Christian puts muslim Professor in her place!


Marshall Polston was suspended from one of the indoctrinated schools of higher learning in Orlando Florida, for setting a dumb ass muslim straight about YSHWY (Jesus).

The professor is some derp-derp named Areeje zufari. Areeje  teaches that historical YSHWY was never crucified. Then Areeje makes a false claim that YSHWYs’ disciples did not believe in God.

Marshall fired back at this bitch, Polston goes head to head about his grade. Here’s Marshalls’ words for you to read, don’t mind the copy and paste below.

“Quite frankly the grade you assigned to me exposes your true agenda which is to silence me in class,” he claimed. “You’re one of the most incompetent professors I have ever seen in my life.”

On March 24 Suspension Letter,

was issued to Marshall which accused Marshall of being a safety hazard to the College and the Colleges precious cookie dick scab muslim. In Polstons’ defense, which he defends himself like a real man, take note beta males. In his own words he said he made no such threat to no ones safety.

After a few days Polston caught the professor in a argument about gays and adulterers should be be-headed under sharia law aka man fag law.

As result Polton spoke out so did the conservative none practicing muslim about the Professor radical statement. Even some students reported Aree’s bullshit to the FBI asap. Now this is a perfect example of seeing evil and doing something about it!

And now Areeje filed for protection against, false claim that Polston is stalking her dumb ass. Then Aree makes a case about Polston is the cause of unrest on the campus and class disruptor too. Now Rollins Universities Grant Cornwell says never, ever, ever suspend a student for having a civil disagreement. And claiming other factors led to Polstons suspension. The punch line here readers Grant can’t find any..Sooo Democratic of him

Radical muslim roast time.

This is Areeje Aree zufari

When she’s away from the campus and Westerners she hates this is her behind closed doors.


Areeje you rag headed skank why the fuck did you come here to this country in the first place? This is no country for Sharia Law. No one with an intelligence above 50 is going to respect a law named after a low budget stripper! And who the hell are you to make one of the dumbest claims I have heard this year, that YSHWY didn’t die on the cross. Here’s some reality skip-skank.

  1. There’s tons of evidence, historical documents and physical evidence Christ did die on the cross fucktard. As a matter of fact YSHWY under went his the ‘vetting’ process to get into heaven.
  2. Disciples did acknowledge YSHWY is the son of GOD and YWHY, they too believed in him as well. If you actually pulled the foreskin off your eyelids and researched it clearly states in the Bible, Christ was born through the seed of Joseph and Mary will give birth to the son of God.
  3. You’re not a teacher hell not even a good one. You’re just a freaking token for Rollins to get that four thousand dollar, left over Obama money to have your ass teaching in some discredit low brow higher learning school.
  4. Do some research before you open your asshole below your nose to talk.

Now if you want to ride on this DUMB ASS BITCH that’s following the religion of bullshit. All her information, delusional views and contact information is on this link.Areeje info

I am not fooled by this bitches middle east humanity shit. In fact what she’s teaching is fucking lie the middle east practice inhumanity not humanity and this bitch is female, saying sharia law is cool? Talk about dumb ass carrying the Irony Tea Pot.

Roast on the Rollins Universities Grant Cornwell

Lib-tard beta male islam loving piss ant! This is why Universities are being discredited because of the leftist, pro LGBT-WTF, Isam bullshit you fuckers push on students. I am so glad Polton stood up for himself and brought your stupid evil out into the light. You’re feeding into the double standard of defending a goddamn radical muslim evil over a righteous person at the other students safety. This Jihadist bowl of fuck your defending doesn’t like America but yet you want to appease this whore by giving her job over qualified professor who knows the real evil of middle east countries that practice radical islam. Has it ever occurred to you anyone practicing islam is not to be trusted? CIA has already revealed the plan of the jihadist to take over the west through immigration. More so it’s in the Muhammad satanic quarn, to get into the countries peacefully and mess it up from the inside.  In closing, FACT you’re wrong for suspending Marshall and you’re spineless fucktarded snot rocket for holding Areeje who doesn’t like you or America over a student that told Arejee the truth and put her dumb ass in her place.


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