TFC: King Poseidon Update 2

KingP_Neptune is dead

Another King P update. This time it’s about the plastic goodness that came with Thousand kills. Additional feet rockers that can turn into gun and some plastic knee pads that can be used for gun mode. TFC once again giving you options for King Poseidon.

Bad: Unfortunately the gun is too heavy for King P to hold.

TFC_Tentakill and addons 002
This about all I can get out of him

As you can see, the double barrel widow maker is adorable but due to the weight I could only get this dynamic pose with him holding it.


On the positive side of life the gun parts can be used for the feet. Let me tell you the rockers are solid.

I am able to pull off dramatic poses with King P. On the picture to the right, shows how strong the rockers are. Next series of picture I will show posing with him on a later date. Specifically when I get all the editing done. Short review and to the point. Thanks for reading.



TFC: Tentakill


My apology on the ‘late’ review. Due to being busy, getting money for the edits and life. I almost missed out on the last member of the Seacons. Thanks to De Scott, I bought his copy he used for photos for 90 bucks. Which explains the rub on Decepticon logo on his lower stomach.

Without any more lip service lets get on with the review.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 023

Right out the box, Thousand Kills is direct homage to wicked man with some nasty plans look to him. His dreadful snarl, intense yellow eyes and creepy tentacles makes him one of the most imposing figures in the team, next to Iron Shell.


The only gripe is why he wasn’t released sooner?! Out of this whole set this the best freakesh looking figure.


And there’s lots of good about Thousand Kills. His paint job is meticulous, well coordinated and eye catching. Furthermore QC on Thousand Kills is robust like the rest of the figures. This time TFC finished strong on this set.


When it comes to transforming him into ‘all’ three of his modes you have to follow this one rule. Don’t worry the rule is doesn’t have to be followed.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 027

For the beginning take the tentacles off. Transforming him all three modes will be a lot smoother for the first time. Once you get use to it you can leave them on.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 028

TFC_Tentakill part 1 029

Also you can break down the tentacles into smaller section, to reduce the arms weight in arm mode. I will get into that business later. For now here’s what you can do.

Turret mode

Perhaps one of the most unique modes I have ever seen. It looks like something out of a H.P. Lovecraft sci fi short story, like a fish man using an gun turret on some folk. The tentacles give it a nasty horrid twist to it.

Keep in mind the tentacles gives you options in regards on how you want the turret displayed.

Squid Mode

The monstrous face I can only appreciate. Love the sharp teeth and the ‘Shut yo Ass up’ facial expression too.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 033

TFC_Tentakill part 1 032

Who ever designed this face I salute you on a job well done! This is truly what I call beautiful.

Arm mode (Love and Hate)

TFC_Tentakill and addons 003

Love: They look great! It really brings out the dread nature of King Ps appearance. More so, more like I said previously you have the option to display them as you so damn please.

TFC_Tentakill and addons 004

Bad: See that piece hanging out like Lebron James and a desolate democrat rally? That doesn’t tab into anywhere. In addition full attachment of the tentacles weighs the arm done in combine mode too. Also full attachment on the tentacles looks dread ful. Kind a looks like exploding fire works. And no I have not come up with a way to display it yet. After all I am not a shelf collector.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 001
See what I mean about dreadful?
TFC_Tentakill part 1 002
Well perhaps full attachment tentacles can be fixed?
TFC_Tentakill part 1 005
Maybe it can be saved but I have to spend time displaying tentacles swaying in combine mode.


Tentakill was more than I expected for him to be. Blown away by appearance and taken away by his solid ratchets and durability.

Posing him is not a problem, You can manipulate the tentacles to counter the weight, which is an added bonus when I pulled off terrifying pictures.

Do I recommend Thousand Kills? I actually do, if you want to invest in all six members and have the sea cons. I give him a solid 10/10. He gives you options for all three modes in regards to displaying. And the transformation is fun also. Thanks for reading

TFC: King Poseidon Update


Good evening here’s a brief update on King Poseidon. For those who own Iron shell, do you remember the alternative ball joint head he comes with? In addition have you seen the King Poseidon neck replacement video? I watched it I found a safer way to install the neck replacement. It’s similar to fella doing on the video link. But I took a short route, instead of cutting the metal replacement rod he comes with.

  1. You have to take the back piece apart, just like the video.
  2.  Unfortunately you do have to cut off the green plastic that’s attached to the current neck piece.
  3. Pray, cuss, and use strength to pull the old pin out.

I used a needle nose pliers and the pull shimmy technique. Trust me it was a BITCH pulling that damn pin out and avoiding stressing the plastic.

Once that done my friend get some grease. If you have the grease that came with GTs Gravity builder and you still have it use it. You will need to grease the metal pin done. Also lube up the slots you suppose to slide the pin. For the hard to reach slots, I recommend using a very thin but long paint brush or something to grease the insides down.

Once you got everything lubed up then put the new neck on and slide the metal pin in. It took me about and hour and forty five minutes to get the damn thing in Last but not least you do have to take King Ps head off and re attach it to the new neck joint. Now King P has an adjustable neck.

With neck stretched forward look

King p new head 001
This is how he looks with neck forward.

As you can see having the neck extended Forward eliminates the empty space when it was sitting back. I don’t and never had a problem with his ole head positioned on his body. It does allow him to have dramatic left and right movement on his head now.

Head adjusted to previous position.

King p new head 009
This gives him more dramatic movement.

He can a serious ‘HO-ZONE LAYER ABOVE looking up. And menacing looking downward tilt. More so, you’re able to tilt his head for a curious or confused King P head pose.

I stuck with the head back because of the dramatic look down won my black heart. However I will take advantage of the option I have with the extended neck forward. This is just an update nothing special. Here are some photos I took below.

King p new head 014

King p new head 015
Ho ZONE Layer above!

King p new head 016

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in picking up King Poseidon. Stop By GCI Toys and get the set. Dr. Killinger has the best prices and he can meet all your third party needs.


TFC_King Poseidon Overview.


Good evening everyone, doing something ‘new’ for the collector blog when it comes to combiners. Combiners are going to get a overview. What ‘overview’ means, when I have spent time with combine mode to taking team shots. To be specific I want I never get tired of testing QC all the way. After I put King P through gauntlet of poses and team shots. Let’s say TFC has earned my love.

Combine mode

When I had the first two figures I knew King P will be the one! As time went on and along came Mentarazor and Death Claw TFC is not fucking around with QC anymore. In addition is why he can hold many cool action poses.


Plus he one handsome photogenic combiner too.


All Combiner cannot hold this ‘about to run’ pose with ease like King Poseidon.

King Poseidon really amazes the hell out of me. I don’t see any weaknesses in posing him. Keep in mind the weight of the sword does not hinder him posing at all.  Some will say or wha-bulance about the paint chipping off. If shelf collectors take the time to look at him for two minutest they’ll see TFCs true intent is to have him look like he’s been a fight.

Photogenic aka Handsome

I took over 100 plus pictures of King Poseidon alone. The colors work well with one another. To get down to it his physique is something look at. He’s short, wide shoulders like a swimmer and one serious armor plated chest. Perfect symmetry of a short muscular man with long beefy arms.Also adding sfx effects to King P, really brings him to life. The icing on the cake is the light pipe work. TFC keep doing the light pipe for the eyes.





The Team

After transforming them and taking pictures of them. I will be honest, this is by far the best combiner team TFC has ‘ever’ made! I am not going to going to compare the Poseidon team to my GT devastator, that’s like comparing an apple to a grape. Different plastic aesthetic and different designers, to me that’s very big dummy like. However  I will say when it comes to handling them. QC wise I don’t have any worries when it comes to playing with them. But I do have to be mindful with Mentarazors’ stingers and Death Claws pincers. Besides pricking my fingers on the sharp edges on Menta and Death Claw, all the figures have tons of ratchets in them.

Appearance wise they look good together. Despite the different colors on their bodies they do give off a maniacal seal team 6 vibe though.



Each figure is an individual, like I said put them together you get this special forces feel to them. I did size comparison for myself, standing Big bite, Mentarazor and the rest of them to my MP sized figures. To my astonishment the four members are the same height MP side swipe and Iron Shell is tad shorter than MP prime. Difference between MP 10 Prime and Iron shell, Irons shell is more chiseled than prime.

overview rating

Not pussy footing with ya on this a solid 10/10 and well done TFC. Engineering a scramble city combiner is not easy. TFC goes the extra mile of allowing us collectors to do ‘fan mode’ to limb connection and turret mode. To us who over stand engineering, knows what TFC has done with Poseidon is not an easy feat to accomplish, being mindful to have stalwart QC.

Like I said in past review, this is the combiner to invest in you will not be sorry at all. Some people are on the fence about pulling the trigger on this set. Take a page out of my play book. 1. Value QC and Value appearance. 2. Articulation. These are my high standards of dropping 500 to 600 dollar investment on a combiner. Believe me you don’t want to get a combiner and spend more time troubleshooting issues than playing with the figure right? Take my review to heart, this is not my opinion I am sharing my experience with the King P set so far. And let me tell everything is all good. I can’t wait for Thousand kills and the new stuff for King P that comes with him.

TFC_DeathClaw Review


Good Evening everyone. All I got to say is completion! I should’ve done a review on Death Claw before I conducted the combine mode. Combine Mode for King P will have two parts, therefore I might as well get Death Claws review out of the way.

In my opinion Death Claws QC rivals Iron Shell QC, specifically the many ratchets packed in Death Claw is phenomenal. Once again all the alternate transformation for Death Claw is fun, also allows you to go fan mode too. I will start with QC and Articulation, Turret Mode and limb mode. However I did not use the foot for the turret mode because of the detail betwixt show where everything is suppose to be tabbed in.

QC and Articulation

As I said before through out my coverage of the Seacons, TFC has blown me away with their engineering. Also DeathClaw pulls some athletic poses for a figure for his size.

Perfect deep bend on the elbows.
Nice ratchet shoulder joints and get full 360 movement.
90 degree knee bend.
Limited leg movement forward because of Death Claws leg design.
Full bend back.
As for thigh swivels. Limited movement you don’t get the full 360 because of good design choice by TFC.


Best damn articulated figure next to Iron Shell. Now that I am on this subject, dare I say the set gets stronger with each release of the figures.


Color and detail

The color apps are uniformed and goes with Death Claw. However some of the pictures you can see some of the paint was worn off. Not snapping to judgement but I believe this might be TFCs intention? Here’s why doesn’t Death Claw look like a seasoned warrior, with his paint coming off?

The detail on Death Claw outstanding.

Even though his face not painted. The detail makes up for it in detail. I was going to count this against the figure but the camera doesn’t lie. The detail is very strong on his matte gray face.

Lobster mode.

The crazy lobster mode is in fact monstrous. TFC added some Lovecraft flavor for each figure. When I finally got him in his lobster mode, I said to myself ‘Damn this is a  freaking monster, this is not a lobster.’

Turret mode

Turret mode gives you more option to display Death Claw in.

My way: Using the legs as the triggers, you know keeping him creepy.
A good look at it from above.
Now the party is at the bottom of DeathClaw. I left the shoulder pads out and in. and keep the claws open.

Leg Mode

Nothing actually special here, the transformation is very close to turret mode. The only difference is you don’t have to extend him. Instead you have to collapse the waist, no need for the combiner elbow joint in this mode.

Final thoughts:

Okay I am very mind blown at TFC’s handy work with the set. Also I see they’re going to finish off strong with Thousand kills, I can’t wait to get my hands on. I am going to give it to you straight. This is going to be the combiner people will miss out on because of TFCs passed errors on combiners. Therefore keep in mind a lot of height freaks won’t even bother with this set because of King P doesn’t meet their precious scale standards. If you’ve been following my reviews on this set and taking my word for it. You are in for a real treat when you have all five members in hand. These figures are meant to be played with you got my seal of approval.

Death Claw I will give him a solid 10/10 out of ten his good overshadowed his unpainted face. I do recommend him to none shelf collector and collectors who are not scale Fascist. You’re really going to enjoy Death Claw and all of his brothers in arms.

If you want to get DeathClaw and the rest of the Seacons please contact GciToys

GCI toys has the best prices and meet your third party transformer fix. Tell the good Dr. Killinger what you need and he’ll do his best remedy your plastic craving. FYI: GCI will have upgrade kits for Iron Shell and weapons for the Seacon team. Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening.

TFC_King Poseidon Review part 1


Good evening everyone. I completed King Poseidon aka ‘the combiner TFC got right!’ Before I get started, let me give a thank you to Dr. Killinger at GCI Toys for getting DeathClaw to me so fast. I will post the website to GCIToys after the review. So let’s get to the review shall we?

Remember back when I reviewed Cyber Jaw and Big Bite? Specifically when I go on and on about, ‘this will be the combiner TFC will get right?

TFC has done it, finally a combiner that doesn’t suffer the traditional TFC ‘wobble’ at the hips. Also the TFC involuntary leg splits is a thing of the past. TFC has won my trust again and I will be looking forward to their next combiner.

QC and Articulation

Let’s talk about the outstanding quality about King P. He’s one stocky ratchet out combiner I own. He can hold a lot of poses effortlessly, that’s why this is part one of my review blog on the combine mode. Because I ran out of good sunshine taking pictures of him. More so the set is scramble city along with insane articulation is all over this figure.


Perfect bend.

A solid knee bend along with the melodic sound of knee ratchets.

 Double jointed at the knee.

Also take advantage of the connector joint to get a double jointed  bend. However due to the turtle foot in the back you have to maneuver it bit to get it.

Limited arm raising here.

Unfortunately the range of motion to allow to have his arms straight out is not possible. One Big bite: I have untab the chest piect to get King P to hold the right arm straight out. DeathClaw: No can do with him becasue of the shoulder pieces clash with the turtle foor behind the King P breast plate. Despite that, the figure makes up for it by having hardy joints and ratchets. Yup the arm strength on King P is top-notch.


Yup he’s in minor A split stance. Well I can do a split but I wanted to test the ball joints strength for him holding this deep A stance.

Predator made this for him.

I posed him like this, holding his mighty spear he bought at the Predator rummage sale. The spear  pegs well into his hand. Also all five fingers lock the spear in place, dare I say it’s overly secured. But having a combiner that has Kung Fu grip 10.0 is a good thing to me.

Paint applications

Cohesive, crisp, vibrant and uniformed. To be crystal clear that application for the individual figures meshes well when King P is in combine mode. Hats off to the colorist at TFC for pulling these color off to make them work with King P. Word I want to say, but I have to put in a sentence. The colors on King P are warm colors and cool colors are suppose to clash. Instead the colors compliment each other at the same time shows distinction between what figure is the leg or arm. I hope I made since, if I didn’t oh well I tried.


Pose ability

Okay pictures will be limited for this review because King P has more to offer when it comes to posing. In addition TFC pulls off an engineering feat with melee weapons the team have. You can go ‘fan mode’ on making your own weapon for King P and that’s what I really dig about this Seacon Set. You can really get versatile with the weapons and go scramble city to your hearts desire.



Here’s some picture of my handy work with the spear


The King is short, I believe he’s an inch shorter than oridon. Today everyone has a Nephlim complex for wanting colossal combiners even though they have parts forming or not so good QC. The biggest thing for me is QC. QC and appearance has to be in harmony with combiners. After all  I am a collector and I expect to get my moneys worth and then some, when I go in on a combiner set. TFC has exceeded what I wanted out of this set. TFC is going into the right direction with the new engineers they have and I hope they get better in their next combiner coming up.

Recommend him?

If you’re scale communist I certainly do not recommend him for you at all. Because scale leftist will be wha-bulancing for days about him being too short and all that nonsense.

If you want a solid, heavy combiner that has hardy joints and ratchets King P is the set to get. My overall rating of King P is 10/10, minor issues of articulation is over shadowed on the poses I got him in. Also the ratchets, I can’t stop talking about how bad ass they are. This is a combiner you can literally play with.

This is the end of the first blog review. Be sure to check out GciToys to get King Poseidon for yourself.  Take care and thanks for reading.



TFC_Mentazor Review

tfc_mentarazor-025Good evening and welcome to my review on TFCs Mentarazor.

Four members down and two more to go. However DeathClaw will be coming soon and I can’t wait to have King Poseidon completed. Before go on and on lets get to the review.

As you know I always like to start off with the good and bad. I will begin with the bad to get it out of the way to the positive side about this figure. There’s a lot of good about Mentarazor.


The only bad thing I found with Menta is the  left leg. It was  a tad too stiff to move. So I cracked it open and re-adjusted the ratchets in it. However it’s still a tad stubborn, but for now I am going to let time be the judge of this. Such as keep transforming him in all his modes and hope the ratchets over come the stiffness. If not I will put some grease on it to cure that tiny-human error.


He does have three modes. Also Mentarazor gives you many fan mode options to display him in. More so I will go in order from Stingray mode, turret, both limb modes and last bot mode.


I dig this mode, Menta looks creepy hell all of his team mates look creepy anyway. But this one especially. The translucent plastic makes the mode give it definite pop to make him look striking.

Love how the Stingray mode is ‘clean’ everything is tabbed in. Also this mode is solid.
Be mindful of the sharp plastic stingers when you handle him, you can injury yourself mishandling them.


The tail tip here is attachable. It comes in a little plastic bag with six green screw covers. Hypothesis: If you remember viewing Thousand kills tentacles. I believe his tentacles will be identical to Mentarazors tail, specifically appearance, articulation and texture. I will see once I have Thousand kills in hand.

Gun Turret

Gun turret mode the instruction is not that clear on specifically how TFC wants you to display him. After going back through it again, I kind of get the picture on why TFC was kind of, eh well vague. You can go fan mode on this. The punch line folks, midway through the transformation you have to go by the instruction. Such as securing the feet, head, arms and all that. After that you can leave the wings up or down, arms tabbed on the sides or have them up, but it’s completely up to your taste.

I left the wings down and the feet hanging down. As for the arms I wanted them secure as you can see. So now he looks like a Galaga space up betwixt gun turret.

Arm mode

Arm mode is another display option. In addition both options I will show works!

Option 1: This is how the instructions suggest you can have Menta as an arm. Pay attention to the feet tabbed into the pegs on his robo booty. You get a full 90 degree bend at the elbow joint.


Option 2( Fan mode)

When you have the feet collapsed on the shins. And adjust the legs like so, you will get a double elbow bend instead of one.
Now you get this ‘dynamic’ double elbow bend here. If this option gives you an idea or helped make your mind up, cool! As for me I am going to keep him as a leg till I get all of them. Then I will do another piece for a display option blog.

Leg mode

Foot mode is stalwart, like I said in my previous review on Cyber Jaw when I put him leg mode for the first time. ‘TFC’ is going to get this right the leg is solid and durable to support weight. As for Menta, TFC astounds me once again with their engineering.

I didn’t tab the wings into the pegs on the flanks of the mighty leg I was too eager to take this shot to show off detail.
Warning! The instruction didn’t mention on extending the waist of Menta for leg mode. As a matter of fact the booklet guideline just jumps to the next picture showing the leg like so. To give ya heads up when going from arm mode to leg mode, keep the waist elongated so everything tabs in correctly.

Robot Mode

Robot mode is on the level of absolute eye candy like the previous modes I just covered.

Menta’s facial expression is similar to a dude that will give you attitude before he blows your head off.



Note: You can untab the wings and rotate them to the next port, to give Menta a seeker look.
The feet here have to be locked in.
If you want to take advantage of his articulation in his feet unlock the feet. You can manipulate the ball joints on the feet for posing purposes.

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on Menta is positive. Opinion wise hes the second best figure next to Iron Shell in this set so far. Fine attention to detail is here in Menta and the QC is top notch, even though I had to troubleshooting I don’t count that against TFC. Other impressive feats in Mentarazor is in the engineering, he’s solid on all three modes and you have a ‘fan mode’ option in some of the modes as well.

The paint apps are spot on, just enough to make Mentarazor eye catching in appearance. Light pipe in the eyes, is cohesive with translucent plastic on his body. TFC has made the translucent plastic work on the team so far.

I do recommend Mentarazor and the set to collectors that play with their figures from time to time. Trust me Mentarazor is built to last. Once you get him you won’t stop playing with him.

If you want pick Mentarazor up and go all in on TFC’s King P. Go to GCI TOYS

and see how the Good Dr. Killinger can help you in your collecting needs.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

TFC King Poseidon Update.

Good afternoon, and I have just ‘fan made’ King Poseidon spear. Well it all started last night when I was messing around with the  teams weapons. On  the packaging it shows King P holding a spectacular sword. So I decided to make it, well at least attempt to. As fate has it I don’t have all the weapons to make that magnificent melee weapon. Instead I made the spear.

Looks like King P hit up the Predator discount sale here.

I made this handsome spear. In my opinion King P should have a spear as his primary weapon of choice after all he’s the terror of the sea right?  More so TFC finally makes a combiner that all the weapons can be used.  Here’s another pic of the fan made spear.

I really dig the detail on this.

Arm Strength

As a spoiler here are some pictures displaying King Ps arm strength betwixt balancing act on one leg.

Outstanding! He’s holding the spear slightly behind his head.
No need to worry he has  a ‘nasty’ grip on this spear. Consider it Kung-fu grip 3,000


Got Gewalt holding King P up right. As you can see the stubborn ratchets and joints allows King P to hold his weapon straight out in front of his body.

Side pose.

And last but not least size comparison on how big this spear is compared to Gewalt below.


Well that’s it. That’s all that I have for now till I get Mentarazor. GCI Toys will is expecting the shipment any time now. However if you like what you see give me a like on here. And if you’re interested in the TFC King Poseidon Kit please visit GCI Toys. Thanks for reading and look out for my review on Mentarazor in a few days.


After playing around with IronShell for a bit. This is what I found out today to make his transformation to bot mode easier. On the instruction it’s a little too vague for me. As you know me I find stuff out on figures because I mess around with my collection. Take a look at the photos and read the captions.

See the peg holes? The salmon pink tabs click into these slots ‘before’ you collapse the waist.
These salmon pink tabs are meant to plug into the slots on the back. To have a snug fit, it will set flush from a birds eye view.
Another pic of caution make sure you have all of this lined up, then plugged in before you collapse the waist. Once that’s done collapse the waist and peg in the shell on the back. FYI make sure flip down the green tab on the peg hole.

Oh well that’s it just wanted you all to be on the safe side while transforming Iron Shell. Be a stickler for tabbing in everything for combine mode too. Because making sure everything lines up right is in full effect as well.




Good morning and a late happy Thanksgiving to you all. Spent Turkey day with Ironshell and trust me people when I say Iron Shell is worth his asking price. Iron shell has the silent bruiser feel about him. In addition his QC is cohesive with his appearance of ‘built’ to last. Without anymore intro babbling lets get on to the review.


  Nothing bad about Iron shell at all, and that’s the first when it comes to TFC. Iron Shell Attention to detail is ‘all’ over this figure all they way down to the Quality Control.


Lots and lots of good about Iron Shell. And I can go on and on about it. To make this an easy read for you  I will mention the highlights about the figure. Like I said before the ‘detail’ starting with texture of the figure.

The design and rich textures on the shell and legs on Iron Shell is fantastic. Looks like TFC has gotta a wizard making the translucent plastic work on on his body. The transformation is easy and awesome.To be frank everything on his body works, snaps into place and Iron shell is very solid in all three forms. Also when transforming him into bot mode, you push in the elbow joints to push the hands out. To me that is clever instead of prying the hands out with the good ole finger nail.


This section of the review I going to brutal honesty route. I have never handled a well made combiner main body figure since Leo Dux of the Feral Cons. When it comes to QC and appearance IronShell and Leo Dux should be the poster kids for it. What I am getting at Iron shell is well made and I can’t get over TFC made this.

Even though these are running and kneeling poses. How many main body combiner figures can hold these pose with no fidgeting? Well Iron Shell can. TFC has got this right, I’ve been saying that since I bought the first two figures from GCI. Since I am the proud owner of Iron Shell I literally pat myself on the back for giving TFC another chance.

Walking pose he held with no problem. Reason why is the hinge and ball sockets made into his beautiful feet.

How install the gun properly

I am just going to nip this in the bud. The instruction says to leave the hand closed and you can install it that way. WRONG don’t do it do it that way. The best way to do it is to leave the hand open. Insert the gun into the hand first. Second pull the salmon pink grip out and back into the hand. Key thing make sure everything is lined up. Get this the hand will naturally close around IronShells firearm.tfc_ironshell-015

Weapons…Exotic is the word here.

I am thinking this is going to be two melee weapons. One a sword and the other a clobbering Mace. Also you’ll get four silver weapons guards, only showing two here. Also inside of the weapon hilt there’s a gray strong plastic piece inside. I believe its going to be a support piece for the sword? I don’t know have to wait and see till additional pieces come with more figures.

Blade Paton

I am displaying these blade thingies like so. This could be engineers intention to have Iron Shell use them like this.

Turtle mode

What I find striking in his  mean looking turtle mode is the light pipe in the turtle head. More so how TFC made the turtle mode look like a tank on four stubby legs.

IronShell is a turtle but this the most handsome mean looking turtle I have ever played with. Everything locks into place in the turtle mode as well.

The half Combine Mode

A few months back some you tube podcast was saying the combine is too short, head is too small and the head sets too far back. Okay pay those clowns no attention at all. I sure as hell didn’t. For having Poseidon in hand, actually he’s proportionate for a stocky combiner.On that note TFC pulls off some amazing engineering in the combine mode as well. Unfortunately I can’t go into detail in combine mode. Just going to share this picture with you.

Height wise he’s a head shorter than oridin. But he’s more beefy than oridin, Better QC than Oridin, let’s say King P I will have no worries playing around with him. The head doesn’t sit far back at all. The shell/ chest plate make it appear that it does. For the record pay other you tube reviewers no attention or call them out. In addition the head is ‘big’ still working on conjuring up a way to get out easier.

Key option in Combine mode

The combine mode is scramble city. I will not have Cyber Jaw as  a foot, I want him as an arm. But I have to be patient and wait for all of the figures to be released and then I can assign who will be what limb. So far big bite will be the right arm. Which leaves me to tentakill, I call him intent-ta-kill. I have to see what he looks like as limb. Hell I might have him as an arm. The combine mode is going to be a grab session for collectors like me.


TFC has come a long way and thanks be to God they got this combiner right on the money. We will see more combiners done like King P? When I played with IronShell for the first time, I kept saying this is not a TFC product, I am being punked but yes this is a TFC product.  I have a funny feeling that King P will be over looked because he’s not as tall as the other 15 inches or taller combiners.

Ironshell is one articulated figure. And the sound of those ratchets is music to my ears. To be frank TFC made solid ratchets in the hips and legs of iron shell. So the TFC wobble splits is thing of the past now.

I actually highly recommend Iron Shell you’ll get your moneys worth also he’s a blast to play with. I give him a rating of 10/10 a perfect score. Most importantly IronShell is kibble free! Nothing will flop or wobble once you secure everything into place.

Here’s the link to GCI website where you can pick up Iron Shell, Cyber Jaw and Big Bite. Just click on the link Below.

GCI Toys

That’s going to it for me enjoy and a have a blast.