James Comey: Fired update

Comey Fired_edited-3

Get use to seeing ‘update’ for sometime as I cover this betwixt get the facts right. Early today in Sarah Sanders addressed the public on one of the reasons why Comey was fired. In Sarah’s word betwixt fact, she without doubt it deals with FBI leaks. To be specific Sarah sheds some light on Comeys’ incompetence.

Not going to argue with Sarah neither discredit what she said today. However no head of the FBI can be this fucktarded in the brain to allow leaks riddle the FBI. In my opinion, the FBI should be looking into video footage to bank deposits Comey may have been getting to turn the other way. Accounts, specifically off shore accounts and recent investments Comey made or has made. Reason why I say this? FBI does have investments in the stock market, for the sole purpose of keeping itself sustainable and not being completely dependent on ‘we the peoples’ tax money. Enough about that, because that’s an entirely different subject all together.

Remember Trump was pissed off about being spied on during his campaign for office? Yeah Trump repeatedly called the FBI on media leaks on the Russian collusion thing Trump was never apart of.

Sanders was asked did she know about Trump preparing to fire Comey. She said no and that’s the truth. The fact is it was the Justice Department that made all the prep work to terminate Comey, Trump just said the magic words…You’re fired. To be crystal clear the firing of Trump was Sessions and the collective under him to remove Comey. Then they brought it to the President for the approval of it…The media will not tell you this, only me and other truthful folk out there will. But let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

The decaying stench of Trust lingered when Trump was sworn in. Besides Trump didn’t have much faith in Comey, but being the nice man that he is he gave Comey a chance. When Comey dropped the ball on what Trump asked him to do about the spying on him, Trump asked the department of Justice to put together the termination of Comey.

I will say Sarah and I are both astounded that the Democrats and their ding bat libtard college kids are not rushing to defend Comey and starting a riot in the streets. Even though Comey saved Hillary’s satanic ass from Prison.

In Sarah’s words, ‘If Hillary Clinton had won the election, which thank God she didn’t, but if she had and she had been in the same position, she had have fired Comey immediately and the very Democrats that are criticizing the president today would be dancing in the streets celebrating.”

Sarah’s is right on the money about that!

Previous reason I mentioned why Comey was fired, according to Sarah Sanders is true. However, from my prospective that’s proof that Comey lacks real leadership skills betwixt raises speculation that he’s a swamp monster. I am going to say the 894 emails slash hard evidence Comey acquired. On this link is ‘all’ the emails on the right side are categories and tags. Read it, download it, and share it with other truthers. Tell the truth this is the real reason why Comey was terminated. In all honesty, this is the end of Comey’s freedom too. Once the Hillary case begins goes who’s going to be among the guilty, Good ole James Comey.


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