Shooting Survivor Exposes Presstitute CNN

CNN_MEME WAR_edited-1

Well, well, well Counterfeit news network gets exposed sucking more dick for communism yet again, like that’s new.

Colton Haab, a young man who protected students during the shooting, says he turned down scripted town hall meeting for anti gun. During the interview Haab was asked to write a speech and questions for the ‘scripted’ town hall meeting. Colton wrote this,

suggesting that the school should have armed security or Army veterans guarding the school. But Coon News Network demanded Haab use the scripted bullshit instead. Haab was like fuck that shit. And I don’t blame him.

In reality the town hall meeting was hailed, guess what the vast majority demanded armed security the majority pro gun, unlike the two other students that support communist gun control. They attacked NRAs Dana Loesh and called her a bad mother.

Haab may know, hell the students CNN refused to interview know that this shooting is Deep state. FYI Facebook, twitter, Instagram are pulling video feeds that expose the cover up the Coon News Network is doing.



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