Berkley’s Mayor Proud Member of ANTIFA AssNecks!


Jesse Arreguin is Social Justice Wanker, However he’s more of a FuckTard too. He fits in both slots, well he certainly is fat enough to take up two rows too. Arreguin is member of the Antifa on facade book. I have no idea why I mayor would be a part of a group that ripped off the name of a coffee beverage.

It fucks with the mind that a Mayor would rally behind a small time terrorist group in a town he’s sword to protect the citizens, but he would rather be friends with a fascist group that wants tear down society.

These are the fuckers who he’s friends with

Not only he’s friends with them but an active member #Radical Libtard Terrorist Yvette Felacra! This bitch defended the violence against ole Milo scheduled event. Let me tell ya Yvette and your betas are bunch  of fucktards. I really hope all Berkley’s funding gets pulled.

BAMN was investigated for engaging in terrorist activities in 2005. Why they have not been thrown in federal Prison I do not know. In 2009 they were declared a low level terrorist group, again how come these bitches were not hauled off to pelicans Bay?

BAMN is described as left wing terrorist group.

Law enforcement need to crack some heads open and throw these rich pieces of shit in a prison cell for a very long time. For the Mayor Jesse, you are the biggest FuckTard next to Arnold. The best part of you rolled off your fathers shaft and stained the carpet, I believe you’ve been cheated.



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