Shutting down Mosque to Stop Terrorist

Le Pen

Marine Le Pen called for ass whoop’n on terrorist causing terrorism in France once again. Specifically the beta male foreign invaders that has ass buddy pal ties to islamic terrorist ties ect.

The latest attack assnecks isis claim responsibility for. Marine Le Pen made this video .

In her words, ‘ Preachers of hate must be expelled, islamist mosque closed. Secularism must be applied and aligned properly in our Republic principles.

Also she says this, “If I am elected president, I will put this battle plan against terrorism and penal weakness into force immediately so that we can protect the French people, and so that France and the French republic can live on.”

Also Le Pen wants France to have its own Sovereignty and strong borders to protect the citizen from rape crazed jihadist. Also Joan of Arc reincarnate promises to go after fucktards who are ass buddies with terrorist.

In a Televised appearance she told the audience this,I don’t want you get used to the Islamic terrorism, I don’t want us to tell our youth that they will live daily with this danger. I want to put a plan of attack against Islamist terrorism.”

Remember Thursdays attack in France? Karim Cheurif, the ass hat shot and killed in the terrorist attack. Abu Yousif served a 20 year sentence and was released, and you know he went right back being an assneck terrorist. Cheurif was already on a watch list and detained in February, and this is why Le Pen is pissed at the French system now for mishandling terrorist.

Marine is France’s last hope, a Patriot for her people and she wants France Great again. In addition, when she gets in office. Dark days are upon you ass buddy pal terrorist.


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