FuckTard of the Week: Arnold Schwarzengger.

fucktard arnorld

Two days ago ole Shwarzen-ass clown calls him taunting Trump on his 2018 budgent proposal. Before get into the broil fest of Arnold the maid fucker, watch the video below. WARNING: Don’t eat or drink anything while watching. He’s so full of democratic bullshit, you’ll laugh out loud.

Arnold looking stupid

Fucktard Arnold is talking about the Gallup Poll Trump was at lowest at 37% when he just took office. Now Trump is at estimated whooping 50%, according to Rasmussen Poll Rasmussen Poll.

Now Arnold was on the apprentice, after the rating got so low after Arnold talking out of the ass below his nose. In addition the twat shot himself in the foot for his FuckTard behavior with his childish banter at the Trump. As result, Arnold made apprentice unpopular. But he blames anti-Trump boycotts, I know right typical Fucktard libtard classic blame game.

No Arnold offered the President to go to the Hart Middle School. Trump has not responded and I doubt he wants to be accompanied by the symbol of roid beta male.

Meal on Wheels, again Arnold talking out of his chapped ass hole. Meal on Wheels has 5,000 other entities pouring money into it. In addition 15% of the money goes to the social workers, they claim they only take 15 percent. But I am pretty damn sure they take more than that. More so, during the 20 year existence of Meal on Wheels they have nothing to show for it. Here’s some reality on meal on wheels, the food may be out dated, Meal on Wheels is more of a check for wellness and last but not least Meal on Wheels was a waste on tax payer money. Meal on Wheels is still around but it will not get no more money from the Federal Government. That is state provision, Arnold is so dumb he doesn’t know what state government should do. Explains why he was joke Governor of California.

Arnold Broil

You old ass Steroid husk of carbon based wastage. You ain’t shit shit stain. You’re nothing but a goddamn cheater and maid fucker. As a matter of fact, you have a thing for ugly women, but it’s fitting you have an ugly character to go with it fucktard. Your career was acting aka make believe. Like all your WankerWood star buddies, you don’t know when it’s time ‘clock out’ from work. I fucking dare you to make fun of my President, he is draining the swamp at the same time fighting the globalist to save this country. Trump is surrounded by no gag reflex whores for the globalist like you. But Trump remains strong, chest out and chin up to show his strength for the people. What the fuck have you done for America?! Have you asked Trump to join in the fight against the Globalist ass clowns? Have you ever researched what Trump is all about? I bet the answer is no because you’re big pussy like all the beta males in WankstaWood. Arnold you will be known as a half ass actor, a failed politicians and a complete joke of a man when you die. I remember a time when you were a patriot telling your story how you escaped Nazis. Apparently you have completely forgotten the meaning why you came to America. The America Trump is saving from destruction. Is the same America you parasite off of and refuse to join the fight against the very people who fucked up your country in Austria betwixt the world. Arnold you’re a dumb man whore that needs to have his diaper changed. Your momma should’ve squeezed instead of pushing you out of her poon into the world.


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