Muhomad the Murdering Muslim update!

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Audo record of Justine being executed by Noor the Murderer. Currently the police department has not delivered an open statement on why the Harrity and Ass Hat Noor did not have their body cameras turned on when Justine approached Harrity’s cruiser.

According to the witness she was seen speaking to Harrity on the drivers side of cop car. I repeat it’s still fucked up on why the body cameras were not turned on. On the audio link above a policeman says he hears a woman screaming from behind the building And that’s when the foreign invader Mohumed Noor open fired on Justine. Things are getting interesting, the truth is coming out and the light is being shined on the Nazi Coon’n Betsy Hodges is doing.

Since Noor is a dumb ass Muslim I can only guess a few reasons why he shot an unarmed woman. Hold up let me stop being nice, and call it what is. Noor Shot Justine because she’s European Descent and she may be a devote Christian. Which brings me to guess number one. In the Satanic Koran is commands Noor to kill any Christian he says, because Allah aka Satan commands him to. Second, in his dirty filthy eyes he shot her because she was not covered, as Satans’ Koran dictate that all women are worthless and should be oppressed. Third is Justine may have walked up on Noor participating on the sexual assault himself? After all they do have jihadist muslims living in that area targeting European Descent people, saying to women they will rape them. And Noticed one thing following this story, the pussy muslims like Noor are not doing this in the ‘African Descent areas.”

This is just an update. To the family I have no idea what you’re going through neither am I going to even patronize the family either. But I will say fight the hell out of this Demand Noor be put to death, Expose the Mayor for the Nazi Coon she is after all blood is on her hands for letting the viscous foreign invaders in Minneapolis. Go after the Mayor and her precious evil foreign invaders. And do not be friend the Mayor get justice and righteous retribution for the evil they have committed.


Mohamed Noor Murders Justine Damond

Murdering ass Muslim. And Minneapolis police department is Nazi Coon’n for this foreign invader descendant.

Another filthy foreign invader kills another person. This time things are ‘very’ different. For this blog I am going to call it like it is. The murder of Justine Damond was committed by no other than this stunt cock Mohamed Noor. What makes this ‘very’ interesting is the main stream media Nazi Coon’n for this roach Mohamed.

Now CBS, aka all you see is B.S. is now turning this horrific event into politicize campaign for gun control. Now this is how retarded the Main stream media is. Ya see this waste of carbon wastage Mohamed was trained to shoot a gun as fate has it he shoots an unarmed Justine Damond. And the shit brain CBS broadcast wants to push gun control when this country needs to push, ‘no more foreign invaders in America!’ I am done calling these demented fart bags migrants.

Minnesota becoming a beacon for jihadist Somalians

The problem is Minneapolis is becoming a place for foreign invaders from Somali to go to. With already growing disgusting population, FBI probes believe there are terrorist cells in the city already. The elder foreign invaders worry about their inbred offspring will not know about their ass backwards sharia law heritage.  Somalia is 99.8 percent freaking muslim. And these dumb ass elders left that place because of oppression and like all dumb ass muslims they want to bring that oppressive shit here, unfucking believable.

We don’t know who Mohamed Noor is

See Mohamed hails from that derp-derp cyst puss pool community. And you can see in his recent actions that his sharia Law is conflicting to the Constitution he swore an oath too.

Before I get into the recent kill he committed on Justine Damond, lets shed some light on this losers past.

Little Boy Noir has a degree in business administration and economics, from Augsburg College. When he was in college the jihadist was property manager for commercial residence. During this time he lived in that piss poor community I mentioned previously that the elders grow concerns that their inbred offspring will not know their Somalian heritage. During his time as property manager, there’s an open federal case on Mohamed Noor.

On May 25, 2017 complaint filed by Teresa M. Graham. Her full statement refills that Mohamed and another officer entered her place of residence with no warrant, detained her by force, injuring her and breaking property of hers.

She called 911 to report some stoner sitting on her wall high on weed. The police dept did nothing. Then people made false report that Teresa was mentally ill and she needed help. That’s when Officer foreign invader and his partner fucks up right there. The problem with this, you have Nazi Coons in Minnesota Coon’n for these Somalians.

Mohamed Murders Justine and Nazi Coons have come to defend their token foreign invader.

As you already know Justine called 911 and reported that she heard a girl screaming and she believe a sexual assault was going on. Before I go into detail on why I believe Mohamed Noir murdered this woman.

Let’s take a look at the map Daily Mail provided.


On the map here is play by play on what happened. Feel free to click on it zoom in and study it for yourself.

What makes this story such bullshit, is Mohamed and his dumb ass partner turn off their body cameras, when Justine was approaching them. Suddenly Mohameds’ inbred ass reaches over his partner and shoots Justine dead. Now the partner is who witnessed this has little or nothing to say as the investigation continues. Which brings to the conclusion that Betsy Hodges aka Nazi Coon Queen for the Somalians’ says she wants a quick investigation.

From looking at this case and reading what’s available. Mohamed did kill Justine Damond because his ass was covering for one of his rape crazed jihadist kin folk. Here’s why. You do remember me saying the elder foreign invaders want their children know their fucked heritage. But the culture in the U.S. is free and this is what the elders are not use to and do not like, I promise you that because no asshat muslim likes freedom period, its the koran or nothing with them. Second I do believe a woman was raped in  that alley and the person that did it may be one of Mohamed recitatives, close friend or someone he knows from his community of bullshit.

The point is why did they turn their body cameras off? That’s an easy one so they couldn’t incriminate themselves in aiding the perpetrator. I believe Justine may have seen Mohamed in the wrong, caught him red handed defending one of us jihadist rapist buddies. Then he reaches across his partner and shoots Justine dead.

It seems far fetched, sloppy and down right What the fuckish! Hell this dumb ass report is what the fuckish too and reeks of bullshit!!! Mohamed says he’s sorry but sorry is not going to bring Justine back to life.


Something is very wrong in Minneapolis and its the Muslim Somalia and their sharia Law tactics. This woman is dead because of Betsy Hodges Coon’n for monetary gain and acceptance for some Goddamn welfare parasites. No offense to the Justines’ family and friends. I am going to real with ya. You’re not going to get a fair shake in a democratic place that has politician that coons for refugees. Please hire a private detective to solve this case for you and do not talk to cops in Minnesota and stay clear of Betsy Hodges. Mohamed Noor killed Justine and that the truth. He shot an unarmed woman about to be married the death penalty is called for here.

Muslim about to be Governor of Michigan.

No country for Islam_Dr Abide

Whoreson Obamas plan was to get assneck beta male muslims and islam through every window of facet in America. The facets are education system, positions of power, law enforcement agencies and with the purpose to spread the stupidity of islam in America and all over the world.

Now bitch made Obama is out, unfortunately his plan is till going on.  The Muslim ‘fag’ brotherhood has now begun the attack in Michigan. A liar, a stunt cock and a trojan horse by the name of Abdul el-sayed. What this dirty lying bastard has in plan is completely fucked up and goes against the very fabric of the Constitution.

This lousy beta male has made it clear he wants to be Governor of MichiganGovernor of Michigan. Just like Whore child Obama he doesn’t speak with the lethargic arabic accent. He’s a very smooth convincing con man, just like majority of the followers of the koran. Also this ungrateful sand turd doesn’t like Trump at all. He has the he pussy to say that Trumps moves to make this country great goes against American values. No that right there has my bullshit radar on a frenzy. When does this Koran following diaper stain know anything about American values? If you say he doesn’t then you are absolutely correct!

The thing is Dearborn Michigan is already the start of a swamp, this time a goddamn Sharia Swamp. If this whore child Abdul wins that will be the fate of Michigan and drunk stripper named Sharia Law starts. To back this up Dick Manasseri, who’s head of a group called secure Michigan.  He warns that Michigan will be under Sharia Law in no time. And this is why I am getting this word out about Abdul the trojan Hala goat our in the open now!

Now Manasseri states, he’s a copy cat just like fag bait Obama is. In Manasseri’s words, ‘

“He’s young, attractive, he does not give out a lot of information, he speaks in platitudes about celebrating inclusiveness and diversity.”

“He’s very well packaged,” Manasseri said. “He’s far more accomplished than Barack Obama. Obama was not this accomplished, they connected him to certain foundations and his candidacy took off.”

And to be the true dawn of hope to the left here’s the very foundations Manasseri is talking about. Starting with the Nazi Coon traitor foundations first.

Elizabeth Warren,  DNS members one is Keith Ellison

Abdul is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Abdul will deny connection with them and lie to your face that there’s no Sharia swamp in Michigan…But it is. You tube it and watch when you research this for yourself. In addition Abdul is being groomed by George Soros also.

The next step, you’ll see Abdul the bearded bitch on Sunday morning shows telling lies, kissing ass and being completely fake for the months to come. If you’re a reporter reading this blog hammer him with Muslim Brotherhood connection and why is he close to George Soros and watch him lie to his face.

In addition this is a 5 step plan the Brotherhood made up to destroy America. This was secret till the FBI took down one of the Isamic sodomizing training grounds. And the document was authored by Muslim Brotherhood man whore Yusuf al-Qaradwai.

What’s really alarming that these beta males are close on reaching their goal. They’re not smart enough to do this alone, It’s the Nazi Coon sell out Democrats socialist in disguise liberals are aiding them left and right. President Trump is well aware of this and this is why he put laws in place to prevent more sand goons coming into this country under the sheep clothing of a refugee. The thing is there’s sleeper cells in America that are waiting for the zero hour to attack. Once that attack happens, then its all over for America. But here’s how you can stop it.

Help President Trump! I know he’s incredible man and bad ass President fighting the evil in the world. But President Trump needs everyones help, do your part on blogging about the truth, passing around articles such ass info wars ect. In addition get together with a buddy or group and do networks on reporting the movement of these ungrateful seventh century minded sub humans. Run for office, become a police officer or toss in your hat to run for a seat of power and make this a country that’s anti islam. Now here’s my part to help you or someone who’s reading and want to do something.

Here’s map of 22 islamic training facilities. These networks are not new and have been around for a while, it doesn’t mean they’re not still operating. FBI is watching them, perhaps some of them has been taken down but don’t take their word for it. Be vigilant and do not let do not let these assneck ungrateful off the hook. As for Michigan wake the hell up, you’re that for from having a grown ass inbred muslim force sharia law on you. Fight for your state and make anti-muslim laws.


House Resolution 257, Senate Resolution 118 makes free speech a criminal act! Thanks to traitor Nazi Coon of the Week Marco Rubio

Nazi Coon Logo_Marco Rubio

Under the cover of night again the traitor swamp monsters strikes! I just found out that the traitorous Senate passed a bill Marco Rubio secretly pushed under the cover of night called ‘House Resolution 257, Senate Resolution. This will make Freedom of Speech a hate crime period. To be specifical Marco Rubio is licking ass crack of filthy muslims in this country who are protected class. If this bill passes that means muslims get their ass neck Sharia Law into America that is ‘no country for islam.’

Thanks to Freedom Daily-Video, Prissy Holly made I think last night. Marco Rubio has been Coon’n for muslims of the Muslim Brotherhood and Cair for a long time. Like I said before this the Muslim ‘beta male’ Brotherhood to secretly shimmy in Sharia Laws that chip away at the Constitution that protects our God given rights as human beings. For the dumb ass trendies and fuck bubble democrats along with establishment that want this country to fall for their globalist masters. There’s no fucking need for this law with the harsh hate crime laws we already have. But this House Resolution 257, Senate Resolution, will only protect ungrateful uneducated muslims and will completely exclude Christians. Rubio is not the only Coon that pushed for this bill Kamala D Harris, traitorous democratic wench pushed for it too. Which brings to supply the names I have found betwixt provided for you so you can bring this to President Trumps attention.

On that previous Link you can write or call the President himself and let him know what Marco Nazi Coon did and hold President Trumps feet to fire on having Marco Rubio on the fire for being a full blown terrorist himself. I already tweeted the President, emailed him and last I will call him, my way of putting his feet on the coals to have this Senate 118 bullshit dead on arrival.

I for one is pissed off and will knock any Nazi Coon back to where they came from for Coon’n for so goddamn Jihadist. I am game what about you? Are you going to do something or be more evil and do nothing?


Sheriff Clarke harassed by CAIR jihadist sponsored by George Soros

No country for Islam

Late to the prom on this one. Glad I found this article, in addition give you the latest stunt by the George Soros sluts for intolerance, the muslims. Before I begin let me say this. I have everything against any ass wipe that practices Islam. Islam is not a religion neither is it peaceful and Muslims saying that they are tolerant, they are not!!!! Warning you reader, do the research on satans bible, the koran yourself. I have a funny feeling a good chunk of people will not I will have to do a full report on Islam and show pictures and videos of these child molesting sluts.

On May 1st George Soros Partnered with Cair (Council of American Islamic Relations…It can be interpenetrated as anything and it will not be wrong ugggh.) With intentions of Sabotaging Sheriff Clark. Soros and his bought Muhammad but boys are attempting to intimidate Trump and his team to not appoint David Clark to DHS ( Department of Homeland Security) Last year Clark supported Ted Cruz on Muslim welfare leeching neighbor hoods should be patrolled for security purposes. As you know the ungrateful intolerant jihadist don’t think the law should apply them.

In their hollow words they said such a law is unconstitutional, unworkable and it promotes profiling on muslims and counter productive.

So when did doing job that’s suppose to ensure safety for everyone become unconstitutional? The problem is these dumb ass desert goat fuckers have it in their shit brains that they’re above the law. To be clear when the law of the land debunks their political agenda then their he pussies start to bleed out.

From Clark doing it anyway he found out these muslims neighborhoods are training grounds for jihadist that endangers Americans. Clark brought their darkness into the light when he exposed that they practice sharia law. From practicing a a dumb law named after a drunk stripper makes it impossible for law enforcement to respond to danger betwixt put officers in a life threatening situations, Clark points out.

Clark is smart man, he knows Black lives Matter will be stupid enough to join ISIS through Cair and team up with them to wreak havoc on innocent people. Let’s get real the people both groups will targeting is European Descent people in America. And this is why Trump doesn’t want the terrorist on American soil.

When this happen, the scrotum sack faced fucker George Soros gave Cair some cash. Then 10,000 beta males of islam marched to Sheriff Clarks office and called him a Nazi Coon.

Here we go again the idiot left using words they don’t even know the meaning of it. To correct the stupidity of the muslims Nazi means this.

a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler and advocated totalitarian government, territorial expansion, anti-Semitism, and Aryan supremacy, all these leading directly to World War II and the Holocaust.
FYI: Keep the sentence I have under lined in mind please.
Definition of Coon
Is deregatory slang used to insult African Descent people. Now how can Clark be a Nazi Coon? He doesn’t Advocate Totalitarian government, territory neither is he against Jewish folk.
Now Nazi really describes muslims and ass necks that follow the Koran. They advocate intolerance, follow an totalitarian doctrine that is riddle with promoting discrimination and violence. And let’s not forget they muslims are all about killing the Jews, Christians and all other people that don’t bow the grandma dress of Satans’ male whore Muhammad.
Let’s get to coon. Coon is just racial slur, no serious backbone of the definition of one. I gave the word ‘coon’ a definition Coon is fucktard that betrays America for monetary gain. Monetary gain can be money to status, at the expense of betraying your American Countrymen. Also a goddamn Coon will twist the laws of the land to appease foreigners who refuse to ‘integrate’ into American culture, at the same time seeking acceptance from that foreigner and embracing that lesser culture. Last but not least, a Coon will give oppressor(s) a free pass by putting Americans at risk also berating America and its people, and that is a Coon.
Therefore ‘Nazi Coon’ Actually describes this assneck !bitch
Sheriff Clark is not the first to get attack by people licking ole Scrotum sack faced soros.
Democratic Florida state Attorney Aramis Ayala recieved 1.38 million to not seek the death penalty for some crook named Markeith Lloyd.
Now back to Cair now let’s take a closer look at Cair shall we? Cair is intertwined in terrorist organization
In addition Cair is a front group for hammas that fashions itself as Cair aka peaceful loving muslims, but they are not.
The gig is up and now people are aware and taking action is stopping terrorist ass necks coming into this country. As for Soros bullying Clark. That did not work, to make Soros and the muslims leave this country fast is to have Clark become the director of the FBI and make Gowdy the head of homeland security…Happy to piss you off Muslims, this is my country not yours get the fuck out.