Big Dummy: Kendrick Lamar

kendrick dumbass

Kendrick ‘no skill’ Lamar released his latest track ‘Chump Donald Trump’. The Compton Califronicate diaper stain is Whoreson Obamas’ favorite rapper, go figure it seems like bigot, womanizing turd nugget rappers, seem to flock to Obama. For what reason why these mockery of African Descents praise the former President that pumped illegals, took away jobs and pushed a race divide. But then again Kendrick wants to ride in the leftist unclean pussy snatch and diss Donald Trump like the has been rapper Snoop ‘I need a hit’ Dog.

Here’s some of the lyrics this unskilled big dummy. I just copied and pasted this, won’t even waste my energy typing it out.

“Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk. Tell ’em that God comin’. And Russia need a replay button, y’all up to somethin’,” Lamar raps on the political track. “Electoral votes look like memorial votes. But America’s truth ain’t ignorin’ the votes.”

This is authentic lameness. Kendrick, ya big dummy if you actually did research NSA, CIA and Homeland Security says with proof Russia had nothing to do with the election. Also big dummy Kendricks’ friend Obama has everything to do with Wiretapping Trump, his team and family. Furthermore Kendrick the idiot must’ve been smoking a fight spliff when the electorals were harassed by his slave masters the democrats.

Also this is not the first time Kendrick the jackass threw his political roach clip at Trump.

Have a look at his retarded rap lines below.

Might stay in the Trump Tower for one week
Spray paint all the walls and smoke weed
F*ck them and f*ck y’all and f*ck me

Also like the communist loving slut he is. He even hung out with Obama and a frequent guest at the white house when the whoreson was in office.Pay for it…Whatever Kendrick.

Obama, back in 2015 loves Kendricks song ‘how much a dollar cost?’Makes no damn sense people I know, this is one of the main reasons I can’t stand rappers these days. Also Obama sent him shout out for being a political influential rapper. Kendrick as about as influential as a turd on a log. In addition Kendrick got a Grammy award. Yup this slut got one. Damn I remember a Grammy use to be given to those with talent and brains. Now they just handed to any dumb ass rapper who jerks off the left with one hand and jacks off the Illuminati with the other.

Roast time:

Kendrick Lamar, you’re not smart, you’re no influential rapper, you’re just a plan ordinary dummy! It’s shit stains like you that give talent a good awful name. If you actually gave a damn about the ‘good’ you would be helping your fellow statesmen get rid of illegals. You hail from a fucked up area, and you know first hand how the illegals has fucked up and fucked over California. African Descents getting pushed out of their homes to make room for illegals that have no right to even be in the country. I bet you won’t even write a song about how illegals raped women in your state and just got released back on the street, nope you won’t spit fiya on that because you’re a pussy beta male and you probably don’t have the balls to do it either. You’re the reason why sluts should swallow instead of taking sperm in the pussy. Roasted your ass no more talk.


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