Mohamed Noor Murders Justine Damond

Murdering ass Muslim. And Minneapolis police department is Nazi Coon’n for this foreign invader descendant.

Another filthy foreign invader kills another person. This time things are ‘very’ different. For this blog I am going to call it like it is. The murder of Justine Damond was committed by no other than this stunt cock Mohamed Noor. What makes this ‘very’ interesting is the main stream media Nazi Coon’n for this roach Mohamed.

Now CBS, aka all you see is B.S. is now turning this horrific event into politicize campaign for gun control. Now this is how retarded the Main stream media is. Ya see this waste of carbon wastage Mohamed was trained to shoot a gun as fate has it he shoots an unarmed Justine Damond. And the shit brain CBS broadcast wants to push gun control when this country needs to push, ‘no more foreign invaders in America!’ I am done calling these demented fart bags migrants.

Minnesota becoming a beacon for jihadist Somalians

The problem is Minneapolis is becoming a place for foreign invaders from Somali to go to. With already growing disgusting population, FBI probes believe there are terrorist cells in the city already. The elder foreign invaders worry about their inbred offspring will not know about their ass backwards sharia law heritage.  Somalia is 99.8 percent freaking muslim. And these dumb ass elders left that place because of oppression and like all dumb ass muslims they want to bring that oppressive shit here, unfucking believable.

We don’t know who Mohamed Noor is

See Mohamed hails from that derp-derp cyst puss pool community. And you can see in his recent actions that his sharia Law is conflicting to the Constitution he swore an oath too.

Before I get into the recent kill he committed on Justine Damond, lets shed some light on this losers past.

Little Boy Noir has a degree in business administration and economics, from Augsburg College. When he was in college the jihadist was property manager for commercial residence. During this time he lived in that piss poor community I mentioned previously that the elders grow concerns that their inbred offspring will not know their Somalian heritage. During his time as property manager, there’s an open federal case on Mohamed Noor.

On May 25, 2017 complaint filed by Teresa M. Graham. Her full statement refills that Mohamed and another officer entered her place of residence with no warrant, detained her by force, injuring her and breaking property of hers.

She called 911 to report some stoner sitting on her wall high on weed. The police dept did nothing. Then people made false report that Teresa was mentally ill and she needed help. That’s when Officer foreign invader and his partner fucks up right there. The problem with this, you have Nazi Coons in Minnesota Coon’n for these Somalians.

Mohamed Murders Justine and Nazi Coons have come to defend their token foreign invader.

As you already know Justine called 911 and reported that she heard a girl screaming and she believe a sexual assault was going on. Before I go into detail on why I believe Mohamed Noir murdered this woman.

Let’s take a look at the map Daily Mail provided.


On the map here is play by play on what happened. Feel free to click on it zoom in and study it for yourself.

What makes this story such bullshit, is Mohamed and his dumb ass partner turn off their body cameras, when Justine was approaching them. Suddenly Mohameds’ inbred ass reaches over his partner and shoots Justine dead. Now the partner is who witnessed this has little or nothing to say as the investigation continues. Which brings to the conclusion that Betsy Hodges aka Nazi Coon Queen for the Somalians’ says she wants a quick investigation.

From looking at this case and reading what’s available. Mohamed did kill Justine Damond because his ass was covering for one of his rape crazed jihadist kin folk. Here’s why. You do remember me saying the elder foreign invaders want their children know their fucked heritage. But the culture in the U.S. is free and this is what the elders are not use to and do not like, I promise you that because no asshat muslim likes freedom period, its the koran or nothing with them. Second I do believe a woman was raped in  that alley and the person that did it may be one of Mohamed recitatives, close friend or someone he knows from his community of bullshit.

The point is why did they turn their body cameras off? That’s an easy one so they couldn’t incriminate themselves in aiding the perpetrator. I believe Justine may have seen Mohamed in the wrong, caught him red handed defending one of us jihadist rapist buddies. Then he reaches across his partner and shoots Justine dead.

It seems far fetched, sloppy and down right What the fuckish! Hell this dumb ass report is what the fuckish too and reeks of bullshit!!! Mohamed says he’s sorry but sorry is not going to bring Justine back to life.


Something is very wrong in Minneapolis and its the Muslim Somalia and their sharia Law tactics. This woman is dead because of Betsy Hodges Coon’n for monetary gain and acceptance for some Goddamn welfare parasites. No offense to the Justines’ family and friends. I am going to real with ya. You’re not going to get a fair shake in a democratic place that has politician that coons for refugees. Please hire a private detective to solve this case for you and do not talk to cops in Minnesota and stay clear of Betsy Hodges. Mohamed Noor killed Justine and that the truth. He shot an unarmed woman about to be married the death penalty is called for here.


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