Rex Tillerson, ‘I didn’t want the job.


In the interview Rex had with IJR Rex interview. He told the reporter that he didn’t want the Secretary of State job in the first place.

Rex never met President Trump during the Election. After the Election , when Trump won in a land slide guess who popped up? Trump paid him a visit and they talked about his passed career with Exxon as CEO. Then Trump popped the question will he serve as Secretary of State. Rex was lost for words. Tillerson told his wife, his wife replied ‘God is not through with you yet.’

Rex was going to retire in March and be on the Ranch and spend time with his Grand kids. But his wife convinced him to serve.

Wow talk about a very odd experience, in a way Rex did share divine intervention in the interview. And he’s doing a helluva job being Trumps go to guy as Secretary of State. Rex is the perfect guy for the job. Like Washington, George did not want to be President but he did serve because his country needed him and Rex did the same thing. This what I call being a true alpha male. Keep it up Rex.


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