Nazi Coon of the Week: Update on Psyop in Parkland Florida.

Nazi Coon Logo_Gomez and Hogg_UPDATE

I will get to the Nazi Coon Crisis actors after I post some updates. Specifically warn people not to business with some pussy businesses who caved to another sloppy deep state poon job to go for the guns. These Businesses are

@Hertz, @Enterprise, @VisaCreditCard @Symantec Anti Malware, @Met Life

Boycott these businesses for following the Nazi Coon lead of being stupid for crisis actors. Their actions is not, I say again is not helping the kids who got injured or killed during this lunatic deep state operation. The poster children to take shot at is the Crisis Actors. David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez and here’s why. These two spoiled anti gun bitch made roach droppings are pathetic beginning actors that want to presstitutes, not journalist. And now we have CNN and You tube doing all they can to hide their involvement of the deep state operation by deleting videos of the real victims exposing the crisis actors. Turns out its the entire drama club is on it too.


To back me up, here this is the video infowars Owen showing that these communist Nigglets are dumb ass actors coon’n for jobs with CNN.

Yeah these young turd coons are nothing but patronizing sell outs to their own classmates. And they should have everything righteous action wise done to them. I get they’re trying to find their way into the adult world. However what they have done is a big no-no, falling in line with Nazi Coons for communism and therefore they will receive the negatives for playing the game of stupid. To clarify, dick heads like Hogg and bald head feminist bitches like Gonzalez think this is fun, boosting their day in the sun career by following along with a lie. Soon and very soon the hard left upper cut of consequences is going to hit them hard on the chin and knock them flat on their sell out asses, then they’ll know its not fun anymore.

And lets move on to the Cat Face pussy Nicholas Cruz. Here’s a transcript of the third 911 caller telling police that Cat Face Cruz is heavy into isis.


In addition the next picture leads up to my other topic I want to cover on why the Broward county law enforcement did not enter the school to stop the shooting.

evidence 2

Low and behold, faggot ass Muslims this is starting to take shape now. It always some shooter tied to the rapist of islam aka animals too stupid to adapt and survive in another country.

Broward County police colluded with Nazi Coons to shield Cat Face pussy Cruz and others.

The truth comes out on all Cat face fuck boy Cruz. Apparently Cruz was visited by Broward County Police over 39 times!  Over the course of seven fuck’n years law enforcement has been talking to this feral pussy cat. Hell even the FBI visited him too. And folks are still scratching their heads on why he slipped through the cracks. I know why he slipped through cracks. Keep in mind you do have a rogue deep state that’s built of 37,000 crook FBI, CIA and bad Police officers. Ole Heath Cliff looking Cruz was getting groomed to be a deep poon state pawn, perhaps get paid and do something to get those cat features off his face.

Back to the point, I am going show you how he slipped through cracks…Hint their Nazi Coons.

Israel standing with Witch Hilary and Long Face Runcie is why ole cat face Cruz slipped through the cracks. In 2015 Uncle Tom Runcie was appointed to high position under the Obama Administration and awarded Superintendent of the year too. In November a tipster alerted authorities that Crusty Cat Cruz would be school shooter. In the 2 year time frame Cruz’s worthless family and Cruz were investigated and apparently nothing was done under ole House Nazi Coon Runice and sell out Israel. Boom there you have it Cruz didn’t slip through the cracks they pratically open the doors for him and the deep state to pull this off. 1. Florida’s corrupt gets money and attention. 2. Make it harder for people to get guns to protect themselves. 3. Punishing Florida because its no longer a swing state for Cunt Democrats to take.

Now the victims of the shooting in Parkland need to see this information. If you know one or two of the victims, show this information to them. Hogg, Gonzalez and the deep state is playing them for fools and they are the ones that put them in the hospital not the NRA. Show you’re pissed by exposing the traitors of this country, don’t let them get away with this period.



Trump Administrations said no to build 5G Network

Trump-n-bitch_No 5g network

Trump Administration says fuck off, to the government funding the 5G net work. Before I get into specifics. Here’s what I see, since false net neutrality is dead. Google will do anything to get the power they’ll never get back.

Reason why Trump said hell no. Honestely it was bad deal to being with. First have the Government to build the 5G Network. 2 Give free spectrum and consortium to traitor Google and selected tech companies, At&t Verizon and T-Mobile. Then it gets worse, betwixt the communist Google will rear its ugly head back into power, rumored that the Vice President Milo Medin will over see the Google Alphabet of the 5G program.

Also what I found out samsung was one of the private sector business who sat in on this meeting. All of them have one thing in common, Google. Google is on every goddamn phone, personally I hate google, they play store and anything google. It took me ages to get it not to work on my phone. I really hate them for forcing folks to use their shitty search engine.

What this means?

5g is nothing more than one big trojan horse. Here’s the real reason why Trump said no along with FCC backing him up.  The NSC and traitors in the Trump Administration working together to take over the 5G network by nationalizing it. NCS, Robert Spalding and the director of strategic planning in homeland security were pulling for this happen.

See the bullshit they flashed infront of everyone was this, ‘ Oh we need to combat China and beat them in technology game. Also 5G is needed for automatic cars, strengthen the defenses against Chinese hacks. Which is ultimately bullshit. What I just said is exactly what the torreys will do to sabotage Trump and America. In addition get away with more false flags, such as better terrorist attacks. Furthermore they deal is even bullshit when China will be given some of this stuff, that we won’t use if the deal happened.

Reasons why FCC and Trump said no.

Ajit Pai tweeted, Oppose the government to build a 5g network. It’s not the Governments place. It’s the markets job, to produce this kind of innovation and find its own investment. Also Ajit followed up o his reasons why the Government has no business in building a 5g network. The main reason to get away from the wireless sector development over the past three decades. Any part of the Government making a 5g network will be costly and counter productive. And it will be distraction from policy that need be addressed for the future of 5G.

What that tells me people, there’s more to this AT&T bill of rights the Ceo is pushing to Congress. According to TechSpot, CEO Randall Stephenson says the consumer and the net need a bill of rights. Here’s where Stephenson in his own words..

“Congressional action is needed to establish an ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ that applies to all internet companies and guarantees neutrality, transparency, openness, non-discrimination and privacy protection for all internet users,” the letter reads. “Legislation would not only ensure consumers’ rights are protected, but it would provide consistent rules of the road for all internet companies across all websites…”

In addition Stephson specifically highlights with more statements.

AT&T is “committed to an open internet” and that the company has no intention of blocking websites or censoring online content, nor will they “throttle, discriminate or degrade network performance based on content.”

BOOM!!! What Randall just said, is the main part that was taken out of net neutrality. Such ass censoring and blocking websites, that Net Neutrality under Soros control allowed FAKEBOOK, Google and twitter to do. So Stephson wants a bill of rights to stop this from happening again. Furthermore, I am gonna wager Net Neutrality of old hurt At&t in the pocket this may be why they’re pushing for this. Come to think of it, from this end of the net it doesn’t seem that complex. At&t wants customers, they get money and then they’ll able to invest, build and hire. I am very interested on what’s down the road for the net bill rights. However applaud President Trump and his Administration on shutting down the 5G deal…Keep on Trump’n President Trump.

Gcreations: Fuuma Review

Gcreation_Fuuma running

Finally got my hands on this. Before I get started on ‘singing’ the praises of Gcreations IDW inspired Fuuma, I have to get this off my chest.

Now I have to move my MasterMind Creations Hexatron. Yeah he’s better than Hexatron posing, flexibility and overall appearance that says he’s my definitive six shot than Hexatron.

Now that’s out of my system lets get on to the review.

Good and bad

Doing something special, besides I am dealing with six forms after all. However I am going to talk about the good and bad on the five modes and do the bot mode by itself.

Space Ship

Gcreations Fuuma 027


The bad thing about is a minor QC with the left wing. Specifically the left wing has a tendency to flop down. Gcreation could’ve found a way for the wings to peg  some where on the  back of the arms.


Gcreations Fuuma 029

You can adjust the wings, place the guns on the arms or either side of the ship.


Gcreations Fuuma 046
Enter a caption


Minor, the treads he can roll but at times the treads come off ( sometimes). Also you have to tilt his lower body just right that he doesn’t rock back in this mode.


Gcreations Fuuma 047
Enter a caption

You have options to place the pistols. Furthermore this is one of my favorite modes. It’s very easy to get him in tank mode too. Presence in this mode is one of kind and eye catching.

Gcreations Fuuma 048


Gcreations Fuuma 043


I kinda wish the head was more articulated, instead of just moving up and down. Also Gcreation could’ve slapped on some paint on the detail on his face and ears.


Gcreations Fuuma 045
Enter a caption

The ratchets in his legs and the double knee joint you can really get him looking like a real wolf from the waist down. I don’t have any pictures for the review to show that. Going to do that when I have some shots of him fighting Prime. Key thing I love is simplicity I noticed through out the transformation and you can go in order you want, once you know how to get all six modes down to a science.

Armored Car

Gcreations Fuuma 023




When I got him cleaned in this mode I just took a step pack and looked at it. Pictured a car like this busting through walls, firing at autobots ect. Menacing, instrument of destruction presence about it.

Gcreations Fuuma 024

Gcreations Fuuma 025

Laser Gun

Gcreations Fuuma 050


Bad, the wings that’s suppose be the grip don’t feel right I wish the whole entire section of the wings should be locked for a better pistol grip.


Again you have option to place the primary pistols or use the guns in his legs. Also you can adjust the legs to shorten for to keep the legs for firmer looking gun mode.

Gcreations Fuuma 051

Bot mode

Gcreations Fuuma 005




Imposing, big, menacing and the best face sculpt that captures Fuuma’s nasty side. Also he’s very cool, well built and the die cast is in the right places.

For example when I manipulated his arm up his shoulder raised, being cohesive with the overall movement. Also it’s found in the legs as well. Bend his knee the upper section of the thigh will move, some of the ding bats have a problem with this. Gcreations stuck with realism, thinking how Fuuma would move in real life. Also I really dig the nice hinge on the ankles and the feet are on ball joints that will allow you to pull off some cranking poses.

Gcreations Fuuma 016

Gcreations Fuuma 011

In closing I am giving Fuuma a solid 10/10. He’s one big posing beast. Sorry for the lack of photos I am still shooting pictures of him. As you can see in this review he’s worth the asking price. If you’re interested in picking him up stop by GCI TOYS and pick him up.


MMC: Aero Alpha

Aero_Alpja (13) cover_done

Been busy playing with Alpha for a while and got carried away posing him. Talk about one dynamic, striking figure. Aero Alpha is worth every dollar of 94 bucks.


MMC got lazy with canopy that hangs, just out there in bot mode. Due to his engineering betwixt design there’s no other way to fold up. In addition in the comic book I didn’t like, I know, I know it has nothing to do with the figure but I am going to say it any damn way. What the hell Hector Sigma, do by dipping in the B.S. Propaganda kool aid here? In clear terms the trans fag bot in the story, I am not cool with that shit. I had my hopes up on reading a brief story about a hard nose warrior bot but instead. I get a LGBT-WTF lame ass body guard story?! Actually I cut out the comic and torched it when I was done.


Completely blown away at the pose ability Aero has and potential to hold more dynamic poses. Alpha does have that sturdy MMC plastic quality, meaning built to last. But he’s very light, not a bad thing at all. Quite amazing, work Master Mind Creations do when they make reformatted stuff, Takara and Assbro need to realize they have been out done. Furthermore Alphas’ appearance is spell bounding, he has this I am fast as hell look betwixt I am gonna look good cutting you up to, feel going on.

Quality Control

Nothing fragile on Alpha at all. Even his fantastic chromed blades are stalwart too. Plus joints on him are just as strong as road busters. So if you were worried about this, take it from me you can put your mind at ease when you mess with him.

Which brings to his transformation. The instructions are not ‘clear’ on how to transform ‘properly’ at all. That’s another pet peeve I forget to mention in this review. You can relax I am going show you some pointers on transforming him correctly.

  1. Right of the bat on page one it says ‘Unfold the legs and adjust the foot’. Bullshit!

Here’s what you need to do.

Aero_Alpja (43).JPG
Untab the feet first! Look at how rocked this out. It’s gonna be tight. Best thing to manipulate the ball joint/ his ankle to get the feet to lift up.

2. Page 1 section two below one. It says ‘Fold out legs and lock in calves. Wrong in addition the direction doesn’t say anything about pulling the legs out to lock the legs into place.

Correcting the mistake.

Aero_Alpja (45).JPG
Pull the legs out for clearance first! Once the legs are unlocked. Stick your thumb nail or a tool to lift both legs up slightly so you can lock the legs into place.

3. Page two, top section it says..’Unlock cock pit and arms.’

WRONG! Instructions do not say, neither show the cock pit is on a double hinge. You’re not gonna split the plane nose upon unless the cock pit and canopy are out of the way.


Aero_Alpja (47).JPG
This section has to be untabed and out of the way: Do this first. Then split the plane open. After that adjust the figure to get clearance to set the arms free/ shoulders positioned right and all that good stuff.


When it comes to his main sword it’s freaking beautiful.

Aero_Alpja (4).JPG
It’s beautiful also his side swords too. That tight friction on that port to store his weapon on his back has me worried. One day the chrome will be scratched up from pulling it in and out. Time will tell.

Overall/ recommendation

Overall I am giving Aero a solid 10/10. I only recommend him for collectors that actually take the time to transform and play with him. He’s not a shelfie bot,but a figure built for play time. As for me I got some serious pictures posing Alpha have a look at my mini gallery of him. Thanks for reading and enjoy. FYI to sorry ass word press I have to make a gallery another time.


Nazi Coons: Stole Alabama


Let this sink in. Back in 2016 President Trump got over one million votes in the state of Alabama. So you mean to tell me Roy Moore didn’t even get 50 percent!!!??? Are you fucking kidding me.

Factor in all the Smear campaigns the presstitutes did for that fuck faced Doug Jones and the lying whores that cried wolf ( sex assault on him). And throw in a new rigged election done by the nazi coons democrats along with scrotum sack face George Soros. You get a rigged election. And here’s the facts

Now How in the hell does six hundred thousand votes disappear from Roy Moore and magically appear for dick nose Jones? Let’s look at the numbers

1. President Trumps numbers ‘again’ in the 2016 Presidential Election.

2. Alabama Supreme Court allows digital voter records to be deleted.

Doug Jones gets six hundred thousand votes that magically appear? Alabama has been a red state since 1986. Magically turn Nazi Coon for the democrats. As you can see the numbers do not add up. Even I talked to friend of mine who lives in Talladega Alabama said this was the first time he seen a dumb ass electronic machine to vote on. He heeded to my warning about them and went for paper ballot. But I what I didn’t know, the machines were all over the place in the ‘rural’ areas in Alabama. In addition the brain washed Blacks that live in the city or town parts in Alabama live on the Nazi Coon democratic plantation. Dallas county has zero reporting when More had 9 point lead. Magically 100% reporting in favor of the downs syndrome face Doug Jones

dallas report

Look at these numbers and let this sink in…This is bullshit fraction math betwixt rigging an election. I am pretty damn sure, voter fraud has came into play here. This is the Beth Harris fraction voting math I just shared. I snipped tool this before the real results were snagged after that diaper rash Jones won.

Good news is More will not concede to the Jones victory. He’s leaving in Gods hands and being patient with God to sort this out. To the dumb ass left, he didn’t pull a Hillary and pout he came out and showed back bone and balls. The judges in Alabama completely broke the damn law. No More is demanding a recount, here Alabama broke the law and destroyed the votes. Therefore a lot of people are going to prison, including Jones. He knew about this. This fight is far from over and I have exposed another voting fraud betwixt beta testing what the nazi coons are gonna do in the 2020 election.

T-Rex is not leaving the Fight.

Rex edit2

President Trump dismissed another presstitute rumor on Friday. Specifically the rumor the presstitute New York Times conjured up from their huge rectum that Tillerson was going to leave his job because of President Trump and him not seeing eye to eye on somethings.

However President Trump refuted this lie with the intelligent use of twitter on and Instagram.

rex not leaving

Ya see Presstitute New York Times swear up and down that President Trump was going to fire T-Rex. In addition put Kelley in the line of lying fire that he was going to go into detail about T-Rex Tillerson sudden leave. This lie was all orchestrated by NY times, along with Mike Pompeo and Senator Mike Cotton. Mike Cotton the former incompetent Cia director that was removed from his job.

The reason why I put Mike P and Senator Cotton in this, I have a gut instinct they were in on it betwixt another bullshit move to cause fear in we the people and portray President Trump as some fool.

In Tillerson on words he called in laughable. Of course he and President Trump don’t see eye to eye on something, that’s pretty much a common thing in working relationship. But they do have kids, grandkids and they both want their kids have safe terrorist free America for them to have.


Also whore ass CNN cashed in on the lie that Tillerson and General Kelley relationship is soured. On the contrary Kelley stated he has the utmost faith in Tillerson and he will serve the President as long as he wants to and love his job.

In closing New York Times you guys really need to get children on a sugar rush to handle writing your tall tale news prompts. Because New York Times you’re really need to think your lies through.

President Trump once again chops off the sour teat of the Presstitute media and grabbed them by the pussy and truck slammed them with hard truth by blasting them on social media…Keep on Trump’n President Trump and give’m hell T-Rex.


MakeToy: Meteor Star_Scream

_Meteor Starscream 052 (12)

I just got a enough pictures and play time to do a review on MakeToy on Galaxy Meteor  Starscream. However I am still taking pictures of him because he’s the top notch posing figure in my collection so far.


Man I can’t say anything bad about this figure at all. Maketoy has smacked another home run again. So let’s get to the plethora of Good about this figure.


For this review, every category I will talk about qualifies as the good.

QC. Phenomenal strong ratchets  in the shoulders.

_Meteor Starscream 052 (24)
You can manipulate double ratchet here to get full horizontal arm extension.

In addition the ratchets on his body are strategically placed on the figure, which explains why Meteor is heavily articulated. One thing I want to point out is the serious ab crunch Star scream is the money shot for this figure.

But let’s move on to some key points on the transformation.

MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (12)
You wanna have this set up with the arms. You can undo the tabs on the fore arms till you get close to the back of the thrusters

MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (14)

MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (15)
Once you get clearance then you open the fore arm panel , roll up the fist and tab them in here.
MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (16)
However there’s a slot where the fore arm tabs plugs in, You can see it, you have to zoom in.
MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (19)
You want to flip the waist flaps up like this.
MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (18)
In the upper body, you have to flip out these pegs here. I flipped out one to show you what it looks like.
MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (20)
Back of the legs you have to Accordion the panels down. In the front of the legs is button you can push to spring board them out.
MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (22)
Here this is what you want to do to plug the legs into the body for the cybertronian jet mode.
MT_MeteorStarScream2_001 (21)
Where to place the guns is right her in the notch in the feet.

And this is how meteor looks in his jet mode

Now let’s get on to my discussion about him. Like I said before by far this is one of the best articulated figures I have ever handled. He’s worth every penny too, he’s tall as he is beefy for a sleek  seeker. This figure is homage to the galaxy star scream. For the record i don’t know shit about Galaxy transformers, but Meteor Star Scream is ‘my’ star scream now.

On thing I love about him is the nice blades you can  press a button and they pop out. Let’s take a look at the detail of his gorgeous arm blades.

Well I really dig the arm blades. Further, since Meteor Star Scream is a seeker its fitting that he should have arm blades because he’s killer at night nice scientist by day lol. If you want a dynamic star scream Make Toy Meteor is the way to go. This is gonna do it for this review, oh his rating is a ‘solid’ ten out of ten! And you’ll see why below. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading. FYI gallery pics coming later.

T-Rex Tillerson says fuck you to the U.N. Without even saying it.


I knew all along why President Trump wanted T-Rex on his team handling  business over seas. Unfortunately we have people in this country that are too stupid even research anything out side of Fakebook news feed.

Today those people and the dumb ass rape-ugee loving nations got a mouth full why President Trump wanted Tillerson to be the Secretary of State.

(Not his exact words. Just highlights on what he said.)United Nations is colorful way of bringing countries together to stop wars. Now it’s just a place for Israel bashing and America haters, that are here to help themselves at Americans expense.

Tillerson left the whore collectives known as the UNECSO United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization. These sunt cocks has made it clear by denying Jews to Holy sites but let the bastard Muslims access to them. In addition the appeasing nazi coons only see Israel as an occupying power. What that means they don’t see Israel as country, just people squatting.

Tillerson got disgusted and left the UNECSO, because he got sick and tired of hearing anti-Semitic bullshit. In the U.NS. Desperation to sweep U.S. needed exit from UNECSO under the rug. The with drawl from the circle of whores for rape-ugees will take place December 31st 2018. In addition all funds are suspended, to allow dumb ass Palestine as a member. Now the U.N. Owes 550 million back pay. In addition Palestine was not discussed with other nation to bring a radical ass neck country like Palestine in. It really was an internal matter U.S. matter not the U.N. to stick is poop stained nose in U.S. Affairs.

United Nations is the biggest problem in the world now, the E.U. love for rape-ugees has infected with muslim cooties. The U.N. is following the game plan of E.U., which the E.U. has done what Nazi Germany wanted to do, which is kill European Countries sovereignty and make Unified Europe. This is the same game plan the U.N. is doing to establish the World Government. As you can see and I have read, I am extremely happy this has happened. Way to go Rex, God bless you for standing up to Satans bastard kids.




Nazi Coon Stephen Paddock. The truth about the Las Vegas, new Coon for Islam.

Islam nigger Paddok

Hot damn, the deep state along with the goat fuckers of Isis know how to recruit don’t they? Today’s Nazi Coon of the week is the pathetic drunkard Stephen Paddock ( the drunken Gambler.)

Islamic State Isis  is claiming credit for their new puss bag, brain wash cum droplet, Stephen Paddock. This fucker or possible ally killed 58 people and injured over 518 people. The news Agency Amaq sent an encrypted message, claiming responsibility for the terrorist act in Vegas. And this very translation was sent directly to news week. This is the same News Week I am citing this article, within this very article new week is doing the presstitute way of Coon’n for islam and the deepstate.

The attacker converted to Islam, months ago even Amaq went as far to expose Stephen being a Nazi Coon, appeasing to Abu Bakr AlBahdadi before the assault happened.

The next part FBI Coons for Islam.

FBI says there’s no connection to this. Strike one the deep state Coon’n for islam. In addition a high rank U.S. official is forbidden to even elaborate on there’s a direct link to Islam. News Week is trying to get creditability for flip flopping. To be specific Alex Jones mentioned that all the terrorist attacks in the west are being carried out by isis. but you got the presstitute media and deep state covering for the faggot islamic extremist.

To put the presstitutes on blast it was MSM contradicted themselves that and attempts shit on Alex Jones. In reality Alex Jones, sources gave him the cold hard truth that Stephen Paddock is a dead whore for Islam.