James Comey Fired!!!!!

Comey Fired

President Trump slays a nasty swamp monster when the time was right and whacked his career head clean off! In ‘slick’ Trump Fashion, Trump sent Comey an email telling him he was terminated from his position. Like always, the knowingly guilty always plays the victim. Specifically Comey acted like he didn’t know what or why he was fired. However this is still a developing story.

This is a good question why Comey was immediately terminated when the left thought everything was blue skies and peaches and cream? For those smart readers that have been following the liar for Hillary Comey, well you guys can go through the list on why James the Goblin was terminated. However here’s my reasons why he was fired.

May 2nd: 894 page documents of State departments, including Hillary Clintons emails. Furthermore in those documents are top secret St Department stuff Hillary foolishly sent on her email suffers courtesy of Huma Abiden. Plus let’s not forget schedules being sent to top Clinton Foundation assnecks on a unsecured server ( her yahoo email account).

December 21 2009: Jake Sullivan fwd email to Clintons unsecured email HDRR22@clintonmail.com. In this email, heavy top secret FOIA Exemption B1-4D. What that means, it was an executive order kept secret for national defense or foreign policy. Either it was very, very important. All I can speculate that this was the U.S. dealing with sensitive over seas stuff. The Clinton, using the same email fwds it to Abiden concerning the ‘climate’ change ( political climate.)

All the terrorist in 2009 specifically Isis and Alqueda started to get the wind up the ass crack to do harm to others. In addition some military bases were hit during that time.

The Juggler slice!

Jan 27, 2010 minutes away from the Hillarys staff meeting. ICE uncovered the latest Pedophile couple(s) trying to adopt Haitian orphans, following that earth quake that happened back then. This gets even better! The Department was working with the Haitian Government in expediting children and removal from the U.S. Now this particular email puts Hillary night hag ass back on the burning coals to put in Prison.

In addition these emails show Hillary’s negligence and disregard for safety of Nation. This would’ve been investigated but it was stopped by Whoreson Obama and the evil folks in the FBI led by none other than Comey!

Like I said this story is still coming in piece by piece, all I can say this is it for Comey and the entire Goblin nest in the swap. From this information and the additional information on Clinton, abiden and the Goblin horde will force a new investigation into everything from the past 8 years and now. In closing James was terrible at his job.

I am thinking Sheriff David Clark will be the new head of the FBI. It’s obvious, Trump had met with Clark, I think last week or so. It should not come to no ones surprise that Clark gets the approval to be the head of the FBI., What that means people get ready to watch U.S. Court T.V. for the next few month.



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