FansToys: Koot

Kupp battle field_edited-1

For this review I am not going to call the homage to Kup ‘koot’. 1. It sounds like a synonym for pussy. For this review I am just gonna call him Sarge. The reason why homage to Kup reminds me of an ole grouchy friend of mine who served in the military. In addition the homage of Kup is suppose to me a battle harden staff Sergeant.

Let’s get to the bad first. Thing I didn’t like was the transformation. At times it can be serious nail biter betwixt frustrating first time you do it. FansToys make up for by reinforcing the tough plastic for the panels of plastic you have to deal with. Specifically the side panels. Also the needles hand work out I went through first five time of transforming him too. To be honest, Sarge is QC hundred percent durable. This will affect my overall ranking of him though.


This part I want to go step by step and add some pieces of wisdom to help you a long the way. First lets start with slider inside of Sarge.

FT_Koot (5)
The blue piece: pull up and straighten it out for clearance.
FT_Koot (6)
Enter a caption

See the sliding bar connected to the wheels. Stick your finger nail in the gab and push the section up till you her the nice ‘click.’

FT_Koot (7)
This is the end result.

Now things are going to tricky from here on out. Don’t worry I don’t go into too much detail on it. In the instruction it says fold the side panel and Sarges hip skirts back into gab of his back pack. Seems easy but it can will be frustrating doing it. ( Everything will be in the caption below.)

FT_Koot (8)
Here’s a solution to the issue that has got some people hopping ass mad. When you flip the back pack open, leave enough room for the side panels to squeeze into. Unfortunately I have found no solution that doesn’t require a little squeezing.  Panel I have out pull this back and in the back pack first then the second panel back above it.

In addition, the wheel covers show you no love. Meaning clearance issues is unavoidable, I know you’re crushed and so am I. Next is the addressing the inside panels on each leg, when your getting him into his armored car mode.

FT_Koot (17)
Instructions says pull: What I do betwixt being safe, is stick a finger nail in the gabs and push the panels up instead of pulling on the damn leg. Or a combination. Don’t force just jiggle it and you’ll see it slide up and you’ll have access to the sliders.

Picture 1FT_Koot (18)

FT_Koot (19)
Picture 2

This part of the transformation is tricky at the same time simultaneously part of Sarges’ transformation. Picture one I lined the leg port and the peg up first. Picture 2 did the same thing. Pic 2 click this into place and click the peg into the leg port, once its done it will be a stubborn fit, which is good nothing bad.

FT_Koot (20)

Final picture of the transformation I am showing the panels that slide in and click into place to complete the alt mode. I did what I was instructed to do on the instruction. In the instructions it shows, that you can slide the metal slides in. Which is true but the side flaps and wheel kibble has to be lined a certain way. Misfortune on me, I couldn’t get it on camera due to the transformation being challenging and unique.

The end result.

I did find some ways I have done to ease the choir of transforming Sarge, by leaving the side flaps open then tabbing them in last.

The Good,

Lot’s of Good about Sarge. For a figure this sleek in appearance he has heft, pose ability and he’s striking. As you can see I chose to the face with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. Too bad that piece of plastic doesn’t stay in his mouth very well. Which brings me to the face sculpt. Absolutely perfect, even the additional face he comes with capture the essence and stalwart character of Sarge. Which is a no none sense Drill Sergeant.

Also I have included pictures on how good looks with other figures slash smoking them.

Sarge smoking Jagertron.

Smoking other bots.


I am giving Sarge a solid 9.5/10 because of the clearance issues. Besides that he’s the typical FansToys QC perfect figure, emphasis on built to last. I only recommend him for none shelf collectors that have the cool to work with semi tough transformations. Thanks for reading.





Transform Mission: Havoc

Havoc cover_done_Completed_edited-1

I got the feeling of completion, when I got Havoc combined. Now this is a the perfect homage to Menasor hands down. In this review I am going to get down to the facts and highlight certain things you need to know for combine mode.

The instructions are clear to certain extent for combine mode. From messing with Havoc I found out some steps the instruction booklet needed to highlight. Let’s start with the feet.

TFM_PowerTrain 047
Important! This gray piece here is button.

When you disassemble the leg of havoc from the foot press this button and you’ll be able to pull the tab out. Here’s a better picture below.

TFM_PowerTrain 048

For the sake of writing betwixt not boring you to death I will speed this up a bit. Next pictures are step by step. Just read the caption on the picture please.

TFM_PowerTrain 050
There’s nook for the grey hook to fit in. Make sure you have it lined up before you snap the second grey peg into the foot.
TFM_PowerTrain 051
Better side view before you snap it into place.
TFM_PowerTrain 053
Hitting two birds with one stone: It will take little effort to snap the leg into the foot. When you do you’ll hear a nice click. Notice the untabbed  grey with two peg holes. Option 1: You can leave them open to take advantage of the foot rocker forward for pose. You’re gonna get about two clicks. When you close them you will not get anything.

Moving on the chest plate

TFM_PowerTrain 059
Have everything lined up like this. 1st step I peg the chest in first. The holes will be on Power Train. The small black tabs plug into lower shoulder on power train. Look at the next picture.
TFM_PowerTrain 061
See that grey indention there? That’s where the black pegs on the chest plate plug into. They’ll look flushed once pegged in right.


TFM_PowerTrain 068
When using the rear of the truck to fill out the back. Notice the arrow, there on both sides, these slide into the combine slots, to look in the arms securely in combine mode. So you don’t have to worry about arms slipping out during play time.
TFM_PowerTrain 065
This grey piece right here is for Revolt in combine mode. Tfm thought it would be wise to add more support on the stumpy grey pieces on revolt that connects to the arm of Havoc. That ratchet for Havocs right arm is stubborn.
TFM_PowerTrain 064
Before: When I was messing with this. I often placed my hand on these grey piece to prevent them from snapping off.
TFM_PowerTrain 067
After:This is how it looks with it installed properly. However, the ratchet on my copy still requires me to support it. But the ratchet is loosening up. I am no engineer, but TFM believes this will help.

Let’s getting on with the review of Havoc. I took pictures of the screaming face and ‘contemplating to kill you face’ too. When it comes to Havoc doing dynamic poses like my TF Poseidon, eh well it’s not that good. Havoc has it where it counts in stability and average pose ability. To be crystal clear, he engineered to hold action poses with out tilting over. Look at the pictures below.

Here’s some pictures of him with stoic killer face.

I have taken dozens of pictures of him they’re for the gallery. However He can hold his sword behind his head with both hands, not all combiners can do that. Is he the combiner to beat, as far as homage to menasor. That’s to be decided till we see what other companies I don’t trust with making combiners, except Dx9. The only strike against Havoc is limited posing. Everything is rock solid for a figure as heavy as he is. I only recommend Havoc for play time collectors. Working with Havoc, you do have to work out the plastic on this big boy period. If you’re not going to do that do waste your money on him. All five members to make Havoc you have to play with. I will give Havoc a solid 10/ 10 because of this key thing…Engineering and QC. Havoc makes up for the Quality control and engineering. As top heavy he his, how the legs and feet are designed he’s not going to fall down period. Since I am on this subject. He does have a slight ‘smooth’ Criminal forward lean. Solution one notch the legs back and one notch the knees and the problem is solved. He looks like he holds a natural human stance. This unique quality about Havoc is the reason why he gets 10/10. Thanks for reading.


Transform Mission Power Train

Car bomb explosion in Haret Hreik, southern Beirut

Apology for being late with this review. Been working alot, distracted, and still messing around with Havoc in combine mode. With out any more drama let’s get to Power Trains review.

Going to go out of sequence for this review by starting with the ‘Good’.  It’s all Good with Power Train serious collectors. TFM has made the perfect homage of Motor Master. He’s everything what I expected and didn’t expect to. The colors all the way to his girth and Master piece size to balance him out as the best representation of Motor Master ever.

Let’s take a look at the detail in truck mode.

All tires are rubber and he looks like a model toy truck than a transformer, great job TFM. Moving on to bot mode, which there’s a lot to cover.

He has perfect up and down head movement. Along full three sixty head rotation to. Unfortunately no head tilts. Notice how everything is very cohesive and neat on the back side.

Now let’s get to the articulation. As you can see the tires that tab on the back of the legs does limit knee movement.

TFM_PowerTrain 023
One click and that’s it.

If you want the full bend you have to un tab the tires and flip them out on the side betwixt angle it a bit.

TFM_PowerTrain 024
Going for action poses.

Due to transformation and combine mode you get a ‘very’ dramatic ankle rockers.

TFM_PowerTrain 025

Moving on something I found very odd during play time with power train.

TFM_PowerTrain 014

This is on a hinge rocker. When I am messing around with him I rock this panel down to avoid the plastic rubbing against fiasco. No damage, nor scuffing appeared the first couple of times. But I want to play it safe. At times I leave this rocked down. I believe it’s optional, if you know better than I do please comment.

Moving on to the battle station mode. I have seen other images of the battle station. It really doesn’t look like one to me. From my perspective it looks more like a simple ambush camp to me.

TFM_PowerTrain 044

Think about it, this would be something the stunticons would set up to ambush autobots in the middle of no where. Here’s some pics of Disorder and Over Turn using the turrets.

Let’s move on to articulation, specifically posing. For a figure with limited movement Power Train got it wear it counts. Furthermore he makes up for limited movement with dynamic poses.

Don’t want over do it on making cluster fuck of pictures. Moving on let’s talk about him.

If you can remember the fans project disaster stunticons, specifically the tale of two engineers I call it. FPs Diesel was over kill on the engineering. As time will have it he became floppy over time. TFM must’ve paid close attention to Fans Project slightly flawed design and made corrections on the blue print and making this complex figure less complicated, making the transformation fun and unique. From my experience ( no opinion) Transforming Power Train is not a task, it’s fun to do. I still have a blast transforming him in all three modes. Once you go by the instructions the first time, ‘boom’ you will not need it anymore. The engineering behind him is well thought out and QC makes him worth the 167 I paid for to get him. He feels like a melee weapon in all his modes.


I higly recommend him for the collectors who still play with their figures. If you’re one of those shelf collectors don’t get this, this will not be the figure for shelf collectors. If you’re like me and your gonna to have transforming throw downs, by all means pick him up and the rest of the team you will not be disappointed. I am giving Power Train 10/10 hands down. There’s no flaw with this figure at all TFM has done their job. Thanks for reading.

FYI Picture Gallery coming soon.

Transform Mission: Over Turn

for over run1

Long time coming, betwixt a spoiler for you. I have Power Train and yes I did combine him to get a fill for him. Power Trains review will be done later. Specifically when I get his transformation down to a science.

Back to Over Turn, Transform Missions homage to dead end. Right out the box Over Turn looks like classy model car right out the box. Also his transformation is unique and nail biter also. On this review I am going to get to first before I go into the good and bad.


The booklet he comes with does a ‘fairly’ good job but it’s far from perfect. Let me give you some needed tips. First I want to start with the combine mode. Instruction does a lack luster job on showing how to have the proper fit for the gray pegs are suppose to go.

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 029
Here already flipped grey tab up on the waist. The peg is a c shaped thing that plugs neatly into the peg hole on the side here.
King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 030
Done right it should look like this.

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 028

See the red post here? This is where the Havocs combiner piece plugs into. In my opinion It’s well kind of, odd but it works. To know you have solid fit you feel it sink in betwixt here a crisp snap. I highly just go easy on the first time to get a feel for it. To my amazement the plastic is pretty damn tough.

Robot mode

Pretty much Over Turn is tabby a bit. Which brings to key things on the robot transformation.

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 031
Only issue here making sure everything is lined up before snapping it into place.

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 032

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 033
Loosen the arms a bit to get to this point. Next you can untab the roof of the car like so. You’ll be able to flip the hood of the car back.
King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 034
Better picture on what I am talking about.

When you get the arms, You get the picture on how Over Turn will turn into after this. However to extend the arms, once again the instruction don’t show clear way to do so. But here’s where the fore arm opens up to do so.

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 035

Finished result

King P4_TFM_Overrun_hAVOC 036

Now let’s get to the good and bad.


Dealing with rear pieces of the car in transformation is a bit annoying, because you’re working with thin plastic. The only plus side it’s sturdy and flexible. I am not being negative but honest. On that note, he’s only a 4 days old and I still have to work out the stiffness in this transformation in regards to the front of the car and all that.


Very eye catching, sturdy QC and he poses very well

His articulation is slightly above average. I will rank up at number three right below Revolt. Also his head rotations is very dramatic up and down.


I am giving Over Turn a solid 10/ 10. Solid figure and looks great. Furthermore is fun to play with. This is all I have to say about over turn. Thanks for reading.

TFC: King Poseidon Update 2

KingP_Neptune is dead

Another King P update. This time it’s about the plastic goodness that came with Thousand kills. Additional feet rockers that can turn into gun and some plastic knee pads that can be used for gun mode. TFC once again giving you options for King Poseidon.

Bad: Unfortunately the gun is too heavy for King P to hold.

TFC_Tentakill and addons 002
This about all I can get out of him

As you can see, the double barrel widow maker is adorable but due to the weight I could only get this dynamic pose with him holding it.


On the positive side of life the gun parts can be used for the feet. Let me tell you the rockers are solid.

I am able to pull off dramatic poses with King P. On the picture to the right, shows how strong the rockers are. Next series of picture I will show posing with him on a later date. Specifically when I get all the editing done. Short review and to the point. Thanks for reading.


TFC: Tentakill


My apology on the ‘late’ review. Due to being busy, getting money for the edits and life. I almost missed out on the last member of the Seacons. Thanks to De Scott, I bought his copy he used for photos for 90 bucks. Which explains the rub on Decepticon logo on his lower stomach.

Without any more lip service lets get on with the review.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 023

Right out the box, Thousand Kills is direct homage to wicked man with some nasty plans look to him. His dreadful snarl, intense yellow eyes and creepy tentacles makes him one of the most imposing figures in the team, next to Iron Shell.


The only gripe is why he wasn’t released sooner?! Out of this whole set this the best freakesh looking figure.


And there’s lots of good about Thousand Kills. His paint job is meticulous, well coordinated and eye catching. Furthermore QC on Thousand Kills is robust like the rest of the figures. This time TFC finished strong on this set.


When it comes to transforming him into ‘all’ three of his modes you have to follow this one rule. Don’t worry the rule is doesn’t have to be followed.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 027

For the beginning take the tentacles off. Transforming him all three modes will be a lot smoother for the first time. Once you get use to it you can leave them on.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 028

TFC_Tentakill part 1 029

Also you can break down the tentacles into smaller section, to reduce the arms weight in arm mode. I will get into that business later. For now here’s what you can do.

Turret mode

Perhaps one of the most unique modes I have ever seen. It looks like something out of a H.P. Lovecraft sci fi short story, like a fish man using an gun turret on some folk. The tentacles give it a nasty horrid twist to it.

Keep in mind the tentacles gives you options in regards on how you want the turret displayed.

Squid Mode

The monstrous face I can only appreciate. Love the sharp teeth and the ‘Shut yo Ass up’ facial expression too.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 033

TFC_Tentakill part 1 032

Who ever designed this face I salute you on a job well done! This is truly what I call beautiful.

Arm mode (Love and Hate)

TFC_Tentakill and addons 003

Love: They look great! It really brings out the dread nature of King Ps appearance. More so, more like I said previously you have the option to display them as you so damn please.

TFC_Tentakill and addons 004

Bad: See that piece hanging out like Lebron James and a desolate democrat rally? That doesn’t tab into anywhere. In addition full attachment of the tentacles weighs the arm done in combine mode too. Also full attachment on the tentacles looks dread ful. Kind a looks like exploding fire works. And no I have not come up with a way to display it yet. After all I am not a shelf collector.

TFC_Tentakill part 1 001
See what I mean about dreadful?
TFC_Tentakill part 1 002
Well perhaps full attachment tentacles can be fixed?
TFC_Tentakill part 1 005
Maybe it can be saved but I have to spend time displaying tentacles swaying in combine mode.


Tentakill was more than I expected for him to be. Blown away by appearance and taken away by his solid ratchets and durability.

Posing him is not a problem, You can manipulate the tentacles to counter the weight, which is an added bonus when I pulled off terrifying pictures.

Do I recommend Thousand Kills? I actually do, if you want to invest in all six members and have the sea cons. I give him a solid 10/10. He gives you options for all three modes in regards to displaying. And the transformation is fun also. Thanks for reading

Cloud 9: Quake Blast Review

Quake blast_Lightning background

Late to the prom with this review. But I finally got my hands on this figure. By before I get on with the review let me get this comparison of Fans Toy Quake Wave to Cloud 9 Quake Blast.

There’s none. Quake Blast looks better, QC is better and he’s more imposing than Fans Toy Quake Wave. This is why I will be getting rid of my Fans Toy Quake Wave. Now that’s out of the way lets get on to the review.


Well made figure that’s designed to posed and play with all the time. In addition C9 made the feet bigger also added some ankle rockers too.

Cloud 9 Quake Blast and other stuff 008
Full leg extension fwd.
Cloud 9 Quake Blast and other stuff 009
Limited motion back.

Quality Control

Solid QC, well placed die cast and sturdy ratchets in Quake Blast. From handling both Cloud 9 kicks Fans Toy ass on this figure.


Love the metallic dark purple on the body. It enhances the detail in the figure allowing his imposing presence to felt. Also Cloud 9 will have additional colors for this mold coming out soon or may be already out on the market. Be sure to ask Dr. Killinger about it at on his website.


I am giving Quake Blast a 10/ 10 score. He lives up to the hype and he’s built to last. I didn’t want to the good and bad on this review of QB because it’s not necessary. He has good written all over him. If you have not got your homage to shock wave yet. And you’re a big fan of shock wave, go with Quake Blast you’ll be wow’d on how awesome he feels and looks.

Cloud 9 Quake Blast and other stuff 026

If I got you sold on getting Quake Blast stop by GciToys and pick one up. Dr. Killinger has the best prices. Thanks for reading, I kept this review short and to the point.


MasterMind Creations Dicamus: Review


Good evening and welcome to a review another MMC ‘master’ piece Dicamus. For a robust, imposing figure he’s very articulate and grade action figure posing beast. If Master Chief was a transformer he would be this guy.

Let’s get into the review shall we?


This is actually going to be unique classification of bad in regards to Dicamus. If you’re one of the typical collectors that transform a figure one time and throw it on the shelf. Then you’re not going to like Dicamus. The mighty plastic MMC is known for is all over this figure, and it will take playing with him and transforming him many times to break the plastic in. So nothing really bad on Dicamus the figure. But it will be a bad purchase for typical shelf hoarder.


Lots of good about Dicamus. First I will acknowledge the engineering on this thick buster. Like I said before,he’s like robotic Athlete on how articulated he is.

MMC_Roadbuster_Completed 010


I am still astounded on how he can pull of dramatic poses and look real in walking pose too.

MMC_Roadbuster_Completed 003

Is double jointed hinge elbow and knees is big help making him look life like in all the poses I put him in. Furthermore he’s a photogenic beast.

Paint app

Simple, green, orange and brown. Nothing flash in pants just hard basic primary colors. After all old soldiers don’t need all that flash in the first place. One thing I will tell you the chest plate on Dicamus has cool shinny gloss though. The gloss is not intrusive it’s just right for the camera I have to give him a pop when take pictures of him.

I forgot to mention he does come with an extra head. The extra head I put him because the head that he had, looked too much like Carmine on the gears of war. So I replaced and put this one you see here on the photos to be his stand alone head.

Stop motion file_JagervsSeascons_RoadBuster 097

Recommend him?

If you’re the collector that has QC as the number one this is the figure for you hands down. Dicamus is built to last and pose. If my brief review has won you over then go right ahead and pick him at GCIToys immediately. GCIToys has the best prices around. Thanks for reading.




Fans Hobby: Arch Enemy Review.


Looks like Fans Hobby came out swinging with top notch QC for Archenemy. When I got him out of the box the first words out of my mouth was ‘massive’ He’s a MP plus sizer reader. Meaning you will not be disappointed if you’re stickler like me for solid QC, detail and appearance.

Good and Bad


The only bad thing about Archenemy he cannot do action figure poses. due to how his robust build he’s slightly above average in the pose down department. To be clear he can hold poses, but he’s not the one for action poses. Perhaps later down the line I will do pictures of him beating up autobots. Maybe doing a sfx gallery of him laying the smack down on Prime, Jazz and Blaster perhaps that can be his it factor?

Archenemy (2)
He does look odd running…I don’t think he’s the running type.


Lot’s of good about Archenemy, rock solid diecast, ratchets and tough plastic to top it off. I love the cool color coordination on his body in vehicle mode and bot mode also. And the tires are rubber, Fans Hobby added that in for a touch of realism.

For the rest of the review I will start with what you need to know about transformation.

Press and collapse legs to transform Archenemy into his diesel truck

Archenemy (10)
Click zoom to see the button: This is what you have to press and collapse legs to transform.
Archenemy (11)
Here’s a better picture of what I am talking about.

In alt mode Archenemy is a beast in vehicle mode. Sleek black paint job. In natural light it gives off a nice gloss reflection, again hats off to Fans Hobby for the nice paint job on this figure.

Bot Mode

Bot mode I gave Archenemy a nick name ‘shoulders’. Hey they’re exaggerated I figured I should be the first to tease on it a bit. The shoulders doesn’t have clearance issues. Due to the transformation you can manipulate them to have full range of 360 movement.

Archenemy (15)
90 degree bend
Archenemy (16)
90 degree at the knees
Archenemy (17)
For extra credit you get a slight ab scrunch

As for the head articulation full three sixty movement. Also he can look up and down. That’s pretty much standard for third party mp size figures these days, that’s why I didn’t take any pictures of it.


You can only store his beautiful red sword on his shoulders.

Archenemy (19)
Also you can close these ports if your heart desires. They are on the right and left shoulders
Archenemy (20)
Here’s what it looks like stored on his back.

His truck back ‘pack’ does not hinder his ability to hold a solid pose at all. His weight takes care of all of that. Also I forgot to mention that his knees are double jointed. Specifically you can bend his leg at two places ( shown in picture above.).

Archenemy has really grown on me while I was shooting him.

I decided to make him the stand in leader of the Decepticons till FT Sovereign arrives.

Archenemy more 015
Enter a caption

I don’t know I know kinda like this duo myself.

Do I Recommend him?

It depends on taste, hope that you’re not  a snooty G1 stickler. As already know about my taste. It’s the QC, detail and appearance. Having him in hand sealed the deal on my decision to keep this heavy figure in my collection. Hey I rolled the dice and seven what can I say. In addition I like to thank Dr. Killinger of GCIToys for shipping this fast to me. Furthermore it looks like FansToy has some competition. I don’t recommend him for G1 sticklers and shelf collectors. If you’re the collector that displays and plays, you can’t go wrong with Archenemy. Now if my review on him won you over stop by GciToys and pick Archenemy up for a reasonable price. Dr. Killinger will meet your third party needs.

Thanks for reading.