Sheriff Clarke harassed by CAIR jihadist sponsored by George Soros

No country for Islam

Late to the prom on this one. Glad I found this article, in addition give you the latest stunt by the George Soros sluts for intolerance, the muslims. Before I begin let me say this. I have everything against any ass wipe that practices Islam. Islam is not a religion neither is it peaceful and Muslims saying that they are tolerant, they are not!!!! Warning you reader, do the research on satans bible, the koran yourself. I have a funny feeling a good chunk of people will not I will have to do a full report on Islam and show pictures and videos of these child molesting sluts.

On May 1st George Soros Partnered with Cair (Council of American Islamic Relations…It can be interpenetrated as anything and it will not be wrong ugggh.) With intentions of Sabotaging Sheriff Clark. Soros and his bought Muhammad but boys are attempting to intimidate Trump and his team to not appoint David Clark to DHS ( Department of Homeland Security) Last year Clark supported Ted Cruz on Muslim welfare leeching neighbor hoods should be patrolled for security purposes. As you know the ungrateful intolerant jihadist don’t think the law should apply them.

In their hollow words they said such a law is unconstitutional, unworkable and it promotes profiling on muslims and counter productive.

So when did doing job that’s suppose to ensure safety for everyone become unconstitutional? The problem is these dumb ass desert goat fuckers have it in their shit brains that they’re above the law. To be clear when the law of the land debunks their political agenda then their he pussies start to bleed out.

From Clark doing it anyway he found out these muslims neighborhoods are training grounds for jihadist that endangers Americans. Clark brought their darkness into the light when he exposed that they practice sharia law. From practicing a a dumb law named after a drunk stripper makes it impossible for law enforcement to respond to danger betwixt put officers in a life threatening situations, Clark points out.

Clark is smart man, he knows Black lives Matter will be stupid enough to join ISIS through Cair and team up with them to wreak havoc on innocent people. Let’s get real the people both groups will targeting is European Descent people in America. And this is why Trump doesn’t want the terrorist on American soil.

When this happen, the scrotum sack faced fucker George Soros gave Cair some cash. Then 10,000 beta males of islam marched to Sheriff Clarks office and called him a Nazi Coon.

Here we go again the idiot left using words they don’t even know the meaning of it. To correct the stupidity of the muslims Nazi means this.

a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler and advocated totalitarian government, territorial expansion, anti-Semitism, and Aryan supremacy, all these leading directly to World War II and the Holocaust.
FYI: Keep the sentence I have under lined in mind please.
Definition of Coon
Is deregatory slang used to insult African Descent people. Now how can Clark be a Nazi Coon? He doesn’t Advocate Totalitarian government, territory neither is he against Jewish folk.
Now Nazi really describes muslims and ass necks that follow the Koran. They advocate intolerance, follow an totalitarian doctrine that is riddle with promoting discrimination and violence. And let’s not forget they muslims are all about killing the Jews, Christians and all other people that don’t bow the grandma dress of Satans’ male whore Muhammad.
Let’s get to coon. Coon is just racial slur, no serious backbone of the definition of one. I gave the word ‘coon’ a definition Coon is fucktard that betrays America for monetary gain. Monetary gain can be money to status, at the expense of betraying your American Countrymen. Also a goddamn Coon will twist the laws of the land to appease foreigners who refuse to ‘integrate’ into American culture, at the same time seeking acceptance from that foreigner and embracing that lesser culture. Last but not least, a Coon will give oppressor(s) a free pass by putting Americans at risk also berating America and its people, and that is a Coon.
Therefore ‘Nazi Coon’ Actually describes this assneck !bitch
Sheriff Clark is not the first to get attack by people licking ole Scrotum sack faced soros.
Democratic Florida state Attorney Aramis Ayala recieved 1.38 million to not seek the death penalty for some crook named Markeith Lloyd.
Now back to Cair now let’s take a closer look at Cair shall we? Cair is intertwined in terrorist organization
In addition Cair is a front group for hammas that fashions itself as Cair aka peaceful loving muslims, but they are not.
The gig is up and now people are aware and taking action is stopping terrorist ass necks coming into this country. As for Soros bullying Clark. That did not work, to make Soros and the muslims leave this country fast is to have Clark become the director of the FBI and make Gowdy the head of homeland security…Happy to piss you off Muslims, this is my country not yours get the fuck out.

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