French Election Rigged!

Mocron_He Bitch

Well Goddamn French People, you just let your country turn into an inbred cyst pool for the very muslims that sold you all in slavery. Furthermore France has just allowed He-Bitch Rothchild Banker shit stain become your President. Fact, Macron has never ever been elected for anything in his life. I know he won the election but French election was rigged.

It comes as no surprise when Whoreson Obama Openly says, over the weekend don’t be surprise when the young 39 year old banker becomes Frances next President. In addition I cannot forget that France has history of rigged election. On election day two polling stations were briefly closed due to some suspicious car parked out side. Honestly taking caution because the dumb ass foreign invaders in France, well you have to be cautious. However it gets more shady, an hour later the people were allowed to go back in vote. But it does raise suspicion, because majority of French elections are not electronic it’s strictly paper ballot. In addition dead people, illegals and dumb ass jihadist are allowed to vote too, even though majority of them can’t read.

Now here’s why I firmly believe the French Election was rigged by the help of Whoreson Obama and her board of pimps, aka Globalist. Marine Le Pen Snagged 25 percent more votes over Frances Fillon and Macron the He-Bitch with his so-so 20 to 21. The reason I call it so-so no common sense Frenchmen in his or her right mind would vote for Macron.

Another huge clue the French Election was tampered with by the Globalist and their He Bitch call girls is this. Success of Marine Le Pen will be a disaster to the NWO project in Europe. In this article in the previous sentence, this is when Le Pen Pledges to put her County First embracing French Nationalism. The big ‘bang’ here Le Pen was going to reduce taxes on businesses so they stay in the country, at the same time contend with islam infested Germany, therefore making the French currency greater than Germany.

Also following that terrorist attack that happened in March…Le Pen utter the words pull France out of the EU forever. And this what worried the hell out of the pedophile loving elite to deat, a Le Pen victory teaming up with President Trump and President Putin in up holding Nationalism and ridding the world of dumb ass radical Muslims off the planet.

This is not my opinion, and you’re damn fool for even thinking that. This how the globalist are, and bullshit is smeared all over this election. As time goes on I am pretty sure more evidence that French Election was rigged to put ole He Bitch poon face Macron in…France wake the fuck up!!!


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