Chi Towns Editor, says facebook is reducing their traffic.


Looks like the deputy editor of the Chicago Tribune just realized scam fuckbook is running on all digital media and media, to put them all the poor house. Ever since shitbook rolled out is Algorithm against conservative media labeled as fake news.

The Chicago Tribune has seen an absolute stunning decline of traffic on it’s organic facebook organic counter parts since November 2015.

Facebook focused on eliminating conservative and alternative media around the exact time Chicago started see this decline. In January Facade Book changed the model that allowed you to set personal preference and all that good stuff. However according to the reports from the link on the previous link, the changed favored real news over fake news. What this means reader, real news is what facebook and it’s lame illegitimate fact checkers call real news. Which the twisted fake news. What fake news and presstitutes call fake news is real news, such as Alex Jones, Stone Cold Truth, Matt Drudge and all those good folk that put out the facts.

The problem is the that editor believes that the Tribune is falsely being labeled as fake news and hustling fakenews. Editor say they were not, Tribune was just covering a story and sticking to it. Chicago Tribune believes the fake news label is hurting them big time even they apologized for something they didn’t do or did.

Zuckerberg you dumb shit!

ROFL now the real fake news is getting a taste of its own medicine by the hand of zucker-snatch fake news roll out. The first to suffer is Chicago Tribune. Man this is too good to be true and talk about a dumb fuck. This is proof Zucker-snatch is not as smart as he think he is. All that licking and snuggling to Hillary’s rancid poon, didn’t pay off. Looks like the people are calling the presstitute mainstream media fake news on Zucker – snatches platform.

Here’s how you can get in on it people go CNN, NBC, MSNBC facebook pages and check all their articles as fake news! I suggest do it on your down time, Do it when you’re pissed off, Do it before bed so you can sleep easy that you’re sending false flagging propaganda shits to the poor house lol. I am going to do this right now.


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