Newly Elected Student President and Vice President, at Clemson Demand LGBT-WTF Training.


Here we go again dumb ass LGBT-WTF, bullying like their islamic ass necks kin again. This time they’re doing on the campus of Clemson. The newly elected student president Killian McDonald and Vice President Jaren Student, wants to raise Clemsons Pride Index from 1.5 to 5.0 How they plan on doing this, is by bullying Clemsons professor and higher ups to meet LGBT-123 standards.

You see LGBT-LMNOP ‘special treatment’ They want a gender inclusive safe space betwixt special privileges in their tender fag flower inclusive social circle. LGBT-WTF-QIA will offer the confused gender folk to alter their identity, sex, name and all that good stuff. It’s get better these tender monkeys in the bush are insisting that all faculty under go ‘mandatory’ training to accommodate a population students that damn near don’t exist, specifically the majority ful-filling the demands of the lesser undesirables.

Twat waffle Jaren and FuckTard Killian aim to increase the awareness of the LGBT-WGAS( who gives a shit) understanding LGBT issues. Now that’s like trying to tell a bull to understand a fly on why it shit paddies all day. To be clear makes no goddamn sense.

Finally some logic comes out of all this shit, when the faculty fires back.

‘Faculty and staff have enough on their plates. We do not have time for more mandatory indoctrination,” the faculty member declared. “If the University can identify an existing, voluntary training program, please let us know about it and we’ll determine if we deem it necessary.’

Jack Timmerman also weighed on that LGBT crouch lickers is introducing another form of indoctrination that could create a negative environment in the class room.

Clemson has it’s problems on hate speech, specifically students not tolerant towards cultural history or beliefs…HMMMM I am wondering what they’re talking about. Let’s have look.

Lefties pussy hurt on Trumps Executive order on Travel Ban Libtard Professor Kumnahika went on a hunger strike because of President Trump, doing what’s right by the American People. The good ole free ride African Professor was escorted from a Trump rally when this fucker wore an islamic head dress betwixt impeding the crowd. Also the good ole privilege migraine headache idiot professor Kumnayika is on the infamous professor watch list. Here’s the delusional social justice Fucktard at a Trump Rally being an ass neck.

In closing,

University of Clemson is doing the right thing in not giving in to LGBT-WTF bullying and terrorist minded demands student president and vice president demands. LGBT is just like the dumb ass jihadist and Democrats. You demand this and you demand that and the constant derp-derp bullying is getting rather dull. You’re doing what the Democrats of the KKK did decades ago endless bullying and privileges you want. LGBT-456 is just like all the left ‘fundamentally’ challenged sub groups of the left. You fuckers are actually going right ahead with segregation ass clowns! This is what the Democrats want. They don’t want no one to prosper. Trump will make America great again by bringing prayer back into the schools, jobs and family values, that LGBT and their cohort flunkies despise with a passion, just like the Democrats. This is to the newly elected student president and vice president. If you want diversity on your campus do so by asking the board for new classes Clemson doesn’t have, specifically look at private colleges and get some of those into the school then you’ll get your diversity in the student body. Clemson is higher place of learning. Clemson is not a play ground hormone habit sex pool for you as sexual homo sexual deviant, cum stains!

To the faculty of Clemson do not cave in to the demands of the brain washed left. Do yourselves a favor by kicking out all professor like Kumnayika off campus. Left sided social justice wankers like him need to be fired and black listed because they’re harmful to all students higher learning. To be frank with you do you guys really think an employer is going to put up with a social justice wanker on the job? You  got the watch list on infamous professors turn into a list of Professor that will be terminated!


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