The Real Democratic Convention: Leading ass clowns of racism.

‘KlanBake’ The roots of the democratic party. Liberals meet the fathers of your movement communist minded fucktards!

You know me I love pissing off communist minded left any chance I get with the truth. Apparently the big dummy new generation of democrats and socialist liberals cannot accept the fact about this is the root of their party. In addition how they attack conservatives and truthers is the same way the Klan did back in 1924.

You can use the communist google search engine to look up KlanBake and get this picture on an image search, and get a shit load of history about the origins of bane of America, which is the Democratic Klan party.

Before I get into ripping a 6th asshole in the left. I want you to keep in mind Antifa, Muslims, Blm, and LGBT and all the other groups in mind. Next I want you to see how identical they are when you read this blog in its entirety.

The Klu Klux Klan started around 1915. They’re numbers grew around WWI through its strong arm public relation and making prohibition an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Further the Democrats aka Klan gained a lot popularity through many regions of the United States. All the trouble began with Al Smith a devote Roman Catholic ran against William McDoo who had the Klan delegate support, which is the Democratic Party.

Non Klan Delegates like Forney Johnston of Alabama, condemned the Klan because of its violent actions in the Democratic party. The Klan defeated the platform by the skin of their yellow ass teeth. 542.85 against 546.15 in favor of the Klan.

And the Klan marched on the streets of Jersey and NY to celebrate their victory. Also when they won they burned crosses, urged violence in the streets and intimidate African Descent Americans and Catholics. And last but not least the Democrat Klan attacked followers of Smith in the Streets. With that being said that sounds like what the Hillary Followers did to Trump supporters during the election campaign and after. If you don’t remember here’s a picture.

dumb liberals
Look at it and let it soak in.

During the ole KlanBake b.s. this produced a stain on the demo-cunt party that’s engraved on them forever. They love pinning racism on Conservatives all the time. The Demo-crip party has always been sticklers for racism and slavery period! Brief history lesson. Democrats never wanted to give up their slaves. Democrats are anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, and love children of the Jim Crowe laws. In addition the democrats are all about oppression discrimination and against having a unified country. To be frank they don’t want America to come together they want division!

If you don’t believe and you use retarded google that sells your information. Please type in 1820s when the Democrats defended slavery. and imposed segregation. With this divide allowed the Democrats and their ass clown lynch mobs to go after African Descents 24/7 and European Descents that were friends with African Descents at that time too. And to make you cringe some more reader, they opposed the civil rights act in 1950s and 1960s.

For those who are indoctrinated by common core and ignorant folk, during the souths reconstruction the rise of African Americana came to be 22 African American Republicans served in the 1900s. There’s tons of African American Congressmen all over American History. Democrats did not elect African American into the Klan party till 1935.

This is the brutal truthful history of the pussy democratic Nazi Coon Party! Only if Bill Cosby gave his speech in the 60s about grabbing life by the boot straps and fuck the democratic party, man shit will be ‘very’ different.

For those morons who vote democrat…Are you fucking retarded?! Democrats are still the same racist party, same people that hate unification. But the new thing they added to their portfolio is the following. Anti family, anti Christian, anti-American Prosperity. And they’ve teamed up with Islam and sided with the all faction that practice discrimination even trans fag movement who discriminate against their own gender.

I hope you kept those left protesting terrorist parties in mind while you read because, they act exactly like the klan even though George Soros pays their terrorist salaries. Worse of all Democrats have found friendship in Islam because they hate Christians and Jews too. I don’t get why African Descents vote Democrats when the democratic party is all about planed parent hood. Kill your kid and we’ll get others to pay for it says the demon-cratic party. If you keep the kid, hey you here’s some government cheese and a ebt card. But if you have that baby dad around you won’t get free stuff, us democrats can’t have the African Descent Man, Woman and child house hold.

Yup this sounds exactly like the Democrats betwixt how their scam lower living housing vetting system operates. Democrats are committing sedition, treason and breaking the law as I type. Research the Democrats for yourself and see how vile and fucked up they are. We can make these ass clowns disappear from power forever by not voting democrat.

Deep State Pushes War with Russia of Syria, WTF!?

This is the fourth time this month. WAIT let start over since McMaster is in the center of all of this and McCain is the Nazi Coon pulling the strings for the terrorist that want to over throw Assad.

This is the fourth time this month the Deep State betwixt McMaster breaking Presidents Trump direct order not to provoke Russian operations in Syria. In the Independent Russian Press, Russia has announced any U.S. War Plane flying over Syria will be treated as targets.

Before you faint, cuss to the heavens or go after Mc Master yourself. This is what , treated as targets means. Well it means two things. First the U.S. Planes will be treated as targets of opportunity. Second Russia could possibly do what the U.S. did in the past three times. However it will put the U.S. into World War 3, which is exactly what the goddamn Neo Cons like McMaster wants. What you’re looking at is a Vietnam style war, and the Trump Administration and we the voters don’t want! More involvement in the undesirable middle east, especially ‘ain’t shit there’ Syria! This was on the table for Wicked Witch Hillary if she succeeded in stealing the election, war with Russia. Not only war with Russia it will be Iran along with Russia and Syrian forces.

Russia has the best anti air craft missile system in the world. Therefore the U.S. Jets will be like ducks in duck season. After that Vietnam style war on the ground that will seal the fate of WW3 and have the U.S. As the bad guy. The Ultimate goal to make Trump look bad.

Also the problem is the MSN, MSNBC, CNN and the presstitute tall tale media spinning false stories and fueling the anti Russia Hysteria. Pretty much Russia is getting sick and tired of it. My fear is Russia jumping the gun out of rage or some false story works on them. Highly unlikely, but this meddling the deep state is doing is really pissing me off. I don’t want to see another refugee aka able bodied muslim rapist coming to the west. I am pretty sure Europe can agree with me on that.

On a positive not Iranians and Russians are serious on killing off Obama’s and Hillary’s Isis off in Syria. That is good news when Trump made that speech in Saudi Arabia in condeming Muslims being friends with radicals, shit hit the fan for the good of the world, such as Muslim fighting Muslim which is good for the west. In addition free up U.S. Forces to focus on destroying Isis forces else where. However what’s not being addressed is one little detail, which is ‘Banning Muslims’ permanently from entering into the west till the conflict and things change in the war torn middle east. This way the victory will be in the absolute, it will put the terrorist migration to the west on hold, terrorist communications and sleeper cells can’t get their orders. Look at it like cutting off the heads of a hydra and burning the neck stump so it can’t grow another head.

But Trump is flies close to the sun to keep the neo cons off his back, I get that. But President Trump needs to get rid of McMaster, McCain and the deep state in the military. This should be the final straw that President Trump goes Andrew Jackson on both beta men who want war, also sluts for the NWO.

As Russia and Iran keep the jihadist betas running the other way, a big problem that U.S. will find themselves working in close proximity with them. See Saudi Arabia and Turkey want the U.S. to be involved in Syria. But Trump is honoring the promise he made to me and other voters, not get involved in Syria.

What I am hoping for President Trump forces Mc Master and those responsible for causing the incidents on blast. Make the  NEO CON maggots apologize after they get fired and released from Command. Then charged with treason for breaking the Presidents direct order not get involved or provoke Russia. I do want cooler heads and good attitudes to prevail when It’s time to put the killing blow on Isis and U.S. has to work with Russia and Iran to do so, this need to happen. McMaster needs to be fired and put in Military Court along with Mc Cain.

Seth Rich may have been Murdered by Alpha Jalloh.

The man who orchestrated the hit on Seth.

I have been following this a for a hot minute. Waiting for all the facts to come in or a potential smoking gun. And low and behold a few weeks later this pops Alpha Jalloh Seth Rich’s killer. However what about Mr. Lucas was killed in the same fashion as Seth? Did this former FBI operative kill Lucas too? Before I get into that here’s some information on why Seth was killed. Kim DOT Com vouches Seth did Leak information to WikiLeaks.

If and only if Congress approves Seths leaks along with Russian Probe, Clintons connection to Russia, this will the cherry on top of the cake to destroy the goblin monsters in D.C. Mr Kim has hired security, posted a reward and begged the Seths family to push of justice for the sons brutal murder.

Why Seth was terminated.

According the ‘private’ investigator Seth contacted Wiki Leaks and started exposing the skeletons in the Clintons and Democratic parties closet. To be specific the DNC Links, Podesta files and Hillary’s Hackers. Including Ashad  Mahmood, fella whatever his name is fled to Pakistan as soon as law enforcement got the lap tops. To refresh your memory when Shultz threatens Police Chief. Notice her forced breathing/ babbling and constant blinking. Shultz is scared out of her ugly mind. When she goes on and on about the lap tops confiscated, when Mahmood fled she threatens the police chief.

Jalloh was released from New York custody after he was charged with stealing Luxury cars. Jalloh was a part of the 12 man team that did this crime spree. And also this is the same man who killed Seth. Or Jalloh is the prime suspect of organizing Seths’ death. What makes this really interesting, like I said before he was an operative and suddenly he’s dead too along with three MS-13 gang members.

When Seth was killed by Alpha a few day later a double homicide pops up in Myrtle Beach. 

This case will completely destroy the Democratic Party, the Clinton and Bushes too. We’re talking 12 plus years of evil shit done behind close doors. What makes this case so bizzare are the black berries. All of the DNC ass necks loyal to Clinton has one. Some say a total of 28 will be uncovered once the case gets going. But I know better, I believe they’ll be another 10 or 15 discovered. Among that 15 I know for damn sure will be McCains ass. Furthermore this will be the end of Clintons, the Bushes and Whoreson Obama. Keep praying and hope this case goes before Congress.

FYI when you follow the case for yourself. Take note of the Foreign invaders used in these kills. I’ve counted Pakistani, Somalian and MS-13 gang ass necks. Can this be the reason why democrats are bitching about so many of their precious invaders getting kicked out of the country.

Trump Fires Comey: Update 2. Now Trump is on the Hunt!

Comey Fired_UPDATE2

Like I mentioned in my previous update on the needed firing of Comey, Because Comey refused to do his damn job. Come to find out there’s more to this than I knew last time I blogged about it.

  1. Comey signed his career death warrant when he failed to tell the truth about the 2016 swaying the election for Clinton with B.S. Russian story. In addition Trump was actually disgusted with Comey, when Comey said he was mildly nauseated about the Clinton Emails. Even Bannon who was very skeptical of the FBI as whole under Comey. Makes me think about this scenario, Maybe Comey should’ve been removed when Trump took his hand off the bible after he got sworn into office.
  2. Leaks:

Specifically the spying on Trump during the Campaign. The loyal goons of Whoreson Obama did spy on President Trump. Also the phone wire tapping, Comey did know about and did nothing

3. Clinton

Comey had all the emails between Huma, Hillary and Athony weiner on sensitive top secret documents, Comey would not even bring Clinton to Justice because he was cool with the crooks. In addition he intentionally fucked up the Clinton investigation. The FBI is suppose to keep such matters quiet. In front of world wide audience he closed the investigation. With this being stated and confirmed goes pack to my last comment about Trump should’ve terminated Comey then. Knowing how Comey lied in his hearing and taking the bullet for Clinton, honestly he should’ve been fired asap.

4. Trump and Russia Connection Witch Hunt

Another thing that Trump and Putin is sick to death of hearing. Trump being  a Russian spy. Fact, CIA and NSA already cleared Trump from having any connection to Russia. Furthermore both CIA and NSA confirmed the story was false, bullshit a cover story to push America betwixt de-legitimize Trump period. Comey okayed to investigate Trump, on made up ties to Russia. This may be the real reason why Comey was fired. To me it looked like Comey was doing the bidding of the establishment to go along with it. Let’s go back 5 months ago, Trump left Comey be when he was already investigating him on the false ties to Russia and found nothing. So when it comes again, Trump is like fuck this shit, hit the road jack. In all honesty it was Jeff Sessions call to fire Comey. Session may be more pissed off at Trump on how terrible, pussy and pathetic Comey is. Session looked at Comeys’ track record and actions, Sessions had enough of that bullshit and sent the paper work to Trump for termination.

Now I heard, and now spicer, Reince  Priebus will be the next swamp monsters fired and here’s why. President Trump is not being nice anymore. He gave these people a chance to some good for the American People, but they chose evil and monetary gain. Also Trump wants nationalist, patriots around him to get America away from the Globalist to bring back America. And the paid off swamp monsters of the establishment has to be slain. This is the reason I voted for Trump and will vote for him for his re-election the swamp critters of the establishment must die.

Muslims and Africans are responsible for Slavery.


What inspired me to write this blog betwixt fact is this. Dumb ass institutionalized College and Democratic Black labeled Americans don’t know real history. On that note the ‘big’ part of the blame is the education and the goddamn Coon minded left and their democratic slave owners ( pun intended!)

Warning if this blog slash history lesson is going to piss you off? Good, happy to piss you off, offend you and kick you in the face with some sad but true facts.

Let’s start from the very beginning shall we?

In Africa Origins of Slavery can be traced back to 3,500 years ago. Egypt left behind written records of them raiding unaware little towns and villages ect for slaves. But don’t get this twisted with pyramids like majority of the ass necks do. No slave was allowed to even touch a Pyramid. In addition no slave was buried in the shadow of a Pyramid. And on that note no slave was buried in the shadow of the King or Queen period! Through out Africas oral history, it was tradition to own slaves apart of life. For example on ass hat tribe defeats another, the lazy warrior takes slaves, sell them or trade them off for something. Typical lazy person, similar to the Democratic party who despise African Descents and European Descents. But the Democrats like the Africans of the past will exploit them for cash.

A little deeper into the origins of Slavery in Africa. Slavery represented wealth. In African there’s little to no property ownership existed till the good ole Colonial days. Around 19 century it became a common practice to get as many slaves as you could to work the land the African owned, thanks to the influence of the west. Unfortunately African got it twisted by having slaves work the land because the owners were too lazy to do it themselves betwixt tight penny to hire people. When they needed slaves, the good ole African got his buddies and raided a village to drag off new slaves.

Muslim perfected slavery

In the7th century the spread of satans religion, Islam started to spread like a cancer in North Africa. The blah-barian berbers slavery is component to their intolerant totalitarian Islam. You wanna know why you ask, in the koran aka satans second bible it dictates and justifies slavery. If you don’t believe me look it up. And to give you a nightmarish image check this out.

muslim slave owners
The Arab is still practicing slavery and chopping off dicks and scrotum sacks of male African Slaves.

This was around when North Africa was being destroyed and cowardly natives converted over to satans religion. And they were enlisted in the beta male arab army. Across the trans-Shara the disease of islam started get spread further into West Africa. Now the slaves captured were shipped to Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, Iran and India.

Furthermore during the 10 -15 century, the slave trade grew much faster, in Egypt through the Nile River all the way to Ethopia where thousands of slaves were captured, sold, mutilated or raped ( if you were female.) This goes into why Muslim Africans and Muslims are so fucked in the head? Here’s the answer to the ways of islam and the koran kept the slaves and slave owner in check. Some historians contradict themselves by saying Islam set the slaves free, which total bullshit! What set the slaves free was flesh and Blood Americans and British who got tired of the blah barian bebers raiding their ships, taking their men as captives. And then American early Marines at the time raided the blah barians, freeing everyone and killing the muslim where he stood. If you don’t believe me look it up

Now let’s get into the real reason why teachers are not telling the real history of Slavery!

Did you know that a good portion of Slaves are European Descent? Did you know Irish were slaves on American soil?

Did you know even African Descents did own slaves during the slavery in America? Ya didn’t and don’t even lie and say you did either. The cold hard truth! Some Blacks did own slaves just like their white counter parts. In 1800s it was common to see a wealthy African Descent owning black slaves or Irish slaves thanks to King James the second and the blah barians. The real questions is how many African Descents did own slaves? To answer that is this, about 28 percent of Blacks owned slaves.  For example Free blacks in Boston owned slaves, 48 blacks in Maryland owned slaves, And the infamous man Nat Butler routinely purchased and sold Blacks like he was dealing with pokemon cards.

To make you fade your ass hairs, read this. It was in Louisiana at the time when the freed Black slave owners feared for their freedom. So they enlisted their services to the Confederacy. I am not lying if you don’t believe, Buy Noah’s book and read the truth for yourself. I read this when I was teenager, let’s say I got into many fights in school with Teachers to dumb ass students. When the civil war broke out 440 formed 14 companies called the ‘native Louisiana Guard’, swearing to defend Louisiana. Unfortunately they didn’t see combat. As result Louisiana was defeated in 1862 and the name of the free company changed to Native Guard/ Corps Afrique to defend the union.

Total of Free blacks that owned slaves:

13.7 percent three hundred thousand plus, of the black population was free during the 1830s. 3,776 owned slaves! Now the freed men owned over twelve thousand plus slaves. But still the number is quite small compared to the European Descents that did own slaves.

Why did blacks own slaves?

From memory a small percent owned a slave or slaves to protect certain family members or a person. The rest is, oh well following what the Africans and Arabs passed on through history on how to treat a slave and exploit another culture.

European Descent Slaves

The berber blah-barians crept on the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and not forgetting the slavic people. After all the word slave comes is Slavic in the first damn place. to capture folk in the 1631 this way. The primary targets of interest Christians!

You could be African, Jewish, Orthodox, Protestant , Catholic or Muslim. Oh the fucking irony for being a Muslim slave, I call it this is what you get for participating in false faith you get slavery for your stupidity.

No life on the babary coast of the blah barians. YOU had no future at all. Many died on the ship during the voyage, jumped over board or some just got brave and chose death instead bondage. From the reading and research I have done for the Seasons of Pain’s codex. I know this that the left and Democratic, soon to be eradicated department of Eduction is trying to put the blame on the European Descent for slavery. When in fact all the slave masters were and still are Muslims and African Muslims. Later the Dutch got into the slave trade also, which established the Atlantic slave trade or should I say solidified it.

People wonder why Eastern European Countries despise Muslims, I just gave you the answer. If your African Descent  American and you happen to be confused why a Eastern European is being friendly to you and ignoring the African and Muslim, because they’re on your side and not theirs. Which brings me to a story I am going to close with. When I learned about European Descents were slaves I was going to private school. A kid from Russia, come to find out he was from Yugoslavia told me about his ancestors in slavery. It was the most brutal shit I have ever heard, he knew more about slavery than the teacher did as for me it blew my mind that the Arabs and Africans are responsible for contributing strife on humanity. That’s when I started looking deeper into what people were not telling me about history betwixt don’t take anyone’s’ ideals or  the lame catch phrase people say, ‘oh everyone participated in slavery.’ That’s a goddamn lie people still say to this day.

Like I always say the turd that falls is never far from the horses ass. And this the reason why islam needs to eradicated from the earth. Slavery is still being practiced,  a good example if I was to go to Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia I can buy a European descent for three hundred to thousand dollars cash money. In African they’re slave blocks up and running you can buy kids and women for the right price…If you don’t believe me? Get off of face book and look it up.

North Korea Playing with Death!


North Korea’ lil Kim is pushing for WW3 between the West, China and Russia, says Mr. Skousen. However if you look at the ‘National’ allies the U.S. has right now is England and Japan. You see goddamn lil Kim and testing his made by hasbro missiles yet again. He’s taking aim at South Korea and Japan.

In Joels’ own words, ‘It’s convenient to have crazy man to start WW3. China and Russia can easily say, ‘ We don’t have control over this guy.’ Look at it from the George Soros whistle twat globalist point of view. They want this war very badly, they want America attacked.

One thing that plays in my mind, The democrats, snow flake snot rockets and the presstitutes of Mainstream media will blame Trump for WW3. The other part the rolls in my mind is why is this not being covered! The media should be all over this and the goddamn libtards should be up in arms raising hell about North Korea trying to start a war for the pinch pussy globalist. Let’s get the truth shall we.

How they can blame this on Trump?

It has already taken shape thanks to Trumps Libtard minded son-in-Law Kushner for leaking information to an MSNBC Presstitute. Giving that presstitute intimate information on Bannon and his strategist. This is the reason why Bannon was dismissed from the National Security Position.

The man faggot neo-cons McMasters and deputy and National Sec. Avisor McFarland are the most extremist man faggot neo cons on the planet. Also it was some time ago they wanted Bannon taking off the National Security Scene a while back. Keep in mind the duo he bitches McMasters and McFarland will want to push a war with NK because their masters at Brussels commands them to do so. For those who don’t know who the masters are, they’re called the globalist aka poon stains on the planet that need to wiped off the planet.

The big problem is to convince empty brained North Korea to stop the Nuclear nonsense and hope, some spark of common sense happens in the talks and NK does. According to Mr. Skousen that’s the safest solution. If that fails expect a preemptive strike on North Korea, then South Korea will have to act while North Korea is off balance.

Meeting with Communist China’s President.

I do believe Xin Jiping will show his arrogrance and two faced characteristics along with being a paper dragon when it comes to dealing with North Korean’s lil Kim, he cannot control. Xin Jiping is up for re-election and he has to some how tame Trump, which he cannot do because he takes orders from the weak collective known as the globalist.

Must I digress from Xins weakness. Trump and the paper Dragon will have to come up with a strategy  to calm the noisy sea of North Korea. To be honest with you reader Xin Jiping will look weak today and tomorrow and here’s why. This is the same weak man who got all mad when Trump had a conversation with Taiwan’s President, and I quote he said the gloves are off. Xin Jiping will be nodding his head and looking pitiful. If you look at the bigger picture, if China even considers going to war with NK as a partner kiss that debt the U.S. owes China good bye. Kiss those dumb ass movie studios China own good bye because they’ll the be the first to be burned to the ground if WW3 starts. I am hoping China will be forced to deal with NK and Xin Jiping looks bad to China and the Globalist.

We are the brink of war and no one cares!?

We are in a state of the highest emergency ever. But the goddamn democrats want to go against everything about making this country better and saving it from globalist control. Then we have these man faggot silicon tech barons attempting a choke hold on free speech, and taking orders from Communist China! You liberals are the worse pieces of shit walking the earth today. You’re going against America for the sake of globalism that wants everyone dead or so poor they die from it. This is why Communist China think America is weak. Tell ya the truth I really hope the anti-trust bill does happen. And I got my fingers crossed that tax payer dollars will be stripped from all higher places of learning that fills kids brains with leftist bullshit.

Google, Facebook subject to Anti-Trust Law.


Let’s start with Schmidt and his monoply aka google. Ya see Schmidt was suppose to be punk ass Hillary Clintons outside chief advisor, Running a Campaign to charm up to Trump, to stop the investigation on Anti-Trust they rightfully earned. In addition Schmidt the smut wants to install a mole on the FCC board to cover his pudgy faced ass. The moles name is Ben Moncrief, lobbyist for C  Spire Wireless and backed by Google.

Remember when Whoreson Obama introduced Net Neutrailty laws? That’s nothing but a sugar coated lie. What Whoreson imposed was a direct assault on free speech, led by old snow flake David Brock founder of Media Matters. And they Continue to go after conservatives free speech.

What’s being done here is reaction to the leftist, paper barons of failing silicon valley that they’ve lost and they have a hard time dealing with reality. However what Schmidt, facebook and other left mockery tech gurus have locked social media and tilting public discourse. What these ass hats are using is tech bots, trolls, troll bots, throttling, shadow bans, Social Justice Jack ass puppets like snopes, to destory truth news like infowars and many others. Now the pussy left is using this to make a totalitarian state. This method was used by Hitler and Stalin, that made everyone voiceless betwixt dumb to be spoon food bullshit. Also this is really aimed at Trump, a silent coup to mess up Trumps Presidency. The trolls that you see on twitter and facebook on Alex Jones to Roger Stones twitter, is a sure sign of paid trolls. The other reason why is this, they have lost billions on Hillary’s failed attempt to become President. And they really think truth people like myself is going let them get away with this, HA! They have another thing coming. I want to have is a full investigation on Schmidt and Zuckerberg. Also Hard time should be given to the left tech giants and their precious google and Facebook gets broken up and the lose billions of dollars faster than a whore pulling off her panties for a John.

You have to overstand the stakes of this. This is crucial fight for freedom of speech and Trumps Presidency. As long as you and I keep speaking the truth on satans henchmen they can’t pull this off. You can get involved by doing what I am doing and flooding Sessions email to start the Anti-Trust investigation on facecrook and Google. Google and Facebook owners see you as dumb, Schmidt and the derp-derp silicon pussies think they’re the internet and you are nothing to them. Furthermore they ride on you, instead ride on them 24/7.

Christian puts muslim Professor in her place!


Marshall Polston was suspended from one of the indoctrinated schools of higher learning in Orlando Florida, for setting a dumb ass muslim straight about YSHWY (Jesus).

The professor is some derp-derp named Areeje zufari. Areeje  teaches that historical YSHWY was never crucified. Then Areeje makes a false claim that YSHWYs’ disciples did not believe in God.

Marshall fired back at this bitch, Polston goes head to head about his grade. Here’s Marshalls’ words for you to read, don’t mind the copy and paste below.

“Quite frankly the grade you assigned to me exposes your true agenda which is to silence me in class,” he claimed. “You’re one of the most incompetent professors I have ever seen in my life.”

On March 24 Suspension Letter,

was issued to Marshall which accused Marshall of being a safety hazard to the College and the Colleges precious cookie dick scab muslim. In Polstons’ defense, which he defends himself like a real man, take note beta males. In his own words he said he made no such threat to no ones safety.

After a few days Polston caught the professor in a argument about gays and adulterers should be be-headed under sharia law aka man fag law.

As result Polton spoke out so did the conservative none practicing muslim about the Professor radical statement. Even some students reported Aree’s bullshit to the FBI asap. Now this is a perfect example of seeing evil and doing something about it!

And now Areeje filed for protection against, false claim that Polston is stalking her dumb ass. Then Aree makes a case about Polston is the cause of unrest on the campus and class disruptor too. Now Rollins Universities Grant Cornwell says never, ever, ever suspend a student for having a civil disagreement. And claiming other factors led to Polstons suspension. The punch line here readers Grant can’t find any..Sooo Democratic of him

Radical muslim roast time.

This is Areeje Aree zufari

When she’s away from the campus and Westerners she hates this is her behind closed doors.


Areeje you rag headed skank why the fuck did you come here to this country in the first place? This is no country for Sharia Law. No one with an intelligence above 50 is going to respect a law named after a low budget stripper! And who the hell are you to make one of the dumbest claims I have heard this year, that YSHWY didn’t die on the cross. Here’s some reality skip-skank.

  1. There’s tons of evidence, historical documents and physical evidence Christ did die on the cross fucktard. As a matter of fact YSHWY under went his the ‘vetting’ process to get into heaven.
  2. Disciples did acknowledge YSHWY is the son of GOD and YWHY, they too believed in him as well. If you actually pulled the foreskin off your eyelids and researched it clearly states in the Bible, Christ was born through the seed of Joseph and Mary will give birth to the son of God.
  3. You’re not a teacher hell not even a good one. You’re just a freaking token for Rollins to get that four thousand dollar, left over Obama money to have your ass teaching in some discredit low brow higher learning school.
  4. Do some research before you open your asshole below your nose to talk.

Now if you want to ride on this DUMB ASS BITCH that’s following the religion of bullshit. All her information, delusional views and contact information is on this link.Areeje info

I am not fooled by this bitches middle east humanity shit. In fact what she’s teaching is fucking lie the middle east practice inhumanity not humanity and this bitch is female, saying sharia law is cool? Talk about dumb ass carrying the Irony Tea Pot.

Roast on the Rollins Universities Grant Cornwell

Lib-tard beta male islam loving piss ant! This is why Universities are being discredited because of the leftist, pro LGBT-WTF, Isam bullshit you fuckers push on students. I am so glad Polton stood up for himself and brought your stupid evil out into the light. You’re feeding into the double standard of defending a goddamn radical muslim evil over a righteous person at the other students safety. This Jihadist bowl of fuck your defending doesn’t like America but yet you want to appease this whore by giving her job over qualified professor who knows the real evil of middle east countries that practice radical islam. Has it ever occurred to you anyone practicing islam is not to be trusted? CIA has already revealed the plan of the jihadist to take over the west through immigration. More so it’s in the Muhammad satanic quarn, to get into the countries peacefully and mess it up from the inside.  In closing, FACT you’re wrong for suspending Marshall and you’re spineless fucktarded snot rocket for holding Areeje who doesn’t like you or America over a student that told Arejee the truth and put her dumb ass in her place.

Trump at CPAC


On Friday President Trump received a mind blowing round of applause when he took the stage to speak at CPAC 2017. In true ‘Alpha’ Male style he immediately got into his statement he made on twitter calling the media fake news. In my opinion he’s too kind to call the presstitute media fake. Now I am calling the Main Stream Media two things Tall Tale News or Poon News. For the rest of this blog I am going go word for word what Trump said and post a link to the video.

“A few days ago I called the fake news ‘the enemy of the people,’ and they are. They are the enemy of the people,” he said, criticizing their “dishonest coverage” of his administration.

And he’s right! Poon News are controlled by the big six  and the big six is being told what to do by the establishment. They don’t have your interest in mind. They want to control your mind and force you to believe their tall tales.

“They get upset, they say we can’t criticize their dishonest coverage because of the first amendment. They always bring up the First Amendment,” he said. “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”

Not only the Poon News does this, the lefty fucktards do the exact same thing. Bring fact, different opinion or challenge them they throw a  bitch fit.

“We have to, to turn things around. The era of empty talk is over,” he said. “It’s over. Now is the time for action.”

He has definitely behind the biggest ‘boom’ the stock market has seen in years! And more and more career jobs are coming back to America.

“The GOP, from now on, will be the party of the American worker,”

This is another ‘body blow’ to the globalist, getting America away from the NWO. At the same time President Trump is setting all the pillars of the globalist on fire to collapse it so the fucktards still in the dark can see who was responsible for ruining America. America will be going back to the Constitution and there’s solid proof we will be pulled out of the U.N. because it goes against the Constitution ( will get that to you later).

“There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency, or a global flag,” he said. “I’m not representing the globe. I’m representing your country.”

Another right hook to the gut of the wobbly legged globalist. That President Trump will have U.S.A. first in every deal he makes and this Country will not be hijacked by dick scabs like George Soros ever again. Lastly he loves his job.

“The future belongs to all of us,”

No translation for this.

Trump at CPAC 2017


Mosul Liberated


Good evening and Happy Friday! Good news here, since the presstitutes of Tall Tale Media won’t cover this. Mosul has been liberated from ass clown terrorist group. The Christians there along with their Arch Bishop Raphael Sako, built this cross shown above and then placed wooden crosses on every house and building symbolizing this our faith and this our Country. Sako goes on to say, We have ancestors that are buried here. We live and die here, this our land and we’ll fight for it. Proof.

In addition Sako calls for rebuilding their homeland. And Sako and others are proud Iraqis to have toughed out a hard time and got their home land back from the Terrorist Group. Also the Arch Bishop preformed a Mass, the first mass on their own soil for two whole solid years. This is a special event of the People since derp-derp Isis occupied it.

A year ago the Iraqis showed ‘backbone’ Easter message urged Christians not to leave Iraq despite of the hardship, Christians must stand united in their homeland. Talk about standing your ground. Now this is stuff I like blogging about. People giving the middle finger to Saudi Arabian, George Soros funded islamic invasion. The Christians in Iraq did not leave their land, they didn’t ask for a hand out they stayed strong and true to their faith, this is fucking bravery to me.

In conclusion this is ‘huge’ to the middle east and a herald for things to come to the opposition that dark days is coming to establishment and their islamic poon squads.

If you haven’t heard about this? Like I said before the Tall Tale News don’t cover real stories they rather make one up and cause hysteria. This is  good news on a Friday, remain strong Sako and all the Christian Iraqis.