back in the past Generation Toy made this stupid statement about they hate shipping to the states because there’s so few third party collectors in the west. I covered that blog a year ago. What made me change my mind you ask?

for robin

Power Train did, no shit look at him this is the only reason why, Power Train is very articulated too. In addition he will be released in June. Knowing how GT is, well since TFM is their sister company June or July. Let’s get back to the review.

QC and Transformation tips

Carnage does have some minor stress on the plastic that is visible. Nothing that sets off the red flag, it’s working in the new plastic stress because some of the plastic is soft. I don’t mean soft in a fragile way. I mean soft in flexible way. Other than minor soft flexi plastic on him, it makes up with sturdiness on the over all figure.

Transformation tips

I am going to give you some ‘clarity’ because the instructions are a tad vague when it comes to transformation. When it comes to the legs here’s something to look for

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (7)
Start with the legs like so. I will go by this step by step. The blue panels connected to the wheels are suppose to fold inward and peg into back of the legs.
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (8)
See the blue pegs here? They will be pegged into the white teeth, that are on the leg.
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (9)
Up close shot of the white slots below. You have to line this up right to peg the three blue pieces into the three open slots on the lower leg.
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (10)
It will look this when you successfully peg the pieces together.

I wanted to address this early before I get on with the rest of the review.

Paint apps

Magnificent, nice paint job on bot mode and vehicle mode. It’s astounding TFM got a metallic cream color white to be cohesive on this aesthetic.

Attention to detail is shown on Carnage in addition TFM made a storage area for his weapon. Before I show this picture, look at these pictures of Carnage in vehicle mode. If this was setting on this you wouldn’t believe it was a transformer.

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (4)


In the arms, shoulders and ball jointed head Carnage exceeded my expectation. However when it comes to four heels and no foot, I find very odd. Not odd in a bad way but odd on how it looks.

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (13)
It looks cool, well thought out design. First thing came to my head. How am I going to pose him will it be Carnage down fall?
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (14)
The ankle rocker goes one way. Get creative posing him.

Carnage can hold some cool run and gun posing, but you have to work with the feet to get a solid pose. You know me I don’t mind spending time posing figures. Before I go on and on. I want you to take a look at the face sculpt.

Face sculpt of the year contender

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (11)
He looks like he’s going to drop a series of F bombs before he shoots you in the privates.

Now this is beautiful, the face says it all that Carnage is violent smart ass. Very detailed, crisp color apps to bring out the demeanor of Carnage. This is why I love collecting third party transformers, because they really care about their work.

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (12)

Had to take another shot of his face looking up. I do love the face Carnage. This is when the figure finally grew on me like Doritos grows on Honey booboo aka honey dodo.

For the rest of the articulation on Carnage. Like I said he can hold solid poses but you have to work with him. Despite that he’s incredibly photogenic. What this tells me the rest of the team will have this it factor and that’s a good thing. After all I spend series loot on these guys might as well get my moneys worth right?


I would post more pictures but the net is being slow and retarded.

I give Carnage a rating 10/10 what he lacks makes up for his sturdiness, detail and appearance. If you’re on the fence about going in on this set, I will be honest with you wait till Power Train comes in. I bet you’re saying,’ but you got one already why tell me the reader I should wait?’

To answer that question, I am addressing to newbies and people who are skeptical betwixt curious individuals. If you want ‘absolute’ crystal clear clarity If I were you I would wait for Power Train. Power Train will make or break this combiner set. When power train is in stock do research. Don’t put all your trust in you tuber reviewers. Talk to people who own him to small time online sellers. They’ll tell ya the truth. It’s your money buddy pal spend it wisely.

If my blog review won you over then by all means pick up Carnage and Disorder at GCIToys. Dr. Killinger has the best prices on third party figures. I buy majority of my figures from him. On that note I want to thank him for shipping Carnage to me so fast.

Next Week I will have Disorder. And as always I will review him. Till then take care and enjoy the weekend.




MasterMind Creations Jaegertron Review

MMC_Jaegertron part one 020
Jaegertron: Don’t give a shit about faction, Don’t give a damn about good or evil. The only thing I care about is the energon rush of the fight and thrill of the hunt.

Happy Saturday to everyone. I am late to the dance with this figure. I picked up from Good ole Dr.Killinger of GCI toys a few days ago, for a steal price. Looking at him for this time, what crossed my mind is this. If predator was a transformer it would be Jaegertron.

Let’s get down to the review.


As always I prefer getting the negative out of the way first. During the shoot the gray ball peg for the neck snapped when I was messing around with him. I am getting it replaced, not to worry. However I strong believe their should’ve been a safer was MMC could of done to slide base gray piece back during transformation. Due to how Jaegertron is designed, I can’t really condemn the single flaw with the figure. It’s not a complete smack in the face. But I had figure out a way to transform him during the seven time transformation run I do for all my figures. Now I just pop the head off. Slide the grey piece back, next put the head back on. You’ll see it on the instructions, it says push the head back. To be safe in the absolute pop the head off, slide it back and pop the head back on.

Transformation tips.

The transformation is easy, once you get a hang of it you can do it in your sleep. Must I digress some parts of the transformation, you have to pay attention to.

MMC_Jaegertron2 005
When your flipping the nose part up for jet mode make sure this black piece is flipped out, to avoid collateral.
MMC_Jaegertron2 008
Make sure the everything is lined up when you plug the pegs in the slots here.


Jager comes with additional heads and lots of weapons at his disposal. To top it all off he comes with trophy display case slash cargo attachment for the ship.

The trophy case is bad ass in hand.

MMC_Jaegertron part one 014

Just for you my reader a pics of him with his weapons.

Just the ones I like lol.

Articulation and QC

MMC knocked this out the park. I say that all the time with the figures they make. Paying attention to detail. MMC got Jaegertons slouching posture down to a science. If you have noticed on my pictures so far, it appears that his legs don’t lock out, but they are locked out. This is very unique, clever and art too. MMC always manage to capture the entirety of character and give it some life, personality and all that good stuff. I really dig that.


Ratchets are place where they need to be. Jaegertron is not ratchet city, but his QC you don’t have to worry about, unless your not mindful of the neck pegs for the heads.

He poses like champ too.

Also MMC leaves you with a lot of display options.

You can go for the sword on the back look or the old 1930 Tuxedo with tails look if you want.


Uniformed, green and black, however black should be the primary color of sadistic hunter that hangs out with predator too damn much in the first place. I am all over the jet mode honestly, this is by far the coolest mean looking space ship I have ever seen thus far.

Overall and rating

Over all Jaegertron is sweet third party transformer. And He’s the best looking figure so far in my opinion. I still have to play around with him some more to work out the new plastic, which means expect some memes and sfx pictures from me soon.

Rating due to the minor issue I had with my mold I am giving him a 9.9/ 10. That little snap of the neck peg made me roll my eyes. Hey I am being honest with you on this. If you’re collector like me that does careless about being stickler to slavish G1 B.S. By all means pick Jaegertron up. Thanks for reading.

Xtransbot_Eligos Review


Good evening, tonight I will review Eligos. I would’ve reviewed him sooner but I am still playing with King P. In addition Eligos had his own issues that needed to be addressed, more on that later. However let’s get on to the review. Before I forget special thanks to Dr.Killinger at GCI ToysGCI Toys, and thanks for the speedy shipment as always.


Starting off the bad first. I want to get all the bad out of the way to get to the good about Eligos.

QC issue(s)

Apparently good ole Eligos has some issues when I transformed him for the first time. I found out something was wrong with his ‘right’ leg.

On this metal tab here is a millimeter too small for to fit snug in the plastic catch on the ratcheted knee.

At first I thought the tiny piece of plastic was messed up. After investigating it that was not the case at all. It was definitely on a manufacturing error, as I explained on the caption.


The transformation was fun till I got to lowering the shoulders to slip the fist into the sockets. Honestly that completely killed the ‘fun’ out of it. It’s a real nail biter trying to fit the fist into the engines. Secondly tabbing things to clean up the transformation.

Could not get the teeth to lock in place. When I did finally then this happened.
Also a no go on getting the rest of the stuff tabbed in either.

Good part

Eligos is beautiful, one handsome sexy beast. My mold of him does has its flaws ‘but’ Eligos looks like he just walked off the 1986 transformer movie.


He poses like a champ. Furthermore his qc and articulation is right on the money.

Perfect 90 bend at the knees and elbows. And of course he can hold nice split too.

The die cast to ratchets are put in the right places, looks like Xtransbot ran with the success they had with Andras and put it in Eligos.

More so Eligos doesn’t suffer from the xtransbot holding weapon problem either. The tabs finally work on Eligos, he can hold his guns and about damn time xtransbot broke the curse.

Transformation tip

When you’re going to transform Eligos. First off stick with instructions with the feet and jump to transforming his upper body second. Trust me reader it will make the few hours in your life easier.

Have him look like this. next go back to the instructions.

Have the arms half way down.

You want this set up. However notice the fist are straight down like the instructions said right?

Next is the tricky part with the fist. I discovered I had to keep twisting the fist till the thumb got enough clearance ‘before’ a slipped them into the engines. Honestly Xtransbot should of done have the hands be folded end revealing a tab. The tab can click into a slot in the engines. Well that’s just a thought, other wise I take it as a victory that I found an alternative to fit the fist in thruster.


Rating I am going to give him 9.5 the transformation ‘horror’ part with the fist still is kind of a nail biter. But the rest of the transformation is pretty cool. I do not recommend him for first time collectors I recommend him for collectors who have been doing it for a long time. Specifically those collectors like me and others that are familiar with Xtransbot and challenging transformations.

Wrap up

Nicely detailed figure, truly a strong homage to Cyclonus but he has his imperfections that could’ve been avoided. However Eligos does have a lot of good on his side. He has heft to him because of the diecast, weapons fit into his hands securely and he comes with alternate eyes, metallic red or red light pipe. I got Eligos to complete the big three for my collection, which is Galvatron, Cyclonus and Andras. Two down and Galvatron to go.

Thanks for reading.

TFC_DeathClaw Review


Good Evening everyone. All I got to say is completion! I should’ve done a review on Death Claw before I conducted the combine mode. Combine Mode for King P will have two parts, therefore I might as well get Death Claws review out of the way.

In my opinion Death Claws QC rivals Iron Shell QC, specifically the many ratchets packed in Death Claw is phenomenal. Once again all the alternate transformation for Death Claw is fun, also allows you to go fan mode too. I will start with QC and Articulation, Turret Mode and limb mode. However I did not use the foot for the turret mode because of the detail betwixt show where everything is suppose to be tabbed in.

QC and Articulation

As I said before through out my coverage of the Seacons, TFC has blown me away with their engineering. Also DeathClaw pulls some athletic poses for a figure for his size.

Perfect deep bend on the elbows.
Nice ratchet shoulder joints and get full 360 movement.
90 degree knee bend.
Limited leg movement forward because of Death Claws leg design.
Full bend back.
As for thigh swivels. Limited movement you don’t get the full 360 because of good design choice by TFC.


Best damn articulated figure next to Iron Shell. Now that I am on this subject, dare I say the set gets stronger with each release of the figures.


Color and detail

The color apps are uniformed and goes with Death Claw. However some of the pictures you can see some of the paint was worn off. Not snapping to judgement but I believe this might be TFCs intention? Here’s why doesn’t Death Claw look like a seasoned warrior, with his paint coming off?

The detail on Death Claw outstanding.

Even though his face not painted. The detail makes up for it in detail. I was going to count this against the figure but the camera doesn’t lie. The detail is very strong on his matte gray face.

Lobster mode.

The crazy lobster mode is in fact monstrous. TFC added some Lovecraft flavor for each figure. When I finally got him in his lobster mode, I said to myself ‘Damn this is a  freaking monster, this is not a lobster.’

Turret mode

Turret mode gives you more option to display Death Claw in.

My way: Using the legs as the triggers, you know keeping him creepy.
A good look at it from above.
Now the party is at the bottom of DeathClaw. I left the shoulder pads out and in. and keep the claws open.

Leg Mode

Nothing actually special here, the transformation is very close to turret mode. The only difference is you don’t have to extend him. Instead you have to collapse the waist, no need for the combiner elbow joint in this mode.

Final thoughts:

Okay I am very mind blown at TFC’s handy work with the set. Also I see they’re going to finish off strong with Thousand kills, I can’t wait to get my hands on. I am going to give it to you straight. This is going to be the combiner people will miss out on because of TFCs passed errors on combiners. Therefore keep in mind a lot of height freaks won’t even bother with this set because of King P doesn’t meet their precious scale standards. If you’ve been following my reviews on this set and taking my word for it. You are in for a real treat when you have all five members in hand. These figures are meant to be played with you got my seal of approval.

Death Claw I will give him a solid 10/10 out of ten his good overshadowed his unpainted face. I do recommend him to none shelf collector and collectors who are not scale Fascist. You’re really going to enjoy Death Claw and all of his brothers in arms.

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