Pro-Black Activist Rachel Dolezal Got it Twisted! Race is not a Social Construct!

Rachel D_Big Dummy

Once again good ole Rachel I back in the spot light. When she was in the spot light Rachel pretended to be African Descent and being apart of the NAACP. Shit hit the fan when they found out she’s European Descent, However it wasn’t a complete shit storm as the media want you to believe. Instead it was brushed under the rug like everything else during the Whoreson Obama years of queen of the presidency.

Rachel is back and now she shares he memoirs of being a ‘Trans Racial’ woman. That’s what she says reader, it really amazes me ‘Trans’ is almost everything in the left limited vocabulary. What’s next? I bet they want claim to Transformers next.

In her interview with a presstitute by the name of Michael Smerconish. Rachel in her own words says race is social construct. It isn’t a social construct I will get into that business later in the blog.

This is what she says to my educated knowledge is disturbing and poisonous to any European or European Descent who identifies with African or African Descent culture.

“If I would have had time to really, you know, discuss my identity, I probably would have described a more complex label, pan-African, pro-black, bisexual, mother, artist, activist, but I think the question, Are you African-American? — I haven’t identified as African-American.”

“I’ve identified as black. And black is a culture, a philosophy, a political and social view,”

She was asked could she identify with the over glorified he bitch Catlin Jenner.

“I want to be careful because certainly every category of our identity is, you know, with its own unique circumstances and challenges.”

This bullshit right here betwixt the stench of Democratic institutionalized thinking and practice of division and categorizing which leads to more division and discrimination. Now back to the game.

Rachel had her book turned 30 times till one decided to put her madness into print. In addition she told the Guardian. What she said.

“I’m not going to stoop and apologize and grovel and feel bad about it. I would just be going back to when I was little, and had to be what everybody else told me I should be – to make them happy.”

BOOM! Now the truth comes out about Rachel, she had no voice when she was kid. Lack of communication with her parents and definite social issues she had growing up. Or is it? I did a little digging and found this interview KXLY-Channle 4. Low and behold Rachel’s Parents are top notch, solid parents. In the interview her own Mother exposes that she’s a fraud and much apologize for what she did. She didn’t get heavy into African American anything till her parents adopted two more children whom were African Descent then she got heavily into African Descents and Culture. As years went by Rachel shut out her parents completely and turned herself physically and mentally into what she is now, taking the pluses of African Descents and not the negatives.

In Rachels closing words she says,  “Those who are going to hate, you know, I mean, they have their minds made up,” she said. “Maybe they’ll never read the book. I hope they do.”

Correcting Rachel

Racial chameleon Dolezal, Race if not social construct. Race by definition is human being that has physical attributes, facial, skin color and biological make up which inherited what’s dictated in the races gene pool! For example European Descent, fair skin, course hair blue eyes, green to brown. All European Descents share the same fair skin color ranging from cream white to Mediterranean tan like complexion.

Now mere observation of race dictates Race is not a Social Construct, Race is phenotype observed in a population pool that can be explained through pure genetics, NOT SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. To make such an absurd claim is like calling the damn Universe itself a social construct, which it is not!

Rachel is poison and she should be exposed asap. Like I said before Rachel is danger to herself, in my opinion she a danger to anyone who can identify with another culture. To be specific changing your appearance to mesh with the culture is a big no-no and embracing the derp-derp labels is pyshological damaging being called trans racial. The reason why I am pissed and betwixt bitter, is the message Rachel is sending out. Calling herself Trans Racial is very similar to make it trendy, so young kids follow in down the Trans pussy side of the force. The pan-African, pro-black labels fit in the same category of democratic horse shit. More labels more privileges, more leftist agenda being passed but in a soft coup’sh way if you will.

Rachel is false, she figures she can flip her race like a coin and be African Descent like that, wrong! For the record you can’t flip race and gender you’re born the way you are and nothing can change that no matter how much surgery you get, you’ll still be you as the creator intended. Man makes mistakes not YWHY!

I know plenty of European Descents and Europeans who love African American Descents culture and people more than they love their own race! Get this they don’t go all out and change themselves like Rachel has done and none of them are living their lives as lie. For example my Russian buddy will date smart African Descent woman quicker than you can say article two fifth teen. He looks like a typical Russian fella with black hair but majority of his friend are African Descent, the reason why, in his own words he grew up around the culture. Another person comes to mind a woman I interviewed for Jesse for my book series Seasons of Pain. She only dates African Descent men and loves real African American Culture. Not the Culture B.E.T. and Mainstream media push, I am talking about Fredrick Douglas, African Descent American smart men she goes for.

Rachel needs to be honest with herself on why she love African Descent Culture and men. From studies on why European and European Descent prefer African Descent Males I discovered, is the similarities European Descent Women and African Descent Men have in common.

1.Manliness: Feel safer with  a African Descent man. Muscles and enjoy how unique African Descent Males masculinity is more text book than other races.

2. Similarities: Smelling good, Jewelry, house hold duties* To explain what I discovered, it’s a cultural shock to some European Descent women to see a man doing house hold duties, because the typical home of European Descent it’s usually the woman doing it. Also scented fragrances, both will actually spend bank perfume and cologne.

3. Sex and Taboo. Majority of European Descents women love the wild sex. Taboo forbidden fruit thanks to the Mandingo slave story also pent up sexual desire trash novels written during the Jim Crow error has stoked the flames. It’s the curiosity, lust and desire to have something European Descent Women couldn’t have but kind. Also exotic, which best describes a part of Rachel.

Rachel would’ve been a star if she came clean on who she was. Speaking of that here are some pictures of her former self.

Rachel before and after
Before and after.

In closing, if you enjoy being around a certain race of people and indulge in their culture and dating outside your race, go for it! But don’t re-arrange your appearance to fit in. Don’t go down this toxic path like Rachel has…She can’t even get a job because of false reality she made for herself.








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