Trump Fires Comey: Update 2. Now Trump is on the Hunt!

Comey Fired_UPDATE2

Like I mentioned in my previous update on the needed firing of Comey, Because Comey refused to do his damn job. Come to find out there’s more to this than I knew last time I blogged about it.

  1. Comey signed his career death warrant when he failed to tell the truth about the 2016 swaying the election for Clinton with B.S. Russian story. In addition Trump was actually disgusted with Comey, when Comey said he was mildly nauseated about the Clinton Emails. Even Bannon who was very skeptical of the FBI as whole under Comey. Makes me think about this scenario, Maybe Comey should’ve been removed when Trump took his hand off the bible after he got sworn into office.
  2. Leaks:

Specifically the spying on Trump during the Campaign. The loyal goons of Whoreson Obama did spy on President Trump. Also the phone wire tapping, Comey did know about and did nothing

3. Clinton

Comey had all the emails between Huma, Hillary and Athony weiner on sensitive top secret documents, Comey would not even bring Clinton to Justice because he was cool with the crooks. In addition he intentionally fucked up the Clinton investigation. The FBI is suppose to keep such matters quiet. In front of world wide audience he closed the investigation. With this being stated and confirmed goes pack to my last comment about Trump should’ve terminated Comey then. Knowing how Comey lied in his hearing and taking the bullet for Clinton, honestly he should’ve been fired asap.

4. Trump and Russia Connection Witch Hunt

Another thing that Trump and Putin is sick to death of hearing. Trump being  a Russian spy. Fact, CIA and NSA already cleared Trump from having any connection to Russia. Furthermore both CIA and NSA confirmed the story was false, bullshit a cover story to push America betwixt de-legitimize Trump period. Comey okayed to investigate Trump, on made up ties to Russia. This may be the real reason why Comey was fired. To me it looked like Comey was doing the bidding of the establishment to go along with it. Let’s go back 5 months ago, Trump left Comey be when he was already investigating him on the false ties to Russia and found nothing. So when it comes again, Trump is like fuck this shit, hit the road jack. In all honesty it was Jeff Sessions call to fire Comey. Session may be more pissed off at Trump on how terrible, pussy and pathetic Comey is. Session looked at Comeys’ track record and actions, Sessions had enough of that bullshit and sent the paper work to Trump for termination.

Now I heard, and now spicer, Reince  Priebus will be the next swamp monsters fired and here’s why. President Trump is not being nice anymore. He gave these people a chance to some good for the American People, but they chose evil and monetary gain. Also Trump wants nationalist, patriots around him to get America away from the Globalist to bring back America. And the paid off swamp monsters of the establishment has to be slain. This is the reason I voted for Trump and will vote for him for his re-election the swamp critters of the establishment must die.


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