Dear Dingle Berry Millennial Left

Social Justice Wankers
Putting people on ‘Blast!’

Usually I don’t do put on blast blogs. But the past few days, let’s say I have had it with the derp derp Millennial retarded left. First victim this idiot ( see below.)

Dumb ass ATHONY

This type of brain dysfunction is spreading all over the damn country. If people actually researched the man Donald Trump, they would find out that he gave up his business, turned down the presidents salary to be the ‘Real Peoples’ Champ.

dumb ass athony2

This is why I gave Anthony the megatron meme. For real?! Being critical on what Hillary and whoreson Obama did is not important? It was whoreson Obama Stole Money From Fannie and Freddie to start Obama Care!

Whoreson Obama and Hillar Funded Isis and back in 2015 stunt cock Obama arrives in Israel to interfer in their election. And last but not least Obama hates America period!

Hillary Clinton Cheated in the Debate against Trump. And Hillary Stole five states and lost. And good ole Hillary 894 email scandal Comey ignored. And this stunt cock thumbs his nose at the truth.

And then I bumped into a twat hurt Fucktard.

fucktard on facebook

Apparently Marcus book didn’t get the memo to never put your real on any social media platform. For this very reason, someone will roast your ass for the world to see on their blog. Marcus cap save a whor-lotician, is a bot or dummied down Millennial that cant take what he dishes out. Oh the twat hurt key board soldier, of the irony.

Go off on Dwight

Then we have the LGBT-WTF defender. I didn’t think they were real and boy was I wrong. This shiny bald head buffoon has not done his research on how LGBT are a bunch of bullies and cry babies. When North Carolina stood firm last year of keeping the creepy mentally gender challenged away from bathrooms. LGBT goes on the attack and get their coroparate hee-haws in on it too. Such ass NCAA threatening to pull the final four tournament, Bruce ” No hit in ages’ Springsteen boycotting NC. Then LGBT claiming they have right, when they’re the ones forcing their lifestyle on kids to people that hate them. Then they have the nerve to act like the Klan and bully folk to get their safe space, which varies like the colors of the rainbow they stole from little kids.

In closing: I really don’t care about the feelings I hurt on facade book anyway. Majority of the time you run into dim witted shit flakes that can’t handle consequences of free speech betwixt someone fighting back. This no different from what Trump does on his twitter, same thing but different platform. This was entertaining to write betwixt love exposing twats.


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