Beta Male Patriots BoyCott White House Visit

Beta male asslets

I hope you didn’t think I wasn’t going to ride on these large beta males did you? Chris Long, Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Alan Branch and LeGarrette Blount, announced they’re not going to meet the big bad Trump at the white house. Furthermore the extra large beta male Dont’a hall said he visited the white house when he played for Alabama and doesn’t want to go again. I kind of find that lame betwixt he may hate the city of Washington?

On Friday McCourty had dim light spark in his brain to make a video about the patriots ‘questionable’ win over the falcons in the super bowl I didn’t watch. Anyway the lame video is lack luster subliminal message to oppose Trump.

In the video ironically called Be Patriots he says this shit that was worthy me roasting him and his beta male teammates: “When my son grows up, and I believe the legacy of our president is going to be what it is, I don’t want him to say, ‘Hey dad. Why did you go when you knew it was wrong?’”

And one of these libtard fans got his he cherry hurt because he got tired of his team being labeled alt-right, and glad McCourty made the video. Talk about he bitch wha-bulancing people, uggggghhhh!

Roast time

Okay McCourty you say when your son grows up, that he’ll say hey dad why did you visit the president when you knew it was wrong? This is what I find wrong in the absolute, your beta ass as role model for growing boy.

Trump is a president, that is pro America, he wants prosperity and liberty for everyone and he’s fighting a ‘real’ grid iron bout against the globalist that hi jacked this country. Do some goddamn Research McCourty before you whore yourself for the NFL publicity betwixt democrat klansman points.

Not to the fans and the rest of the beta males,

To the stunt cock bearded bitch that said, tired of the team being labeled art-right and Trump is mean. In addition the other whinning and Regergatated Cnn shit the rest of the fans said.

‘We’re winning in the wrong categories lying, groping women to being racist. The only pussy Trump grabbed was Whoreson Obama’s hand when they met face to face for the first time. And I am pretty damn sure he washed his hands and the secret service might have made him use hand sanitizer to be sure his hands were clean in the absolute.

Lying, Trump first 80 plus days in office he’s been honest with the American people. The lying comes from the regressive left and loser mainstream media that make false story after fake story about him during his campaign and now. Let’s talk about the hee-haw woman in the red shirt, ‘He’s not a role model for kids.’

What a dumb bitch he’s a perfect role model for kids especially young boys, to be strong, patriotic, manly and stand up for themselves. I believe the bitch in the red shirt is some goddamn actresses or some single mom with 4 kids and she has no idea who the father is for all four of them.

Last but not least, the ending of the video be patriots. Gender equality?! What kind of dumb ass shit is that coming from a man. No one needs to pretend for transgenders period because they have gender mental disorder dread head!

You Patriot fans rank a strong number two under cowboy fans for the horse shit that flies out of your mouths. Could be from that cold weather, cabin fever or all of the above that make you fuckers seem mentally challenged when it comes to the hard truth and reality.

I am going to be a Patriot, follow the commander in chief to make this country better. I am going to be patriot and refute any goddamn false narriative mainstream media post and bring the truth forward by any means necessary. I am going to be patriot on fanning the flames against google and Facebook that want to destroy first amendment and free speech. I am going to be real patriot on fighting the ‘real’ good fight.

Fucking football libtarded players and your fake war on some goddamn field. For once in your miserable pampered lives be real men, and join this real war against globalism overly paid barbie dolls.



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