ZuckerPoon to Spend Billions on Video Content. Another way to bury conservative and Libertarian New.

Nazi Coon Logo_Zuckerberg

Zucker Poon earned another title today,’Communist Bitch Ass Nigger’, and here’s why I use the N word with the hard er for this downs syndrome face puss sack.  Just in the communist bastard will spend a billion dollar this facial year on video content on his communist platform facebook.

Ummm pretty goddamn stupid to me, when people on fakebook use videos all day every day on it. However Zuckerbitch says his video content will be the game changer…Yeah right, here’s what ole communist minded skull cap hair really means.

He’s going to manipulate algorithms through his retarded video break through. Which will bury conservative and libertarian video feeds. This is the same shit ole Poon lips did in the 2016 election.

Mark the bitch ass will do anything to appease his Chinese whore wife and the communist Chinese to push censorship on the net. In addition, censor anything anti establishment, to anti- duck nose islam. Facebook is positioning itself ‘once’ again to be to relevant and irrelevant at the same time, by monopolizing the competition. For the sole purpose of brain washing people into the piss poor globalist agenda.

Here’s how you can fight back people. 1. Whistle Blow. File Law suits against these companies like face book ( Like I did.) Facebook and twitter will help the enemy like islam to murder you. 2. celebrate free speech, delete you facebook account and go to Gab ad free social media. 3rd disrupt facebooks globalist brain washing Bullshit, troll them and their cohorts and don’t stop. I deleted my books facebook page. All I do is tell the truth about Zuckerfuck and go after the left. And be loud whistle blower on facebook. Give them hell people.


History Lesson: Truth about Labor Day.

George Pullman
George Pullman

Take a look at this picture and let it sink in as inform you on the truth about Labor day. Also going to share a little history with you and debunk that bullshit what Communist minded Nazi Coon Bernie Sanders said.

Bernie ‘the Nazi Coon, aka Dr. Wiley’ Sanders kisses the dead ass of Eugene Debs. To be clear Bernie regards Eugene as hero, yeah typical of ole bigot to kiss of the dick of another bigot. However Eugene didn’t want blacks working for him, neither did he wanted Black Americans to even be apart of the union period. Now if you hit up ole You tube, ‘ Eugene Debs, Eugene Debs refusal to hire blacks, then you’ll get the real truth betwixt learn that democrats like Bernie need to shut the fuck up and die.

One people will want to ask why didn’t Bernie didn’t mention Eugene was a bigot just like he is?

American union was founded in 1893 in the month of June in Chicago. Eugene invited almost everyone who was white to participate in the movement that led to the ‘Great Labor Upheaval’

Pullman himself became the largest employer of African Americans to work for him. Out of 101 history of the company an Ebony American could climb the latter to success and have equal pay like his White counter parts.

Since the Demo-cunts, liberals and Regressive Progressive left are all for racism. They’ll put George Pullman as the villain and Eugene Deb as the savior. Pullman and Eugene did not like each other and have had heated disputes about other things. But race was a sub topic between these two at the time.

When the great depression ran its course Pullman was forced to make to cuts on wages ect. This didn’t go over well with his employees and therefore the ‘strike’ happened. 1894 things got violent on the streets, men couldn’t bring home the bacon if you will.

Strikers cut telegram poles, destroyed rail ways and even set rail road cars on fire. This cost around 800 million dollars in damage, if it happened today. Get this though all of this shit could’ve been prevented if Pullman was allowed to run his own company as he saw fit. During all this bullshit created by the establishment the blacks suffered the most from this.

The guilds protected the insiders and did nothing for the outsiders ‘blacks’ in a very bigot like direct way labor day became a federal holiday, because the terrorist democrats and the bigot Eugene got their way. When the unions started up again, everyone back to work. The Black Americans were banned from constitutional provision membership aka the union.

Furthermore when the unions were back up running they actually followed Pullmans way of running the rail way business, at the same time keeping the blacks out.

President Cleveland had Eugene’s sorry ass in chains and he didn’t honor nor care about the labor unions period, because of their racist bullshit. But it’s amazing Labor Day is a National Holiday because of evil bigots and the establishment allow to happen, at the expense of hurting Pullman business because he hired, protected and praised Black men working for him.

Pussies like Bernie Sanders to Antifa latte folk praise a stunt cock like Eugene, at the same time want to tear down statues of George Washingon, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. These are great men that lived in pivotal times and the dumb ass ignorant left tards that don’t history have the right to judge something they don’t know anything about. This is why history is ‘very’ important.

President Trump Ends the Daca wet dream.

Fuck daca

President Trump is doing what he said he would do. Specifically ending the freebies for unskilled, undocumented workers known as Daca. No more amnesty for the leeching 800,000 ungrateful s getting fat off of free money betwixt taking jobs away from American people.

I knew he was going to do this with the sole purpose of giving millions of jobs back to the American people.

Unfortunately the opposition known as the Torrey’s aka Nazi Coons, aka whores for big business don’t like this move at all. Well yeh see the Coon slut Paul Ryan is a whore for a big business that doesn’t want cheap labor to go away. In addition business interest and Socialist Regressive Progressive don’t want Americans to have anything either.

The bigot minded employers say, that the unskilled workers are valued as tax payers and aided consumers for cheap labor. And illegals generated tax money for government programs. Then the Nazi Coons going to say that the illegals are critical to wealth and economic growth. However they did not mention jobs being available for 4 million Americans that will turn 18. What that means reader, no jobs for natural born Americans.

Ole Nazi Coon Zuckersnatch is all for illegals, cheap labor and the fall of America too. And Zuckerfucks website it mentions that he plays a huge part in this. In 2013 a gang of eight was formed to appease the foreign no skill invaders, to push the amnesty and immigration bill because the democrats did not want to help the increase of foreign tech workers in America period. To clarify that means ungrateful communist minded Chinese being brought here illegally too. Wonder why you see so many of them working at fuck book? This came with a catch, If the 8 pushed the path to citizenship then Democrats will be on board on granting the work for citizenship push. Therefore the illegal Mexicans to Latinos and illegal Asians vote democrat. All this comes at a price betwixt turning America into a third world country.

Now Trump pending Rise act will reform immigration policy in the country. In a nut shell unskilled ass necks are not needed. Only skilled immigrants can come to America and they have to speak English fluently, more so it will dry up the unskilled worker pool quickly.

The number one reason why the typical big business coon dogs like zuckerberg hate the raise act is this. The welfare funded consumer market, now they’ll have to recruit and train American people and raise the wages. Also investors that are coons for the establishment do not want American workers period.

The cold hard truth about dumb ass no skilled workers is this. They’re a fucking drain on everything.  Reduces high tech investment,  Daca ass nuggets increases tax burdens, hurt kids in school, And pushes Americans out of High Tech Careers. As you can see nothing good comes from an illegal in addition this is a road map to drive America into a communist country. All this shit links up to what Whoreson Obama wanted to do to America by letting his dumb ass undocumented ass clowns in this country.

Trumps Raise Act is brilliant, By 2027, our analysis projects that RAISE will reduce GDP by 0.7 percent relative to current law, and reduce jobs by 1.3 million. By 2040, GDP will be about 2 percent lower and jobs will fall by 4.6 million. Like I said before the low skilled worker demand will dry up. Also people will be buying American products again, American money being spent on American goods on American soil. On top of that small business will multiply like mad.




Nazi Coon Governor Kate Brown Signs unContitutional Gun Grab into Law

Senate bill 719 faced resistance but it was unconstitutional like passed, and Kate Brown the new dick sucker, Nazi Coon, traitor signed the bill that goes directly against the 14th amendment, 2nd amendment and gives the cops the right to go after your guns based on the word through the grape vine bullshit.

This is what ‘Horse Shit’ Bill 719 is. To prevent someone who’s suicidal, that’s the cover for the traitors of the Constitution to go after your guns.

Further this is some democratic shit stain lip service at its best below.

On Wednesday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law a democrat-sponsored gun confiscation bill, permitting Oregon judges to order guns to be confiscated under an “Extreme Risk Protection Order”, based on hearsay evidence, and before the gun owner is permitted a hearing to challenge the order.

The law is based on Oregon Senate Bill 719 and was passed by Oregon democrats despite widespread condemnation by constitutional scholars and gun rights groups. All but 4 democratic senators voted in favor of the bill, while every republican senator but one voted against the bill.

The sole “token” republican voting for the bill, Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas, Oregon), claimed the law would “reduce veteran suicides”, and it was under that noble-sounding purpose that Democrat legislators steamrolled the bill through the legislative process.

Paul Phillips, President of Oregon Gun Owners, noted the hypocrisy and the underlying purpose of the bill. The bill, he says, will do little to prevent ‘suicides’.

Like I said complete Horse shit democratic style.

As you can see this just based on hearsay donkey shit! There’s no real evidence required to get your guns period in Oregon now. It’s gets shitty next, when the gun owner has to file a case to get his or her guns back. I am getting sick and tired of this Orwellian fuck boy shit law, must be over turned by the Supreme Court immediately. After that hall Kate Browns traitor ass into Court for treason she has committed on the people of Oregon.

This is law breaks the Constitution and directly violates the 14th amendment. Which gives the American Citizen the fucking right of a formal hearing if property is seized. How people love to sue these days. Expect a shit load of law suites being filed against the police and governor Nazi Coon Kate as well.

It’s time to wake the fuck up people. The Democratic Party and Torreys of the Republican party need to be removed from office and executed for treasonous acts against the American people. They way we fight back is stay on top of the senators, Congress reps and hold the Presidents feet to the fire on having the Nazi Coons executed to removed from office permanently.

More so this law is such bullshit. And full of loop holes it will be walk in the park for a Public Pretender to tell a judge that no State is allowed to abridge the liberties and immunities of all natural born American Citizen. Also no state has no right to deprive anyone of liberty, life, property, without due process of the law. Neither deny person within that jurisdiction the equal protection of the law either.   Kate Brown like all democrats are so goddamn dumb, this weakness of the bill is already been exploited in this blog. Do me a big a favor, we’re in a fight for our freedom. Pass my blog around like a joint and share the links I have in this blog. Kate Brown and this Torrey traitor shit must be exposed now!



Nazi Coons of Charlottesville Virginia

Nazi Coon Logo_Charol

You can’t have a peaceful protest with violent Nazi Coons around, with Nazi Coons slave masters backing them up. Just gonna get to it betwixt not insult your intelligence on what has happened in Libtard Coon town Charolttesville Virginia.

Before I begin I am gonna get this out in the open. What I am about to say is ‘not’ my opinion. What transpired in Libtard Charlottesville was a Deep State operation, backed up by George Soros to go after everyones first amendment. In addition Alex Jones and Larry Nichols said a few months ago, there would be a violent protest late this summer. Furthermore Millie Weaver of Info Wars said in her recap video she did see familiar face of both Antifa latte folk and BLM too. Also she spotted additional familiar faces on the conservative side as well. More so Millie discloses how vile, repulsive Antifa latte folk are and BLM. And the Police did not do their job they were ordered to stand down and let the Nazi Coon goons to hurt people.

Now who’s the blame you ask? Let start with the Mayor Mike Singer and his House Nazi Coon right hand of injustice Wes Bellamy.

Mike Singer

Jasson Kessler of the Alt-Right movement had to get the protest permit reinstated by a federal judge. Jason also states if the police in Charolettsville did their job, none of the violence would’ve happened. However the violence did go down, on his testimony on the red elephants, Jason says the cops did not arrive till after the protest. By that time things have gotten out of control and the weak minded cops had standing orders to not do a damn thing. Talk about cops shitting on the Constitution they swore to uphold. In addition this reader this is an attempt by the deep state to federalize the police force by having them do shit like this.

Let’s move on to the Vice Mayor Wes The Bigot.

Wes the house Nazi Coon_edited-1

Bellamy’s he pussy blushed when he witnessed violent acts committed on peaceful protestors. Bellamy the bigot has been pushing the removal of old Confederate statues in the city in first place. Doing the same shit dumb ass Hitler did in the past to fuck up history. Also Bellamy has sworn to Antifa to work with him if they got arrested in the protest as well. Here’s some proof that Bellamy is the democratic Klansman stuntcock that did revoke Jasons permit, betwixt show you how this Nazi Coon is Coon’n for communism.

The media didn't report

Wes he pussy is hotter than Vegas street walker and his creaming his pants for that cash he’s going to get for Coon’n for the globalist slash deep state.

And last and definitely not least. When shit like this happens in You betcha the Regressive left communist bastards will go after peoples guns.

Shannon the whore

Shannon Watts, terrible mom of the century blames the violence on NRA and gun owners. She took her twitter and wha-bulanced that it’s the NRAs fault that they’ve become radicalized, that they encouraged people to do open carry expressing their God given right to defend themselves. This is the same slut for the left who got millions for being the whore for control at the same time Coon’n for spotlighting her sorry ass. This bitch is no good person. She’s one of Bloombergs teat buddies. She loves attacking folks that obey the constitution to the letter. She encourage her supporters to be nasty towards gun owning law abiding citizens. When a tragedy happens this ole nickle cum bag is right there pushing goddamn control.

Oh and before I forget, Shannon is a Coon’n for Islam and dumb ass democratic voting hair hat hooligans that still live on the democratic plantation.

Coon ass Shannon
This is how far this dumb ass Nazi Coon will go to appease the oppressors. She’s a straight up Nazi Coon.

Look at this rag condom on her skull, she sending a message to get islam in America. I took this picture so you can shut her leftist Nazi Coon organization down and expose it for what it is. Be mole, get inside and spread the word on this ole Nazi Coon for oppression.

In closing,

Sessions has already begun a full investigation on the derp-derp Charolettsville Virginia. Which is a damn good thing, because these ass clowns can’t hide evidence and I hope the Nazi Coons I exposed lose their places in office and put in prison for attempted mass murder. In addition to all my European Descent Americans stop calling yourselves ‘Alt-Right’ that damn term came from sour teeth Hillary and the dumb ass Presstitute mainstream media. To show the ultimate strength unite as one we are Americans fuck, race and fuck creed, we are American next protest everyone needs to attend it will show the globalist that we mean business and the deep state will back the fuck off. Don’t fall into the race war bullshit. Instead rage a war, we the human race against allies of Satan aka Deep State, Islam and the globalist.

The Real Democratic Convention: Leading ass clowns of racism.

‘KlanBake’ The roots of the democratic party. Liberals meet the fathers of your movement communist minded fucktards!

You know me I love pissing off communist minded left any chance I get with the truth. Apparently the big dummy new generation of democrats and socialist liberals cannot accept the fact about this is the root of their party. In addition how they attack conservatives and truthers is the same way the Klan did back in 1924.

You can use the communist google search engine to look up KlanBake and get this picture on an image search, and get a shit load of history about the origins of bane of America, which is the Democratic Klan party.

Before I get into ripping a 6th asshole in the left. I want you to keep in mind Antifa, Muslims, Blm, and LGBT and all the other groups in mind. Next I want you to see how identical they are when you read this blog in its entirety.

The Klu Klux Klan started around 1915. They’re numbers grew around WWI through its strong arm public relation and making prohibition an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Further the Democrats aka Klan gained a lot popularity through many regions of the United States. All the trouble began with Al Smith a devote Roman Catholic ran against William McDoo who had the Klan delegate support, which is the Democratic Party.

Non Klan Delegates like Forney Johnston of Alabama, condemned the Klan because of its violent actions in the Democratic party. The Klan defeated the platform by the skin of their yellow ass teeth. 542.85 against 546.15 in favor of the Klan.

And the Klan marched on the streets of Jersey and NY to celebrate their victory. Also when they won they burned crosses, urged violence in the streets and intimidate African Descent Americans and Catholics. And last but not least the Democrat Klan attacked followers of Smith in the Streets. With that being said that sounds like what the Hillary Followers did to Trump supporters during the election campaign and after. If you don’t remember here’s a picture.

dumb liberals
Look at it and let it soak in.

During the ole KlanBake b.s. this produced a stain on the demo-cunt party that’s engraved on them forever. They love pinning racism on Conservatives all the time. The Demo-crip party has always been sticklers for racism and slavery period! Brief history lesson. Democrats never wanted to give up their slaves. Democrats are anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, and love children of the Jim Crowe laws. In addition the democrats are all about oppression discrimination and against having a unified country. To be frank they don’t want America to come together they want division!

If you don’t believe and you use retarded google that sells your information. Please type in 1820s when the Democrats defended slavery. and imposed segregation. With this divide allowed the Democrats and their ass clown lynch mobs to go after African Descents 24/7 and European Descents that were friends with African Descents at that time too. And to make you cringe some more reader, they opposed the civil rights act in 1950s and 1960s.

For those who are indoctrinated by common core and ignorant folk, during the souths reconstruction the rise of African Americana came to be 22 African American Republicans served in the 1900s. There’s tons of African American Congressmen all over American History. Democrats did not elect African American into the Klan party till 1935.

This is the brutal truthful history of the pussy democratic Nazi Coon Party! Only if Bill Cosby gave his speech in the 60s about grabbing life by the boot straps and fuck the democratic party, man shit will be ‘very’ different.

For those morons who vote democrat…Are you fucking retarded?! Democrats are still the same racist party, same people that hate unification. But the new thing they added to their portfolio is the following. Anti family, anti Christian, anti-American Prosperity. And they’ve teamed up with Islam and sided with the all faction that practice discrimination even trans fag movement who discriminate against their own gender.

I hope you kept those left protesting terrorist parties in mind while you read because, they act exactly like the klan even though George Soros pays their terrorist salaries. Worse of all Democrats have found friendship in Islam because they hate Christians and Jews too. I don’t get why African Descents vote Democrats when the democratic party is all about planed parent hood. Kill your kid and we’ll get others to pay for it says the demon-cratic party. If you keep the kid, hey you here’s some government cheese and a ebt card. But if you have that baby dad around you won’t get free stuff, us democrats can’t have the African Descent Man, Woman and child house hold.

Yup this sounds exactly like the Democrats betwixt how their scam lower living housing vetting system operates. Democrats are committing sedition, treason and breaking the law as I type. Research the Democrats for yourself and see how vile and fucked up they are. We can make these ass clowns disappear from power forever by not voting democrat.

Nazi Coon Update: Citizens want Betsy the Nazi Coon out office now!

Nazi Coon_Betsy Hodges_UPDATE

Now the tables have turned on Betsy ‘Nazi Coon’ Hodges. Betsy’s bullshit speech about the Police Chief Harteau to step down, betwixt bullshit talking about peoples safety. When Betsy the Coon starts talking about the history of the new stand Chief of Police, this when video speech goes righteous!

The man in video starts off by saying we want your resignation and take your entire staff with you Betsy!

It gets heated, graphic and down right truthful that Betsy the Nazi Coon Hodges career is on it’s last legs. I applaud the man in the video and the people of Minneapolis for silencing Betsy the traitor covering for her foreign invader bastard child Noor. I am sure some protest are about to happen and violence from the foreign invader community will happen too when the foreign invaders attack the protester. Then the foreign invaders will act like the victims, but we all know who are the violent people. The Somalian Foreign invader are always the attackers.

Hold up there’s more to this story. I am not letting the Police Chief who stepped down off the hook. According to Janee Harteau, She says ole Noor is fit to be patrolling the streets.

Below is in her own words.

Chief Harteau said the death of Ms Ruszczyk “should not have happened” but defended Noor’s decision not to switch on their body cameras.

“The officer does have due process and it’s my role to ensure due process is followed so that justice can be served,” Chief Harteau said a press conference hours ago.

“This officer completed that training very well, he was very suited to be on the street.”

She said it was not yet second nature for officers to turn on their body cameras because they had only had them for eight months.

Chief Harteau also explained why she had not yet spoken publicly about Ms Ruszczyk’s death, nearly a week after it happened.

“I was backpacking in the mountains and it made it very challenging to return,”

“It was my personal time away.”

“But I do plan my personal time around events that require my presence.

“Although I wasn’t here physically for a few days, I’m always the chief, and was in constant communication with my team.”

Okay this bitch flip flops like a pan cake gets on to Noor and his rookie partner for not having their body cameras on. And when Harteau the coward gets a call that her troublesome lil bastard Noor shoots an unarmed woman she’s to tired to come back to work?! To my crafty readers you know what this means. For those who don’t Harteau covered her on ass. She knows damn well Noor is trouble maker, killer and following the Koran to the letter. This is the same democratic shit that happens all the time. No one wants to be accountable for anything. But this bitch gets to resign. This entire police department in Minneapolis is under investigation. And I hope the investigators have something against crook cops and precincts who cover for bad cops. Harteau knows something and this is the main reason why she willingly gave up her position as Police Chief. More on this story, it’s just getting started.

In closing here’s footage the Presstitutes of Major news network did cover ‘the people’ taking over the press conference.

Nazi Coon: Betsy Hodges

Nazi Coon_Betsy Hodges

Here’s what this ole Nazi Coon has done to appease the foreign invaders. She got elected to protect the people in Minneapolis. Now she’s betrayed her own countrymen to Coon for the foreign invaders for money and democratic voters, from the foreign invader strong holds in Minneapolis.

Here’s what this ole Nazi Coon said during the recent developments of the Noor killing European Descent woman for no damn reason.

“To the Somali community: I want you to know that you are a valued and appreciated part of Minneapolis. I stand with you and support you. The strength and beauty of the Somali and East African communities are a vital part of what makes Minneapolis so strong and beautiful. I am grateful to be your neighbor.

We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person. That will not be tolerated in Minneapolis. If you are experiencing discrimination, you can file a complain.

This bitch goes as far as make a complaint hot line for her precious foreign invaders.

This is typical Coon style Democratic tactics to make the evil folk be the victims when the real victims are in the sharia swamp she’s still making in Minneapolis. In addition she’s so called silienced the residents in Minneapolis with political correctness. Now I hope for the sake of good that the people of Minneapolis wake the fuck up and challenge the Nazi Coon Mayor and have her removed and have her in court for being a terrorist.

Muhomad the Murdering Muslim update!

Enter a caption

Audo record of Justine being executed by Noor the Murderer. Currently the police department has not delivered an open statement on why the Harrity and Ass Hat Noor did not have their body cameras turned on when Justine approached Harrity’s cruiser.

According to the witness she was seen speaking to Harrity on the drivers side of cop car. I repeat it’s still fucked up on why the body cameras were not turned on. On the audio link above a policeman says he hears a woman screaming from behind the building And that’s when the foreign invader Mohumed Noor open fired on Justine. Things are getting interesting, the truth is coming out and the light is being shined on the Nazi Coon’n Betsy Hodges is doing.

Since Noor is a dumb ass Muslim I can only guess a few reasons why he shot an unarmed woman. Hold up let me stop being nice, and call it what is. Noor Shot Justine because she’s European Descent and she may be a devote Christian. Which brings me to guess number one. In the Satanic Koran is commands Noor to kill any Christian he says, because Allah aka Satan commands him to. Second, in his dirty filthy eyes he shot her because she was not covered, as Satans’ Koran dictate that all women are worthless and should be oppressed. Third is Justine may have walked up on Noor participating on the sexual assault himself? After all they do have jihadist muslims living in that area targeting European Descent people, saying to women they will rape them. And Noticed one thing following this story, the pussy muslims like Noor are not doing this in the ‘African Descent areas.”

This is just an update. To the family I have no idea what you’re going through neither am I going to even patronize the family either. But I will say fight the hell out of this Demand Noor be put to death, Expose the Mayor for the Nazi Coon she is after all blood is on her hands for letting the viscous foreign invaders in Minneapolis. Go after the Mayor and her precious evil foreign invaders. And do not be friend the Mayor get justice and righteous retribution for the evil they have committed.

Mohamed Noor Murders Justine Damond

Murdering ass Muslim. And Minneapolis police department is Nazi Coon’n for this foreign invader descendant.

Another filthy foreign invader kills another person. This time things are ‘very’ different. For this blog I am going to call it like it is. The murder of Justine Damond was committed by no other than this stunt cock Mohamed Noor. What makes this ‘very’ interesting is the main stream media Nazi Coon’n for this roach Mohamed.

Now CBS, aka all you see is B.S. is now turning this horrific event into politicize campaign for gun control. Now this is how retarded the Main stream media is. Ya see this waste of carbon wastage Mohamed was trained to shoot a gun as fate has it he shoots an unarmed Justine Damond. And the shit brain CBS broadcast wants to push gun control when this country needs to push, ‘no more foreign invaders in America!’ I am done calling these demented fart bags migrants.

Minnesota becoming a beacon for jihadist Somalians

The problem is Minneapolis is becoming a place for foreign invaders from Somali to go to. With already growing disgusting population, FBI probes believe there are terrorist cells in the city already. The elder foreign invaders worry about their inbred offspring will not know about their ass backwards sharia law heritage.  Somalia is 99.8 percent freaking muslim. And these dumb ass elders left that place because of oppression and like all dumb ass muslims they want to bring that oppressive shit here, unfucking believable.

We don’t know who Mohamed Noor is

See Mohamed hails from that derp-derp cyst puss pool community. And you can see in his recent actions that his sharia Law is conflicting to the Constitution he swore an oath too.

Before I get into the recent kill he committed on Justine Damond, lets shed some light on this losers past.

Little Boy Noir has a degree in business administration and economics, from Augsburg College. When he was in college the jihadist was property manager for commercial residence. During this time he lived in that piss poor community I mentioned previously that the elders grow concerns that their inbred offspring will not know their Somalian heritage. During his time as property manager, there’s an open federal case on Mohamed Noor.

On May 25, 2017 complaint filed by Teresa M. Graham. Her full statement refills that Mohamed and another officer entered her place of residence with no warrant, detained her by force, injuring her and breaking property of hers.

She called 911 to report some stoner sitting on her wall high on weed. The police dept did nothing. Then people made false report that Teresa was mentally ill and she needed help. That’s when Officer foreign invader and his partner fucks up right there. The problem with this, you have Nazi Coons in Minnesota Coon’n for these Somalians.

Mohamed Murders Justine and Nazi Coons have come to defend their token foreign invader.

As you already know Justine called 911 and reported that she heard a girl screaming and she believe a sexual assault was going on. Before I go into detail on why I believe Mohamed Noir murdered this woman.

Let’s take a look at the map Daily Mail provided.


On the map here is play by play on what happened. Feel free to click on it zoom in and study it for yourself.

What makes this story such bullshit, is Mohamed and his dumb ass partner turn off their body cameras, when Justine was approaching them. Suddenly Mohameds’ inbred ass reaches over his partner and shoots Justine dead. Now the partner is who witnessed this has little or nothing to say as the investigation continues. Which brings to the conclusion that Betsy Hodges aka Nazi Coon Queen for the Somalians’ says she wants a quick investigation.

From looking at this case and reading what’s available. Mohamed did kill Justine Damond because his ass was covering for one of his rape crazed jihadist kin folk. Here’s why. You do remember me saying the elder foreign invaders want their children know their fucked heritage. But the culture in the U.S. is free and this is what the elders are not use to and do not like, I promise you that because no asshat muslim likes freedom period, its the koran or nothing with them. Second I do believe a woman was raped in  that alley and the person that did it may be one of Mohamed recitatives, close friend or someone he knows from his community of bullshit.

The point is why did they turn their body cameras off? That’s an easy one so they couldn’t incriminate themselves in aiding the perpetrator. I believe Justine may have seen Mohamed in the wrong, caught him red handed defending one of us jihadist rapist buddies. Then he reaches across his partner and shoots Justine dead.

It seems far fetched, sloppy and down right What the fuckish! Hell this dumb ass report is what the fuckish too and reeks of bullshit!!! Mohamed says he’s sorry but sorry is not going to bring Justine back to life.


Something is very wrong in Minneapolis and its the Muslim Somalia and their sharia Law tactics. This woman is dead because of Betsy Hodges Coon’n for monetary gain and acceptance for some Goddamn welfare parasites. No offense to the Justines’ family and friends. I am going to real with ya. You’re not going to get a fair shake in a democratic place that has politician that coons for refugees. Please hire a private detective to solve this case for you and do not talk to cops in Minnesota and stay clear of Betsy Hodges. Mohamed Noor killed Justine and that the truth. He shot an unarmed woman about to be married the death penalty is called for here.