North Korea Playing with Death!


North Korea’ lil Kim is pushing for WW3 between the West, China and Russia, says Mr. Skousen. However if you look at the ‘National’ allies the U.S. has right now is England and Japan. You see goddamn lil Kim and testing his made by hasbro missiles yet again. He’s taking aim at South Korea and Japan.

In Joels’ own words, ‘It’s convenient to have crazy man to start WW3. China and Russia can easily say, ‘ We don’t have control over this guy.’ Look at it from the George Soros whistle twat globalist point of view. They want this war very badly, they want America attacked.

One thing that plays in my mind, The democrats, snow flake snot rockets and the presstitutes of Mainstream media will blame Trump for WW3. The other part the rolls in my mind is why is this not being covered! The media should be all over this and the goddamn libtards should be up in arms raising hell about North Korea trying to start a war for the pinch pussy globalist. Let’s get the truth shall we.

How they can blame this on Trump?

It has already taken shape thanks to Trumps Libtard minded son-in-Law Kushner for leaking information to an MSNBC Presstitute. Giving that presstitute intimate information on Bannon and his strategist. This is the reason why Bannon was dismissed from the National Security Position.

The man faggot neo-cons McMasters and deputy and National Sec. Avisor McFarland are the most extremist man faggot neo cons on the planet. Also it was some time ago they wanted Bannon taking off the National Security Scene a while back. Keep in mind the duo he bitches McMasters and McFarland will want to push a war with NK because their masters at Brussels commands them to do so. For those who don’t know who the masters are, they’re called the globalist aka poon stains on the planet that need to wiped off the planet.

The big problem is to convince empty brained North Korea to stop the Nuclear nonsense and hope, some spark of common sense happens in the talks and NK does. According to Mr. Skousen that’s the safest solution. If that fails expect a preemptive strike on North Korea, then South Korea will have to act while North Korea is off balance.

Meeting with Communist China’s President.

I do believe Xin Jiping will show his arrogrance and two faced characteristics along with being a paper dragon when it comes to dealing with North Korean’s lil Kim, he cannot control. Xin Jiping is up for re-election and he has to some how tame Trump, which he cannot do because he takes orders from the weak collective known as the globalist.

Must I digress from Xins weakness. Trump and the paper Dragon will have to come up with a strategy  to calm the noisy sea of North Korea. To be honest with you reader Xin Jiping will look weak today and tomorrow and here’s why. This is the same weak man who got all mad when Trump had a conversation with Taiwan’s President, and I quote he said the gloves are off. Xin Jiping will be nodding his head and looking pitiful. If you look at the bigger picture, if China even considers going to war with NK as a partner kiss that debt the U.S. owes China good bye. Kiss those dumb ass movie studios China own good bye because they’ll the be the first to be burned to the ground if WW3 starts. I am hoping China will be forced to deal with NK and Xin Jiping looks bad to China and the Globalist.

We are the brink of war and no one cares!?

We are in a state of the highest emergency ever. But the goddamn democrats want to go against everything about making this country better and saving it from globalist control. Then we have these man faggot silicon tech barons attempting a choke hold on free speech, and taking orders from Communist China! You liberals are the worse pieces of shit walking the earth today. You’re going against America for the sake of globalism that wants everyone dead or so poor they die from it. This is why Communist China think America is weak. Tell ya the truth I really hope the anti-trust bill does happen. And I got my fingers crossed that tax payer dollars will be stripped from all higher places of learning that fills kids brains with leftist bullshit.


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