Gcreations Rebel Review


Finally got ‘my’ prowl. Thank you Gcreations for making rebel. He’s an amazing figure out of the box and even more spectacular when he’s in his alt mode. But lets get on to the review.


I am gonna be up front a few bad things. One is the instruction second is the ‘UH-OHs’. I found out during the seven transformation thing I always do. The instruction are not ‘crystal’ clear about the transformation when you get to the lower body.

The QC I found is this right here.

Gcreations Prowl 014
Damn!: Not lubed at all.: FYI this is serious zoom in. And this crack is small, it just looks huge.

This due to the Gcreation plastic squeak when the instructions instructed that this hinge should be flushed. Due the QC, dud here this is what happened during the transformation. Have no fear I talked over with the good ole Dr. Killinger, about this issue. If this thing breaks I can swap it out. So far I am being tolerant betwixt careful when I manage him.

His articulation is nothing like Fumma. Not a bad thing, Rebel can do what his mold allows him to do.

Gcreation_Rebel2 020

Gcreation_Rebel2 007


Rebel is solid figure. He doesn’t feel cheap, he’s well made and one cool face sculpt. Also the armored car mode is dead on.

Gcreations Prowl 011

Gcreations Prowl 012

Gcreations Prowl 013

Furthermore Rebel is built more for action posing and beat down poses.

Gcreation_Rebel2 014

Gcreations Prowl 008

Gcreation_Rebel2 005


If you’re G1 stickler don’t waste your time. If you prefer updated transformers, boom this is the figure for you. Despite my dud an a half figure, He’s not bad at all. I am not ripping the figure just being brutally honest. Don’t let my not so perfect change your mind on picking one up. If you interested in picking rebel just go to GCI Toys and pick one up.

As for rating I am giving Rebel a solid 9. Yeah I took one point of because of the QC I encountered. Thanks for reading.



President Pulls the Curtain Back On Democratic Shut Down.

Trump-n-bitch_bitch slapped dems

President being the Gentlemen he is to a bunch back stabbing, Obstructionist stunt cocks, known as the Democratic Party. Donald Trump held a special meeting with Big fore head ass Schumer to discuss a budget to keep the Government open.

But Schumer being the Nazi Coon he is said no. The thing is people Democrats only care about Illegals immigrants than caring about the country and the Military. Pretty much what Trump says is similar to what I have been saying, such as in 2018 time to get rid of the Democratic party and the Traitor Republicans who are never American.

One President Trumps one Year Anniversary, the Democrats pull this shit on President Trump and the Prestitute Media is doing its best to piss on the success the President has made on restoring our republic.

Like I said it’s time to get rid of the Democrats and make the party extinct. And President Trump agrees, urge Americans to vote republican for the next Senate Elections.

In President Trumps words,

“For those asking, the Republicans only have 51 votes in the Senate, and they need 60,” he wrote. “That is why we need to win more Republicans in 2018 Election! We can then be even tougher on Crime (and Border), and even better to our Military & Veterans!”

With that being said I am going to be brutally honest with you all. Democrats is on the last ride to oblivion. That means you’re gonna see voter fraud on a huge scale. To protect your vote do what I did when I voted my man Trump in..Go paper ballot and make sure you get a copy of the paper when you vote. All votes must be protected and do not use those George Soros voting computers period.



Gcreations: Fuuma Review

Gcreation_Fuuma running

Finally got my hands on this. Before I get started on ‘singing’ the praises of Gcreations IDW inspired Fuuma, I have to get this off my chest.

Now I have to move my MasterMind Creations Hexatron. Yeah he’s better than Hexatron posing, flexibility and overall appearance that says he’s my definitive six shot than Hexatron.

Now that’s out of my system lets get on to the review.

Good and bad

Doing something special, besides I am dealing with six forms after all. However I am going to talk about the good and bad on the five modes and do the bot mode by itself.

Space Ship

Gcreations Fuuma 027


The bad thing about is a minor QC with the left wing. Specifically the left wing has a tendency to flop down. Gcreation could’ve found a way for the wings to peg  some where on the  back of the arms.


Gcreations Fuuma 029

You can adjust the wings, place the guns on the arms or either side of the ship.


Gcreations Fuuma 046
Enter a caption


Minor, the treads he can roll but at times the treads come off ( sometimes). Also you have to tilt his lower body just right that he doesn’t rock back in this mode.


Gcreations Fuuma 047
Enter a caption

You have options to place the pistols. Furthermore this is one of my favorite modes. It’s very easy to get him in tank mode too. Presence in this mode is one of kind and eye catching.

Gcreations Fuuma 048


Gcreations Fuuma 043


I kinda wish the head was more articulated, instead of just moving up and down. Also Gcreation could’ve slapped on some paint on the detail on his face and ears.


Gcreations Fuuma 045
Enter a caption

The ratchets in his legs and the double knee joint you can really get him looking like a real wolf from the waist down. I don’t have any pictures for the review to show that. Going to do that when I have some shots of him fighting Prime. Key thing I love is simplicity I noticed through out the transformation and you can go in order you want, once you know how to get all six modes down to a science.

Armored Car

Gcreations Fuuma 023




When I got him cleaned in this mode I just took a step pack and looked at it. Pictured a car like this busting through walls, firing at autobots ect. Menacing, instrument of destruction presence about it.

Gcreations Fuuma 024

Gcreations Fuuma 025

Laser Gun

Gcreations Fuuma 050


Bad, the wings that’s suppose be the grip don’t feel right I wish the whole entire section of the wings should be locked for a better pistol grip.


Again you have option to place the primary pistols or use the guns in his legs. Also you can adjust the legs to shorten for to keep the legs for firmer looking gun mode.

Gcreations Fuuma 051

Bot mode

Gcreations Fuuma 005




Imposing, big, menacing and the best face sculpt that captures Fuuma’s nasty side. Also he’s very cool, well built and the die cast is in the right places.

For example when I manipulated his arm up his shoulder raised, being cohesive with the overall movement. Also it’s found in the legs as well. Bend his knee the upper section of the thigh will move, some of the ding bats have a problem with this. Gcreations stuck with realism, thinking how Fuuma would move in real life. Also I really dig the nice hinge on the ankles and the feet are on ball joints that will allow you to pull off some cranking poses.

Gcreations Fuuma 016

Gcreations Fuuma 011

In closing I am giving Fuuma a solid 10/10. He’s one big posing beast. Sorry for the lack of photos I am still shooting pictures of him. As you can see in this review he’s worth the asking price. If you’re interested in picking him up stop by GCI TOYS and pick him up.


Mom Activist gets threatened…Facebook does nothing.

Elizabeth Johnston

Pretty much for this blog betwixt telling the truth, the condom is off this time around. One thing I will not stand for a mom doing the right thing to protect kids from the Faggot community known as LGBT-WTF.

Mom Activist, Elizabeth Johnston got a threatening message from a sissy, keyboard social justice wanker. Now the message says clearly that the pussy wants to burn whoever runs Mom Activist Facebook page a live. Now that right there is death threat. And what does Fuckbook do?! Absolutely nothing, as you can see on the previous link the threat is still up.

From the articles I have read about this. No one wants to reveal who the mysterious group that said this is…Well I am gonna call them out. And the Group is the LGBT-WTF faggot community.

As the old saying goes a hit dog will holla. Since its the most discriminating toxic, rape crazed faggots, I am gonna say this…A bitch slapped he bitch will scream.

See the LGBT-123 has been petitioning or possibly offering blow jobs to get Mom activist page shut down. When Elizabeth went full blown mean when she burned Vogue magazine for pressuring kids about anal sex ect. And she called it trash. She’s right but Mom was being too nice. I call those magazine that target kids to take the faggot side of the force, democratic Nazi Coon trash.

One thing I love about Mom Activist she even calls out Christians to stand up for Gods word. It clearly states in Leviticus and Romans that homosexuality is an abomination. In addition Sexual deviants will not be allowed in the kingdom of heaven. I agree with her who wants trash in a perfect Kingdom also so called Christians and heterosexual need to realize LGBT-LMNOP want to sexualize kids so it will be legal for 90 percent of them want to molest kids and turning them into the fags they are.

Gloves are off

I am going to end this blog with rant betwixt calling the faggot community and false book out.

First lets start with the LGBT-WE-NEED-A-Lobotomy community. First of all Mom Activist and people like myself don’t like you, don’t like you forcing your life style on others and sick to death of you faggots going after kids. Furthermore we’re even more pissed off that Nazi Coon ass Democratic party is backing your asses up ( Pun intended bitches.) for the Man Boy love agenda too, teaching kids the LGBT-FUCKTARDED-DOCTRINE too.

Here’s some reality for you LGBT-But bangers and Women raping goons out there. You sub humans are the most ridiculous mentally ill piece of shit I have ever seen. In addition you’re paper gangsters with your faggot mafia. Not one of you earned your bones or got any blood war stories that couldn’t even fill a goddamn thimble. You always say you feel so damn discriminated against, when in fact you are the very ones that practices discrimination the most! 1.He bitch (male fags) discriminate against women because they can give birth. Woman is equipped to pro create. But what do you male fags say? Oh no I want a man. Then some of you want to be a mockery of woman and be a trans fag and then declare yourself woman. When in fact your discriminating against your own gender. Furthermore trans fags have gender dysphoria and you need treatment.


Now it has hit critical mass with you fucking beta social justice wankers. That ole Coon boss of yours is going to make all you look like shit in front of Congress. And Congress will see how stupid Zuckerfuck is, and question his ownership of falsebook. I know you retards are having a civil war. But I don’t give a fuck about your woes and scared to lose your jobs is shit hole Silicon Valley California. I want to see facebook carved up like thanksgiving turkey when the law suits to anti trust law suits hit you were it hurts.

In closing, I stand with Mom Activist and you should too. Its time to stop these fucktards and hit them wear it hurts in the pocket book.

MMC: Aero Alpha

Aero_Alpja (13) cover_done

Been busy playing with Alpha for a while and got carried away posing him. Talk about one dynamic, striking figure. Aero Alpha is worth every dollar of 94 bucks.


MMC got lazy with canopy that hangs, just out there in bot mode. Due to his engineering betwixt design there’s no other way to fold up. In addition in the comic book I didn’t like, I know, I know it has nothing to do with the figure but I am going to say it any damn way. What the hell Hector Sigma, do by dipping in the B.S. Propaganda kool aid here? In clear terms the trans fag bot in the story, I am not cool with that shit. I had my hopes up on reading a brief story about a hard nose warrior bot but instead. I get a LGBT-WTF lame ass body guard story?! Actually I cut out the comic and torched it when I was done.


Completely blown away at the pose ability Aero has and potential to hold more dynamic poses. Alpha does have that sturdy MMC plastic quality, meaning built to last. But he’s very light, not a bad thing at all. Quite amazing, work Master Mind Creations do when they make reformatted stuff, Takara and Assbro need to realize they have been out done. Furthermore Alphas’ appearance is spell bounding, he has this I am fast as hell look betwixt I am gonna look good cutting you up to, feel going on.

Quality Control

Nothing fragile on Alpha at all. Even his fantastic chromed blades are stalwart too. Plus joints on him are just as strong as road busters. So if you were worried about this, take it from me you can put your mind at ease when you mess with him.

Which brings to his transformation. The instructions are not ‘clear’ on how to transform ‘properly’ at all. That’s another pet peeve I forget to mention in this review. You can relax I am going show you some pointers on transforming him correctly.

  1. Right of the bat on page one it says ‘Unfold the legs and adjust the foot’. Bullshit!

Here’s what you need to do.

Aero_Alpja (43).JPG
Untab the feet first! Look at how rocked this out. It’s gonna be tight. Best thing to manipulate the ball joint/ his ankle to get the feet to lift up.

2. Page 1 section two below one. It says ‘Fold out legs and lock in calves. Wrong in addition the direction doesn’t say anything about pulling the legs out to lock the legs into place.

Correcting the mistake.

Aero_Alpja (45).JPG
Pull the legs out for clearance first! Once the legs are unlocked. Stick your thumb nail or a tool to lift both legs up slightly so you can lock the legs into place.

3. Page two, top section it says..’Unlock cock pit and arms.’

WRONG! Instructions do not say, neither show the cock pit is on a double hinge. You’re not gonna split the plane nose upon unless the cock pit and canopy are out of the way.


Aero_Alpja (47).JPG
This section has to be untabed and out of the way: Do this first. Then split the plane open. After that adjust the figure to get clearance to set the arms free/ shoulders positioned right and all that good stuff.


When it comes to his main sword it’s freaking beautiful.

Aero_Alpja (4).JPG
It’s beautiful also his side swords too. That tight friction on that port to store his weapon on his back has me worried. One day the chrome will be scratched up from pulling it in and out. Time will tell.

Overall/ recommendation

Overall I am giving Aero a solid 10/10. I only recommend him for collectors that actually take the time to transform and play with him. He’s not a shelfie bot,but a figure built for play time. As for me I got some serious pictures posing Alpha have a look at my mini gallery of him. Thanks for reading and enjoy. FYI to sorry ass word press I have to make a gallery another time.


Trump’n: President Trumps 285 billion bitch slap to the U.Ns. Face!

Trump-n-bitch_285 billion


I am so proud of my President for his fearlessness on going head to head with globalist. I for one cannot stand the existence of the U.N. aka the bitches of the world or the fucktarded Globalist. Further more the United Nations is anti American and they leech off of American wealth to keep them alive. However all that shit changed when they fucked with a man they shouldn’t have fucked with.

President Trump negotiated the biggest deal in history. In Nikki Haleys words…

Today, the United Nations agreed on a budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. ‎Among a host of other successes, the United States negotiated a reduction of over $285 million off the 2016-2017 final budget. In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the UN’s bloated management and support functions, bolstered support for key U.S. priorities throughout the world, and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the UN system.

“The inefficiency and overspending of the United Nations are well known. We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked. This historic reduction in spending – in addition to many other moves toward a more efficient and accountable UN – is a big step in the right direction. While we are pleased with the results of this year’s budget negotiations, you can be sure we’ll continue to look at ways to increase the UN’s efficiency‎ while protecting our interests,”

On that note, that deal triggered the 128 to 9 vote against Trump when he recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. I don’t give a damn about others opinion(s) on this, But this is a dead link on why President Trump went after them betwixt catching the dummy U.Ns. Panties down. However President Trump did call out the nations that voted against America. In addition made it crystal clear that their funding will be cut off, just like he cut off the U.Ns. 4 inch political penis.

Also we do have 20 trillion dollar debt, but I believe cutting off these insignificant countries off will help us pay it off and get us out of the sorry ass U.N.  Which is the usual undesirable countries and people, such as…Sub-suharan Africa a huge 13 billion to keep their military running because the people their are too lazy to do it themselves. And useless East Asia Oceanic, another 6 billion spent on useless people. Then 6.7 billion the ungrateful Central Asian and the southern part too. And a 1.5. billion to Europe and Eurasia. And last2.5 billion the Western Hemisphere countries. Reading this and reading the article link pisses you off! Because it pisses me off, these countries are undesirables and a sprinkle of ungrateful assneck countries. We should not be giving them nothing especially Africa, East Asia and Western Europe period. I don’t think this is a threat, this is Trump next move to get us out of the U.N. cut the funding off these countries we have no interest in what so ever.

In closing the U.N. Needs to be neutered, politically crippled and the U.S. get the hell away from the U.N. And let it fall to ruin.

Nazi Coons: Stole Alabama


Let this sink in. Back in 2016 President Trump got over one million votes in the state of Alabama. So you mean to tell me Roy Moore didn’t even get 50 percent!!!??? Are you fucking kidding me.

Factor in all the Smear campaigns the presstitutes did for that fuck faced Doug Jones and the lying whores that cried wolf ( sex assault on him). And throw in a new rigged election done by the nazi coons democrats along with scrotum sack face George Soros. You get a rigged election. And here’s the facts

Now How in the hell does six hundred thousand votes disappear from Roy Moore and magically appear for dick nose Jones? Let’s look at the numbers

1. President Trumps numbers ‘again’ in the 2016 Presidential Election.

2. Alabama Supreme Court allows digital voter records to be deleted.

Doug Jones gets six hundred thousand votes that magically appear? Alabama has been a red state since 1986. Magically turn Nazi Coon for the democrats. As you can see the numbers do not add up. Even I talked to friend of mine who lives in Talladega Alabama said this was the first time he seen a dumb ass electronic machine to vote on. He heeded to my warning about them and went for paper ballot. But I what I didn’t know, the machines were all over the place in the ‘rural’ areas in Alabama. In addition the brain washed Blacks that live in the city or town parts in Alabama live on the Nazi Coon democratic plantation. Dallas county has zero reporting when More had 9 point lead. Magically 100% reporting in favor of the downs syndrome face Doug Jones

dallas report

Look at these numbers and let this sink in…This is bullshit fraction math betwixt rigging an election. I am pretty damn sure, voter fraud has came into play here. This is the Beth Harris fraction voting math I just shared. I snipped tool this before the real results were snagged after that diaper rash Jones won.

Good news is More will not concede to the Jones victory. He’s leaving in Gods hands and being patient with God to sort this out. To the dumb ass left, he didn’t pull a Hillary and pout he came out and showed back bone and balls. The judges in Alabama completely broke the damn law. No More is demanding a recount, here Alabama broke the law and destroyed the votes. Therefore a lot of people are going to prison, including Jones. He knew about this. This fight is far from over and I have exposed another voting fraud betwixt beta testing what the nazi coons are gonna do in the 2020 election.

#MeToo: Con Women of the Year

Con women of the year_edit

Here we go again another attack masculinity betwixt the plantation dwelling left, attempting to steal ‘#MeToo’ away from ‘real’ victims of sexual assault. And the Con people are the typical female celebrities who sold their souls for fame and money, now find it cool to come foreword, using survivors as cover to push the anti masculinity agenda for their globalist masters.

Why I am pissed

The sell out celebrities arrogance, ignorance, ego has no bounds and this time these sluts of capital have gone too damn far. A strong assault against these con whores need to happen about nowish!

President Trumps name was dropped so many damn times in Presstitute Time magazine I almost projectile vomited all over the damn screen. As a matter of fact the false allegation of President Trumps fantasy sexual  misconduct was brought up during 2016. Yup count on dumb ass Whore Time magazine for getting the dates mixed up for their fantasy land story. It was about during 2005, when Trump was jive’ around with some friends talking about grabbing pussy. Which was taken and used against him, which made no sense because the conversation was behind closed doors. When it came forward it completely backfired in the fucktarded lefts face. As a matter of fact, conservative women rallied around Trump more when he explained the story in front of the world. Which it turned out to be nothing more the men in a locker room talking shit. And the women took at as, oh finally a man that loves women. Unlike the previous President Whoreson Obama that married a man by the name of Michelle Obama, excuse Mike little balls Obama.

Why did the dumb ass sex cult femnazi get triggered?

This all started when Trump got the election and these nazi coon minded bitches believe that country was going down the tubes with Trump being president. Next we see the pussy cat power, minus the cat but don’t mess around with them you will get dreaded  disease. Then Ashley Judd with her sell out ass saying ‘she’s a bad woman betwixt complaining about her period slash being a nasty women lol.

Even dumb ass Presstitute of the Year, Megyn Keller rubbed two turds together to get in Presstitute Time Magazine also, ‘ She bitches that how Bill O’ Reilly sexually harassed her( I don’t anything coming from her. Doubt Bill even touched her.) And now having Trump as President has hurt her feelings. Then she says, she has doubts that if Hillary the crook won the election the sex assaults would end. Now Trump is President Megyn Kelley, she feels that women don’t matter.

WTF?! I know right this is coming from a lying as bitch that got a mans life ruined for her tall tale for being sexually assaulted. To be specific Kelly Took six million dollars to lie on Roger Ailes.

In addition this the same Megyn Kelley who got caught editing tape to demonize Alex Jones.

I am not getting into a diss fest that she looks like the late Boy George before puberty. I am going after these celebrity bitches, who claim victim when in all truth they sold themselves for fortune and fame.

Alissa Milano, let’s not forget her ‘ sex tape’ In her sorry ass twitter on 2013, she says its a creative way to alert people about the trouble in Syria. Now the question is what kind of woman does this shit and claims to be a victim of sexually assaulted and she’ll do anything for fame and money.

Another questionable person is Taylor the talent less swift, claiming to be a victim when she sold her self out like Alissa and Kelley for fortune and fame.

Rose McGowin, another wolf in sheep hide. In all honesty she’s dim witted and a freaking social justice wanker, that believes white people and men are evil and she herself is white. Here’s McGowin at a GOP sit down, specifically this sit down is against abortion, the faggot movement being forced on kids and equal pay. But all wanker wood dumb ass interrupts the meeting by saying she see in  a room of white privileged men. I wanna ask Rose, what happened to that white ‘pass’ when that illegal maggot got away with killing Katie in San Francisco?

I didn’t see in the article and why Con women need no attention

I didn’t see Corey Feldman in this article, he’s the sole pioneer that got the wheel rolling back in 2014. In 2014 Corey spent years revealing Hollywoods dirt on sexual abuse, rape and pedophilia practices on child actors. Presstitute Time Magazine didn’t wanna cover that. Neither the bitches on the cover or in the article didn’t even mention the mans name for Gods’ sake.

The Yazidi Women, no coverage on these women who joined the in the battle of Raqqa to avenge themselves on the islamic state in Syria. The Yazidi women are true ‘feminist’ they underwent slavery, being raped, and force to witness murder of their loved ones, when beta male terrorist fucked them over. Instead of bitch’n and wha-bulancing these alpha females picked up a gun, got training and went after the very terrorist slash sex traffickers! Where is the coverage on them? Does this make Yazidi women sole earners of the label ‘survivor?’ In my book hell yes. For their bad assery, the fighting Sinja women liberated towns once controlled by jihadist. Oh no, Presstitute Time wanker life didn’t find that was true feminism I bet.

Flight Attendant Sheila Federick, this brave woman saved a teenage girl from being trafficked by some low life assnecks. How she did it you ask? She set up a bad ass messaging system back and forth in the bathroom, between her and the captive. Shelia shared her story in the Airline conference. In turn no airline attendance are trained to spot humans being trafficked. So okay Time Magazine how come I don’t see Sheila on the cover?

Pink elephant in the room and covert agenda against masculinity.

In closing the real agenda Presstitute Time and these worthless con woman are pushing, is that all masculinity is bad and men rape. Which is so fucking untrue. Now let’s look at the real definition of a rapist.

A man ( beta male) that lacks physical and mental attributes of being masculine. Second definition the undesirable male females will not give him the time of day. You’re thinking a alpha male is a big hairy muscle bound man. You’re wrong. A true man that is cohesive with his masculinity is a man who will do what is right even it means killing/ throwing his life away to save people/ honor bound/ compassionate as he is physically capable.

Definition of rape: Is to have complete control and forcing oneself against a person for sex. In addition rape is about a moment of control not passion. And the list I gave of the beta males, fits them perfectly. Also I didn’t see the victims Bill Clinton raped either. Real masculine do not rape women period, they have mothers sisters and a good deal of them are married. Also they’re raised to hold women sacred.

The definition of masculinity, is attributes and behavior that forms the masculinity of a healthy sane male. Socially it is defined and ‘biologically’ made so, therefore he is a he.

When it comes to emotions of being masculine, the male has a  tendency to be self reliant, remain silent and strong which correlates to his role of being a protector of what he holds dear. However the male is compassionate and its seldom that he lets everyone see his compassion, only those that he cares about. Furthermore domination, this is where these femnazi coons get it twisted. A males nature to dominate means he wants to be perfect in everything he does. To clarify, typical males will give it his all on a job to art and he’ll have deep feel of satisfaction of getting the job done and giving his all to do so. Come to think of it, this the trait that solidifies on females being attracted to the desirable male. In clear terms I am talking about the males inner spirit.

Don’t buy into the lesbo femnazi hysteria bullshit. These toxic women and women who allied with them are narcissist man hating twat waffles. They want attention give them negative attention.

T-Rex is not leaving the Fight.

Rex edit2

President Trump dismissed another presstitute rumor on Friday. Specifically the rumor the presstitute New York Times conjured up from their huge rectum that Tillerson was going to leave his job because of President Trump and him not seeing eye to eye on somethings.

However President Trump refuted this lie with the intelligent use of twitter on and Instagram.

rex not leaving

Ya see Presstitute New York Times swear up and down that President Trump was going to fire T-Rex. In addition put Kelley in the line of lying fire that he was going to go into detail about T-Rex Tillerson sudden leave. This lie was all orchestrated by NY times, along with Mike Pompeo and Senator Mike Cotton. Mike Cotton the former incompetent Cia director that was removed from his job.

The reason why I put Mike P and Senator Cotton in this, I have a gut instinct they were in on it betwixt another bullshit move to cause fear in we the people and portray President Trump as some fool.

In Tillerson on words he called in laughable. Of course he and President Trump don’t see eye to eye on something, that’s pretty much a common thing in working relationship. But they do have kids, grandkids and they both want their kids have safe terrorist free America for them to have.


Also whore ass CNN cashed in on the lie that Tillerson and General Kelley relationship is soured. On the contrary Kelley stated he has the utmost faith in Tillerson and he will serve the President as long as he wants to and love his job.

In closing New York Times you guys really need to get children on a sugar rush to handle writing your tall tale news prompts. Because New York Times you’re really need to think your lies through.

President Trump once again chops off the sour teat of the Presstitute media and grabbed them by the pussy and truck slammed them with hard truth by blasting them on social media…Keep on Trump’n President Trump and give’m hell T-Rex.


FansToys: Koot

Kupp battle field_edited-1

For this review I am not going to call the homage to Kup ‘koot’. 1. It sounds like a synonym for pussy. For this review I am just gonna call him Sarge. The reason why homage to Kup reminds me of an ole grouchy friend of mine who served in the military. In addition the homage of Kup is suppose to me a battle harden staff Sergeant.

Let’s get to the bad first. Thing I didn’t like was the transformation. At times it can be serious nail biter betwixt frustrating first time you do it. FansToys make up for by reinforcing the tough plastic for the panels of plastic you have to deal with. Specifically the side panels. Also the needles hand work out I went through first five time of transforming him too. To be honest, Sarge is QC hundred percent durable. This will affect my overall ranking of him though.


This part I want to go step by step and add some pieces of wisdom to help you a long the way. First lets start with slider inside of Sarge.

FT_Koot (5)
The blue piece: pull up and straighten it out for clearance.
FT_Koot (6)
Enter a caption

See the sliding bar connected to the wheels. Stick your finger nail in the gab and push the section up till you her the nice ‘click.’

FT_Koot (7)
This is the end result.

Now things are going to tricky from here on out. Don’t worry I don’t go into too much detail on it. In the instruction it says fold the side panel and Sarges hip skirts back into gab of his back pack. Seems easy but it can will be frustrating doing it. ( Everything will be in the caption below.)

FT_Koot (8)
Here’s a solution to the issue that has got some people hopping ass mad. When you flip the back pack open, leave enough room for the side panels to squeeze into. Unfortunately I have found no solution that doesn’t require a little squeezing.  Panel I have out pull this back and in the back pack first then the second panel back above it.

In addition, the wheel covers show you no love. Meaning clearance issues is unavoidable, I know you’re crushed and so am I. Next is the addressing the inside panels on each leg, when your getting him into his armored car mode.

FT_Koot (17)
Instructions says pull: What I do betwixt being safe, is stick a finger nail in the gabs and push the panels up instead of pulling on the damn leg. Or a combination. Don’t force just jiggle it and you’ll see it slide up and you’ll have access to the sliders.

Picture 1FT_Koot (18)

FT_Koot (19)
Picture 2

This part of the transformation is tricky at the same time simultaneously part of Sarges’ transformation. Picture one I lined the leg port and the peg up first. Picture 2 did the same thing. Pic 2 click this into place and click the peg into the leg port, once its done it will be a stubborn fit, which is good nothing bad.

FT_Koot (20)

Final picture of the transformation I am showing the panels that slide in and click into place to complete the alt mode. I did what I was instructed to do on the instruction. In the instructions it shows, that you can slide the metal slides in. Which is true but the side flaps and wheel kibble has to be lined a certain way. Misfortune on me, I couldn’t get it on camera due to the transformation being challenging and unique.

The end result.

I did find some ways I have done to ease the choir of transforming Sarge, by leaving the side flaps open then tabbing them in last.

The Good,

Lot’s of Good about Sarge. For a figure this sleek in appearance he has heft, pose ability and he’s striking. As you can see I chose to the face with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. Too bad that piece of plastic doesn’t stay in his mouth very well. Which brings me to the face sculpt. Absolutely perfect, even the additional face he comes with capture the essence and stalwart character of Sarge. Which is a no none sense Drill Sergeant.

Also I have included pictures on how good looks with other figures slash smoking them.

Sarge smoking Jagertron.

Smoking other bots.


I am giving Sarge a solid 9.5/10 because of the clearance issues. Besides that he’s the typical FansToys QC perfect figure, emphasis on built to last. I only recommend him for none shelf collectors that have the cool to work with semi tough transformations. Thanks for reading.