Transform Missions_Carnage Review

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (25)

Good evening Everyone,

Let me get this out of the way. Transform Missions’ homage to Menasor was not on my list to collect for this key reason. Ya see back in the past Generation Toy made this stupid statement about they hate shipping to the states because there’s so few third party collectors in the west. I covered that blog a year ago. What made me change my mind you ask?

for robin

Power Train did, no shit look at him this is the only reason why, Power Train is very articulated too. In addition he will be released in June. Knowing how GT is, well since TFM is their sister company June or July. Let’s get back to the review.

QC and Transformation tips

Carnage does have some minor stress on the plastic that is visible. Nothing that sets off the red flag, it’s working in the new plastic stress because some of the plastic is soft. I don’t mean soft in a fragile way. I mean soft in flexible way. Other than minor soft flexi plastic on him, it makes up with sturdiness on the over all figure.

Transformation tips

I am going to give you some ‘clarity’ because the instructions are a tad vague when it comes to transformation. When it comes to the legs here’s something to look for

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (7)
Start with the legs like so. I will go by this step by step. The blue panels connected to the wheels are suppose to fold inward and peg into back of the legs.
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (8)
See the blue pegs here? They will be pegged into the white teeth, that are on the leg.
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (9)
Up close shot of the white slots below. You have to line this up right to peg the three blue pieces into the three open slots on the lower leg.
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (10)
It will look this when you successfully peg the pieces together.

I wanted to address this early before I get on with the rest of the review.

Paint apps

Magnificent, nice paint job on bot mode and vehicle mode. It’s astounding TFM got a metallic cream color white to be cohesive on this aesthetic.

Attention to detail is shown on Carnage in addition TFM made a storage area for his weapon. Before I show this picture, look at these pictures of Carnage in vehicle mode. If this was setting on this you wouldn’t believe it was a transformer.

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (4)


In the arms, shoulders and ball jointed head Carnage exceeded my expectation. However when it comes to four heels and no foot, I find very odd. Not odd in a bad way but odd on how it looks.

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (13)
It looks cool, well thought out design. First thing came to my head. How am I going to pose him will it be Carnage down fall?
TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (14)
The ankle rocker goes one way. Get creative posing him.

Carnage can hold some cool run and gun posing, but you have to work with the feet to get a solid pose. You know me I don’t mind spending time posing figures. Before I go on and on. I want you to take a look at the face sculpt.

Face sculpt of the year contender

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (11)
He looks like he’s going to drop a series of F bombs before he shoots you in the privates.

Now this is beautiful, the face says it all that Carnage is violent smart ass. Very detailed, crisp color apps to bring out the demeanor of Carnage. This is why I love collecting third party transformers, because they really care about their work.

TransformMissinon_Carnage 006 (12)

Had to take another shot of his face looking up. I do love the face Carnage. This is when the figure finally grew on me like Doritos grows on Honey booboo aka honey dodo.

For the rest of the articulation on Carnage. Like I said he can hold solid poses but you have to work with him. Despite that he’s incredibly photogenic. What this tells me the rest of the team will have this it factor and that’s a good thing. After all I spend series loot on these guys might as well get my moneys worth right?


I would post more pictures but the net is being slow and retarded.

I give Carnage a rating 10/10 what he lacks makes up for his sturdiness, detail and appearance. If you’re on the fence about going in on this set, I will be honest with you wait till Power Train comes in. I bet you’re saying,’ but you got one already why tell me the reader I should wait?’

To answer that question, I am addressing to newbies and people who are skeptical betwixt curious individuals. If you want ‘absolute’ crystal clear clarity If I were you I would wait for Power Train. Power Train will make or break this combiner set. When power train is in stock do research. Don’t put all your trust in you tuber reviewers. Talk to people who own him to small time online sellers. They’ll tell ya the truth. It’s your money buddy pal spend it wisely.

If my blog review won you over then by all means pick up Carnage and Disorder at GCIToys. Dr. Killinger has the best prices on third party figures. I buy majority of my figures from him. On that note I want to thank him for shipping Carnage to me so fast.

Next Week I will have Disorder. And as always I will review him. Till then take care and enjoy the weekend.





One thought on “Transform Missions_Carnage Review

  1. I think “patients is then when it comes to that” is supposed to read “patience is thin when it comes to that.” It took me a few moments to decipher what you were trying to say and aside for a few other grammatical and punctuation errors throughout, it’s a pretty good review. I’m already invested into this set (mainly because I need a taller Menasor than FansProject’s) and plan on buying the rest of the figures. I’m definitely looking forward to Power Train. If ever there was a BAMF transforming robot, then Power Train is it!

    Personally I think the “feet” on Carnage look more like hooves moreso than the standard feet and I kind of snarl at the fact the hooves don’t snap into place. But then, because of the way they are formed, we wouldn’t get the “ankle tilt” that we do get.


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