Google, Facebook subject to Anti-Trust Law.


Let’s start with Schmidt and his monoply aka google. Ya see Schmidt was suppose to be punk ass Hillary Clintons outside chief advisor, Running a Campaign to charm up to Trump, to stop the investigation on Anti-Trust they rightfully earned. In addition Schmidt the smut wants to install a mole on the FCC board to cover his pudgy faced ass. The moles name is Ben Moncrief, lobbyist for C  Spire Wireless and backed by Google.

Remember when Whoreson Obama introduced Net Neutrailty laws? That’s nothing but a sugar coated lie. What Whoreson imposed was a direct assault on free speech, led by old snow flake David Brock founder of Media Matters. And they Continue to go after conservatives free speech.

What’s being done here is reaction to the leftist, paper barons of failing silicon valley that they’ve lost and they have a hard time dealing with reality. However what Schmidt, facebook and other left mockery tech gurus have locked social media and tilting public discourse. What these ass hats are using is tech bots, trolls, troll bots, throttling, shadow bans, Social Justice Jack ass puppets like snopes, to destory truth news like infowars and many others. Now the pussy left is using this to make a totalitarian state. This method was used by Hitler and Stalin, that made everyone voiceless betwixt dumb to be spoon food bullshit. Also this is really aimed at Trump, a silent coup to mess up Trumps Presidency. The trolls that you see on twitter and facebook on Alex Jones to Roger Stones twitter, is a sure sign of paid trolls. The other reason why is this, they have lost billions on Hillary’s failed attempt to become President. And they really think truth people like myself is going let them get away with this, HA! They have another thing coming. I want to have is a full investigation on Schmidt and Zuckerberg. Also Hard time should be given to the left tech giants and their precious google and Facebook gets broken up and the lose billions of dollars faster than a whore pulling off her panties for a John.

You have to overstand the stakes of this. This is crucial fight for freedom of speech and Trumps Presidency. As long as you and I keep speaking the truth on satans henchmen they can’t pull this off. You can get involved by doing what I am doing and flooding Sessions email to start the Anti-Trust investigation on facecrook and Google. Google and Facebook owners see you as dumb, Schmidt and the derp-derp silicon pussies think they’re the internet and you are nothing to them. Furthermore they ride on you, instead ride on them 24/7.


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