Bad Cube_Speed Bump

BadCube_SpeedBump1 021

Good evening, I finally got my hands on another Bad Cube master piece. First of the bat, I want to acknowledge the vehicle mode.

If you didn’t know any better you would believe this is just a model car. Helluva job on Bad Cube on making this look exactly like an ole 80s 4×4 vehicle. Let’s get on to the review.


One little issue with the right foot. The little metal piece is not as firm as the left. However, it doesn’t hinder Speed Bump posing his ass off though. I chalk this up as machine error or human error on the die cast there.


Lot’s and lost of goodness about Speed Bump. Every time Bad Cube makes a new figure, it appears they’re getting better at their craft on marrying QC and Articulation to every transformer they make. This is why Bad Cube is one of the companies I trust.


Slavish G1 color scheme ‘but’ is very detailed and absolutely flawless to boot. Some folks have had paint chip during transformation. A little paint has chipped on the forearms on my mold, nothing major. Even though this is a slavish G1 figure, Speed bump is eye catching. Meaning he sticks out like a sore thumb in my collection in a good way.


Speed Bump is made for play time and hold action poses. Just like Sun Surge what pose can he not hold? Bad Cube meticulous eye for detail, specifically on ratchets to plastic joints, makes Speed Bump a posing beast just like Sun Surge, and War Dog. Speed Bump has the symmetry of a power lifter but can hold dancer poses with no problem. Here’s some pictures of Speed Bump doing some Kung-Fu.


100/100 Speed bump withstood my mistakes in transformation. In addition held firm when I had to retrace my steps lol. I am still astonished how well made Speed Bump is! With that being said, his aesthetic brother Lorry is very tempting to pick up.

Transformation notes

If you have this figure, going to get it or it’s on the way then you’re in luck my friend. The instruction are crystal clear on how to transform him. However due to complex betwixt intuitive transformation you will come to halt when you get to the back back portion of Speed bump. First let me show you this on the back pack.

BadCube_SpeedBump1 003
The instruction are absolute when it comes to showing you how to do this. But it does not show where the pegs plug into the back.

Furthermore see how the vehicle siding is lined up. That’s how it should look according to the instructions. What I did was line the side panels close to the windows of the cab.

BadCube_SpeedBump2 035
Here’s an aerial view on what I did to have clean tab in.
BadCube_SpeedBump2 034
Make sure the hinge is bent like this.

More so the transformation back into the vehicle, make sure you have everything lined up then tab in. I will be honest with you  I enjoy a complex transformation, I have more time spent on the figure. I am weird like that and that’s me. However to shelf collectors who only transform stuff one time and shelf it, don’t bother getting Speed Bump. Speed Bumb has to be transformed at least 4 times. I Transformed him 6 get the hang of it after the 3rd time.


He comes with his tradition cannon heads and shoulder cannons. Plus you get an angry face too. Last but not least you get some rear laser cannon for Sun surge. I have not attached it yet, not going to for a while. If it piece of plastic can’t be stored on his body in bot mode, then it’s going in the box. Besides that Speed Pump comes with his stuff you can attach whatever you want on his body.


To get on and get the wha-bulancers out the way about complex transformation. Like I said before I don’t mind complex transformation at all, especially when it comes to bad cube they just have the knack of making it complex enough that I enjoy it. If you’re one of those cry baby collectors that bitch about complex transformation, do this for me. Stop crying about it and take your ass to hasbro combiner wars will ya.

To the good part about this discussions. Speed bump is flawless, I beat out my expectation on what I wanted him to be. Watching reviews didn’t win me over on him. It was pictures that made me want to get him. When it comes to transforming him for the first time do not take you tube reviewers to heart. Majority of the time they leave key steps out and do a poor job showing you areas you need to pay close attention to when your learning how to transform ole Speed Bump. My advice follow the instruction and use common sense. Bad Cube is doing a helluva job third party wise. I would love to see them tackle a triple changer.


10/10 Outstanding I will be messing around with Speed Bump for a while. Look at my previous pictures and more pictures I have of him below. Thanks for reading and I hope my review helped you out.


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