Models hair style causes triggers Social Justice Wankers.

Social Justice Wankers

I don’t pay attention to super models, or models. I only like the curvy models. This is one story I could not turn away from. Here goes.

26 year old Coachella a model from Australia captioned a photo of herself.

It was Thursday when she did it. The punch line she was in the Social Justice Wankers cyst puss, pool, Southern California when she did it for music festival.

Then shit goes typical democratic when the sensitive poons go bigot side of the force for mocking the democratic label ‘black’ culture about her hairstyle. You can read the comments on the previous link I posted.

One comment that stands out betwixt show how discriminatory rich the regressive brain ankle bites are. ‘Those braids don’t belong to your culture.’ That comment I rolled my eyes and ROFL. Opinion speaking the best one is this one below.

“If your weren’t privileged you would clearly understand why it’s not okay. No that’s not that’s not my opinion that’s the society’s [sic],” wrote a user named yanizez.

And this is the true Democratic minded people are, always using that dicrimination like a fat woman gorging on some chicken smothered in gravy. Democrats and their brain dead followers love discrimination, love it so much they’ll discriminate against themselves at the same time attack you to make them feel good. Maybe Coachella should offer to change their diapers, burp them and read a my little pony story to make them feel better, awe the poor bitches of the left….Not!

No back to the game!

Now this his how Coachella looks, for those who have not laid eyes on her.


Social Justice Wankers use the word ‘appropriation’ when it comes to anyone wearing a different hair style that’s another ethnic group or what have you. Like always the Social Justice Wankers use words they don’t know the definition too or the ‘actual’ meaning of a word. They fill entitled in their unlucky charm reality that they can change words and word meanings to push their stupidity on to society, force people like it and then good words in the dictionary get fucked in the process.

With that being said here’s a copy and paste of the ‘real’ definition of appropriation.

The grant of money by a legislature for some specific purpose. The authority to grant appropriations, popularly known as the power of the purse, gives legislatures a powerful check over executive branches and judicial branches, for no public money can be spent without legislative approval. Congress, for example, can approve or reject the annual budget requests of the executive branch for its agencies and programs, thereby influencing both domestic and foreign policy. ( See also checks and balances and pork-barrel legislation

Here it is used as noun.



the act of setting apart or taking for one’s own use

a sum of money set apart for a specific purpose, esp by a legislature
1. is on call here, in addition it’s very ‘broad’ when it clearly states setting something apart and taking for ones own use. You can say that for ‘many’ things. Take me for example. I am a horror author, I took the genre of horror for my own use to make seasons of pain. By doing that I made Seasons of Pain represent all ‘aspects’ of horror such averse behavior to anything that makes the character cringe or ass and elbow it to the hills. You can say the same thing for rap music sampling old school beats and using the beats to make records.
But the dumb ass left here wants to make Appropriation a very negative word and a naughty noun by smearing the good ole democratic discriminate donkey pooh all over it.
Done popping the Social Justice Wanker sour poon, time to move on.
Here’s something, Justine Timberlake, Justin twat Bieber and hipocrite J.K. Rowlings use this word all the damn time and accused for practicing it on people a lot better than them.
Notice the pattern it’s the celebrities doing this dumb shit and hoping their zombie minded fans will follow the shit trail the leave for them to follow. With hope of making them as miserable as they are.
In addition Marc Jacobs was accused models Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner for wearing dreadlocks (shitlocks) in their hair.
Jacob fired back. Not only he fired back he made a direct hit on the wha-bulancing wankers.
“Funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair,”
“I respect and am inspired by people and how they look. I don’t see color or race — I see people.”
He deleted this comment unfortunately.
Another actress came under unfriendly fire when she wore a dream catcher in her hair.
Break down and tyrannical tea bagging the SJWs
What this really is reader(S) is an all out assault on freedom of expression, free speech and your right for pursuing happiness and liberty. See the communist betwixt fascist minded left don’t want you doing it. They’re completely brain washed and don’t see the propaganda that they’re carrying out to destroy the free country we live in. This is the same bullshit that was pulled in Russia many years ago when it fell to communism, thanks to George Soros’s color revolution and the bankers on wall street doing it too. Don’t believe me look it up for yourself.
The solution to all of this is fight back, call the social justice wankers out and beat them down with the truth and watch them run, scream and have meltdown like their bastard mother Hillary Clinton.
Tea-bagging the left
You dumb ass ankle bites that attend 62,000 a year indoctrinated institutes of low brow learning need to read a goddamn dictionary, before you go fucking with words you can’t pronounce or use. As for celebrities, you guys are the dumbest thin skinned jack asses I have ever seen. You use your influence over your flock of blank minded folk and put them on the wrong path in life. You don’t care as long as you appease your crook establishment bosses and take money from the people who support you. WAKE UP shit stains, if you don’t want prosperity for the people who follow you, how in the hell are you going to get paid when people are too poor to afford a descent pair of socks. How can people look up to you when act like crying crack babies when people disagree, difference of opinion and show you facts, you fucktards want go satan mode and look stupid doing it. But you don’t care as long as you suck peoples energy dry and their money. This the reason why I love I voted for Trump. His presence and his names triggers the real you in all of you, which is this. A bunch of sacks of spoiled spunk, bitch’n complaining that you lost a good portion of your power and your Hillary Clinton lost! ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ WOKE THE FUCK UP and we see how fucked in the head you fuckers are. In closing, the only good thing about you celebrities is when you die and become food for the maggots and fertilizer for the beautiful trees in the graveyard.
Have a good night and thanks for reading.



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