Zucker-snatch Stop Lying!


Good afternoon everyone, I am practicing what I preach always, ride on these false internet pimps all day everyday till the anti-trust bill passes the house! Today good ole Zucker-Snatch say they’re gonna stop fake news the same way they stopped click bait. First off we all know that’s about as real as Cnn doing professional Journalism. Fakebook couldn’t stop welfare migrant posting rape videos with satans help.


Zuckers-turd talks to you the public like you’re stupid. I will post what the Pubic Hair Replacement ( PHR) client says, that’s completely untrue. CNN along with rest of the mainstream media is fake news. What this communist loving dick scab target is conservative new, conservative facebook users that expose radical islam to the goddamn democrats. In addition fakebook targets anti social justice warriors. Meaning they delete or suspend peoples’ account who go after the social justice jackasses. Now let’s get to exposing Zucker-Snatch latest tall tale of twisted truth betwixt lies.

On the fortunes report he says this ‘“The solution is similar to the approach the site is now taking to improve the situation around ‘information diversity or misinformation or building common ground’—euphemisms for the more popular conceptions of ‘filter bubbles,’ ‘fake news,’ and ‘echo chambers.’”

This motherfucker has bots on facebook. Bots that he and Smut Schmidt share attack alternative news posts on facebook and google. For example the negative comments infowars gets on facebook majority of them are bots. Click on the images of the people and you’ll see one or two photos of the person and a black screen. What he means by improving the situation, he and google want to put choke hold on free speech by attacking conservative digital media, that put Trump in the White House ect.

Now here’s what Rotten Poon said about Free speech.

“is a tricky part of running this company,” adding, “In setting the nudity policy, for example, we are not trying to impose our values on folks, we’re trying to reflect what the community thinks.”

“We have come to this realization that a bunch of people sitting in a room in California is not going to be the best way to reflect all the local values that people have around the world,” the Facebook CEO declared. “So we need to evolve the systems for collective decision making. It’s an interesting problem… It’s just a constant work in progress.”

What the fuck does nudity has to do with free speech?! He just said he’s going to impose his values on you by saying he’s not! That’s the good ole Hillary Clinton Strategy say what your not going to and blame the enemy, then carry out what you’re gonna do. Evolve the system, yeah right that’s why Zucker fart green lighted the fact checker, hired Snopes and working with communist china to Merkle to cut off the truth and free speech. Trust me Zuckerfuck is fucking liar and here’s some hard truth below.

Daily Mail Reported, Facebook is known for banning Conservatives and people who are sick of Social justice facktards. Now the anti-fake news, fact checker is goddamn bi partisan ran by the Poytner institute program. Look them up and see for yourself.

Poytner institute is the host of international fact checker that bills itself as a ‘global alliance.’ With that being said, now the fat lady is singing her ass off. Yup goddamn globalism, you haven’t known this by now. Zuckerberg and the false internet thugs want globalism to happen. This is why they’re attacking free speech on social media. And here are the members of the Poytner institute. ABC, Politico, the associated press, Washington Post and pussy ass Snopes.

So now let’s take a closer look at the fact checkers.

Bethany Palmer of Snopes took a false narrative declaring Donald Trump is Klansman to supporting the KKK. In addition this fat ho defended a leftist professor, who wrote an absurd story that Beritbart former executive Stephen K. Bannon is woman beater and a White Supremacist.

This is why I want to see Facebook taken away from ZuckerWanker. He’s another but hurt Hillary supporter that thinks all facebook useres are dumb and he do what he wants to you. This man, like apple and google want to silence free speech. So get on their asses and get active. Go to .gov and roast the hell out of your rep to push for the anti trust bill on google and facebook. Fight back, resist and ride on these weak fucktards all day everyday!


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