MasterMind Creations Jaegertron Review

MMC_Jaegertron part one 020
Jaegertron: Don’t give a shit about faction, Don’t give a damn about good or evil. The only thing I care about is the energon rush of the fight and thrill of the hunt.

Happy Saturday to everyone. I am late to the dance with this figure. I picked up from Good ole Dr.Killinger of GCI toys a few days ago, for a steal price. Looking at him for this time, what crossed my mind is this. If predator was a transformer it would be Jaegertron.

Let’s get down to the review.


As always I prefer getting the negative out of the way first. During the shoot the gray ball peg for the neck snapped when I was messing around with him. I am getting it replaced, not to worry. However I strong believe their should’ve been a safer was MMC could of done to slide base gray piece back during transformation. Due to how Jaegertron is designed, I can’t really condemn the single flaw with the figure. It’s not a complete smack in the face. But I had figure out a way to transform him during the seven time transformation run I do for all my figures. Now I just pop the head off. Slide the grey piece back, next put the head back on. You’ll see it on the instructions, it says push the head back. To be safe in the absolute pop the head off, slide it back and pop the head back on.

Transformation tips.

The transformation is easy, once you get a hang of it you can do it in your sleep. Must I digress some parts of the transformation, you have to pay attention to.

MMC_Jaegertron2 005
When your flipping the nose part up for jet mode make sure this black piece is flipped out, to avoid collateral.
MMC_Jaegertron2 008
Make sure the everything is lined up when you plug the pegs in the slots here.


Jager comes with additional heads and lots of weapons at his disposal. To top it all off he comes with trophy display case slash cargo attachment for the ship.

The trophy case is bad ass in hand.

MMC_Jaegertron part one 014

Just for you my reader a pics of him with his weapons.

Just the ones I like lol.

Articulation and QC

MMC knocked this out the park. I say that all the time with the figures they make. Paying attention to detail. MMC got Jaegertons slouching posture down to a science. If you have noticed on my pictures so far, it appears that his legs don’t lock out, but they are locked out. This is very unique, clever and art too. MMC always manage to capture the entirety of character and give it some life, personality and all that good stuff. I really dig that.


Ratchets are place where they need to be. Jaegertron is not ratchet city, but his QC you don’t have to worry about, unless your not mindful of the neck pegs for the heads.

He poses like champ too.

Also MMC leaves you with a lot of display options.

You can go for the sword on the back look or the old 1930 Tuxedo with tails look if you want.


Uniformed, green and black, however black should be the primary color of sadistic hunter that hangs out with predator too damn much in the first place. I am all over the jet mode honestly, this is by far the coolest mean looking space ship I have ever seen thus far.

Overall and rating

Over all Jaegertron is sweet third party transformer. And He’s the best looking figure so far in my opinion. I still have to play around with him some more to work out the new plastic, which means expect some memes and sfx pictures from me soon.

Rating due to the minor issue I had with my mold I am giving him a 9.9/ 10. That little snap of the neck peg made me roll my eyes. Hey I am being honest with you on this. If you’re collector like me that does careless about being stickler to slavish G1 B.S. By all means pick Jaegertron up. Thanks for reading.


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