#MeToo: Con Women of the Year

Con women of the year_edit

Here we go again another attack masculinity betwixt the plantation dwelling left, attempting to steal ‘#MeToo’ away from ‘real’ victims of sexual assault. And the Con people are the typical female celebrities who sold their souls for fame and money, now find it cool to come foreword, using survivors as cover to push the anti masculinity agenda for their globalist masters.

Why I am pissed

The sell out celebrities arrogance, ignorance, ego has no bounds and this time these sluts of capital have gone too damn far. A strong assault against these con whores need to happen about nowish!

President Trumps name was dropped so many damn times in Presstitute Time magazine I almost projectile vomited all over the damn screen. As a matter of fact the false allegation of President Trumps fantasy sexual  misconduct was brought up during 2016. Yup count on dumb ass Whore Time magazine for getting the dates mixed up for their fantasy land story. It was about during 2005, when Trump was jive’ around with some friends talking about grabbing pussy. Which was taken and used against him, which made no sense because the conversation was behind closed doors. When it came forward it completely backfired in the fucktarded lefts face. As a matter of fact, conservative women rallied around Trump more when he explained the story in front of the world. Which it turned out to be nothing more the men in a locker room talking shit. And the women took at as, oh finally a man that loves women. Unlike the previous President Whoreson Obama that married a man by the name of Michelle Obama, excuse Mike little balls Obama.

Why did the dumb ass sex cult femnazi get triggered?

This all started when Trump got the election and these nazi coon minded bitches believe that country was going down the tubes with Trump being president. Next we see the pussy cat power, minus the cat but don’t mess around with them you will get dreaded  disease. Then Ashley Judd with her sell out ass saying ‘she’s a bad woman betwixt complaining about her period slash being a nasty women lol.

Even dumb ass Presstitute of the Year, Megyn Keller rubbed two turds together to get in Presstitute Time Magazine also, ‘ She bitches that how Bill O’ Reilly sexually harassed her( I don’t anything coming from her. Doubt Bill even touched her.) And now having Trump as President has hurt her feelings. Then she says, she has doubts that if Hillary the crook won the election the sex assaults would end. Now Trump is President Megyn Kelley, she feels that women don’t matter.

WTF?! I know right this is coming from a lying as bitch that got a mans life ruined for her tall tale for being sexually assaulted. To be specific Kelly Took six million dollars to lie on Roger Ailes.

In addition this the same Megyn Kelley who got caught editing tape to demonize Alex Jones.

I am not getting into a diss fest that she looks like the late Boy George before puberty. I am going after these celebrity bitches, who claim victim when in all truth they sold themselves for fortune and fame.

Alissa Milano, let’s not forget her ‘ sex tape’ In her sorry ass twitter on 2013, she says its a creative way to alert people about the trouble in Syria. Now the question is what kind of woman does this shit and claims to be a victim of sexually assaulted and she’ll do anything for fame and money.

Another questionable person is Taylor the talent less swift, claiming to be a victim when she sold her self out like Alissa and Kelley for fortune and fame.

Rose McGowin, another wolf in sheep hide. In all honesty she’s dim witted and a freaking social justice wanker, that believes white people and men are evil and she herself is white. Here’s McGowin at a GOP sit down, specifically this sit down is against abortion, the faggot movement being forced on kids and equal pay. But all wanker wood dumb ass interrupts the meeting by saying she see in  a room of white privileged men. I wanna ask Rose, what happened to that white ‘pass’ when that illegal maggot got away with killing Katie in San Francisco?

I didn’t see in the article and why Con women need no attention

I didn’t see Corey Feldman in this article, he’s the sole pioneer that got the wheel rolling back in 2014. In 2014 Corey spent years revealing Hollywoods dirt on sexual abuse, rape and pedophilia practices on child actors. Presstitute Time Magazine didn’t wanna cover that. Neither the bitches on the cover or in the article didn’t even mention the mans name for Gods’ sake.

The Yazidi Women, no coverage on these women who joined the in the battle of Raqqa to avenge themselves on the islamic state in Syria. The Yazidi women are true ‘feminist’ they underwent slavery, being raped, and force to witness murder of their loved ones, when beta male terrorist fucked them over. Instead of bitch’n and wha-bulancing these alpha females picked up a gun, got training and went after the very terrorist slash sex traffickers! Where is the coverage on them? Does this make Yazidi women sole earners of the label ‘survivor?’ In my book hell yes. For their bad assery, the fighting Sinja women liberated towns once controlled by jihadist. Oh no, Presstitute Time wanker life didn’t find that was true feminism I bet.

Flight Attendant Sheila Federick, this brave woman saved a teenage girl from being trafficked by some low life assnecks. How she did it you ask? She set up a bad ass messaging system back and forth in the bathroom, between her and the captive. Shelia shared her story in the Airline conference. In turn no airline attendance are trained to spot humans being trafficked. So okay Time Magazine how come I don’t see Sheila on the cover?

Pink elephant in the room and covert agenda against masculinity.

In closing the real agenda Presstitute Time and these worthless con woman are pushing, is that all masculinity is bad and men rape. Which is so fucking untrue. Now let’s look at the real definition of a rapist.

A man ( beta male) that lacks physical and mental attributes of being masculine. Second definition the undesirable male females will not give him the time of day. You’re thinking a alpha male is a big hairy muscle bound man. You’re wrong. A true man that is cohesive with his masculinity is a man who will do what is right even it means killing/ throwing his life away to save people/ honor bound/ compassionate as he is physically capable.

Definition of rape: Is to have complete control and forcing oneself against a person for sex. In addition rape is about a moment of control not passion. And the list I gave of the beta males, fits them perfectly. Also I didn’t see the victims Bill Clinton raped either. Real masculine do not rape women period, they have mothers sisters and a good deal of them are married. Also they’re raised to hold women sacred.

The definition of masculinity, is attributes and behavior that forms the masculinity of a healthy sane male. Socially it is defined and ‘biologically’ made so, therefore he is a he.

When it comes to emotions of being masculine, the male has a  tendency to be self reliant, remain silent and strong which correlates to his role of being a protector of what he holds dear. However the male is compassionate and its seldom that he lets everyone see his compassion, only those that he cares about. Furthermore domination, this is where these femnazi coons get it twisted. A males nature to dominate means he wants to be perfect in everything he does. To clarify, typical males will give it his all on a job to art and he’ll have deep feel of satisfaction of getting the job done and giving his all to do so. Come to think of it, this the trait that solidifies on females being attracted to the desirable male. In clear terms I am talking about the males inner spirit.

Don’t buy into the lesbo femnazi hysteria bullshit. These toxic women and women who allied with them are narcissist man hating twat waffles. They want attention give them negative attention.


8 thoughts on “#MeToo: Con Women of the Year

  1. I agree 100% these fake feminazis don’t care about women at all they are nothing more then pawns for the left to break the family unit and give a false narrative that there are no more good women left and these fake feminazis are jealous of real women being successful


      1. At the same time an all assault on them with the truth. Femnazi is what feminism is not. Feminism is all about ‘respect’, and wanting to be seen as an equal in the work force. I want to see the femnazi go against these transfags that are raping girls in the bathrooms/ and wrecking women sports. But they want because they’re just like the dumb ass Nazi coon democratic party. Screaming the discrimination betwixt making people feel bad at the same time. This is why they have to be stopped.


  2. just remember the group of leftist who are crying the loudest against the Trumpinator, are probably the ones who are up to their necks with crooked crap and have the most to lose when he puts down the hammer of justice and it smashes all the pedo child snuff film makers of the world. Their criticisms have no merit, and are coming from their feelings of shame, guilt and most of all, FEAR.


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