Katy Perry’s Nazi Coon Act after Manchester Bombing!

Nazi Coon Logo_Katy Perry

How Katy Perry fits the definition of Nazi Coon:

Definition For Katy talent less Perry: When a Nazi Coon gives the oppressor foreign invader a pass for votes, favors and monetary gain. And let’s not forget get accepted by the foreign invader and the foreign invaders family also. Furthermore gain the spotlight on mainstream media and be adored by presstitutes. Plus if the Nazi Coon talks down on the Countrymen, the presstitutes will give the Nazi Coon more air time.  Last but not least this ole Nazi Coon will give a foreign invaders oppression a pass, for votes, favors and monetary gain at the harmed native populace expense…Yup Katy Perry you are mothafucking Nazi Coon slut nugget!

On Tuesday and a Presstitute radio show on Tuesday Katy Perry moved in the rank of Nazi Coon. After the dumb ass terror attack in Manchester ( I call assault against women), this whore cake Katy gets the gall to say this, we should unite’. Talk about lunacy with out the help of grey goose this slut tease like to drink I think?

In the midst of 20,000 fans of the American hating Ariana Grande . These mothers, daughters and others get hit with terrorist attack from another foreign invader jihadist ass neck.

The derp-derp Suicide bomber Salman Abide Libyan, now dead foreign invader. When he detonated his suicide bomb starter kit, it was nail bomb that killed 22 people 59 injured. However since presstitutes are covering it betwixt forming up a cover propaganda story to make you believe this wasn’t a terrorist attack but it is.

Ariana Mucho Grande fucktard suspended her tour because of the attack. Honestly the UK should make this bitch pay for the injured and dead for her For being a Nazi Coon For Islam!

Back to Katy. Here are the words of Nazi Coon Loose pussy lips Katy insulting your intelligence betwixt Nazi Coon’n her ass off.

“Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other, “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

“we’re just all loving on each other and we should just stay loving on each other.”

“If this gets out to anyone, I just want to say that I love all of you out there and I just know that some of our fan bases kind of go both ways. Ari’s fans are my fans, and my fans are Ari’s fans.” Perry added. “Tell everyone, ‘I love you’ today.” Nazi Coon Katy Perry.

What makes Katy Nazi Coon absolute that she’s a former democratic Hillary supporter. In addition she previously marched with delusional Ho’s against President Trump.

And now Katy is happy to put her retarded music forward against Trump she calls Pop rock with a purpose.

Aren’t you proud of yourself Katy? You Nazi Coon shit stain of the earth, I bet your fans are proud of you insulting their intelligence.

To Katy Perry:

1. Artist goes against the mainstream. I wish I had color letter apps to type with so your brain will be able to comprehend the words I am going to type to you. Artist 10/10 goes the grain, that means going against the mainstream media, presstitutes and the decaying Klansman democratic party. No you’re talent less soul want to get it all twisted up to support propagated grander of wankerwood fame. Actually Pussy dingle berry singers like yourself is destroying music and the very essence of creativity.

2. From what you said to the presstitute on that radio show, I don’t give a damn about mentioning it. You just insulted your fans Katy in addition you just slapped young girls in the face for the goddamn jihadist asshole. You talk about open borders and open society, wow dumb ass, please pull your head out of Arina’s stank pussy and look what has happened to Sweden, Germany and France ya big dummy! This what the globalist and George Soros want, all western civilization destroyed to implement the nwo and make America a communist poor as shit country with military special ed complex, ya fucking skank on a stick!

In closing for my reader:

If you’re a fan of Katy Perry why don’t you ask Katy to open her gates to her House to foreign invaders and show some coexisting?

In addition to all young girls, Katy and Arina just betrayed you. Do you really think these ho’s are going to spend their money to help those who lost loved ones in that attack? Do you believe Arina’s Apology was sincere? If your brains is saying no then your right. These celebrities are tools, sorry Nazi Coons for the establishment to brain wash you and keep you blinded from the truth. For insulting you, you have a chance to fight back! Blow up Katy’s twitter page I provided and do not buy or attend another concert she holds either. Also do the same to Arina Grand-eo pro islam Nazi Coon too. Don’t support these stunt cocks period because they serve their masters and they don’t really care about their fans. Last but not least they are Nazi Coons for the establishments and they ride on you all day every day. And you got to be the same way ride on them, boycott them and attack them because they attack you. So you gonna fight back?


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