Muslim about to be Governor of Michigan.

No country for Islam_Dr Abide

Whoreson Obamas plan was to get assneck beta male muslims and islam through every window of facet in America. The facets are education system, positions of power, law enforcement agencies and with the purpose to spread the stupidity of islam in America and all over the world.

Now bitch made Obama is out, unfortunately his plan is till going on.  The Muslim ‘fag’ brotherhood has now begun the attack in Michigan. A liar, a stunt cock and a trojan horse by the name of Abdul el-sayed. What this dirty lying bastard has in plan is completely fucked up and goes against the very fabric of the Constitution.

This lousy beta male has made it clear he wants to be Governor of MichiganGovernor of Michigan. Just like Whore child Obama he doesn’t speak with the lethargic arabic accent. He’s a very smooth convincing con man, just like majority of the followers of the koran. Also this ungrateful sand turd doesn’t like Trump at all. He has the he pussy to say that Trumps moves to make this country great goes against American values. No that right there has my bullshit radar on a frenzy. When does this Koran following diaper stain know anything about American values? If you say he doesn’t then you are absolutely correct!

The thing is Dearborn Michigan is already the start of a swamp, this time a goddamn Sharia Swamp. If this whore child Abdul wins that will be the fate of Michigan and drunk stripper named Sharia Law starts. To back this up Dick Manasseri, who’s head of a group called secure Michigan.  He warns that Michigan will be under Sharia Law in no time. And this is why I am getting this word out about Abdul the trojan Hala goat our in the open now!

Now Manasseri states, he’s a copy cat just like fag bait Obama is. In Manasseri’s words, ‘

“He’s young, attractive, he does not give out a lot of information, he speaks in platitudes about celebrating inclusiveness and diversity.”

“He’s very well packaged,” Manasseri said. “He’s far more accomplished than Barack Obama. Obama was not this accomplished, they connected him to certain foundations and his candidacy took off.”

And to be the true dawn of hope to the left here’s the very foundations Manasseri is talking about. Starting with the Nazi Coon traitor foundations first.

Elizabeth Warren,  DNS members one is Keith Ellison

Abdul is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Abdul will deny connection with them and lie to your face that there’s no Sharia swamp in Michigan…But it is. You tube it and watch when you research this for yourself. In addition Abdul is being groomed by George Soros also.

The next step, you’ll see Abdul the bearded bitch on Sunday morning shows telling lies, kissing ass and being completely fake for the months to come. If you’re a reporter reading this blog hammer him with Muslim Brotherhood connection and why is he close to George Soros and watch him lie to his face.

In addition this is a 5 step plan the Brotherhood made up to destroy America. This was secret till the FBI took down one of the Isamic sodomizing training grounds. And the document was authored by Muslim Brotherhood man whore Yusuf al-Qaradwai.

What’s really alarming that these beta males are close on reaching their goal. They’re not smart enough to do this alone, It’s the Nazi Coon sell out Democrats socialist in disguise liberals are aiding them left and right. President Trump is well aware of this and this is why he put laws in place to prevent more sand goons coming into this country under the sheep clothing of a refugee. The thing is there’s sleeper cells in America that are waiting for the zero hour to attack. Once that attack happens, then its all over for America. But here’s how you can stop it.

Help President Trump! I know he’s incredible man and bad ass President fighting the evil in the world. But President Trump needs everyones help, do your part on blogging about the truth, passing around articles such ass info wars ect. In addition get together with a buddy or group and do networks on reporting the movement of these ungrateful seventh century minded sub humans. Run for office, become a police officer or toss in your hat to run for a seat of power and make this a country that’s anti islam. Now here’s my part to help you or someone who’s reading and want to do something.

Here’s map of 22 islamic training facilities. These networks are not new and have been around for a while, it doesn’t mean they’re not still operating. FBI is watching them, perhaps some of them has been taken down but don’t take their word for it. Be vigilant and do not let do not let these assneck ungrateful off the hook. As for Michigan wake the hell up, you’re that for from having a grown ass inbred muslim force sharia law on you. Fight for your state and make anti-muslim laws.