Zucker-Snatch wants Open Borders

Nazi Coon Logo_Zuckerberg

Facebooks CEO, Anti Free speech, Downs Syndrome face Zuckerberg wants open borders. In his peanut size brain Feels President Trumps deporting Illegals is not securing the safety of the American People.

The Judiciary Committee is in the midst of going over bills that will increase the progress of sending parasite, criminal, welfare leeching illegals back to where they came from. Then ole Nazi Coon ass Zuckerberg doesn’t like that. His pussy left orginization called Pro Amnesty fwd.us says enforcement measures should be scaled back.

The thing is Zuckerberg doesn’t know that Congress will not waste tax payer on making a new bill to scale back the needed procedure to get the illegals out of this country. This has already happened when dumb ass liberal left like FuckTard Zuckerberg favoring a bill that support amnesty to carbon based wastage that come to this country illegally. However all the bills have been shut down due to public ‘rightful’ back lash.

Shulte says President Trump should increase a number of quest workers into the country. And get this so every year green cards h-1b, h-2a and h2b should displace Americans in favor for cheaper labor. In addition they want Congress to pass smart immigration reform, also make path way for illegals to become citizens.

Yeah people this is what I mean by NAZI COON! Zuckerberg and his cohorts to people that share his shit stain ideas is Nazi Coon too. Last paragraph, Congress should pass smarter immigration reform has been done and look what happened. Out of control illegal immigrants, MS-13 and terrorist coming into the country. Before I get into the roast. For those who don’t know what a Nazi Coon is here’s the definition.

Nazi Coon:

  1. A person who will sell out his own Countrymen for monetary gain. 2. A Coon Nazi will ignore the law to appease a foreign invader (aka illegal or muslim). In return get acceptance from that foreigner and his ilk family. In addition gain a spot light on the presstitute media to talk down on his own Countrymen and disrespect the country for more money and air time. 3. Last but not least this ole Nazi Coon will give a foreign invaders oppression a pass, for votes, favors or monetary gain. In addition allow the foreign invader to ignore the laws of the land betwixt oppressing the natives of the Country there in with foreigners bullshit ways, laws and refusal to integrate. Zuckerberg, Soros, Democratic Party and Liberals, aka democratic light fit the description of Nazi Coon.

This is what Zuckerberg is saying. He doesn’t care about the safety of the American People. But he cares about that nice big wall that protects his whore wife at his home. Zuckerberg doesn’t want prosperity for middle class either that’s why he wants open borders, just like the globalist so he can be on top living good and the rest of the country goes down the drain.

To Zuckerberg:

You down syndrome faced Nazi Coon, who da fuck you think you are anyway. You’re not a gift to the world, you’re parasite to the world that needs your social platform  taken away from you and your money. Zuckerberg you’re Nazi Coon that’s pussy hurt because you lost your satan troll Hillary in the election. And now you’re scrambling like all the tic tac dick democrats to get your voter base back by getting illegals to vote at the same time destroy America. You’re a loser globalist Zucker-Twat and a dumb sack of cum too. If the world goes globalism aka poor as hell and 7.3 billion dead, just where do you think you’re going to spend your money turd brain?!? You’re sell out coon zucker berg you interfered in the French Election by Destroying 30,000 French face book accounts .

You’re coon ass for attacking Free speech To appease your globalist Pimps. And you think you’re gonna run for President with out getting checked fuck pudding? The answer will be no! We the people got our country back and we’re not going away…But you and facebook will go away soon when the anti-trust is put into action. In closing Zuckerberg you’re the poster child , don’t drink during a pregnancy, and poster child for Nazi Coon, you really live up to that. Me and many other truthers are going to ride on Nazi Coon scum like you all day every day fuck boy.



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