Fans Toys: Sovereign Review


Had to wait almost a years time to finally own Sovereign. After receiving him and looking at him, I asked myself was it worth it? Hell yes it was worth the wait.


Right of the bat let me address the past issue people had with transforming him. Lowering the shoulders from the shoulder pads is a bitch, QC is tad too tough that it’s scary to do. If you’re me, what I did was take him apart an used tool to get to the panel. In the inner arm use a tool to shimmy it down. Next I greased the hell out of it and all is fair in my collecting world.

Should the QC tolerance for the arms effect the rating I will give him later? Maybe maybe not it depends once I get this review over with.


QC, wise Sovereign is a hefty brick figure weighing in about 2.4 pounds. Fans Toys are the fiends betwixt master of adding diecast in the right parts of Sovereign. However majority of his body is metal, so you’ll have him for many years to come. The ratchets are solid, and perfect 90 degree angles on knee bends and elbow.

FT_Galvatron 007

FT_Galvatron 010


Pretty much homage to old G1 Galvatron. Furthermore the detail is outstanding giving Sovereign a stellar appearance. However the most breath taking attribute Sovereign has is his cannon mode.

FT_Galvatron2 001

FT_Galvatron2 002

FT_Galvatron2 003


Astonished at the poses he can hold. In addition the mean face Fans Toys including brings out Sovereigns mean streak, which goes hand in hand with poses I put him in and beating the hell out of my slap boy figure.

FT_Galvatron2 029

FT_Galvatron2 042

FT_Galvatron2 046

FT_Galvatron2 012

I would post more pictures but due to the slowness of this retarded word press, the gallery is either acting funny slash not uploading my pictures. So I will have to use a website to pull off gallery’s.


If you like posing figures or big fan of Galvatron this is the figure for you. The transformation is unique, just follow the instructions after that everything is all good.

For his rating I will give him a solid 10/10 and he was worth the wait. This is Galvatron and hats off to Fans Toys for passing Takara. FansToys, to me is the company to go to for MP figures.






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