Facebook Targets 30,000 Supporters Of Marine Le Pen


Update people and guess what it seems fuckbook is doing what it does best, which engaging in false information, shutting down free speech and attacking Conservatives any chance they get.

Facebook and the leftist French Media is running fact check programs to go after ‘so’ called misleading media outlets that engage in misinformation. What that means people Facebook and left French Media is going after supporters of Marine Le Pen and French men and women who want their country free from dumb ass Migrant.

They’re targeting specific pages to websites that has the ‘highest’ traffic which is the honest media in France to Marine Le Pen supporters. Remember the title of my previous blog Zucker-snatch Stop Lying!

Yup this is what Zuckersnatch is doing. Saying that he is not forcing his ideals on anybody, but he’s doing the will of the establishment betwixt seeking a full destruction of free digital press as we know it.

To the French men and women…Not for the Migrant foreign invader

To people in France let me give you a heads up. Fakebook did this last year in our election, going after all Conservatives to deleting accounts and post. Thia has happened to me, and I called out Zuckerfuck on it too. I got no reply, typical beta male I know.

Best tactic to do French men and women is to have alternate social media accounts linked to fuckbook and flood truth all over the internet. Also have different fakebook accounts and flood your truth all over it, show Zuckerberg and the NWO they don’t tell you what to do and what to do believe! Next push for an anti-trust bill against Facebook and google. Keep in mind the globalist are pissing on themselves to get rid of Le Pen. Le Pen is your Champion, she needs your support in this crucial time in the French Election. So do all what you can to keep the truth going on the net to get her in office. Give Zuckersnatch a serious headache.


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