Trump Administrations said no to build 5G Network

Trump-n-bitch_No 5g network

Trump Administration says fuck off, to the government funding the 5G net work. Before I get into specifics. Here’s what I see, since false net neutrality is dead. Google will do anything to get the power they’ll never get back.

Reason why Trump said hell no. Honestely it was bad deal to being with. First have the Government to build the 5G Network. 2 Give free spectrum and consortium to traitor Google and selected tech companies, At&t Verizon and T-Mobile. Then it gets worse, betwixt the communist Google will rear its ugly head back into power, rumored that the Vice President Milo Medin will over see the Google Alphabet of the 5G program.

Also what I found out samsung was one of the private sector business who sat in on this meeting. All of them have one thing in common, Google. Google is on every goddamn phone, personally I hate google, they play store and anything google. It took me ages to get it not to work on my phone. I really hate them for forcing folks to use their shitty search engine.

What this means?

5g is nothing more than one big trojan horse. Here’s the real reason why Trump said no along with FCC backing him up.  The NSC and traitors in the Trump Administration working together to take over the 5G network by nationalizing it. NCS, Robert Spalding and the director of strategic planning in homeland security were pulling for this happen.

See the bullshit they flashed infront of everyone was this, ‘ Oh we need to combat China and beat them in technology game. Also 5G is needed for automatic cars, strengthen the defenses against Chinese hacks. Which is ultimately bullshit. What I just said is exactly what the torreys will do to sabotage Trump and America. In addition get away with more false flags, such as better terrorist attacks. Furthermore they deal is even bullshit when China will be given some of this stuff, that we won’t use if the deal happened.

Reasons why FCC and Trump said no.

Ajit Pai tweeted, Oppose the government to build a 5g network. It’s not the Governments place. It’s the markets job, to produce this kind of innovation and find its own investment. Also Ajit followed up o his reasons why the Government has no business in building a 5g network. The main reason to get away from the wireless sector development over the past three decades. Any part of the Government making a 5g network will be costly and counter productive. And it will be distraction from policy that need be addressed for the future of 5G.

What that tells me people, there’s more to this AT&T bill of rights the Ceo is pushing to Congress. According to TechSpot, CEO Randall Stephenson says the consumer and the net need a bill of rights. Here’s where Stephenson in his own words..

“Congressional action is needed to establish an ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ that applies to all internet companies and guarantees neutrality, transparency, openness, non-discrimination and privacy protection for all internet users,” the letter reads. “Legislation would not only ensure consumers’ rights are protected, but it would provide consistent rules of the road for all internet companies across all websites…”

In addition Stephson specifically highlights with more statements.

AT&T is “committed to an open internet” and that the company has no intention of blocking websites or censoring online content, nor will they “throttle, discriminate or degrade network performance based on content.”

BOOM!!! What Randall just said, is the main part that was taken out of net neutrality. Such ass censoring and blocking websites, that Net Neutrality under Soros control allowed FAKEBOOK, Google and twitter to do. So Stephson wants a bill of rights to stop this from happening again. Furthermore, I am gonna wager Net Neutrality of old hurt At&t in the pocket this may be why they’re pushing for this. Come to think of it, from this end of the net it doesn’t seem that complex. At&t wants customers, they get money and then they’ll able to invest, build and hire. I am very interested on what’s down the road for the net bill rights. However applaud President Trump and his Administration on shutting down the 5G deal…Keep on Trump’n President Trump.


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