FuckTard of The Week: William Orrick

Fucktard of the week_Orrick

Before I begin roasting William Orrick. Let me be clear on the slur I am going to use for ass nuggets like this guy. I am going to use the word ‘COON’ in the good ole sell out to the left Websters’ Dictionary, Coon means disrespecting a African Descent person or persons. My definition of Coon is this.

Any FuckTard that Betrays America for monetary gain, financial gain at the expense of their Countrymen. In addition ignoring the laws of the land by twisting the laws to appease a foreigners that ‘refuse’ integrate into America, at the same time seeking acceptance from the foreigner, you are a Coon. Saved the best for last, when the Fucktard betwixt Coon gives the oppressor(s)  a free pass by  putting Americans at risk and berating  America and the people that is Coon in the absolute.  Last piece, when a Coon decides to physically attack a persons free speech, liberty and rights, if that fits someone you know then that person is pathetic Coon.

When I start calling these fucktards, Democrats, and paper left coons I don’t mean it in racist way. I mean it in sell out way, the left takes words and twist them so can I. Now let’s get to the Fucktard betwixt Coon William Orrick.

William Orrick was appointed to Federal Judge by Whoreson Obama during his reign as Queen of America. Fucktard William Orrick Just ruled the U.S. Government cannot block funds to beta male Sanctuary Cities.

Why you ask? Here are the answers below, plus this is what makes William Orrick a Coon!

While working in the private sector he earned 200,000 bucks while working with Whoreson Obama. Also gave thirty grand plus to various committee working for Whoreson Obamas committees.

In 2015 Orrick Blocked the release of Planned Parenthood organ snatching. To sale harvested organs from the fetus was discussed.

Wow talk about finding the a judge to defend the safety of American citizens lol.

Damn! Talk about a man that fits the title Coon.

Amazing William Orrick made Fucktard of the week.


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