Muslims and Africans are responsible for Slavery.


What inspired me to write this blog betwixt fact is this. Dumb ass institutionalized College and Democratic Black labeled Americans don’t know real history. On that note the ‘big’ part of the blame is the education and the goddamn Coon minded left and their democratic slave owners ( pun intended!)

Warning if this blog slash history lesson is going to piss you off? Good, happy to piss you off, offend you and kick you in the face with some sad but true facts.

Let’s start from the very beginning shall we?

In Africa Origins of Slavery can be traced back to 3,500 years ago. Egypt left behind written records of them raiding unaware little towns and villages ect for slaves. But don’t get this twisted with pyramids like majority of the ass necks do. No slave was allowed to even touch a Pyramid. In addition no slave was buried in the shadow of a Pyramid. And on that note no slave was buried in the shadow of the King or Queen period! Through out Africas oral history, it was tradition to own slaves apart of life. For example on ass hat tribe defeats another, the lazy warrior takes slaves, sell them or trade them off for something. Typical lazy person, similar to the Democratic party who despise African Descents and European Descents. But the Democrats like the Africans of the past will exploit them for cash.

A little deeper into the origins of Slavery in Africa. Slavery represented wealth. In African there’s little to no property ownership existed till the good ole Colonial days. Around 19 century it became a common practice to get as many slaves as you could to work the land the African owned, thanks to the influence of the west. Unfortunately African got it twisted by having slaves work the land because the owners were too lazy to do it themselves betwixt tight penny to hire people. When they needed slaves, the good ole African got his buddies and raided a village to drag off new slaves.

Muslim perfected slavery

In the7th century the spread of satans religion, Islam started to spread like a cancer in North Africa. The blah-barian berbers slavery is component to their intolerant totalitarian Islam. You wanna know why you ask, in the koran aka satans second bible it dictates and justifies slavery. If you don’t believe me look it up. And to give you a nightmarish image check this out.

muslim slave owners
The Arab is still practicing slavery and chopping off dicks and scrotum sacks of male African Slaves.

This was around when North Africa was being destroyed and cowardly natives converted over to satans religion. And they were enlisted in the beta male arab army. Across the trans-Shara the disease of islam started get spread further into West Africa. Now the slaves captured were shipped to Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, Iran and India.

Furthermore during the 10 -15 century, the slave trade grew much faster, in Egypt through the Nile River all the way to Ethopia where thousands of slaves were captured, sold, mutilated or raped ( if you were female.) This goes into why Muslim Africans and Muslims are so fucked in the head? Here’s the answer to the ways of islam and the koran kept the slaves and slave owner in check. Some historians contradict themselves by saying Islam set the slaves free, which total bullshit! What set the slaves free was flesh and Blood Americans and British who got tired of the blah barian bebers raiding their ships, taking their men as captives. And then American early Marines at the time raided the blah barians, freeing everyone and killing the muslim where he stood. If you don’t believe me look it up

Now let’s get into the real reason why teachers are not telling the real history of Slavery!

Did you know that a good portion of Slaves are European Descent? Did you know Irish were slaves on American soil?

Did you know even African Descents did own slaves during the slavery in America? Ya didn’t and don’t even lie and say you did either. The cold hard truth! Some Blacks did own slaves just like their white counter parts. In 1800s it was common to see a wealthy African Descent owning black slaves or Irish slaves thanks to King James the second and the blah barians. The real questions is how many African Descents did own slaves? To answer that is this, about 28 percent of Blacks owned slaves.  For example Free blacks in Boston owned slaves, 48 blacks in Maryland owned slaves, And the infamous man Nat Butler routinely purchased and sold Blacks like he was dealing with pokemon cards.

To make you fade your ass hairs, read this. It was in Louisiana at the time when the freed Black slave owners feared for their freedom. So they enlisted their services to the Confederacy. I am not lying if you don’t believe, Buy Noah’s book and read the truth for yourself. I read this when I was teenager, let’s say I got into many fights in school with Teachers to dumb ass students. When the civil war broke out 440 formed 14 companies called the ‘native Louisiana Guard’, swearing to defend Louisiana. Unfortunately they didn’t see combat. As result Louisiana was defeated in 1862 and the name of the free company changed to Native Guard/ Corps Afrique to defend the union.

Total of Free blacks that owned slaves:

13.7 percent three hundred thousand plus, of the black population was free during the 1830s. 3,776 owned slaves! Now the freed men owned over twelve thousand plus slaves. But still the number is quite small compared to the European Descents that did own slaves.

Why did blacks own slaves?

From memory a small percent owned a slave or slaves to protect certain family members or a person. The rest is, oh well following what the Africans and Arabs passed on through history on how to treat a slave and exploit another culture.

European Descent Slaves

The berber blah-barians crept on the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and not forgetting the slavic people. After all the word slave comes is Slavic in the first damn place. to capture folk in the 1631 this way. The primary targets of interest Christians!

You could be African, Jewish, Orthodox, Protestant , Catholic or Muslim. Oh the fucking irony for being a Muslim slave, I call it this is what you get for participating in false faith you get slavery for your stupidity.

No life on the babary coast of the blah barians. YOU had no future at all. Many died on the ship during the voyage, jumped over board or some just got brave and chose death instead bondage. From the reading and research I have done for the Seasons of Pain’s codex. I know this that the left and Democratic, soon to be eradicated department of Eduction is trying to put the blame on the European Descent for slavery. When in fact all the slave masters were and still are Muslims and African Muslims. Later the Dutch got into the slave trade also, which established the Atlantic slave trade or should I say solidified it.

People wonder why Eastern European Countries despise Muslims, I just gave you the answer. If your African Descent  American and you happen to be confused why a Eastern European is being friendly to you and ignoring the African and Muslim, because they’re on your side and not theirs. Which brings me to a story I am going to close with. When I learned about European Descents were slaves I was going to private school. A kid from Russia, come to find out he was from Yugoslavia told me about his ancestors in slavery. It was the most brutal shit I have ever heard, he knew more about slavery than the teacher did as for me it blew my mind that the Arabs and Africans are responsible for contributing strife on humanity. That’s when I started looking deeper into what people were not telling me about history betwixt don’t take anyone’s’ ideals or  the lame catch phrase people say, ‘oh everyone participated in slavery.’ That’s a goddamn lie people still say to this day.

Like I always say the turd that falls is never far from the horses ass. And this the reason why islam needs to eradicated from the earth. Slavery is still being practiced,  a good example if I was to go to Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia I can buy a European descent for three hundred to thousand dollars cash money. In African they’re slave blocks up and running you can buy kids and women for the right price…If you don’t believe me? Get off of face book and look it up.


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