DeepState: Sectetly pushing the Transgender ideology in the Department of Education


On June sixth Tranny lover Candice Jackson, aka mockery of Civil Rights in the department of education, provided one of the most dumbest writ I have ever read to staff concerning gender dysphoria carbon based wastage students.

Check this out! The instruction was filled top of the line, back asswards ideology in a memo.

This memo provides instruction when dealing with Teacher Staff who refuse go along with leftist fantasy thinking of acknowledging fucked up Transgender students. The regressive left fucktard lawyers, justifies higher pressure law suits towards teaching staff who will not comply to transgender students. To clarify the teachers who refuse to acknowledge a he bitch as a girl, instead calls the ugly fuck a boy. I highly suggest teachers call them he bitches.

In addition, this targets teachers who have a typical attitude addressing ‘normal’ male and female students. Now this goddamn pronoun he and she is a fucked up yet sensitive issue betwixt to destroy English language as I type. How this fucks up the pro noun he, she, him and her. Once people start addressing the false representation of gender, then the establishment can wipe the pronoun clean from the dictionary and spoken word. How this becomes a federal arsenal for fucked up trann-shit-paddies against sane students and teachers. The trans-pop tart can threaten a teacher or student with federal charges refusing to comply.

This faggot village people shit has gone to damn fucking far! Now it’s time to really put President Trumps feet to the fire once again on shutting down the Education Department completely. I will get into that later in this blog for now, let me keep on informing you.

Then this stunt cock Matt Staver says,  the long-standing Title IX laws have nothing to do with calling students by pronouns they prefer. “Title IX does not require a school district or teacher to call students by false gender pronouns.’

Then he double talks out of his ass saying it will not violate freedom of speech in title ix

Then Staver does 360 by putting blame betwixt advising Betsy to change the policy.

Requiring false pronoun usage by teachers is a compelled speech violation for teachers and compelling students to participate in a lie violates their right to free speech. I thought we had seen the last of this nonsense coming out of the Department of Education. I call upon Betsy DeVos to end this new policy.

Back in February the Trump Administration Destroyed whore son Obamas get ‘raped bathroom policy that restricted fucked up Trannys from sharing bathroom and shower facilities with the opposite sex.

Also Betsy added to this, she said that there is obligation to protect kids from bullying and harassment for all kids. However I don’t see the need to protect a mentally challenged fucker with gender confusion, by denying the ‘majority’ of normal kids in school who need more protection from social media, hollywood and now faggots and the faggot loving regressive left.

Also during her statement she was at odds with Sessions slammed the hammer down Whore Son Obamas Transgender policies.

Trump adiministration trashed the documents but failed to butcher the ideology.

On this side the pronoun is flexible, specifically by choice not by biological hard nose science. Then the Whore son Obama ideology says the must comply to ease the transition of the he bitch and beta male so they can mock the sexes of men and women.

It gets worse, the Nazi Coon advocates are forcing the courts to comply with this ideology. Disregarding the constitution and their job to protect kids.  In the U.S. Appeals Court in District 7. On May 30th the judges sided with injustice and the law of nature that the teenage he bitch is transgender, and right to declare transgender, like it’s some kind of grand prize?

The dumb as left and democrats want you to believe a lie saying there’s tons of trannies walking the earth..In reality it’s one out of two thousand and four hundred Americans who are fucked in the head and undergo the trans change to mock the opposite sex. This stupid ass memo Candice the cum stain completely endangers school vouchers, investors, teachers and students. Furthermore is a cog that will destroy the financial mechanism of the tax payer money. Specifically talking about the misuse of funds will go to the faggots and forcing typical kids to accept trans or suffer being sued or flunking school.

Back to what I was talking about shutting down the department of education. The Department of Education is one of the vices the left uses to appease their globalist masters in making the population dumber than it already is. Plus making people gender confused to stop the reproduction process of men and women. In addition the Department of Education is a tool for the democrats to appease the LGBT-WTF and the loser Tran community, as I said before to force the ideology on others at the expense of sanity of kids and wasting tax payer money.

Betsy is really pissing me off by being pussy about this situation. She should tell Candice she’s fired and don’t comply to the memo. Any back talk from the left, Betsy is in full control to shut her department down permanently. I for one has had it with this transgender bullshit at the work place. I don’t acknowledge a woman mocking a man neither I have no respect for a he bitch man mocking a woman. If you’re pissed off take it to Trump and Betsy to destroy the Department of education. If you’re a parent reading this take action and get involved in the school what they’re not telling you. Once you do that expose them and pull your kid out of the school. The left has lost and this no county for LGBT ideology it belongs and they belong in mental institution.





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