Biological Male Transgender Eligible to compete in the Olympics!?


I couldn’t believe this when I read it. Tia Thompson, another male transgender is just another flesh shield for the regressive left assault on women betwixt culture as we know it. This 32 year old ultimate beta poon stain use to compete as man in mens Volley Ball till this year. Tia the he bitch obtained permission by the USA Volleyball dumb asses to compete as woman. Yeah reader I said compete as a woman, you’re not going crazy that’s what the Volley Ball high up said.

Bearded Bitch Tia has become a force in Womens Volley Ball that this Twat-a-saraus has legit chance of making the womens team for the Olympics. In an interview on a fake news network Tia interview, fake news does get one thing right when they’re appeasing back assward regressive to mess up culture and attack women. This motherfucker boldly says he started taking hormones when it was transitioning to be woman, something he can never be in the first place. After He bitch successfully went through the hormone therapy beginning his transistion to be a mockery of a woman. The Volley Ball ass hats Okayed it to compete as a woman.

To shed some light on this USAV Requirements states the following.  You must go under one year of hormone therapy. With papers and documentation to turn Tia from man to he-bitch. To be specific, it’s like changing your name, birth date and all that absurd bullshit. Then the Olympic sell out community will want the it to have full sex change into the sex it’s mocking.

There has been some nasty push back on this from parents and women who compete in volley ball. Unfortunately none of them wanted to be camera.

Break down and Roast


Tia listen Poon cake! You’re still man because your genetic make up, muscle fibers and brain function still works like a man. He bitch you have gender identification disorder. Some how your parents fucked your life up without providing you with proper psych evaluation. Or Your silly ass is going throw a goddamn mid life crisis and you decided to get on the Trendy short buss and be a mockery woman. From what I read about you, I think you have fucking conjunction on her hands. You should be fucking ashamed of your self by being the regressive lefts meat shield on assaulting women, and making taking women back to the goddamn 1800 fuck boy!

Break Down

I am going to give it to you straight reader. Gender and sex are one the dumb ass regressive Social Justice Wankers are too dumb in the brain to realize they’re only 2 genders male and female. Therefore nothing can change the gender what the creator intended you to be. Gender is not light switch or pan cake either. You can’t flip one side and say, ‘ Oh I want to be a woman. It doesn’t work that way. Like I said previously this is a all out attack against women and womens sports, betwixt a full in your face attack on the culture as well. In addition the mainstream left is aiming at pro nouns and making gender confusion wide spread for the purpose of reducing the population and controlling what you think, feel or know. More so the regressive dick scabs are against everything that’s progressive in the first place. I can’t stand LGBT WTF storm tranny troopers either. They are just as fucked in the head as the democrats are. Tia is claiming discrimination, when in fact she a walking discriminatory tranny in a womans sport when she’s a fucking man!

Women you are being oppressed here! The real oppression and bullying is coming from the left and the bitch hound LGBT-WTF! Stand against them, fight them, take your sports back and show the left no mercy. If you keep quiet then you’re letting them win, don’t let them win. Women are the lifes blood of civilization and life. A transgender is the representation of a dying society. Don’t let these ultra beta cum twats take anything from you fight them in the press, protest and legislation against them. I am pretty sure you ladies will get some alpha males on your team.


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