Paul Ryan is a traitor &Democrats will own up to ObamaCares death.


I never liked or trusted pretty boy Paul Ryan. What Paul did to the President was stupid betwixt revealing what a big liar he really is. Paul literally lied to President Trump that the bill was ready for Congress to look at. In fact, I covered that Congress would not go for it I mentioned in my previous blog Paul Ryan is still a Benedict Arnold. Specifically Ryan Care would be D.O.A.

This played out exactly how I predicted, Trump catches Paul in a lie, The Congress wants a new Speaker of the House and get Paul out of Washington period. Paul Ryan is for the big business corporations aka insurance companies. Congress was not going to be forced to pass a bill that still looked like Obama Care, in addition they didn’t know what else was on it. Pretty much the jokes on Paul Ryan.

However, in a past interview with President Trump he didn’t throw Paul the pork pie under his truck. In stead Trump stated Obama Care will diminish and it will be on Pelosi’s hands and the Democrats for ObamaCare not him. The keen move Trump just did is draining the swamp.As we speak Paul Ryan is getting his head chewed up right now. Don’t be surprised a new speaker of the house will come very soon.

During the final week Trump circle was divided before the bill was sent to Congress. Even Pence called it Ryan Care not Trump Care ryan care not trump care.

100 percent of the Klansman minded Demoncrats and a few sell out establishment Republicans are standing in the way to fully repeal Obama Care. And now everything is back to beginning thanks to sell out whores of the globalist holding this back.

In closing,

Trump is right, you have to let ObamaCare completely die off. Unfortunately the premiums will skyrocket to mars, the last insurance companies pull out it will die. More so you can point the finger at 1. Paul Ryan for being ‘yes master’ to big business. 2. Nancy The Night Hag Pelosi. And  3,  racist Democrat party. Actually this is not going to be Trumps fault at all and here’s why.

In order to get rid of something like Obama Care, you can only do two things. Repeal it or let it kill itself. Unfortunately it did not get repealed because of the ass necks I mentioned previously. Next thing is letting it die. Once Obama Care dies off then you can go in and completely change with little interference from the demon-crats and the sluts for the globalist. Insurance Companies will be at the mercy at Trump to have something in place that works for the people and allow insurance companies, ‘good’ ones to compete. If I am not mistaking, Trump might take this as his personal project when it dies. That’s my prediction it will be Trumps project come next year or right now, Trump is a beast when it comes to doing his job.


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