Susan Rice is a horrible Liar

Susan Rice Lying ass bitch!

Rep Devin Nunes, pulled the cat out that bag about Trump and his team was being spied on than Whoreson Obamas’ henchmen. Droopy eyes Rice attempted be honest to come forward and unmask those who did. I knew this Lying ass Dick Scab was not telling the truth then because she’s the henchmen of the whorechild Obama that worked closely with him during his reign as bitch Queen of America. I listened to her interview on you tube, No I didn’t watch because I can’t stand the sight of a Marxist minded Twat-a-saraus.

But she talked in fucking circles about Trump being spied on. Furthermore when she was asked a direct question, she talked in circles again and her tone kept getting more timid. I knew this bitch is a god awful liar. However here’s a video link of Body Language specialist I found on you tube, proves and shows that Susan Rice is a lying ass shit burger on two legs.

Susan Price Body Language.

Now according to the body language experts perception, Susan is being very deceptive. When Susan is asked specific questions you see double blinks and her movement is extremely stressed. Also experts say double blinking doesn’t indicate a lie, but a flurry of blinks do. In the video, looking at it again with my puke bag beside me. Susan Rice blinks her faster than a humming bird flaps its wings. In addition when she holds her breath and forced exhaling is another sign that Susan is a fucking liar.

CNN and the mass media presstitutes are in full damage control right now because of weakness of liar Susan Rice. Next step they’ll play down the story as if it is another false claim against Russia, you know the new status quo horse shit they fling at everyone.

My thoughts

Susan Rice-o-Liar needs to have her stiff ass subpoenaed and brought for before Congress. When she’s caught lying, and she will put her ugly ass in Federal Prison and force her to work with CIA ( good coup) in bringing the entire Whoreson Obama spy team to the insides of military prison.


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