President Trump Fires back at UCLAs beta male Father.

Trump yelling at lavar

Late covering this, a few days ago President Trump stepped in got the three UCLA basketball players released from going to prison for 10 years. Let’s get this right, China is communist country, like communist countries they’re power gluttons to punish people..Specifically innocent. Not going to get into that right now. Back to my blog, Chinese has 95 percent conviction rate when it comes to crime. Either it be stealing to practicing Christian. Let’s face it communist countries don’t like people who stand with Christ.

In addition like all communist countries, China is known for sever bigotry and racism. If you’re American that’s one strike against you. And these chumps happen to be black and American, shit that’s two strikes off the bat. But let’s get in to what my man Trump responding back to Frankenstein looking bitch made Lavar.

President Trump vouched for the thieving ass basket ball players and had the charges ‘dropped!’ One of the players LiAngelo Ball thanked President for his rescue. However the other two bitch made stunt cocks didn’t even send President Trump an email to thank him. Then you have Lavar, this egg plant head, Frankenstein looking shit bag says this.

“What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

Then Lavar says as long as my boys are here save I am good. Yeah good for facial reconstruction and the need of dentist to straightened out his fucked up teeth too.

On Sunday President ‘my man’ Trump responds back

“Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!”

I agree with President Trump on this hundred percent. Ball players are the biggest ungrateful douche nozzles walking the planet today. The suffer from these things, people kissing their ass and shit giving to them for free. On that note when you give a man something free all his life, he will never appreciate anything. This action done by Fuck-ugly Lavar and his butt ass ugly offspring is the smoking gun to what I just said.

I want to call out Al Sharpton, B.E.T, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Demo-coon party and the NAACP. Where’s thanks to Trump from getting one of your plantation gladiators our of bondage? Did you call President Trump and praise him for his cool effort? No I have not heard one single thing from the sell out Blacks of the Democratic Nazi Coon party. This shows you right here the lack of respect, like of gratidude a lot of these dumb ass Millenial nobodies have. It streams from the shit creek, of corrupt politicians to mainstream poon stain media, aka presstitute news broadcasting. Now Snoop Froggy Frog wants to attack Trump…I’ll get to that joe camel looking later on another blog.



Putin expose the elites weakness: Pedophilia and Satan.


October 7, 2017, Vladimir Putin, once again gives a bitch smack of truth in the face of the crooks. Putin’s speech goes into detail that the west is being manipulated by the Satanic Pedophiles that manipulates the west.

In the previous meeting with President Trump. Putin urged President Trump to go after the Pedophile elite and drop big names of those involved in it. To be specific, Putin kindly persuaded President Trump to add this attack on his draining the swamp crusade.

In President Putins words.. ‘“Europe and the West thrives on a culture of pedophilia and Satanism”

In addition President Putin states the elites agenda to normalized Pedophilia is clear sign of moral degradation of the west and Europe. Putin also observed the the extreme lunacy of Liberalism which is nothing more than, social and moral decay of western society. Furthermore Putin adds on the stupidity of political correctness has gone so far that common sense God fearing people don’t say their faith affiliation because it might trigger someone one.

More so, Multiculturalism is dogmatic Zionist design to bring about the NWO. Also Putin did include the ban of Americans from adopting Russian orphans due to the sex trafficking and pedophilia in America comes to halt. And Vladimir know about D.C. being one of the cities that has sex trafficking and pedophilia all over it. And it’s in the U.S.

President Putin is exactly right in America the Top states for sex trafficking are, 1 California, 2 Texas 3 Florida, 4 Ohio and 5 New York. What you’re thinking is some slum place and a pimp putting little girls and boys out on the street. You’re wrong. Sex trafficking and pedophile flesh peddlers are in upper middle class living areas and rich gated communities. According to Millie Weaver “Safest Neighbor is home to world wide sex trafficking.

And this is what President Putin is talking about. In addition  President Trump and we the people know and combating the pedophile loving left. Let you in on some wisdom in the state I live in Sex Trafficking is absolutely illegal in my state, and it was a unanimous vote. I will like to add to the sex trafficking aspect of this blog. When I say pedophile do not think some creepy homeless guy or some ragged looking dude. Pedophiles are usually well dressed, gainfully employed and have lots of money. Here’s why Pedophilia and sex trafficking is huge money. Now we have Corey Field man and survivors of Wanker Wood molesters are coming forward and pointing fingers at directors to big shots in shitty tinsel town. As you know Wankerwood is on fast road to ruin along with elite. In closing if you want get in on this fight. Blog about it, contact your state rep and push for severe laws against pedophiles and sex traffickers. In my opinion the only way to cleansed of the pedophiles is start making sexually abusing a child is punishable by death.

Trump signs executive order to break the back on Obamacare.

And he’s delivering!

Great news today, well kinda late reporting this. Donald J Trump made executive changes on Obamacare. What that executive order means, President Trump opens up the health insurance market.

The order will expand health care plans to small businesses. In addition an expansion on short term and long term health care plans as well.

Sen Rand Paul says, this is the biggest free market reform of health care, which allows people to purchase health care they need across state lines. What this means, you have tons of options, affordable health care for everyone and last but not least. Making the health insurance folk compete for business. Basically making the health insurance companies at the peoples mercy at the same time giving the health insurance companies a time to catch its breath after whoreson obama care.

in President Trumps words…

“In the coming months, we plan to take new measures to provide our people with even more relief and more freedom.”

Brian Hodge, Pops Presstitutes rotten cherry vag of Counterfeit News.

Australian man comes fwd

What have we here Brian Hodges’ eye witness ‘truth’ pops the Presstitute Main Stream medias, vag of Counterfeit news. Here’s how everything went down. Brian Hodge was staying in room 32135, Paddoks room was 32134, now before I go any further here’s what Brian witnessed and said in his own words.

“There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. We were hiding in the bushes outside waiting for the police.”

And he added that it was ‘machine gun fire!’ The floor Brian stayed at is now a crime scene because the crooks killed the security guard on his floor. And get this, Brian say Paddok was a retired accountant with no criminal history, and he doesn’t believe Paddok could’ve been in one this.

Since the FBI is covering shit up along with presstitute media, I have my doubts. I am not letting Paddok out of the Nazi Coon prison yet. People are shaking their heads at the bullshit lone shooter. When I posted my blog previously about multiple shooters, Brains’ testimony is a huge piece of the puzzle to pop this deep state pussy wide open.

Even Trey Gowdy says no one man with no criminal past betwixt displeasure for guns could’ve carried this out period.

Here’s something else, the FBI is acting like the cat snagged is tongue when the truth started rolling in. What I am about type is yet to be confirmed by other ‘truthful’ conservative media outlets I fuck with. Stephen Paddok may be an FBI agent. However I am not going to take a big bite out of this cake yet. But I will say that Paddok could’ve been an informant betwixt turn coat on the Jihadist assnecks he was cool with. I will get into that later. Let’s go over about him being a possible agent.

Stephen Paddok, participated in numerous of weapons deals in Vegas, similar to derp-derp fast and furious. The clients Isis terrorist inside the United States. Paddok was doing a routine weapons deal and it went sour when the goat fuckers learned about the entrapment scheme and went bonkers, killing Paddok and shooting people at the concert. This does explain why they didn’t shoot the Country singer. This also shows how dumb radical muslims are, I mean you don’t do that shit if you don’t want to get caught. If this did happen, it would be literally impossible for them to flee the damn scene when the hotel was on lock down. This part of the story I don’t get behind at all! They would’ve been caught, spotted on camera going to Paddoks room, FBI would’ve demanded the footage of the arm to be confiscated ect.

Also keep in mind Paddok does have long record on hanging out with the beta males of islam and he’s sexing the female beast Danley too. Let’s not forget Paddok big dummy politicl views and his indoctrinated way of thinking. Last but not least his gambling debt.


This is what I believe, I will make an hypothesis that Paddok is pawn betwixt former informant for the FBI. When you’re undercover your objective is to get close to your target. What better way to be close to your target by being buddies with the target right?

Paddok does have leftist views, and has dealing with jidadist. And the FBI who’s already cloak and daggering it with jihadist Whoreson Obama let in anyway. This is the perfect way to blackmail Paddock into getting him to their bidding slash get paid to shave off his gambling debt.

This is the same tactic the FBI did to bring down the Black Panthers, by getting the most unlikely person to be black mailed and turn informant for the FBI. Like Hoover said everyone has skeleton in their closet why not use it as leverage to get them to do what you want, pay them and turn them and make them work for you. This is the only logical solution I can think off that would place Paddok anything close to the FBI. I really don’t think he was an agent at all. If his cover was up the FBI would’ve acted quickly. Since Paddok may be a low level informant slash expendable asset why not let him get killed, to save betwixt salvage the case, right? When it comes to cases like this, you can bet your sweet ass there’s hundreds or thousands of agents following Isis in the United States period.

This is my hypothesis betwixt gut instinct that Paddok may be an informant forced to do the bidding of the FBI, because of the skeletons in his closet. After all what I covered in the previously blog, along with articles this does explain why the FBI is playing the silent card and the presstitutes are on fire with tall tale bullshit on the truth about this massacre. All I can say and do is ‘demand’ the truth and don’t let the FBI off the hook. Pressure our elected employees to give us the truth on what’s going on period.


Vegas Massacre…Going after the second amendment again (sigh)


Once again the Nazi Coons and the Terrorist Democrats are going after the right to bear arms once again. I tell I am getting really sick and tired of looking at it already. I am going to begin in stages. First time this reported the Counterfeit News Network (CNN.) Couldn’t get the body count neither the confirmed dead numbers right. Boom, right there tells me this was another operation false flag. As the day goes on while at work the numbers read 55, 50 and no 58 confirmed dead and 400 injured ( however the number still jumps every now and again.) From this moment on I am calling the Vegas shooting an operation false flag period! Cause already, I caught on to the derp-narriative the puppets are doing.

Apparently cum droplet Marilou Danley, the attention seeking tag team mockery of a woman. Was the woman that pushed herself to the front row and told the woman everyone was going to day. Apparently Danley and Stephen Paddock are together. In addition the ‘breaking news’, on Alex Jones show, Alex got the goods from one of his sources that the puppet is an Antifa ass clown. According form the rescue team, the waste of sperm didn’t kill himself. He was shot and all the beta male antifa gear all over the place and pictures of some middle eastern whore too. According to the daily mail, which confirms my hypothesis that this was a deep state false flag nails it.

Question is this how in the hell can you sneak in automatic assault weapons in those kind of hotels in Vegas, without being detected? The answer is you cannot. In addition anotherbreaking story pops up, That there was second shooter.

If you look closely at the first video you see the actual ‘machine’ gun fire in the window. Look below you see another spray and pray catty corner below it. And the Police clearly say upstais Mandlay half way. Second video is audio of play by play what happened. Fully automatic fire from the hotel window, half way then it jumps to going up stairs. Apparently this the work of possibly two people. All of sudden Mariloy Danley is detained and being questioned.

Operation false flag clarity

By no way shape or form I am disrespecting the innocent people that were hurt and killed by the deep state operation using Antifa shit bags as cover to push Charlie Manson style race war betwixt Civil War.

For those who don’t know this is what a operation false flag looks like. Putting people in deaths cross hairs to push a crook political agenda to after our very freedom to appease the globalist piss ants.

Honestly psych ward reject Stephen is nothing more than a pawn for something bigger. The killing of cops and Antifa Latte is preparing for Bolshevik revolution this month or November, which is the hundred year anniversary of the globalist and bankers destroying the old Russia. To be crystal clear, you got the dumb ass left and Terrorist Nazi Coons already gunning for the second amendment and a ban on machine guns. Which Machine guns are banned. In addition the idiot left cannot fathom, crooks don’t get guns legally therefore all their guns are off the black market that are military body choppers! To keep abreast on events do these key things.

Don’t watch any main stream media. Especially news papers and other presstitutes that read from a teleprompter. You have to get the truth from conservative news or alternative news sources. That’s how I got my information.

You’re in confirm territory that Antifa is the wool bitch of this deep state operation to kick off a race betwixt civil war. Antifa faggots want to start on November 4.

Look at the pattern conservatives, republicans and white people are being attacked. The plan is to force we the people into a civil war at the same time go after Trump. Then a full scale civil war that will look like Bosnia Vietnam put together. What gets me, We the people are doers. Don’t they even know, we will come after them, wipe out their beta males and they’ll be no place for the globalist to hide on the planet.

Letting you know ahead of the time this Vegas Shooting is smoke in mirrors at the cost killing others, to do something bigger in the months to come. However this story is falling apart, by me sharing this information and sharing my hypothesis. Keep ya head up and I am going leave you with some thing positive from my President Donal Trump.



History Lesson: Truth about Labor Day.

George Pullman
George Pullman

Take a look at this picture and let it sink in as inform you on the truth about Labor day. Also going to share a little history with you and debunk that bullshit what Communist minded Nazi Coon Bernie Sanders said.

Bernie ‘the Nazi Coon, aka Dr. Wiley’ Sanders kisses the dead ass of Eugene Debs. To be clear Bernie regards Eugene as hero, yeah typical of ole bigot to kiss of the dick of another bigot. However Eugene didn’t want blacks working for him, neither did he wanted Black Americans to even be apart of the union period. Now if you hit up ole You tube, ‘ Eugene Debs, Eugene Debs refusal to hire blacks, then you’ll get the real truth betwixt learn that democrats like Bernie need to shut the fuck up and die.

One people will want to ask why didn’t Bernie didn’t mention Eugene was a bigot just like he is?

American union was founded in 1893 in the month of June in Chicago. Eugene invited almost everyone who was white to participate in the movement that led to the ‘Great Labor Upheaval’

Pullman himself became the largest employer of African Americans to work for him. Out of 101 history of the company an Ebony American could climb the latter to success and have equal pay like his White counter parts.

Since the Demo-cunts, liberals and Regressive Progressive left are all for racism. They’ll put George Pullman as the villain and Eugene Deb as the savior. Pullman and Eugene did not like each other and have had heated disputes about other things. But race was a sub topic between these two at the time.

When the great depression ran its course Pullman was forced to make to cuts on wages ect. This didn’t go over well with his employees and therefore the ‘strike’ happened. 1894 things got violent on the streets, men couldn’t bring home the bacon if you will.

Strikers cut telegram poles, destroyed rail ways and even set rail road cars on fire. This cost around 800 million dollars in damage, if it happened today. Get this though all of this shit could’ve been prevented if Pullman was allowed to run his own company as he saw fit. During all this bullshit created by the establishment the blacks suffered the most from this.

The guilds protected the insiders and did nothing for the outsiders ‘blacks’ in a very bigot like direct way labor day became a federal holiday, because the terrorist democrats and the bigot Eugene got their way. When the unions started up again, everyone back to work. The Black Americans were banned from constitutional provision membership aka the union.

Furthermore when the unions were back up running they actually followed Pullmans way of running the rail way business, at the same time keeping the blacks out.

President Cleveland had Eugene’s sorry ass in chains and he didn’t honor nor care about the labor unions period, because of their racist bullshit. But it’s amazing Labor Day is a National Holiday because of evil bigots and the establishment allow to happen, at the expense of hurting Pullman business because he hired, protected and praised Black men working for him.

Pussies like Bernie Sanders to Antifa latte folk praise a stunt cock like Eugene, at the same time want to tear down statues of George Washingon, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. These are great men that lived in pivotal times and the dumb ass ignorant left tards that don’t history have the right to judge something they don’t know anything about. This is why history is ‘very’ important.

President Trump Ends the Daca wet dream.

Fuck daca

President Trump is doing what he said he would do. Specifically ending the freebies for unskilled, undocumented workers known as Daca. No more amnesty for the leeching 800,000 ungrateful s getting fat off of free money betwixt taking jobs away from American people.

I knew he was going to do this with the sole purpose of giving millions of jobs back to the American people.

Unfortunately the opposition known as the Torrey’s aka Nazi Coons, aka whores for big business don’t like this move at all. Well yeh see the Coon slut Paul Ryan is a whore for a big business that doesn’t want cheap labor to go away. In addition business interest and Socialist Regressive Progressive don’t want Americans to have anything either.

The bigot minded employers say, that the unskilled workers are valued as tax payers and aided consumers for cheap labor. And illegals generated tax money for government programs. Then the Nazi Coons going to say that the illegals are critical to wealth and economic growth. However they did not mention jobs being available for 4 million Americans that will turn 18. What that means reader, no jobs for natural born Americans.

Ole Nazi Coon Zuckersnatch is all for illegals, cheap labor and the fall of America too. And Zuckerfucks website it mentions that he plays a huge part in this. In 2013 a gang of eight was formed to appease the foreign no skill invaders, to push the amnesty and immigration bill because the democrats did not want to help the increase of foreign tech workers in America period. To clarify that means ungrateful communist minded Chinese being brought here illegally too. Wonder why you see so many of them working at fuck book? This came with a catch, If the 8 pushed the path to citizenship then Democrats will be on board on granting the work for citizenship push. Therefore the illegal Mexicans to Latinos and illegal Asians vote democrat. All this comes at a price betwixt turning America into a third world country.

Now Trump pending Rise act will reform immigration policy in the country. In a nut shell unskilled ass necks are not needed. Only skilled immigrants can come to America and they have to speak English fluently, more so it will dry up the unskilled worker pool quickly.

The number one reason why the typical big business coon dogs like zuckerberg hate the raise act is this. The welfare funded consumer market, now they’ll have to recruit and train American people and raise the wages. Also investors that are coons for the establishment do not want American workers period.

The cold hard truth about dumb ass no skilled workers is this. They’re a fucking drain on everything.  Reduces high tech investment,  Daca ass nuggets increases tax burdens, hurt kids in school, And pushes Americans out of High Tech Careers. As you can see nothing good comes from an illegal in addition this is a road map to drive America into a communist country. All this shit links up to what Whoreson Obama wanted to do to America by letting his dumb ass undocumented ass clowns in this country.

Trumps Raise Act is brilliant, By 2027, our analysis projects that RAISE will reduce GDP by 0.7 percent relative to current law, and reduce jobs by 1.3 million. By 2040, GDP will be about 2 percent lower and jobs will fall by 4.6 million. Like I said before the low skilled worker demand will dry up. Also people will be buying American products again, American money being spent on American goods on American soil. On top of that small business will multiply like mad.




The Real Democratic Convention: Leading ass clowns of racism.

‘KlanBake’ The roots of the democratic party. Liberals meet the fathers of your movement communist minded fucktards!

You know me I love pissing off communist minded left any chance I get with the truth. Apparently the big dummy new generation of democrats and socialist liberals cannot accept the fact about this is the root of their party. In addition how they attack conservatives and truthers is the same way the Klan did back in 1924.

You can use the communist google search engine to look up KlanBake and get this picture on an image search, and get a shit load of history about the origins of bane of America, which is the Democratic Klan party.

Before I get into ripping a 6th asshole in the left. I want you to keep in mind Antifa, Muslims, Blm, and LGBT and all the other groups in mind. Next I want you to see how identical they are when you read this blog in its entirety.

The Klu Klux Klan started around 1915. They’re numbers grew around WWI through its strong arm public relation and making prohibition an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Further the Democrats aka Klan gained a lot popularity through many regions of the United States. All the trouble began with Al Smith a devote Roman Catholic ran against William McDoo who had the Klan delegate support, which is the Democratic Party.

Non Klan Delegates like Forney Johnston of Alabama, condemned the Klan because of its violent actions in the Democratic party. The Klan defeated the platform by the skin of their yellow ass teeth. 542.85 against 546.15 in favor of the Klan.

And the Klan marched on the streets of Jersey and NY to celebrate their victory. Also when they won they burned crosses, urged violence in the streets and intimidate African Descent Americans and Catholics. And last but not least the Democrat Klan attacked followers of Smith in the Streets. With that being said that sounds like what the Hillary Followers did to Trump supporters during the election campaign and after. If you don’t remember here’s a picture.

dumb liberals
Look at it and let it soak in.

During the ole KlanBake b.s. this produced a stain on the demo-cunt party that’s engraved on them forever. They love pinning racism on Conservatives all the time. The Demo-crip party has always been sticklers for racism and slavery period! Brief history lesson. Democrats never wanted to give up their slaves. Democrats are anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, and love children of the Jim Crowe laws. In addition the democrats are all about oppression discrimination and against having a unified country. To be frank they don’t want America to come together they want division!

If you don’t believe and you use retarded google that sells your information. Please type in 1820s when the Democrats defended slavery. and imposed segregation. With this divide allowed the Democrats and their ass clown lynch mobs to go after African Descents 24/7 and European Descents that were friends with African Descents at that time too. And to make you cringe some more reader, they opposed the civil rights act in 1950s and 1960s.

For those who are indoctrinated by common core and ignorant folk, during the souths reconstruction the rise of African Americana came to be 22 African American Republicans served in the 1900s. There’s tons of African American Congressmen all over American History. Democrats did not elect African American into the Klan party till 1935.

This is the brutal truthful history of the pussy democratic Nazi Coon Party! Only if Bill Cosby gave his speech in the 60s about grabbing life by the boot straps and fuck the democratic party, man shit will be ‘very’ different.

For those morons who vote democrat…Are you fucking retarded?! Democrats are still the same racist party, same people that hate unification. But the new thing they added to their portfolio is the following. Anti family, anti Christian, anti-American Prosperity. And they’ve teamed up with Islam and sided with the all faction that practice discrimination even trans fag movement who discriminate against their own gender.

I hope you kept those left protesting terrorist parties in mind while you read because, they act exactly like the klan even though George Soros pays their terrorist salaries. Worse of all Democrats have found friendship in Islam because they hate Christians and Jews too. I don’t get why African Descents vote Democrats when the democratic party is all about planed parent hood. Kill your kid and we’ll get others to pay for it says the demon-cratic party. If you keep the kid, hey you here’s some government cheese and a ebt card. But if you have that baby dad around you won’t get free stuff, us democrats can’t have the African Descent Man, Woman and child house hold.

Yup this sounds exactly like the Democrats betwixt how their scam lower living housing vetting system operates. Democrats are committing sedition, treason and breaking the law as I type. Research the Democrats for yourself and see how vile and fucked up they are. We can make these ass clowns disappear from power forever by not voting democrat.

Deep State Pushes War with Russia of Syria, WTF!?

This is the fourth time this month. WAIT let start over since McMaster is in the center of all of this and McCain is the Nazi Coon pulling the strings for the terrorist that want to over throw Assad.

This is the fourth time this month the Deep State betwixt McMaster breaking Presidents Trump direct order not to provoke Russian operations in Syria. In the Independent Russian Press, Russia has announced any U.S. War Plane flying over Syria will be treated as targets.

Before you faint, cuss to the heavens or go after Mc Master yourself. This is what , treated as targets means. Well it means two things. First the U.S. Planes will be treated as targets of opportunity. Second Russia could possibly do what the U.S. did in the past three times. However it will put the U.S. into World War 3, which is exactly what the goddamn Neo Cons like McMaster wants. What you’re looking at is a Vietnam style war, and the Trump Administration and we the voters don’t want! More involvement in the undesirable middle east, especially ‘ain’t shit there’ Syria! This was on the table for Wicked Witch Hillary if she succeeded in stealing the election, war with Russia. Not only war with Russia it will be Iran along with Russia and Syrian forces.

Russia has the best anti air craft missile system in the world. Therefore the U.S. Jets will be like ducks in duck season. After that Vietnam style war on the ground that will seal the fate of WW3 and have the U.S. As the bad guy. The Ultimate goal to make Trump look bad.

Also the problem is the MSN, MSNBC, CNN and the presstitute tall tale media spinning false stories and fueling the anti Russia Hysteria. Pretty much Russia is getting sick and tired of it. My fear is Russia jumping the gun out of rage or some false story works on them. Highly unlikely, but this meddling the deep state is doing is really pissing me off. I don’t want to see another refugee aka able bodied muslim rapist coming to the west. I am pretty sure Europe can agree with me on that.

On a positive not Iranians and Russians are serious on killing off Obama’s and Hillary’s Isis off in Syria. That is good news when Trump made that speech in Saudi Arabia in condeming Muslims being friends with radicals, shit hit the fan for the good of the world, such as Muslim fighting Muslim which is good for the west. In addition free up U.S. Forces to focus on destroying Isis forces else where. However what’s not being addressed is one little detail, which is ‘Banning Muslims’ permanently from entering into the west till the conflict and things change in the war torn middle east. This way the victory will be in the absolute, it will put the terrorist migration to the west on hold, terrorist communications and sleeper cells can’t get their orders. Look at it like cutting off the heads of a hydra and burning the neck stump so it can’t grow another head.

But Trump is flies close to the sun to keep the neo cons off his back, I get that. But President Trump needs to get rid of McMaster, McCain and the deep state in the military. This should be the final straw that President Trump goes Andrew Jackson on both beta men who want war, also sluts for the NWO.

As Russia and Iran keep the jihadist betas running the other way, a big problem that U.S. will find themselves working in close proximity with them. See Saudi Arabia and Turkey want the U.S. to be involved in Syria. But Trump is honoring the promise he made to me and other voters, not get involved in Syria.

What I am hoping for President Trump forces Mc Master and those responsible for causing the incidents on blast. Make the  NEO CON maggots apologize after they get fired and released from Command. Then charged with treason for breaking the Presidents direct order not get involved or provoke Russia. I do want cooler heads and good attitudes to prevail when It’s time to put the killing blow on Isis and U.S. has to work with Russia and Iran to do so, this need to happen. McMaster needs to be fired and put in Military Court along with Mc Cain.

Seth Rich may have been Murdered by Alpha Jalloh.

The man who orchestrated the hit on Seth.

I have been following this a for a hot minute. Waiting for all the facts to come in or a potential smoking gun. And low and behold a few weeks later this pops Alpha Jalloh Seth Rich’s killer. However what about Mr. Lucas was killed in the same fashion as Seth? Did this former FBI operative kill Lucas too? Before I get into that here’s some information on why Seth was killed. Kim DOT Com vouches Seth did Leak information to WikiLeaks.

If and only if Congress approves Seths leaks along with Russian Probe, Clintons connection to Russia, this will the cherry on top of the cake to destroy the goblin monsters in D.C. Mr Kim has hired security, posted a reward and begged the Seths family to push of justice for the sons brutal murder.

Why Seth was terminated.

According the ‘private’ investigator Seth contacted Wiki Leaks and started exposing the skeletons in the Clintons and Democratic parties closet. To be specific the DNC Links, Podesta files and Hillary’s Hackers. Including Ashad  Mahmood, fella whatever his name is fled to Pakistan as soon as law enforcement got the lap tops. To refresh your memory when Shultz threatens Police Chief. Notice her forced breathing/ babbling and constant blinking. Shultz is scared out of her ugly mind. When she goes on and on about the lap tops confiscated, when Mahmood fled she threatens the police chief.

Jalloh was released from New York custody after he was charged with stealing Luxury cars. Jalloh was a part of the 12 man team that did this crime spree. And also this is the same man who killed Seth. Or Jalloh is the prime suspect of organizing Seths’ death. What makes this really interesting, like I said before he was an operative and suddenly he’s dead too along with three MS-13 gang members.

When Seth was killed by Alpha a few day later a double homicide pops up in Myrtle Beach. 

This case will completely destroy the Democratic Party, the Clinton and Bushes too. We’re talking 12 plus years of evil shit done behind close doors. What makes this case so bizzare are the black berries. All of the DNC ass necks loyal to Clinton has one. Some say a total of 28 will be uncovered once the case gets going. But I know better, I believe they’ll be another 10 or 15 discovered. Among that 15 I know for damn sure will be McCains ass. Furthermore this will be the end of Clintons, the Bushes and Whoreson Obama. Keep praying and hope this case goes before Congress.

FYI when you follow the case for yourself. Take note of the Foreign invaders used in these kills. I’ve counted Pakistani, Somalian and MS-13 gang ass necks. Can this be the reason why democrats are bitching about so many of their precious invaders getting kicked out of the country.