Why I Despise Democrats and their supporters.


Good afternoon to everyone. This blog I am going share a bit about myself, specifically why I despise Democrats and their supporters. In addition will shed some light on why I careless about the Social Justice Poon cakes, LGBT WTF and the Regressive left. Ya see all of them didn’t fall to far from the Donkeys ass, which is the Democratic party that has always pushed destruction in the United States. However let us start from the past shall we? After all you readers need to know how much shit the Donkey has sprayed all over this country.

Democrats are the Klu Klux Klan

In 1866 Klu Klux Klan facts! the Klan extended itself into almost every southern state in 1870. More so the Klan has been the strong opposition of reconstructing the south after the Civil War. When the Republicans parties began pushing the agenda to establish equal economic goodness for African Descents, the Klan did protest, rallies, lynching in order to reestablish white supremacy in the South.

The leading sore ass loser Nathan Bedford Forrest became the Grand Wizard of Klan, to begin post Civil War drama, Reconstruction of the South  President Andrew Johnson introduce the ‘Black Codes.’ Black Codes is strict guide lines to control labor over African Descents. This was a complete outrage that pissed of the North and the bill flipped, which is known as Presidential Reconstruction of the South in 1876 newly enfranchised African Descents finally gained a voice, and that voice is ‘voting and having seats in the Government!’

Oh however that did not bode well with the Klan aka Democratic party when they saw African Descents got rights, a voice and say so over their destiny. As pussy hurt Klansman Democrats did in the name of Satan is this people. Klu Klux Klans put things in reverse by doing radical islamic type of shit bad! This goes to lynching, attacking African Descents, European Descents that helped African Descents too. In 1867 the Klan made it an Olympic sport to kill African Descent and European Descent who voted and supported the Republican Party! And for the record to ya reader during that time all African Descents voted Republican. If you don’t believe me All African Descent Republicans, check it  out and research.

However it gets worse during the time line of 1867-1868 the constitutional convention get together got more violent. European Descents got the name Scalawag and Carpet Bagger. In addition African Descents institution, churches, businesses and schools got attacked. This sounds exactly like Democratic Fucktards doesn’t?

The face of the new Klan aka Libtard snow flakes.

In 1871 the Democratic Klu Klux Klan would do act of violence against Poorer European Descents, and set boundaries known as ‘class’ lines that are not be crossed. And it goes like this farmer, lawyers, merchants, Doctors ect. When the Klan was deeply rooted in the community some of the bastards became law enforcement officers. Now if anyone witnessed and accused Democratic Klansman of a crime, they got silenced or disappeared. Even those that came to testify against a Klansman let’s say the testimony got flipped because of Klansman Democratic intimidation practices.

This sounds exactly like what the Democrats did the Electoral College, Trump Supporters and anyone who spoke the truth right? Yup these are the same practices the dumb left are doing is the same shit the Klan did in their glory days.

in 1915 aka the birth of a nation slogan the Klan did the same thing Jews, Roman Catholic Jews, Irish, Scotts, Germans basically anyone who was about freedom. How this relates to the present? Go speak to female Arab that turned away from Islam look at all the hell she’s catching from the tolerant left. Do what I did talk to foreigner who left their country and ask them do they catch hell from the left for supporting the ‘Republic of America.’

Around the 20th century, the Bolshevik revolution when Russian were fleeing the beginning of communism, the Klan took it upon themselves to make the burning cross and hold more rallies and marches to intimidate ‘working’ immigrants so they don’t go south to start a new life. By this time the Klan numbers grew to 4 million.

In the great depression there was only a few thousand of them left. When the civil rights movement started, oh man the bombings, beatings and killing of African Descents sky rocketed. And as always if you were European Descents standing side by side with a African Descent, shit you will be the first one to got shot, hanged, beat to death or all of the above.

Why did African Descents turn from voting Republican?

A lot of people today don’t know this answer. I will give it to you, Look no further than Lyndon Johnson aka President after Kennedy was slain. During the Civil Rights movement, the democratic shit party was about to go for death sleep. Every red blooded African Descent person loved themselves some Kennedy. If you ask me personally this was the strong number 2 was he was killed, Democrats lose their voting pool and the NWO will lose the beach head in America.

In Lyndons’ own words,  negros are getting to uppity and they have the political power to back up that uppitiness. Now we have to give them something to quiet them down, not enough to make difference, just enough to get them voting Democratic for the next 200 years.

If you don’t believe me go look it up. However that Civil Rights bill signing to me is similar to the apple in the garden of Eden. African Descents already had civil rights. By Lyndon signing the Civil Rights bill was in a weird way of getting the African Descents to vote Democratic, there ladies and Gentlemen this how the chains got put back on. My point is this Democrats never changed their racist agenda, they just tricked and pimp African Descents for votes, to get their goon communist minded loons in office. Lying about making African Descents lives better, but screwing them over once they get into Washington.

Here’s some example, notice any state to city ran by a democrat is fucked up, racial division, appeasing jihadist muslims and defending illegal immigrants. At the same time pissing on African Descent neighborhood and now ignoring their own people to appease the islam extremist ass hat. Yup this is the democratic party.

Why I hate the left, Democrats and all leftist supporters

Demon-crats are the biggest racist, race baiting, criminal whistle dick ass lunches walking the earth today. They are the reason why American has never been great. I gave you a brief history lesson how Democrats stand in the way of making this country better. How they’re doing it today is Sanctuary cities, blocking travel bans, and going against the constitution. In addition the Democrats are the gate way for the NWO as well because they have similar views such as division.

Democrats love division African Descents on one side and European Descents on the other. As matter of fact the new tactic is use people from other ethnic backgrounds as meat shields to push their agenda. The meat shield collective is the LGBT-WTF, Black lives matter, Dumb ass Pussy snatch Feminist and College student libtards. They don’t want unity they want division and submission and these stupid short bus riding left folk need to wake the fuck up.

Why  I despise the left aka democrat bastard protestors aka rioters

Let’s start with LGBT. First of all LGBT leaders, all of them were pedophiles. LGBT wants to forcefully infringe on every hetorsexuals happiness, well being to gender. As matter of fact LGBT is all about fucking with people.

For example faggot men discriminate against women. Women are equipped to give birth, and willing to start a family with a man. But the faggot  still wants a man.

Lesbians you wanna be half ass man, kick it with a man and then when you make a pass at his lover or girl friend and you get punched in the face, then you want to shout I am a woman you can’t hit me, So now you want double standard and equality? Make your fucking mind up you can’t have it both ways!

Bi sexuals oh you love everybody…Bullshit you fuckers still discriminate against people who prefer being with one person of the opposite sex, when your asses get out classed, outsmarted and proving wrong your life style spreads disease you wanna fight. You aint shit Bi-sexuals just as stupid and greedy hormone inhabits.

Social Justice Poon Stains, specifically students at Berkley University and other University that can’t handle freedom of speech. You fuckers are the biggest racist walking the planet and all that left political horse shit being force fed to you is ruining your chances at landing a career. These 62,000 dollar higher places of learning are apart of making impressionable kids dumb. You can thank Whoreson Obama, Bill rapist Clinton and both Bushes for contributing to that.

In closing

I am going to leave with something positive the only way America to be truly great is to get rid of the democratic party. Democratic party is the cancer of institutionalized racism and division Get rid of the Democrats. Democrats is the party of slavery and they still practice it through exploiting American Citizens to ‘legal’ immigrants. Democrats are the party of division, 2nd wave feminism, current feminist movement putting man against woman. Democrats is a party that wants  to have African Descents enslaved, Dependent on lower income housing, welfare and preventing African Descents kids from getting a better education.

We have got Trump making America Great again. It’s time for us to follow him and support him. Best way to do this is give Democrats pure X-rated hell by not voting Democratic again, expose their tyranny and ride on them all day when they do bad shit. To be clear, ride on Montana’s democrats that accepted Sharia Law Montana Democrats for Sharia Law. These are Klansman Democrats that don’t want to see America beautiful. I am going to give them hell every time I vote and disrespect a democrat when I see one, they’re doing to me and you with a pen and some legislation. So why not go for the big one and have them out of power forever.


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