Nazi Coon Update: Citizens want Betsy the Nazi Coon out office now!

Nazi Coon_Betsy Hodges_UPDATE

Now the tables have turned on Betsy ‘Nazi Coon’ Hodges. Betsy’s bullshit speech about the Police Chief Harteau to step down, betwixt bullshit talking about peoples safety. When Betsy the Coon starts talking about the history of the new stand Chief of Police, this when video speech goes righteous!

The man in video starts off by saying we want your resignation and take your entire staff with you Betsy!

It gets heated, graphic and down right truthful that Betsy the Nazi Coon Hodges career is on it’s last legs. I applaud the man in the video and the people of Minneapolis for silencing Betsy the traitor covering for her foreign invader bastard child Noor. I am sure some protest are about to happen and violence from the foreign invader community will happen too when the foreign invaders attack the protester. Then the foreign invaders will act like the victims, but we all know who are the violent people. The Somalian Foreign invader are always the attackers.

Hold up there’s more to this story. I am not letting the Police Chief who stepped down off the hook. According to Janee Harteau, She says ole Noor is fit to be patrolling the streets.

Below is in her own words.

Chief Harteau said the death of Ms Ruszczyk “should not have happened” but defended Noor’s decision not to switch on their body cameras.

“The officer does have due process and it’s my role to ensure due process is followed so that justice can be served,” Chief Harteau said a press conference hours ago.

“This officer completed that training very well, he was very suited to be on the street.”

She said it was not yet second nature for officers to turn on their body cameras because they had only had them for eight months.

Chief Harteau also explained why she had not yet spoken publicly about Ms Ruszczyk’s death, nearly a week after it happened.

“I was backpacking in the mountains and it made it very challenging to return,”

“It was my personal time away.”

“But I do plan my personal time around events that require my presence.

“Although I wasn’t here physically for a few days, I’m always the chief, and was in constant communication with my team.”

Okay this bitch flip flops like a pan cake gets on to Noor and his rookie partner for not having their body cameras on. And when Harteau the coward gets a call that her troublesome lil bastard Noor shoots an unarmed woman she’s to tired to come back to work?! To my crafty readers you know what this means. For those who don’t Harteau covered her on ass. She knows damn well Noor is trouble maker, killer and following the Koran to the letter. This is the same democratic shit that happens all the time. No one wants to be accountable for anything. But this bitch gets to resign. This entire police department in Minneapolis is under investigation. And I hope the investigators have something against crook cops and precincts who cover for bad cops. Harteau knows something and this is the main reason why she willingly gave up her position as Police Chief. More on this story, it’s just getting started.

In closing here’s footage the Presstitutes of Major news network did cover ‘the people’ taking over the press conference.

Muhomad the Murdering Muslim update!

Enter a caption

Audo record of Justine being executed by Noor the Murderer. Currently the police department has not delivered an open statement on why the Harrity and Ass Hat Noor did not have their body cameras turned on when Justine approached Harrity’s cruiser.

According to the witness she was seen speaking to Harrity on the drivers side of cop car. I repeat it’s still fucked up on why the body cameras were not turned on. On the audio link above a policeman says he hears a woman screaming from behind the building And that’s when the foreign invader Mohumed Noor open fired on Justine. Things are getting interesting, the truth is coming out and the light is being shined on the Nazi Coon’n Betsy Hodges is doing.

Since Noor is a dumb ass Muslim I can only guess a few reasons why he shot an unarmed woman. Hold up let me stop being nice, and call it what is. Noor Shot Justine because she’s European Descent and she may be a devote Christian. Which brings me to guess number one. In the Satanic Koran is commands Noor to kill any Christian he says, because Allah aka Satan commands him to. Second, in his dirty filthy eyes he shot her because she was not covered, as Satans’ Koran dictate that all women are worthless and should be oppressed. Third is Justine may have walked up on Noor participating on the sexual assault himself? After all they do have jihadist muslims living in that area targeting European Descent people, saying to women they will rape them. And Noticed one thing following this story, the pussy muslims like Noor are not doing this in the ‘African Descent areas.”

This is just an update. To the family I have no idea what you’re going through neither am I going to even patronize the family either. But I will say fight the hell out of this Demand Noor be put to death, Expose the Mayor for the Nazi Coon she is after all blood is on her hands for letting the viscous foreign invaders in Minneapolis. Go after the Mayor and her precious evil foreign invaders. And do not be friend the Mayor get justice and righteous retribution for the evil they have committed.

Nazi Coon: Reality Winner update!

Reality Coon update

More wood for the fire to cook this piece of Nazi Coon pork in front of her islamic ass neck friends.

This jive ass Nazi Coon slut was brought in front of a judge yesterday in cuffs. In a soft ‘victim’ tone she pleaded not guilty. This should not come as no surprise on how this bitch plays the lil hurt ‘white girl’ card betwixt depending on her skin color to get a slap on the wrist.

The Prosecutor made his ‘case’, Winner has strong evidence against her that puts Americans at serious risk! She may have removed top secret information from a usb driver, while she was in the air force.

From here I am just going to do a copy and paste on the exact words of the Prosecutor on slapping this Coon in the face with some reality!

‘The government is also concerned about what other intelligence Winner possesses as she told her mother in a recorded phone conversation from prison that she ‘screwed up’ over those ‘documents’.

It’s gets worse for diaper stain Winner. During the search of her hovel, the investigators found a hand written note that said, she wanted to burn down the white house and move to Kurdistan. In addition the dumb ass traitor was recorded telling her mother to play the victim in front of the media in a recorded jail house visit.

Furthermore Reality told her sister on how she was going to play the good ole liberal privilege move. To clarify, play the innocent white girl move in court. In Reality words, I am a pretty, white and cute. Then she added she would braid her hair and cry fake tears in court.

What I just typed previously show how bigot minded liberals are betwixt using the innocent white person card every time a leftist gets in trouble.

Then Reality orders her mother to get 30,000 big ones from her bank account and gave her detailed instruction on what to say to the press.

During this video, Reality side bitch mom and her step dad play the Trump is a bad guy, their stupid off spring is being framed and all of that. What I find hysterical, Realities biological dad named gave her a hard name to make his daughter a winner. Unfortunately his daughter is nothing more than a Nazi Coon, Coon’n for dumb ass islam for monetary gain and forsaking her oath as Veteran. Reality parents act just like liberals betwixt typical thugs from section 8 playing the victim that the system is against them.

This is what her Libtard fucktard dad said in court slash to the press. That he was caught off guard by the allegations against his bastard step child. He will put up the home and 20 acres for his traitor step child..

The Prosecutor did a good job on showing the judge that Reality is two faced. One face loves kissing nut sack licking dogs in the mouth, practicing yoga and being gym meat head. The other face is a terrorist that’s motivated to do harm to the government. Therefore Reality should not be taken lightly. She’s intelligent, bi lingual and her skill, puts her as serious flight risk. Also the prosecutor revealed that Reality had access to tor browser that will allow her to get on the dark net, so she can access notes on how to unlock cell phones, cut off the provider and use it as an untraceable burner. More so Prosecutor laid out more notes Reality was contacting the typical pieces of shit on the planet. such as the following.

Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, and referenced going to live in a number of countries including Pakistan, Mexico and Nepal.

Now Winner faces 10 years in federal prison and 250, 000 dollar fine. I don’t think that’s enough. With all these deep state ass necks Whoreson Obama installed. The penalties should be death or 25 to life no parole and a fine up to 350,000 dollars paid to the victim or victims of the leak.

But good news Reality Bond is denied!

Katy Perry’s Nazi Coon Act after Manchester Bombing!

Nazi Coon Logo_Katy Perry

How Katy Perry fits the definition of Nazi Coon:

Definition For Katy talent less Perry: When a Nazi Coon gives the oppressor foreign invader a pass for votes, favors and monetary gain. And let’s not forget get accepted by the foreign invader and the foreign invaders family also. Furthermore gain the spotlight on mainstream media and be adored by presstitutes. Plus if the Nazi Coon talks down on the Countrymen, the presstitutes will give the Nazi Coon more air time.  Last but not least this ole Nazi Coon will give a foreign invaders oppression a pass, for votes, favors and monetary gain at the harmed native populace expense…Yup Katy Perry you are mothafucking Nazi Coon slut nugget!

On Tuesday and a Presstitute radio show on Tuesday Katy Perry moved in the rank of Nazi Coon. After the dumb ass terror attack in Manchester ( I call assault against women), this whore cake Katy gets the gall to say this, we should unite’. Talk about lunacy with out the help of grey goose this slut tease like to drink I think?

In the midst of 20,000 fans of the American hating Ariana Grande . These mothers, daughters and others get hit with terrorist attack from another foreign invader jihadist ass neck.

The derp-derp Suicide bomber Salman Abide Libyan, now dead foreign invader. When he detonated his suicide bomb starter kit, it was nail bomb that killed 22 people 59 injured. However since presstitutes are covering it betwixt forming up a cover propaganda story to make you believe this wasn’t a terrorist attack but it is.

Ariana Mucho Grande fucktard suspended her tour because of the attack. Honestly the UK should make this bitch pay for the injured and dead for her For being a Nazi Coon For Islam!

Back to Katy. Here are the words of Nazi Coon Loose pussy lips Katy insulting your intelligence betwixt Nazi Coon’n her ass off.

“Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other, “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

“we’re just all loving on each other and we should just stay loving on each other.”

“If this gets out to anyone, I just want to say that I love all of you out there and I just know that some of our fan bases kind of go both ways. Ari’s fans are my fans, and my fans are Ari’s fans.” Perry added. “Tell everyone, ‘I love you’ today.” Nazi Coon Katy Perry.

What makes Katy Nazi Coon absolute that she’s a former democratic Hillary supporter. In addition she previously marched with delusional Ho’s against President Trump.

And now Katy is happy to put her retarded music forward against Trump she calls Pop rock with a purpose.

Aren’t you proud of yourself Katy? You Nazi Coon shit stain of the earth, I bet your fans are proud of you insulting their intelligence.

To Katy Perry:

1. Artist goes against the mainstream. I wish I had color letter apps to type with so your brain will be able to comprehend the words I am going to type to you. Artist 10/10 goes the grain, that means going against the mainstream media, presstitutes and the decaying Klansman democratic party. No you’re talent less soul want to get it all twisted up to support propagated grander of wankerwood fame. Actually Pussy dingle berry singers like yourself is destroying music and the very essence of creativity.

2. From what you said to the presstitute on that radio show, I don’t give a damn about mentioning it. You just insulted your fans Katy in addition you just slapped young girls in the face for the goddamn jihadist asshole. You talk about open borders and open society, wow dumb ass, please pull your head out of Arina’s stank pussy and look what has happened to Sweden, Germany and France ya big dummy! This what the globalist and George Soros want, all western civilization destroyed to implement the nwo and make America a communist poor as shit country with military special ed complex, ya fucking skank on a stick!

In closing for my reader:

If you’re a fan of Katy Perry why don’t you ask Katy to open her gates to her House to foreign invaders and show some coexisting?

In addition to all young girls, Katy and Arina just betrayed you. Do you really think these ho’s are going to spend their money to help those who lost loved ones in that attack? Do you believe Arina’s Apology was sincere? If your brains is saying no then your right. These celebrities are tools, sorry Nazi Coons for the establishment to brain wash you and keep you blinded from the truth. For insulting you, you have a chance to fight back! Blow up Katy’s twitter page I provided and do not buy or attend another concert she holds either. Also do the same to Arina Grand-eo pro islam Nazi Coon too. Don’t support these stunt cocks period because they serve their masters and they don’t really care about their fans. Last but not least they are Nazi Coons for the establishments and they ride on you all day every day. And you got to be the same way ride on them, boycott them and attack them because they attack you. So you gonna fight back?

News Flash: Comey is a liar and a big Dummy

Comey investigation

On May 3rd Comey tells a bold face lie in front of Congress. Comey stated that he was never told to stop an investigation for political reasons, in front of judiciary committee. Now this completely makes Comey a lying sack of puss. Now Comey claims that President Trump asked him to stop his idiotic investigation on General Flynn in February.

Break Down

The presstitutes, CNN and MSN is working up the mass hysteria of impeaching Trump on bogus charges. And all of sudden Comey, days after his termination talks about a memo about Trump asking him to stop his investigation. From this prospective, looking at the big picture this dumb done has fucked himself three times with one deep state penis.

  1. Let’s say the memo is true and Trump did ask Comey to stop the investigation? February and May, this Comey committed perjury twice!
  2. Comey said he had dirt on Trump revealing secrets to Russia is false. All that Trump did was warn warn Russia about lap top threat flying over the middle east however it gets very interesting here. As soon ass Comey was fired, he swore revenge betwixt falling for Trumps brainy trap he set for Comey. President Trump warned Comey to keep his mouth shut about the recordings. Like a dumb ass, Comey couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Comey spills the beans, him getting fired he reached out to McMaster and others that don’t like Trump that, President Trump will do a mass cleansing in his administration. And reports on McMaster dictates that his big lemon head is on the chopping block.

Now we have another level of the filthy swamp that reveals the NeoCon Troll McMaster.

Now let’s discuss what the derp-derp presstitutes and deep pussy state false smoking gun for impeachment, betwixt what it has to do with Comey’s gift for lies. ( Copy and Paste below)

The intelligence disclosed by Mr. Trump … was about an Islamic State plot, according to the officials. A Middle Eastern ally that closely guards its own secrets provided the information, which was considered so sensitive that American officials did not share it widely within the United States government or pass it on to other allies.

Mr. Trump’s disclosure does not appear or have been illegal — the president has the power to declassify almost anything. But sharing the information without the express permission of the ally who provided it was a major breach of espionage etiquette, and could jeopardize a crucial intelligence-sharing relationship.

In fact, the ally has repeatedly warned American officials that it would cut off access to such sensitive information if it were shared too widely, the former official said. In this case, the fear is that Russia will be able to determine exactly how the information was collected and could disrupt the ally’s espionage efforts.

What this means, Trump did ‘not’ do anything illegal. But we’re going to make it illegal says the New York Times According to Richard Engle, intelligence officials told Trump what he was going to do was not illegal in the first place. Get this, it was information the Russians knew already know. This was Comey’s bag of bullshit and falseness he throws out to the public and dumb folks believe this bullshit.

Intelligence is on call. Whoreson Obama did every illegal act under the sun when he had is reign as Queen. Whoreson and McCain helped Isis by sharing information that jeopardized missions and got a lot of servicemen killed, and why they’re not in prison?

Comey’s lying fuels the old make believe Narrative of Russia is our enemy. In reality Russia in it to completely destroy isis and America is fighting the Benedict Arnold NeoCons that want to overthrow Assad. So they can create another vacuum of Isis and the whole refugee bullshit starts all over again.

Now you see how all of this links to Comey, links to bullshit Impeachment hysteria and connects to the swamp beast in Washington. This shows how smart and crafty Trump is when went all chips in that Comey won’t keep his mouth shut about memos that will never incriminate him. Comey did as Trump knew he would do and now we have this lie is debunked as the story keeps on developing on big dummy liar Comey.

James Comey: Fired update

Comey Fired_edited-3

Get use to seeing ‘update’ for sometime as I cover this betwixt get the facts right. Early today in Sarah Sanders addressed the public on one of the reasons why Comey was fired. In Sarah’s word betwixt fact, she without doubt it deals with FBI leaks. To be specific Sarah sheds some light on Comeys’ incompetence.

Not going to argue with Sarah neither discredit what she said today. However no head of the FBI can be this fucktarded in the brain to allow leaks riddle the FBI. In my opinion, the FBI should be looking into video footage to bank deposits Comey may have been getting to turn the other way. Accounts, specifically off shore accounts and recent investments Comey made or has made. Reason why I say this? FBI does have investments in the stock market, for the sole purpose of keeping itself sustainable and not being completely dependent on ‘we the peoples’ tax money. Enough about that, because that’s an entirely different subject all together.

Remember Trump was pissed off about being spied on during his campaign for office? Yeah Trump repeatedly called the FBI on media leaks on the Russian collusion thing Trump was never apart of.

Sanders was asked did she know about Trump preparing to fire Comey. She said no and that’s the truth. The fact is it was the Justice Department that made all the prep work to terminate Comey, Trump just said the magic words…You’re fired. To be crystal clear the firing of Trump was Sessions and the collective under him to remove Comey. Then they brought it to the President for the approval of it…The media will not tell you this, only me and other truthful folk out there will. But let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

The decaying stench of Trust lingered when Trump was sworn in. Besides Trump didn’t have much faith in Comey, but being the nice man that he is he gave Comey a chance. When Comey dropped the ball on what Trump asked him to do about the spying on him, Trump asked the department of Justice to put together the termination of Comey.

I will say Sarah and I are both astounded that the Democrats and their ding bat libtard college kids are not rushing to defend Comey and starting a riot in the streets. Even though Comey saved Hillary’s satanic ass from Prison.

In Sarah’s words, ‘If Hillary Clinton had won the election, which thank God she didn’t, but if she had and she had been in the same position, she had have fired Comey immediately and the very Democrats that are criticizing the president today would be dancing in the streets celebrating.”

Sarah’s is right on the money about that!

Previous reason I mentioned why Comey was fired, according to Sarah Sanders is true. However, from my prospective that’s proof that Comey lacks real leadership skills betwixt raises speculation that he’s a swamp monster. I am going to say the 894 emails slash hard evidence Comey acquired. On this link is ‘all’ the emails on the right side are categories and tags. Read it, download it, and share it with other truthers. Tell the truth this is the real reason why Comey was terminated. In all honesty, this is the end of Comey’s freedom too. Once the Hillary case begins goes who’s going to be among the guilty, Good ole James Comey.

James Comey Fired!!!!!

Comey Fired

President Trump slays a nasty swamp monster when the time was right and whacked his career head clean off! In ‘slick’ Trump Fashion, Trump sent Comey an email telling him he was terminated from his position. Like always, the knowingly guilty always plays the victim. Specifically Comey acted like he didn’t know what or why he was fired. However this is still a developing story.

This is a good question why Comey was immediately terminated when the left thought everything was blue skies and peaches and cream? For those smart readers that have been following the liar for Hillary Comey, well you guys can go through the list on why James the Goblin was terminated. However here’s my reasons why he was fired.

May 2nd: 894 page documents of State departments, including Hillary Clintons emails. Furthermore in those documents are top secret St Department stuff Hillary foolishly sent on her email suffers courtesy of Huma Abiden. Plus let’s not forget schedules being sent to top Clinton Foundation assnecks on a unsecured server ( her yahoo email account).

December 21 2009: Jake Sullivan fwd email to Clintons unsecured email In this email, heavy top secret FOIA Exemption B1-4D. What that means, it was an executive order kept secret for national defense or foreign policy. Either it was very, very important. All I can speculate that this was the U.S. dealing with sensitive over seas stuff. The Clinton, using the same email fwds it to Abiden concerning the ‘climate’ change ( political climate.)

All the terrorist in 2009 specifically Isis and Alqueda started to get the wind up the ass crack to do harm to others. In addition some military bases were hit during that time.

The Juggler slice!

Jan 27, 2010 minutes away from the Hillarys staff meeting. ICE uncovered the latest Pedophile couple(s) trying to adopt Haitian orphans, following that earth quake that happened back then. This gets even better! The Department was working with the Haitian Government in expediting children and removal from the U.S. Now this particular email puts Hillary night hag ass back on the burning coals to put in Prison.

In addition these emails show Hillary’s negligence and disregard for safety of Nation. This would’ve been investigated but it was stopped by Whoreson Obama and the evil folks in the FBI led by none other than Comey!

Like I said this story is still coming in piece by piece, all I can say this is it for Comey and the entire Goblin nest in the swap. From this information and the additional information on Clinton, abiden and the Goblin horde will force a new investigation into everything from the past 8 years and now. In closing James was terrible at his job.

I am thinking Sheriff David Clark will be the new head of the FBI. It’s obvious, Trump had met with Clark, I think last week or so. It should not come to no ones surprise that Clark gets the approval to be the head of the FBI., What that means people get ready to watch U.S. Court T.V. for the next few month.


French Election Rigged!

Mocron_He Bitch

Well Goddamn French People, you just let your country turn into an inbred cyst pool for the very muslims that sold you all in slavery. Furthermore France has just allowed He-Bitch Rothchild Banker shit stain become your President. Fact, Macron has never ever been elected for anything in his life. I know he won the election but French election was rigged.

It comes as no surprise when Whoreson Obama Openly says, over the weekend don’t be surprise when the young 39 year old banker becomes Frances next President. In addition I cannot forget that France has history of rigged election. On election day two polling stations were briefly closed due to some suspicious car parked out side. Honestly taking caution because the dumb ass foreign invaders in France, well you have to be cautious. However it gets more shady, an hour later the people were allowed to go back in vote. But it does raise suspicion, because majority of French elections are not electronic it’s strictly paper ballot. In addition dead people, illegals and dumb ass jihadist are allowed to vote too, even though majority of them can’t read.

Now here’s why I firmly believe the French Election was rigged by the help of Whoreson Obama and her board of pimps, aka Globalist. Marine Le Pen Snagged 25 percent more votes over Frances Fillon and Macron the He-Bitch with his so-so 20 to 21. The reason I call it so-so no common sense Frenchmen in his or her right mind would vote for Macron.

Another huge clue the French Election was tampered with by the Globalist and their He Bitch call girls is this. Success of Marine Le Pen will be a disaster to the NWO project in Europe. In this article in the previous sentence, this is when Le Pen Pledges to put her County First embracing French Nationalism. The big ‘bang’ here Le Pen was going to reduce taxes on businesses so they stay in the country, at the same time contend with islam infested Germany, therefore making the French currency greater than Germany.

Also following that terrorist attack that happened in March…Le Pen utter the words pull France out of the EU forever. And this what worried the hell out of the pedophile loving elite to deat, a Le Pen victory teaming up with President Trump and President Putin in up holding Nationalism and ridding the world of dumb ass radical Muslims off the planet.

This is not my opinion, and you’re damn fool for even thinking that. This how the globalist are, and bullshit is smeared all over this election. As time goes on I am pretty sure more evidence that French Election was rigged to put ole He Bitch poon face Macron in…France wake the fuck up!!!

Transform Mission_Disorder Review

Transforme mission disorder completed

Good afternoon, I was hoping to get this review done when I got Disorder in last weekend. But Dr.Killinger is fast with the shipping, like I said Disorder was on my door step in two days. Okay let’s get to the review.

Good and Bad

Bad: Nothing I found bad about Disorder at all.


Lots and lots of goodness about this grumpy faced figure. From messing around with him he’s well articulated, sturdy and more fun to transform than Carnage. The detail on disorder is outstanding.


Straight forward and less fidgety than Carnage. ‘But’ the transformation is unique betwixt fun, once you get the hang of it. Let’s start with the combine mode Shin Guard.

TM_Disorder2 001
Guess: Will not surprise me the gray piece will be apart of the combine mode.

TM_Disorder2 003


I love the creative liberty of the gun smoke gray betwixt black appearance. In addition the rest of the colors on his body is kept to a minimum, making sure no color clashes with the other. Uniform paint apps is way better than crayola bomb majority of collectors want on their figures. If you’re one of those must have a ton of colors on a figure, this is not the set for you.


No limited posing on Disorder, poses better than Carnage.

He does look like he’s wearing a cape adding to his grumpy face, he looks like mad Pimp to me lol.

TM_Disorder2 012

Now look at the detail on Disorder.

Disorder_1 (10)

Disorder_1 (11)

I give Disorder a solid 10/10 definitely improvements have been made in regards to Transform Mission. Each figure thus far is getting better. However like I said on the Carnage review Power Train will either make this set great or it will bomb.

I only recommend this Disorder and the rest of the team to come to Collectors who play with figures. This is not the set for shelf collectors. If you’re interested in picking both Disorder and Carnage up, stop by Gci Toys to get both of them. The good Dr. has the best prices. Thanks for reading.