On Blast, Fucktard of the Week: Eric N Shavonn Burgess

One thing that ticks me off the most is the oblivious minded ass necks that can’t use a computer to find the truth. Point betwixt this weeks on blast victim Eric Burgess is the typical beta male, sheep minded twat that has no damn clue on what the truth is. Here’s what he said when I was discussing about the current NRA spokes woman being stalked on twitter.

On blast time on Eric
My comment is in blue.

Blast time:

It seems everytime I bring I bring up the right to bear arms is always some wha-bulancing grown ass man, making bullshit claims that they had family members who were victims in these shootings. This douche Noozle blocked me before I could bust his cherry on some hard facts that Sandy Hook was goddamn hoax and Vegas was operation false flag.

Sandy Hook, according the FBI ‘No one was killed at Sandy Hook period! On December 20th the world was once again tricked by the Counterfeit Main stream news. When the report stated 20 students died and 6 staff members killed. Internet gum shoes took to the net with a hunch that this is bullshit on their on minds. As you all know who followed this event. people started finding the truth about sandy hook was nothing more than a false flag, and evidence the sleuths found on the net did not add up to what the big dummy media was saying.

Here’s the knock out blow early. According the FBI report  there’s zero murders happened in Newton during 2012. So Eric, either you’re a fucking forked tongue liar or your family have tough hide to with stand bullets. I am pretty damn sure the FBI would not lie about kids getting killed by a beta male that lives with his mom. So I am going with you’re a liar Eric. To stir the pot some more, you readers remember Wolf Gang Halbig?

See Wolfgang was threatened by homicide investigators when he began to find evidence and questioning the staged play at Sandy Hook. Specifically Wolfgang found a tremendous amounts of loop holes during the investigation that Sandy Hook was nothing more than bullshit fake shooting. And he asked 16 questions that busted Sandy Hook trash story wide ass open. Questions like: ‘why they classified this shooting as SHES and not classify Columbine? How come there was no emergency air lifts sent to help shot victims? Most important why wasn’t the active shooter classified?

And one year later the Democrats and Control shit paddies along with the Whoreson Obama went after the second amendment.

Vegas shooting:

This story is straight up, sloppy another horrible false flag operation poorly executed. This time I will not need that much link to cover this. 1. Paddock pledged himself to Isis months before the shooting ever happened. He was a drunk, an accounant and retarded none believer aka atheist. Key thing Paddock did not like America, only the pluses that’s the reason why he stayed in America. Getting to the point, Isis sent audio and video recording of Paddock pledging to Isis, and they sent it to News Week. News Week didn’t go full steam ahead till after Alex Jones predicted another shooting is about to happen. When he did News Week ran with the story betwixt covering their ass for trashing Alex.

Now on to the shooting. Clearly they were two shooters. You have to be Raiden or some other mortal kombat character to shoot two guns at the same time in different places in those hotel rooms. Let’s not forget, these guns were not butt stock guns entirely used through out the massacre. It was chained, fed machine gun, That was determined by Craig Sawyer and MAT Bracken. It’s the change acoustic signatures of a machine gun being fired and four round burst from another gun used in the Vegas Massacre.

In addition the false narrative the media along with deep state trying to pull off quickly fell apart when more and more eye witnesses came forward and said, more than one shooter was shooting at them. On top of that some eye witnesses mysteriously died aka killed off by rogue ass necks in the system. During all this, the gun grab happened. the Coons for globalism attacked the second amendment but all that fizzled when more truth came out and still coming out about what the deep state did in Vegas. More recently the democrats did something under the nose of the American People. These dick scabs tried to have the second amendment repealed.

46 to 53, stopping the Nazi Coon Democrats from handing over the right to bear arms to the United Nations of unelected bitches for Satan.

Eric you’re the most unformed dumb ass I have ever encountered. Kinda glad you blocked me, because your stupidity and ignorance is too much for intelligent mind like mine to bear. And you said we need to come to a compromise lol. That’s the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Here’s the reason why we have the second amendment. Is to protect ourselves with lethal force if we have to. In addition if the Government goes against the people we have the arms to to take the government back from the corrupted. Furthermore the right to bear arms, keeps crime down and crooks from busting your house up in 4 in the morning. Only kind of compromise I am interested in, is the penalties for torreys that go against we the people, such as life in prison or the death penalty. As for you Eric a good ole back hand across your face.


Michael P. Oman Reagan Wants White Genocide

Fucktard of the week_Professor

Just when I was going to call it a day for being on the cpu, then I see and read this bigot shit what Michael ( Pussy) Oman Reagen says about European Descent people.

According to this, eh so called Anthropologist of Memorial University of NewFoundLand, he strongly believes the World would be a better place if Conservative European Descents stop breeding. And he himself is European Descent, a disgrace to European Descents and self loathing sell out ball licking fuck tard too.

Now this lil he bitch goes on his twitter , like all the pussy hurt liberals do to have a dominate voice in a argument they can never win. He says, “White genocide and why it’s a good plan,”

And this

“Instead of politics, the Liberal Media Elite should orchestrate deep social ad campaigns to convince people to never reproduce.

And this too

“They can leave the politics to the leftists, who will ensure everyone has healthcare, free education, right to food and housing, etc,” remarked Oman-Reagan, before later tweeting that America was a “racist nation” with a constitution that primarily benefited “white supremacists”.

First wave onslaught right about now!

This is the typical behavior the left. They can’t win any argument with their big dummy brain washed ideology the globalist filled their brains with. To address this free shit, like always Michael the pussy has no idea where that money is going to come from.

To you Mike

Mike you’re wrong, absolutely wrong.  1. First off where the hell does it say in the Constitution or the bill of rights that the government should be responsible for health care? It doesn’t cum brain. That creates bigger government on the receiving in people get taxed and loss of freedom will soon follow. Free Education…Wrong again carbon base wastage. That means the more indoctrination, kids not getting the proper education needed to have in the world. In addition look at derp-derp common core, look at all these idiot University teaching unnecessary courses like social justice wanker, and other classes not even cohesive with a students Major! So when the brain washed get out school they find out the hard way the won’t get a job because of two things.

  1. Some student who went to a trade school got the classes and experience.
  2. No employer is going to higher anyone with Social Justice anything on the Background idiot.

America is not a racist nation and there’s no sign of it in the damn Constitution. Your racism is you liberal, racism is the Democratic Party, Liberals and the entire Regressive left. White Supremacy you keep flapping your ashy thin lips about, news flash dildo neck, that is all Democrat right there.

Then you go on to say free speech and first amendment benefited the white male?! Pull your head out of the Marxist ass crack. The first and second Amendments is one the key corner stones that makes this country bad ass! Freedom of press empowers the natural born right to debate and destroy your mouth full of shit you’re blabbing about. Second amendment the right to  bear arms. If you don’t know dumb ass, it’s a law that protects your God given right to defend yourself against ass neck domestic or foreign dumb ass.


Done roasting this ass clown here’s his twitter link . Since this sell out Nazi Coon Fucktard wants to be famous. Go after him and the school.

And Mike Congrats for making Fucktard of the week.



FuckTard of The Week: William Orrick

Fucktard of the week_Orrick

Before I begin roasting William Orrick. Let me be clear on the slur I am going to use for ass nuggets like this guy. I am going to use the word ‘COON’ in the good ole sell out to the left Websters’ Dictionary, Coon means disrespecting a African Descent person or persons. My definition of Coon is this.

Any FuckTard that Betrays America for monetary gain, financial gain at the expense of their Countrymen. In addition ignoring the laws of the land by twisting the laws to appease a foreigners that ‘refuse’ integrate into America, at the same time seeking acceptance from the foreigner, you are a Coon. Saved the best for last, when the Fucktard betwixt Coon gives the oppressor(s)  a free pass by  putting Americans at risk and berating  America and the people that is Coon in the absolute.  Last piece, when a Coon decides to physically attack a persons free speech, liberty and rights, if that fits someone you know then that person is pathetic Coon.

When I start calling these fucktards, Democrats, and paper left coons I don’t mean it in racist way. I mean it in sell out way, the left takes words and twist them so can I. Now let’s get to the Fucktard betwixt Coon William Orrick.

William Orrick was appointed to Federal Judge by Whoreson Obama during his reign as Queen of America. Fucktard William Orrick Just ruled the U.S. Government cannot block funds to beta male Sanctuary Cities.

Why you ask? Here are the answers below, plus this is what makes William Orrick a Coon!

While working in the private sector he earned 200,000 bucks while working with Whoreson Obama. Also gave thirty grand plus to various committee working for Whoreson Obamas committees.

In 2015 Orrick Blocked the release of Planned Parenthood organ snatching. To sale harvested organs from the fetus was discussed.

Wow talk about finding the a judge to defend the safety of American citizens lol.

Damn! Talk about a man that fits the title Coon.

Amazing William Orrick made Fucktard of the week.

FuckTard Of The Week: Samuel L. Jackson!

Fucktard of the week

Good evening people! I am late to dance on this, It seems Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t clock out from his fictional job. Furthermore Sam is at it once again running his big mouth once again at the same time setting the bar of being an absolute fucktard. This is why he’s the FuckTard of the Week.

Samuel Jackson lent his loud ass voice for fuckboy Jon Ossof, whose a klansman democrat running for the sixth district in Georgia. See Jon doesn’t even live in the district he’s running for. Yeah typical democrat also Jon hangs out with Pelosi and race pimp Jon Lewis, more on why you shouldn’t vote for him later. But now let’s get back to Samuel the jackass for the democrats.

In this Radio ad for Jon the klan rep Samuel Jackson says this.

“Remember what happened the last time people stayed home — we got stuck with Trump,” Jackson continues. “We have to channel the great vengeance and fury we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box.”

We smart folk, know we got off our asses and struck the establishment along with cunts for communism a serious blow when we voted the patriot Donald Trump into office. This is proof the Samuel L. Jackson’s day job runs wild in reality, this can explain why these fucktarded stars are so damn dumb.

On December 15th big bad Sam said this.

“If that motherf*cker becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa,”

Not only this is authentic black democratic why of thinking. This is absolute truth Samuel L. Jackson is for putting African Descents back on the democratic plantation. More so moving to South Africa, HA! Those bigots are still racist down there. Get this the lazy rich people there still have servant quarters, butlers, maids ect. And they live on the land with their employer, talk about modern slavery. Go right ahead Sam the masters foreman betwixt Benedict Arnold move your sorry ass to South Africa and see how you like getting the African treatment there shit bird.

FuckTard of the Week: Arnold Schwarzengger.

fucktard arnorld

Two days ago ole Shwarzen-ass clown calls him taunting Trump on his 2018 budgent proposal. Before get into the broil fest of Arnold the maid fucker, watch the video below. WARNING: Don’t eat or drink anything while watching. He’s so full of democratic bullshit, you’ll laugh out loud.

Arnold looking stupid

Fucktard Arnold is talking about the Gallup Poll Trump was at lowest at 37% when he just took office. Now Trump is at estimated whooping 50%, according to Rasmussen Poll Rasmussen Poll.

Now Arnold was on the apprentice, after the rating got so low after Arnold talking out of the ass below his nose. In addition the twat shot himself in the foot for his FuckTard behavior with his childish banter at the Trump. As result, Arnold made apprentice unpopular. But he blames anti-Trump boycotts, I know right typical Fucktard libtard classic blame game.

No Arnold offered the President to go to the Hart Middle School. Trump has not responded and I doubt he wants to be accompanied by the symbol of roid beta male.

Meal on Wheels, again Arnold talking out of his chapped ass hole. Meal on Wheels has 5,000 other entities pouring money into it. In addition 15% of the money goes to the social workers, they claim they only take 15 percent. But I am pretty damn sure they take more than that. More so, during the 20 year existence of Meal on Wheels they have nothing to show for it. Here’s some reality on meal on wheels, the food may be out dated, Meal on Wheels is more of a check for wellness and last but not least Meal on Wheels was a waste on tax payer money. Meal on Wheels is still around but it will not get no more money from the Federal Government. That is state provision, Arnold is so dumb he doesn’t know what state government should do. Explains why he was joke Governor of California.

Arnold Broil

You old ass Steroid husk of carbon based wastage. You ain’t shit shit stain. You’re nothing but a goddamn cheater and maid fucker. As a matter of fact, you have a thing for ugly women, but it’s fitting you have an ugly character to go with it fucktard. Your career was acting aka make believe. Like all your WankerWood star buddies, you don’t know when it’s time ‘clock out’ from work. I fucking dare you to make fun of my President, he is draining the swamp at the same time fighting the globalist to save this country. Trump is surrounded by no gag reflex whores for the globalist like you. But Trump remains strong, chest out and chin up to show his strength for the people. What the fuck have you done for America?! Have you asked Trump to join in the fight against the Globalist ass clowns? Have you ever researched what Trump is all about? I bet the answer is no because you’re big pussy like all the beta males in WankstaWood. Arnold you will be known as a half ass actor, a failed politicians and a complete joke of a man when you die. I remember a time when you were a patriot telling your story how you escaped Nazis. Apparently you have completely forgotten the meaning why you came to America. The America Trump is saving from destruction. Is the same America you parasite off of and refuse to join the fight against the very people who fucked up your country in Austria betwixt the world. Arnold you’re a dumb man whore that needs to have his diaper changed. Your momma should’ve squeezed instead of pushing you out of her poon into the world.

FuckTard of the Week: Joss Whedon

FuckTard of the Week Joss ‘Klansman’ Whedon


Good evening and happy MLK to all. Well do you remember me saying on my previous blog about countless fucktards? Yup they just keep popping up like pop corn these days. With out further more babble, let’s get into Joss’s crusty ass shall we lol.

Joss the fucktard looses his shred of common sense when he wishes Paul Ryan to get fucked by a Rhinos horn this week.

Whedon is long time Democratic supporter. For the blog I will call the Democratic party the KKK. So Whedon supports the klan, I will get into that later in the blog. He’s been spewing anti Trump rhetoric before the election. And so Joss the Klansman Whedon put together this lame video too.Anti Trump stupidity

The video features stars for that piss ant movie Avengers, I have no desire to see. Nicole Kidman says that we should all unite and support Trump. But when Joss the FuckTard Klansman heard this ,his He-pussy started cramping. This is when Joss loses his shit on Twitter.


Here’s some more tweets and how people responded back at Joss the FuckTard.


Joss the He-Bitch kept up his Klan support for a long time for Hillary the Satan Priestess Clinton. When the Republic got restored by a landslide victory for Trump, Joss demands that Trump cannot be allowed to serve one year of his term. And like all P.i.s.s minded hollywood celebrities along with Social Justice Wankers, compares Trump to Hitler. I am not making this up people, this none intelligent talent-less shit cake says this all the time.


As we all know majority of folk in the entertainment industry are about as smart as a dried up turd in the woods. Furthermore Celebrities make their money on fiction, unfortunately the collectives don’t clock out from their loser jobs, catch my drift. One it was Democrats and the establishment doing voter suppression. 2. Russian Hacking is about as real as Smurfs cooking up crack for the cookie monster. The hacking came from DHS trying to steal the election from Trump. But they manage to steal five states. In addition DHS got caught attempting to steal GA, WV, KY. 3. The investigation of Trump being  a Russian spy is bullshit. When it’s Hillary who got money from Russia years ago. 4. The protesting Joss the FuckTard is talking about is the George Soros funded rioters that plan to get violent on Trumps big day.

Democrats are the Clan and People who support them are Klansman.

As you read the blog thus far, I hope some of you made note on Joss’s actions is very similar to the Democrats aka the KKK. I see history repeating itself when it comes to Libre-Tards, FuckTards, leftist assnecks and the Democrats-which they’ll do harm to anyone who’s not down with the democrats and the establishment. My point is this, the lynching mentality Joss and the left display towards republicans and African Descents who don’t dwell on the democratic plantation. We say the Brittany Herring crew kidnap a mentally disabled man and torture him, that’s what the Democratic Klansman do. Joss bullying and slandering on the twitter, that’s what the Klansman do! You see the connection reader? If you don’t just you tube how Trump supporters are being attacked. You tube how peaceful Trump Rallies were attacked with DHS help, to staging attacks for the leftist fucktards.

The celebrity FuckTards like Joss and CNN paint this up to the public that it’s trendy and cool to be bigot. And calling Trump Hitler is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. I will compare Trump  to Biblical awakening. One thing I have been noticing, how corruption is being exposed and Celebrities that attack him their careers are destroyed, along with fake mainstream news. Last I recall Mainstream news is becoming extinct, they’re only pulling about 100, 000 views  or less a week

Let me move on to Joss now.

Joss you’re the worse piece of bald head fat boy trash ever. Grown ass man wishing a Rhino to  stick a horn up Ryans’ ass? 5 year olds can do better than that. You have influence and yet you use it to appease you’re rice twat master by going against Democracy. This is the reason why No one respect you and no love for entertainers anymore.  We see how stupid, childish and ass hurt you guys get when you lose your sway over the masses for backing evil ass Clinton. Joss do me and all of us a favor, when you feel the itch to tweet something stupid again, stick your head in a couch cushion and give your sore ass a rest. Your existence is  a mistake because your father has wack pull out game…No more  talk about you.

Keep up the good fight people boycott hollywood and ride on FuckTards like Joss all day every day.



FuckTard of the Week: Rosie O’ Donnell


Good evening, I can’t have a FuckTard free weekend these days. But Rosie O’ Donnells’ fat ass takes the cake and I have to rip her and her no brain bed wetter celebrity friends a new one. In addition to pass word on how the Libre-tard left is attempting to stop Trumps Inauguration.

First let’s start of with soup sandwich Rosie. FuckTard Rosie is calling for Martial Law to delay Trumps’ Inauguration because of the’FALSE’ claim that he won with the help of Vladimir Putin. Completely fake shit and all of us with brains knows it’s fake but CNN Communist News Network, along with the traitor CIA and sell out homeland security, really believe the boogie man exist.

Here are the tweets of ole bag of puss.

This is the same Rosie who made of fun Trumps ten year old son after he won the election


Rosie is the queen of bag of shit isn’t she? When Trump answered back with an attorney and of course choice words, ole Rosie got yellow and apologized…She didn’t mean it. Get this according to Melanie Trump her son was bullied because of Rosie’s video berating a little boy. This is how pathetic celebrities are going after a fucking child because folks like Rosie are too damn pussy to have a real fight. I know Trump is nice guy and so is family. These Libre-Tard, FuckTard communist are half brain pit bulls. Trump go after them with the full might of your cabinet, because they will not stop. Let me finish this diss betwixt expose Rosie ‘the washed up’ O’ Donnell.

In December Rosie and  the FUCKTARD crew of WankstaWood finest spread some serious ant-Trump shit slash fake news. Here they are, Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Richard Schiff and Bob Odenkirk led a short lived effort to sway electorals to not vote Trump in. As for that Hillary Clinton pledged electors went voted Trump in, talk about waking up at the last minute.

Rant time

As you know the left along with their celebrity communist sluts and presstitute assnecks have been trying to de-legitimize Donald Trump. This goes back to the failed ‘DHS’ hacks attempting to steal the election for Hillary. Which they got caught in Georgia, West Virginia and Kentucky. 2 weeks ago the pussy left federalized the election, I know it’s unconstitutional but why did they do it when the establishment demo-comunist are about to be out of office in  six days?

Here’s the answer, these pussies are really pushing for Martial Law. Martial Law is something Rosie can’t spell and not alone she has no intelligence to overstand it either. George Soros spent more money to bus in violent protestors to stop the inauguration and switch to Martial Law when things get out of hand. The plan is  to buy some more time for whoreson Obama and the Shadow communist NWO government to do some more hi-jacking on America. In clear terms force the one world oligarchy. At the same time destroy Trump. You have the traitor ‘civil’ rights march against Trump, a dumb ass feminist march against Trump and the bed wetting SJW Social Justice Wankstas will be in D.C. The Communist news network ( CNN) is going along with this too. The plan the pedophile globalist is trying to create hysteria so they can get what they want. What I find very shocking the National Guards General will be pulled from his command when the inauguration starts.

Trump has his own security along with some of the good guys in the CIA. These potential rioters for communism plan on destroying D.C. Blocking traffic and being violent to Trump supporters and all that.The plan is the communist bed wetters want to circle the white house and not let Trump in.

In addition Comey and his CIA cum gobblers are in  to assassinate or start a lame impeachment process when Trump is in. I have been following this for many days now, and the real hack was done by the communist Chinese because Obama and Hillary sold the country out. Even rapist Saudi Arabians brag about how they gave Hillary ‘satan’ Clintons’ war chest! As for people like Rosie O’ Donnell you and your friends need to be investigated, brought  to court and be on trail for federal crimes you have done, in regards to tampering with the electoral college process.

Message to Trump

I don’t know if Trump is going to read this. But I have to get this out of my system. If I was Donald Trump I would definitely hold a press conference a day after my inauguration and go after fake news CNN and the assholes traitors against you. Specifically point out the Chinese are the ones doing the hacking, Hillary took Foreign money and do an entire Rico act on all the traitors of America in Washington. As for the protestors, have open seasons for the new FBI and ATF to go after George Soros and his College libretard henchmen for acts of terrorism. Revoke George Soros’s citizenship, take all his money and send him to Russia for a needed ass whoop’n that will be done by Vladimir Putin himself. Trump make plans or hire a cabinet to do your wrath in going after these people. Personally I am sick of blogging about them, reading about them and not seeing nothing done to them because of their status. They really think they’re better than you and they really hate people like me who want to see the golden age of America to happen again.

To Rosie O’ Donnell

The best part of you dripped down the shaft of  a monkeys dick after he copulated with your three legged mother. Rosie your proof that condom should be mandate for FuckTards like you.

FuckTard of the Week! Meryl Streep


Man, oh man, oh man, damn FuckTards are popping up so much that I can’t keep track of them all. However to remedy that I made a blog category ‘FuckTard’ so I can have a section to cover the Piss folk.

Todays FuckTard of the week is Meryl Streep! This raggedy piece of dog shit exercise her opportunity to bash Donald Trump. What Meryl said word for word And here’s what she said. ”Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. If we kicked them all out we’ll have no one to watch but football and Mixed Martial arts.’

Also Meryl the old hag says when Trump mocked the New York Times Reporter Serge Kovaleski, she was stunned, said and outraged. Trump uses his platform to incite violence, go after the press and hatred. Then the FuckTard Streep goes on to call upon the press to stand up to Donald Trump. Also she said the most lamest thing I have ever heard, turn your heart into art’. I am like  what kind of drugs your snort’n from the cartel!

To Meryl Streep and the fucktard left.

Listen up there’s something called ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ you idiots. When you say something with the intent to slam some one. Expect them to say something back to counter you, that’s how it works. If you’re brain is to slow to over stand that, let me break it down to you Fisher Price style.

When I make a statement that you don’t know about, such islam is goddamn ideology that leads you to become child molesting war mongering diaper stain on the planet. You have that right to disagree. From their we can debate your lame idea to my fact, get mad and I will laugh in your face…Boom that’s freedom of speech. Unfortunately Meryl  the Penis scab like you won’t to play the authoritarian, like your whistle dick globalist asshat masters. When you slam someone and their response is truthful betwixt slamming your sorry ass, you want to play the victim and have free speech for yourself and not the other person! That’s so not how it works you uneducated cum for brains Thespian!

Meryl you could’ve used your platform to raise hell towards those 4 assholes that tortured that handicapped kid! Or you could’ve done the righteous thing and come out and speak against the globalist hollywood that sold the big 6 movie companies to the communist Chinese. Also you could’ve called out Obama for being a whoreson bigot towards European Descent people and expose is hatred towards America.

But no you didn’t want to be your own woman. Instead Meryl you jumped on board the FuckTard express like all the other pathetic actors. You live in a  fantasy land. Real people like me live in reality. It’s whoreson Obama and the Globalist that want nothing but ruin for this country, I will add they want the destruction of the middle class too. Fact, the middle class control your destiny Meryl’need a Psychiatrist Streep!  Who pays money to watch your old ass in movies? Your fans do, without your fans you got nothing. Yet you side with bullshit communist minded FuckTarded actors like yourself, dissing Donald Trump that wants prosperity for EVERYONE. With Prosperity the American Renaissance explodes all over the damn world. Wealth, that means people spending money to starting business and dare I say ‘Independent Film Studios’!  New ideas, better relations to all sovereign countries and ‘boom’ real peace for mankind.But no Ass necks like you, in Hollywood and New York want to call us stupid and deplorable. Globalist has really fucked New York and California so damn much, they got you eating out of the communist feeding bowl.

Meryl Streep the smartest thing you said is when you sat your ass down and closed your mouth. You’re poster child of Man having a weak pull out game, the penalty you came into this world. Go fuck yourself with dildo with razors on it Meryl.

Dana What Rides on your ass too Meryl

Even Dana White, like all of us has had it with these dumb ass hollywood shit heads talking out of their ass and embarrassing this Country. Dana says Meryl’s comments is a result of an uneducated person. Dana has fighters from all over the damn world! Men and Women and holding bouts in different countries. If you don’t believe me have a listen to what Mr. White says Dana uses his Freedom of Speech



CNN is Linked to Black Lives Matter: FuckTard of the Week Update!

Good evening and Thank God it’s Friday! However there’s so much FuckTarded personnel to cover I will be doing this, well possible every two to three days. I covered the new addition to the fucktard of the week aka shit stain Brittany Herring. Also I did mention in my previous Blog Chicago aka the windy racist city would do a piss poor job charging the four individuals with a hate crime on mental disabled person.

Apparently Sara ‘the man face’ Ganim thought video was funny Laughing Libre-tard. I know right? But do you expect professional journalism from the CNN fake news network?

A face a plastic surgeon would refuse to work on.

I know that shit is not funny at all. As fate will have it Sara you earned the award of FuckTard of the week, pat yourself on the back get drunk and hopefully you get kidnapped by Obamas friendly Islamic extremist tonight.

Cnn linked to BLM

The presstitutes of CNN is pushing, yet another racial divide in this country Pushing divide. In that video you here Symone Sanders, shows her true bigot colors saying the democratic party does not need white people. Then Symone says a hate crime is against someones ethnic background. Then what bothers the fuck out of me. She says what happened to the victim is not a hate crime? Now how fucking Libra-Tard is that! Symone you get the strong number two for Fuck Tard of the week. Also in the video the Police chief states, that this was not a hate crime that teens make stupid decisions.

When I watched and read about that. Then I started piecing this puzzle together.

‘Don Booze Hound Lemon doesn’t believe this is a hate crime Booze hounds statement

He really believes that the kids have bad up bringing and shouldn’t be charged like this. And a shocking discovery about Symone Sanders, she was a Democrat strategist and former secretary for Bernie ‘Dr. Wiley’ Sanders. Then ole Sanders himself says,’ this was not a hate crime, the suspects were motivated by Trumps hate. Motivated by Trumps hate? The lamest lie I have heard this year. Low and behold we have Phillip Holloway saying we don’t need hate crimes Another piece to the puzzle

So these coons for communism say ‘Jordan Hill, Tefysa Cooper, Brittany Herring and Tonisha Covington should not be charged with a hate crime for their racial motivated brutality on a person that is disabled? What gets me, these twat waffles boldly posted the video on facebook! So how come the dick scab Zuckerberg didn’t blow the whistle first! I know why Zuckerberg is too busy eating Merkles twat and jacking off communist Chinese, my bad he’s a busy guy pleasing his left masters.

Back to the game.

This is very similar to the pussy Islamic extremist doing this type of shit to piss on the laws in America. Furthermore this is identical to the satanic sharia law, the rapist extreme muslim hide behind betwixt saying they want the west under it.

BOOM! There you have it people Communist News Network (CNN) pushing sedition on an already fragile race relations in this country. I bet your asking yourself why I come with this conclusion. Bowel Lifting Movement works like Isis. No head quarters, now card membership, show your support by attacking white people and saying fuck Donald Trump. Islamic sissies say the same thing and give out orders on the net to kill Americans. Black Lives Matter in kind does the same thing. You tube Trump supporters getting attacked. You tube Europeans and European descents getting fucked with too. Also notice how the main stream media and law enforcement not saying these attacks are not racially motivated at first. Then we the people call them out on it, then some action or little action is taken to correct the wrong. Unfortunately the heinous act produced by the left stings on race relations.

However I have good news. America is not buying this bullshit CNN does. Neither the public puts up with Social Justice Wha-bulancers bullshit either. CNN is linked to BLM and still throwing a temper tantrum because America’s Republic is restored and the left pussies lost everything. The Democratic Party is Dead! CNN is dead, only 6 percent ratings, and CNN along with the rest of Main Stream Media will fall deeper into the Abyss.

In closing

Message to Black Lives Matter, Islamic extremist and to pussy anti-Trump folk. When Trump gets his cabinet in, You guys will get visits from men that wear black suits that don’t take shit from any body. To be clear ass clowns, you guys are ‘terrorist!’ I am sick reading about you fucktards, looking at you and fed up with your dumb ass actions that make you and the country look bad. Once your He-Bitch Obama is out of office, you better believe the full might of the law is coming after you all. If you’re smart BLM you better cut ties to your White Devil Pimp George Sors and use his money to get out of the Country. Black Lives Matter the only cure for you and the communist left is prison serving mandatory 45 to life and no parole.

FuckTard of The Week”Brittany Herring”

FuckTard of the week Brittany Herring


Good evening, and man there’s a lot of FuckTards to cover for the next month! I am not lying people. After the election the hate on Trump and supporters is getting out of hand. On the bright side, exposing these communist minded libre-tards is a good thing, on many levels.

These derp-derps have not thought about their images will be in background checks. And they’ll wonder why they will never get hired to pursue a career,to being denied for getting a great home in a ritzy neighborhood. Enough about that, lets ride on some leftist communist cum bags!

Brittany Herring and her band of common core taught diaper stains, is seen a video with a kidnapped trump supporter. Unfortunately it’s a small clip that we see a young man tied and gagged, and being tortured by the George Soros lip droppings.FuckTard in the video

The man in the video was tortured and forced to denounce Trump and force to say he hates ‘white people’. The Chicago cops say they have them in custody and conducting an investigation. However this was not covered by the presstitutes on CNN, neither this was covered by ‘any’ mainstream media fake news broadcast, aka ass gobblers for communism.

I don’t believe a full investigation will not be done because of two reasons. One. The Mayor of Chicago is an asshat, hates Trump and wants to make Chicago a safe haven cities for illegals. 2. No media coverage is on this and since the poor victim is a Trump supporter it will not surprise me he gets some fallacious charge that he started the incident.


I have always said ‘the left’ is the most racist, deplorable pieces of infected feces walking on two legs. More so Cities that are against American Nationalism are like poorly run insane asylums, for the derp-derps.  For the sake of honesty this is authentic racism conducted by the demo-communist minded Black People still living on the demo-communist plantation. This anti-Trump crap has gone way too far. Now this video would’ve made head lines on mainstream media if rolls were reversed. For example let’s say a Trump supporter beat up his attackers out of self defense and his friend recorded it. I bet you the presstitutes of the fake news would twist the story saying.’ Trump Supporter attacks Black People in the streets.’ This is what the nwo fake news is doing these days. Still lying, twisting the truth to appease their masters. Even though mainstream media is ‘dead’ these bastards still want to run fake news and not cover attacks like this. Brittany I will like to thank your raw stupidity on putting the video on you tube so all the world to see how,’ FuckTarded’ you and your friends really are. People like you Brittany is the reason why condoms will always be re stocked and natural selection will be held to a higher standard.

This type of racism betwixt coon’n for communism shows how fucked in the head the left is. The left has down graded to feral animals. I say we take them out by riding on them all day everyday. It actually works. That ole dumb ass Corbert Report on Comedy Central might get cancelled because of the in the toilet ratings, because of what he said about Julian and Alex ( see my old blog). Also George Ciccariello Maher might get fired from Drexl University is in some hot shit these days for calling for white genocide. To be clear on George he’s in hot shit from typing ‘ for Christmas he wants white Genocide’. I know people want to attack these communist folk, hell I don’t blame you at all. But do not do it, when you see these asshats do this fucktarded crap, let the freaking country and the world know about it. Ride on the left all day everyday, show them no mercy and ruin their lives by exposing them.


In closing Brittany I hope you get the same treatment in jail. Your momma should’ve squeezed not pushed. If you happen to be raised by a single parent. I applaud him or her leaving you, because the person knew what a miserable piece of shit you will become. Well like I always say the turd never is far from the horses ass.